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  1. The way DP comports herself, I won't give her that much. The fact that CP follows her husband and not her is a pointed statement.
  2. The Star Wars Saga

    With some of the recent rumours floating around on casting, I'm putting money on the table now that JJ is going to revert back to his original plan for Rey Skywalker. And we're going to find out all that Reylo cosmic connection was familial. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. All Episodes Talk: Over the Fence

    It's taken me a while to respond to this because I think we're talking at cross purposes and I'll just say this bit and go: Angela's Men didn't ignore or excuse Shawn's behaviour a season ago because that behaviour wasn't what was keeping them apart. Shawn had tackled his issues, had faced his demons, and had chosen to live - to be happy, to be with the people he loved, and that included Angela. Now whether it's my head canon or not that Topanga's parents divorce gave Angela emotional PTSD --- by your own admission, there's nothing storywise that contradicts it. And that's all I'm going to say about this. Agree to the disagree with you on the honesty game.
  4. I don't understand this. Game of Thrones is a mini-series. It's not like most network TV that is of indefinite length where seasons are expected to last as long as they are renewed, and the episode count means the seasons are padded with storylines. It has a definite start and end, and a short number of episodes per season. Dunk & Egg stories are perfect for this type of format. A few number of seasons and using the Crown's method of changing the actor that plays Egg, with each season focusing on a different book. Don't forget that as much as we have Dunk/Egg adventures, we also have the larger intrigue of the Blackfyre rebellion and Bloodraven and the general politics of Westeros that bleed into their own story. I don't believe they can. Season 7 proved that when left on their own, the producers fall back to the same tired tropes and Disneyfied story-telling that Game of Thrones was supposed to subvert. Jon/Dany's meeting was supposed to be the climatic event of the series and the show let that down badly. The "Seven Samurai" pointless completely pointless Wight hunt that ended with zero casualties (sorry, Beric doesn't count) and Dany apparently taking the Dragon Concord from King's Landing to North of the Wall in one night. To say nothing of the atrocities that came before like Sansa's Rape "Education". People might watch the first season out of some sense of nostalgia but after that ---- it's going to tank.
  5. Caitlin Snow

    And this is the person that is going to direct an episode next season, and have control over how much or how little screentime and relevance Iris gets?
  6. You know I was just about to say something like "nope, you have to take my word for it because I'm not going to go digging through twitter for it" only for me to on a whim literally type LOL. I didn't know about the Instagram pictures being deleted. Damn. Candice really went scorched earth on that "friendship". She must havebeen holding back thanks to AJK and it really shows how much influence DP wielded over him. And, of course, how generally toxic DP must have treated her for CP to go to such lengths.
  7. Straight from the horse's mouth - Julie Plec shared this little tidbit with Delena fangirls on twitter
  8. Only the Dunk & Egg story is finished. It ends in Summerhall, and it's like that ASOIAF will reveal the mystery behind the deaths in Summerhall. The main events of the Blackfyre Rebellions can also be found in AWOIAF. All D & D are doing are filling the blanks.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Over the Fence

