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  1. Not that it matters, but I thought they did it on some random couch that just happened to be in the storage locker. But who knows, my memory sucks.
  2. S02.E12: Duels 4

    I thought Second to None did a wonderful job and had me smiling the whole routine. I was sad they lost. I also think Morning of Owl and Brotherhood should have gone through. This was the first time in the duels I didn't agree with all the judges decisions, which I guess is still better than last year, where I pretty much hated everyone who went through, heh,.
  3. I really liked Sharon's dress. She looks lovely in white. I wish she would wear the color more often.
  4. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Hi, Pearlite and Peaches! That parrot sounds hilarious, Peaches. My cousin and I recently went to a pet store and be-friended a gorgeous scarlet macaw. He bobbed, and danced, and screamed, stuck his tail in the air, and tried to regurgitate. I think he was trying to mate with my cousin, haha. We took some video of him. Pearlite, nice to see you watch MasterChef as well!
  5. S15.E10: Top Ten Perform

    At first I thought it was Mark's work as well. As it went on, I became less convinced. I never thought Luther for a second, though. It is nice to see he has range.
  6. S15.E10: Top Ten Perform

    I really liked the Slavik and Genessey routines. As a non-dancer, perhaps they weren't technically correct, but they have great chemistry and the jive especially looked super fun and put a smile on my face the entire time. While I'm glad there were be a tour this year features all 10 dancers, I'm annoyed that for the second year in a row they aren't hitting any Canadian cities. Boo! It's times like these I wish I had twitter so I can bitch out Nigel, heh.
  7. I wonder if Ryder is still hiding out in Victoria's closet. Think he witnessed the JT murder?
  8. I'm assuming we can sans spoiler tags. I was going to ask who the fifth ticket was for, and wondered if Cane was capable of counting, when I suddenly remembered Sam. Maybe the writers should show him more often so I don't forget he exists, heh.
  9. S09.E12: Frying Tonight

    Right?! I never gave it much attention before tonight, but oh my god is it hideous. I really wanted a big slice of that three layer lemon cake, it looked delicious. Sadly, I can't recall the contestant's name who made it. Joe sitting in the pantry drinking wine and having people hand him his ingredients cracked me up, heh.
  10. Haha, I know! Dumbest name ever. And he's opening 30 of them. Maybe start with 10 and work your way up? Summer is also working my last nerve. Devon fired Lily. I was waiting for that to happen. Lily's face was priceless though. Since they want to find a co-host for Mariah I'm totally scared they're going to try and approach Phyllis since she's so 'snarky' and all that. I hope I'm wrong. I'm liking Kyle more and more and it's making me feel sleazy.
  11. Yup, both Lauren and Ashely were all pro Billy until his true nature starting showing itself and now they're both crying. While part of me wants to stick my tongue out at them and go 'neener neener,' the other part of me wants Ashely to squash Billy like the bug that he is. I'm so conflicted.
  12. Cane is working my last nerve. Shut up you stupid Aussie turd. Michael, as a lawyer, perhaps you should have told Lily exactly how serious the charges against her would be instead of having her tell Paul on tape how she caused the accident, is guilty, and is the reason Hillary is dead. Yelling at her after the fact is pointless. You know she's dim-witted, you have to spell these things out for her using crayons and stick figures. Ashley is back to squash Billy's dubious activities since taking over Jabot. I hope she calls a board meeting and he gets thrown out on his ass. He is also working my last nerve. Oh, Jack. Don't be in love with Phyllis. She's not worthy of you! And stupid Summer is convinced that Jack is the one Phyllis slept with after she broke up with Billy. Nope, dumb dumb, that would be your Daddy. I'm still not sure what her end goal is? Does she just want to break her mom and Billy up, or does she actually want to sleep with Billy? Because one, ewwww. and two, dude was like your uncle for the longest time. She really did suffer some brain damage after the whole peanut incident.
  13. S15.E09: Meet the Top Ten

    I didn't like either Slavik or Gennessey in the auditions or the Academy round but I really loved them tonight. I watched their contemporary routine like 4 times before I finally deleted the show from my PVR. It was also really nice and surprising to see the top 10 dancing with one another. I thought for sure they were going to bring in the All-Stars to dance with them so this was a pleasant development. Cat looked stunning and Twitch is such a wonderful judge. I love having him on the panel.
  14. S03.E08 Cry Havoc

    JLo did a great job of showing how freaked out she was in the back of that police transport van. Her PTSD is being handled well. Stahl is nuts! I can't wait to see how this all comes to an end, as well. But I will also be extremely sad once it's all over. I really do love this show.