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  1. I imagine that if any of the male offenders was arrested for sex slavery, he would also be arrested and face charges. I'd like to think that the time lapse between when this news first broke out (years ago) and now, and then again between Raniere's arrest and Mack's was the authorities gathering evidence but I dunno... If she is convicted and is made to serve actual hard time, it will definitely send a powerful message that there are no "sacred cows" in this matter.
  2. S04.E19: Fury Rogue

    "That was ... unbelievable timing." I can't get over Miller's delivery of this line, and the (to me) fourth-wall-breaking look on his face when Flash & Vibe showed up.
  3. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Honestly, I can only think of Iris because of all the others, she seemed to have the closest relationship with him separate from Barry, which isn't saying very much.
  4. I imagine a lot of #metoo detractors will be monitoring how her story is covered, and if the pretty blonde girl will be put under the same kind of scrutiny and ostracization as male offenders.
  5. There were a bunch of actors who wore #TimesUp pins that were later revealed to be sexual predators.
  6. Endgame Discussion and Speculation

    This is kind of brilliant. Jon and Sansa might love each other - now, that they are literally all they have left of their family, but they don't seem to like each other very much, and their marriage would be a very unhappy one. Sansa would always be second-guessing him and not-so-subtly reminding him that she's the true Stark heir, not him. Amusingly, any child of Sansa's would be the true Stark, not Jon's. It's even more unrealistic that Tyrion never tried to match-make Jon and Daenerys considering that he advised her to leave Daario behind to make sure she was available for a situation like this. Heck, when he was trying to parly for Tarly Junior's life, he could have reminded her that she was looking for suitors. Beautiful white people, if I might qualify. Coming from someone in The Flash fandom who watched how the fans and audience and media turned against the interracial couple who had grown up together but were definitely neither related by blood or adoption. Westallen also had a touching and lovely reunion in the Pilot - complete with running jump, hug for the ages, and "I can't believe you're alive" hand-over-hearting... but that wasn't deemed as ship-worthy. #notbitter Good call. And Peter Dinklage is as far away from the ugly nose-less Tyrion of the books. Heck, even his scar is attractive. It makes more sense for him to be in love with Dany, or at least slightly infatuated with her - not because of her beauty (although that helps) but because of the kindness and respect she's shown to him, despite all reasons not to. No one has had so much automatic faith in Tyrion with so little personal gain as Dany has, and that moment in the s6 finale where he kneels to receive the Hand of the Queen, and there are tears in his eyes, I could bet good money was the moment where he completely fell in love with her. Of course, misogyny being what it is, his feelings would seem as Dany being "Mary-Sued" (gosh, I hate that term) and not the inevitable progression that it is. Plus D & D, like most people, prefer Sansa and her soft power over Dany and her hard power. So on that misogynistic basis alone, I can imagine D & D "giving" Tyrion's feelings to Sansa, on the apropos of basically nothing.
  7. If we're distinguishing the professional from the personal then the #metoo movement is misguided, isn't it? By that logic someone like, for example, Kevin Spacey shouldn't have been fired from House of Cards and All The Money In the World.
  8. If half of what she's accused of is true - she received money in exchange for recruiting this women into this sex cult - a far cry from a young, brainwashed puppet who was just as much a victim as the real victims - then evil does not begin to describe her. She wasn't being motivated by some dark perversion that Rainer had tapped into ---- but mundane greed.
  9. 'Smallville' actress Allison Mack arrested for alleged role in sex trafficking case
  10. S04.E18: Lose Yourself

    Police officers - even American police officers - aren't licensed to carry out executions. And yes, I make this statement aware of its supreme irony.
  11. Black Panther (2018)

    You should re-watch the movie. The only superheroes who were not working through proper channels were Team Captain America. That was the whole point of "Civil War". Team Captain America going against Iron Man to help the Winter Soldier escape justice. And I think it's illogical to blame deaths caused in the wake of Bucky's escape on anyone but Bucky himself (at face-value, although of course, the Main Villain who was controlling him was ultimately to blame). Also everyone was chasing Bucky - Team Captain America, the police force and T'Challa. Singling T'Challa out as solely responsible for the casualties caused - again by Bucky's escape - is illogical. At this point, I feel that I'm having a conversation with someone who's grasping straws to demonize T'Challa, something I'm not interested in encouraging or participating in so I'm backing out.
  12. S04.E18: Lose Yourself

    Don't forget Joe West 1 Samuroid 0. The Badass is Strong in that family.
  13. Black Panther (2018)

    No, he did not. It wasn't a blood-thirsty "murder" spree because T'Challa wasn't running around the world murdering people who got in his way. He was hunting down not just his father's murderer, but the murderer of the sovereign ruler of Wakanda. Bucky was supposed to be remanded into Wakanda custody after his capture. There wasn't anything particularly blood-thirsty or murderous spree-ish about any of T'Challa's actions in Civil War, moreso since the realization that Bucky while technically his father's murderer, was a pawn, and even the real perpetrator was just another victim. This statement is not just an over-simplification, it's a straight-up distortion of facts.
  14. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

    I can't get over the fact that they gave Poirot, one of the few acknowledged asexual characters in literature, a girlfriend.
  15. S04.E17: Null and Annoyed

    What a horrible episode. They sent Wally West off so they could write nonsense like this to prop up their Recurring White Male of the season. Also, why is Harry here? Harry is redundant. Harry's presence requires Barry to stupid to make Harry relevant. Run faster? Seriously? S1!Wellsobard made sense. He wasn't just smart, he was also an experienced speedster albeit an evil one. The problem with Team Flash is that there are just too many metas and too many "smart people" whatever that means. I have no idea with Caitlin did in this episode either. Again, why is she here? The most interesting part was the Mechanic's arc and even then, I felt that I was watching a different show. I'd really love the Flash writers to get their act together. This season has had some great episodes, but the overall quality sucks.