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  1. The whole Tormund/Brienne controversy makes no sense to me. Brienne's clearly uninterested and the writing seems to respect her lack of interest rather than implying she should feel differently or she isn't giving Tormund a fair shake. Tormund isn't presented as a legitimate romantic choice, with his sexual proclivities, whether it's fucking bears or hitting on Sandor, being a subject of humour. The whole Tormund/Brienne thing is played for laughs, both Tormund's gleeful interest and Brienne's obvious repulsion. NCW and Gwendoline's enthusiasm over Season 8 probably means we're going to get some kind of Jaime/Brienne shippy goodness. I'm not concerned in the slightest, and I'm usually the first and loudest when it comes to complaining about problematic relationship shit in the show.
  2. Bran is present at Tyrion’s trial according to Friki, and even if Friki is wrong, Isaac participated in whatever 8x06 scene was filmed, so unless it’s a Force ghost situation, Bran survives the end of the series.
  3. That seems way too early for me, and I haven't seen any big S8 promo deviations from the rough timing schedule they used for S6 and S7 promotion to suggest they're going to go off the schedule to that extent. I'd say the same as the last two years, seven(ish) weeks out from the premiere, so February 24th. or thereabouts. The premiere date I guessed turned out to be two weeks later than the actual premiere date, though, so hopefully I'm wrong about this, too!
  4. We are, in fact, getting a trailer.
  5. The best part is that Mahershala Ali pretty much shamed Pizzolatto into making the lead investigator character black and his partner white by sending him photos of black senior police officers in the 1970s, since it was originally the other way around. He then successfully talked Pizzolatto into casting him as that lead character. Respect. Ali is a powerhouse, though. I pretty much tuned in just to see him do his thing, and he is handling the three different versions of the character so deftly.
  6. Sounds about right. I'm not so sure about that. Sophie may have been in Dubrovnik, since she skipped the film festival where her film premiered the week the production was in Dubrovnik (February 5th-9th), but I'm pretty sure she went on vacation for the last half of February. She was in the Maldives at least by February 18th and then was in New York until at least the 25th. I assume Sophie as usual filmed almost all of her scenes during the first few months when most of the interior scenes are filmed, although even then she took long breaks unlike Kit and Maisie. Her 2018 filming time for the show, however, as opposed to promo materials, past January, seems to have been limited to February in Dubrovnik (one scene), whatever she filmed in mid-April in Belfast (one scene?), and May in Seville (one scene). It seems like Sansa will spend most of S8 indoors. I suspect that the Jon/Cersei tower scene was a fake and that whatever was actually filmed in Dubrovnik was from the epilogue as Architectural Digest (who claimed that Dany's last GOT scene was filmed in Dubrovnik) implied. If so, that could be a scene with Bran, Jon, Dany, and Sansa. It would account for all the secrecy. They were still filming other interior scenes, though, at the same time as they were doing the exterior film shoots, like this mysterious 8x06 scene Hibberd saw filmed in early March.
  7. I don’t think Dany and Sansa will be BFF, but we’ve already seen Dany braiding Missandei’s hair, it’s well established that Sansa’s hairstyles are influenced by the people she uses as role models, and of course “braiding each other’s hair” is a phrase that generally refers to sisterly bonding, so the idea of Dany actually braiding Sansa’s hair is hilarious. I guess if relations remain frosty between Dany and Sansa, Dany could inform Sansa as she once informed Viserys that she has no right to a braid since she has won no victories. I’m sure that would go over well. On another note, one of the best things about the earlier premiere date is that it moves up the release date for everything, maybe even by two weeks. We could get a trailer by the end of February.
  8. Dany and Sansa will literally end up braiding each other’s hair. I love it!
  9. That's not a spoiler, that's Friki speculating. His opinion outside the little leaked information he has, and he claims to have shared all the spoilers he has, carries no more weight than anyone else's. No one doubts that Sansa will have any number of suitors. Whether she wants or will ever want anyone is what's in question, and that seems very unlikely based on what we know.
  10. If anyone is going to be a supportive partner to Arya and not try to force her into a role she doesn't want, it's Gendry. I don't think it will happen in the show or in the books, but if it did, I think they'd be an excellent match. Book Sansa was married at 12, and that seems to be Book Arya's age as of TWOW. Book Arya could be old enough to be married (at least in the world of ASOIAF) by the end of the series, depending on how much time passes. Alysanne was 14 when she married Jaehaerys. Tyrion was 13 when he married Tysha in the books. Dany was 13 when she married Drogo. While it would be easy enough for the writers to hint that Sansa eventually finds someone--show her smiling across the room at some anonymous guy (or girl, to make it interesting) at a feast or something--I don't think we'll get even that. I think her endgame will be as the very single Lady of Winterfell with no whiff of any possible future entanglement, and to me, that would be bringing her storyline full circle from the 1x01 Sansa who said that going south to be Joffrey's betrothed was the only thing she ever wanted.
  11. That’s some fine detective work, @anamika. This is probably when they filmed the little promo with Kit, Sophie and Maisie hyping the first seven seasons as well. As for why they excluded Bran, I’m guessing they thought it would look less cool if one of the participants in a “Long Walk”-type trailer had to be pushed in a wheelchair by someone else...which is ableist and gross, but there you have it. If Sophie’s March filming was for the teaser, then that would mean that between March 1st and the end of filming, she only filmed two scenes for the show: whatever she shot when she wrapped in Belfast in the middle of April and the Dragonpit sequence filmed in Seville.
  12. I tuned in for Mahershala Ali and he is amazing, but I’m liking the rest. I’m cautiously optimistic. There are some really gorgeous shots here. I love the shot at the base of the lookout tower looking up. The sequence where Hayes is finding the dolls built some exquisite dread. Really well done.
  13. The Jon, Arya and Sansa statues were pretty shoddy, but it was a cool moment. I wonder what HBO will use to fill those weeks between True Detective and GOT.
  14. Teaser just aired! It’s April 14th! Happy to be wrong about it being April 28th. That shaves two weeks off the wait. We’re now three months away. 90 days left now. Let the countdown begin!
  15. Ned's other daughter fulfilling Robert's proposal (since "You have a daughter" would equally apply to Arya) would also be ironic, and unlike Gendry/Sansa theories, it wouldn't assume Arya and her relationship with Gendry out of the equation to make sure Sansa gets a hot husband.