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  1. Then that's on her. The wildlings and the Night's Watch fought for her battle with the Boltons. She could talk to them, try to understand better. She could send a raven to the Wall and ask for some representatives to come to Winterfell and hold conference with the lords to give them some perspective. No one is asking Sansa to write a thesis on the WW, but she has access to resources that she isn't using because the script wants her to know more about storing grains for winter and padding armor for the cold than seasoned knights and lords, and be smarter than everyone in the room even though her political acumen is limited to "trust the guy that wants to bone me".
  2. OMG. No, just no. Alia =/= Arya unless you're counting 2-syllable names that start with A? What do these 2 characters even have in common? Jessica =/= Catelyn. Again --- how? They are both beautiful women married to powerful men? Wow, that's a very narrow description. All these parallels have next to nothing in common. I've read both books, suffered through the Dune six, then his son's last 2 volumes, then the masses of sequels and prequels and nothing in these books is remotely close to what AWOIAF is about.
  3. The Flash in the Media

    So you're pointing out that... Warner Bros must have a non-racist reason for excluding their black female lead because they promoted the supporting non-Black POCs? I'm sorry but I'm not tracking your argument here. In completely non-related news, TheCW lists Candice Patton as third-billed on this show after Danielle Panabacker. Non-racist reasoning behind that, too. At least that's finally settled the question about who is the female lead of this show once and for all.
  4. The Flash in the Media

    I thought they'd put it up later, but nope. I don't understand how they got everyone else who was at the party, but not Candice?? Yeah, sure. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. It doesn't seem obvious now but they'll explain it and it will make perfect, non-racist sense for their Black female lead to be cut out of the promos for their 100th episode.
  5. No to the boldened. Legitimized children are counted after trueborn in the line of succession. So a legitimized Jon would be next in line after Bran, etc. This is why Ramsay Snow murdered his nephew. With the caveat that, like every other law in Westeros, you can use an army to re-interpret it.
  6. No actually it doesn't make sense because the King in the North's seat is Winterfell. If he was acclaimed King in the North, that confers to him every right of a King in the North, including being Lord of Winterfell. The Targaryen dynasty also had Kings appointed by Council - Aegon IV, and the guy just after Jahaerys I (I think Viserys I, can't remember his name) and it went without saying that he had his seat at the Red Keep/King's Landing. It would have been ridiculous if after crowning the King, they now had to sit another Council to decide where he lived. Which is basically what GOT's "Jon is King, Sansa is Lady" amounts to. "Oh, you're the King in the North. Now let's go build you a seat of power from the bottom up." It's horrifyingly clear that D & D simply have put no thought or planning into this mess they've invented.
  7. Nora West-Allen: XS

    You know, even with this confirmed, I'm not convinced that this couldn't have been handled so much better. The fact that no one else picked up Nora's attitude or called her out for it. Or that Cecile and Caitlin were smirking over Nora giving Iris smack at the game... The writers are using Nora for hate bait as @phoenics said in the episode thread, and it's disgusting. It's seriously affecting how I feel about the character.
  8. S05.E04: News Flash

    Sounds like you're making a good argument for Iris to get her tubes tied. If what she has to look forward to in the future is single-motherhood over this brat then home girl needs to get her a Plan B. Literally. Not parents. Just Iris. The problem with looking for reasons to hate a character is that the reasoning rarely makes sense. Well you called it.
  9. He's triply redundant considering that they have a police detective, a private investigator and an investigative reporter on their team. But let's ignore all that to make room for the white man. See exactly zero percent of fandom complain that the show doesn't need another investigator when it can't manage the 3 that they already have.
  10. The Star Wars Saga

    There aren't shades of Anakin, that's the point. There were reasons why Anakin turned Dark - being born a slave, and then conscripted as a child-soldier into something that wasn't much better included. Kylo was the opposite of that. Kylo is wannabe-Anakin. That's the point. The only thing appealing about Kylo is that he's a fairly attractive white man. If a black man played the same role, no one would have left the cinema shipping Reylo.
  11. Caitlin Snow

    This. That ship has sailed, imo and I'm glad. The last thing people with real mental illness need is to have this show reinforce the idea that mental illness => violence.
  12. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Well that's a relief, frankly because a poster on the episode thread came up with this wild theory of Iris trying to remove the speedster gene from Nora, and I won't trust the writers not to go there, honestly. It'll be a perfect way to write Iris as a villain and claim it doesn't "count" since that timeline will be erased.
  13. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    Honestly, I would be surprised if they don't go there with the way they've set Nora/Iris up. The fact that the show as jammed up with so much set up is all the more reason why: a, they could have cut out that Jitters scene or reduced it to Nora maybe Flashing off when Iris tried to corner her or b, they could have set up Nora having issues with Killer Frost. Since the episode kicked off what would clearly be Caitlin's special new arc for the season, then if Nora's glare was any kind of foreshadowing, they'd have reminded us of that. At the very least, it should have appeared in the previously, much like the scene of Nora avoiding Iris at the baby shower appeared. They took the time to establish that Nora practically hated/despised her mother but also took the time to establish Nora fan-girling over her parents's almost-murderer? It's either they had enough time or they didn't. That track record is the reason why I'm not inclined to think otherwise. YMMV but when they have Nora basically glaring at Iris over her coffee cup, it's not even "brat" territory to me, it's downright hostile. Which is why I actually think that @ursula's theory about Iris trying to un-meta Nora can have some weight. It's also a clever way for the writers to crap on future!Iris and still get away with it since it's basically given that present!Iris will be so horrified by this that she won't repeat the same mistakes.
  14. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    Which is even more pertinent considering that Nora's issues with Iris were foreshadowed and followed through in this episode. It's really no surprise to anyone that their one-on-one was strained because you could see in that scene that yep, Nora was definitely avoiding Iris. Look, I'd really love to believe this theory but I just don't see it holding up. Nora's secrets were clearly: lying about not being able to go back, keeping the secret of her father's "death", her issues with her mom which are probably something typical like hero-worshipping the dead literal hero father, while chaffing at being held back by an overprotective mother. They've made the point of her being a less experienced speedster than Barry so I don't see how she can have any tricks up her sleeve where Caitlin/Killer Frost are concerned. This episode was the place to "put all the cards on the table", so to speak, with regards to her relationship with the old generation --- and they make a point of making it clear that the only person Nora has issues with is Iris. Honestly, I found Nora's attitude towards Iris disgusting. Strained mother/daughter relationship is one thing, but Nora was all but sneering at Iris and it really grated. Of course, the show would find a way to crap on Iris with her own daughter while have her fan-girl-worship an actual murderer.
  15. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    Well it goes without saying that of the two characters, Caitlin not Harry is the alter ego of a super-villain. If I'm going to place bets on whom a girl in the future is going to be side-eyeing - the father of another speedster superhero, or the super-villain who helped murder a member of Team Flash - I'm going to put my money on the person who tried to kill not one but two of my parents. However, situationally, Nora's flinty gaze occurs right after a conversation with Caitlin. She's bubbly and smiling, and when Caitlin goes off-screen, she replies her question with an uncharacteristically hard glare and voice. It's clear foreshadowing, but the writers have made it obvious that Caitlin's Killer Frost arc is basically pointless so I don't expect it to go anywhere.