    Woah. I am not blaming Angela. I’m just pointing out that the situation was more nuanced than ‘Shawn dumped her’. There might have been a chance that they could have talked things through, or had a trial separation, or taken a break, but she made it seem like she wanted it as much as he (appeared to) do. Seriously, in my dreams, I imagine that I got the chance to do the revival series. I would have pulled a Sweet Valley Confidential and seriously fuck with these characters. And maybe even throw in a murder for the fun of it. OK, I can’t really argue with that. It’s one thing to know that in the long term, it made for a better relationship. It’s another to expect Angela to understand that at the time. I’m aware of these factors. I just didn’t feel the need to write a play by play. My point was that the issues between them were no longer whether he loved her or whether he wanted to see other people, but as you said, his abandonment issues. Obviously because Topanga’s parents’s divorce, and Topanga’s own declaration that love didn’t exist had triggered Angela’s own feelings of abandonment. This is something that I had forgotten. It’s actually established from Shawn and Angela’s first date that she didn’t believe that people could date long-term without getting hurt. The show might not have given us a reason why Angela felt this way but they had established early enough that her mommy issues made sense. Only if one has a puritanical view of sex. ‘No strings’ simply meant that he shouldn’t take into account any emotional baggage that the hook-up could cause. Basically, if he wasn’t seeing Angela as someone he had a history with and could hurt and/or get hurt by. I don’t see it that way. I think Angela’s father did what Feeny does for almost every other character on the show - give rather nosey advice and steer them in the best direction. The thing was that the show had never established a relationship between Angela and Mr Feeny so it would have seemed apropos of nothing for him to suddenly start giving her life tips. And fine, you can say that was Well obviously, I don't see Shawngela's relationship trajectory as senseless. And if they had their spin-off show, and it ran for more than one season, that gave Angela an opening to come back, didn't it? OK, this is the second time I've seen this presented as fact but was this decided in BMW or GMW?
  10. Relationships: Speed Dating

    Re: the podcast. I've listened to it but I'm not sure how to find the link. But here's the first time I think it came up on this board: I mean "stretch it out more" sounds innocent enough until you realise, as @Kate45 pointed out, that 2 episodes later Iris was confessing her love to Barry and it seems to come out of nowhere. So basically, they just edited out Westallen content in a way that ultimately harmed their presentation for no clear reason.
  11. Relationships: Speed Dating

    What am I, chopped liver? Anyway, here's Carina's tweet:
  12. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    The most logical guess is Caitlin but we both know the show won't go there. So they posted a Wally West tweet and deleted it. I wonder why? I imagine that nothing's changed and he'll still make an appearance on the show. Wait a minute - is KL leaving Legends too or am I getting my young black male characters being fired from that show mixed up?
  13. All Episodes Talk: Over the Fence

    I think that’s an over simplistic take on their break up. First of all, Shawn didn’t break up with her, she forced the break up and she made him think it was mutual, or at least that she wasn’t hurt by it. I know she did it to keep a brave face, but it still gave him the wrong impression about their relationship. Secondly, what Shawn did was healthy. You do need to meet new people in university. You need to know what it’s out there. And if after that, you still want the person you originally started with, that confirms your choice and strengthens the relationship. You won’t have to spend the rest of your life wondering. Marrying the only person you’ve ever dated and/or had sex with? That’s not advisable! Cory/Topanga are shown as the ideal - but they’re not ideal, they’re unrealistic. If GMW was really about realism, those two would have been bitter divorcees in the future while Shawn / Angela would have been the stable couple. Thirdly, I don’t see how Angela's development lets Shawn off the hook. Their relationship had already moved past the original break-up. Don’t forget that they broke up at the start of season 6, and reconciled a full season later. Between then, Shawn had been writing her poems, and making it clear that he still loved her. There was also the Honesty game where he finally tells her he loves her and she pushes him away because she wants non-commitment sex. At that point, it’s clear that Angela is the one jeopardising their relationship, not Shawn. The fact that the showrunners decided to use it as a reason to break their relationship doesn’t mean that the storyline was bad.
  14. Why didn't they go for the Blackfyre Rebellions? Or make a show out of Dunk & Egg where they have material to start with and could span Egg's entire life from squire to King to Summerhall? I guess a show about the Dance of Dragons would be expensive and CGI-heavy but I'm quite certain that it would have made its money back. Don't get me wrong ---- everything in @WindyNights' post sounds amazing. I just don't believe that the audience is interested in this. They want more Targaryens and dragons --- in Westeros. They want the fantasy grounded in reality - Western reality. This show reminds me of BBC's Sinbad, something I found awesome to watch but apparently, no one else wanted to watch it.
  15. Caitlin Snow

    If this was any kind of good show, I'd say that Nora's wary look in that episode was a sign that Caitlin was going to be the next season's Big Bad. But of course, we all know that's never going to happen. I would love for them to write Caitlin dying to save Iris just to see how batshit crazy that will make certain fans.