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  1. More of her verbal gymnastics.
  2. Thanks! Asother’s, mentioned it was fun! Actually, it was hard narrowing down to one.
  3. @Birdiebutt hi! and nice to see you here!
  4. She seems to show a lot of clevage, in her clothing choices. That dress 👗 is just to small. You know, the long floral maxi gown will be brought back out next week. Why didn’t she wear the blouse she has coming up for sale? Because, it has to be about her. Wonder what was up with the white sheet on the onion hut cushions?
  5. Did she ever mention, as to what happened to her wrist? I noticed in her cooking video, she wasn’t wearing the wrist support.
  6. Wow! There is an ounce of intergretity (just joking).
  7. Definitely, not detail orientated.
  8. Photo courtesy of her website. Junk, junk, junk. Or is that makeup all over those cheap sunglasses? Looks like wear and tear...
  9. Post of the day!
  10. Well, well if it isn’t Kim Kartrasians older sister.
  11. Skunky had showed, on air a picture of the consultants new pickup truck, gave a shout out to the used (luxury) car lot, and wished consult a happy birthday (early-his bday is 2 months away). She also, showed the Instagram picture (with her and Marylynn) and said she disliked the picture. Yep, right...
  12. That was quite good 😂
  13. Skunky just got a whiff of herself.
  14. That mess of a bowl looks disgusting. But, yet she is pageant posing and photoshopped.