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  1. A "rumour" from Recapped.com (which has a pretty good track record for their "rumours" being proven accurate):
  2. The scene Maisie was referencing was her last scene as Arya, which was almost certainly from 8x05, not Arya's last scene of the series (which I assume will be in 8x06), and it seems to have taken place in the KL exterior set (judging from the photos of smoke rising from the KL exterior set the day Maisie wrapped). With all that said, assuming you meant Arya's last scene and not Maisie's, it is entirely possible that Arya's last scene of GOT in 8x06 has Arya overlooking the rebuilding of Winterfell or leaving Westeros. If Maisie had a "leaving Westeros for good" scene, I suspect it would be filmed the way they filmed Arya's last scene in 4x10, where she sets sail for Braavos. I wouldn't be surprised if the denouement in 8x06 had someone leaving on or arriving from a trip, whether it involved leaving Westeros or not, since I suspect the scene set up at the pier in Dubrovnik, where we never saw actual filming, was for Dany's last scene in the show as that Architectural Digest article claimed. That doesn't mean it's Dany who's leaving, necessarily; it could be a scene where Jon, Dany, etc. welcome someone to KL as well.
  3. Yeah, it's been suggested that the extras were there for something related to the documentary, so maybe that's why Kit's double was there. I do like the idea of Kit coming to Seville just for Sophie's last day, though. Very sweet.
  4. I thought that, too. It would explain the blood on Maisie's shoes, and it would be a nice character moment for Arya, as you say. Yes, could be, although it still doesn't explain his statement about finishing in the middle of July (unless he's referring to reshoots, ADR, etc.). Possible, although it wouldn't explain why Kit's double was in Seville.
  5. "Arya's always bloody alone." Ouch. It wasn't battle scenes, since all the stunt doubles left before the last week of filming. I just went back over the posts around the last week of filming and saw that Peter Dinklage was seen at LAX on Wednesday, July 4th and was spotted at the Dublin airport in the afternoon of July 5th (arriving...?), which was Kit's last day of filming. Maisie's last day on set was July 6th, so Peter could have been present for it. Of course, if Peter Dinklage was at LAX in the middle of that week, it begs the question of whether he filmed anything that last week at all. On the other hand, he must have been back in Ireland to do something related to the show, but it sounds like Maisie's last scene as Arya was alone judging from the quote, so Tyrion wasn't a part of it, so what was Peter Dinklage back in Ireland for if not to film anything? Filming finished that week, right? So why would Peter be back in Ireland a day before filming wrapped for a scene which didn't involve him? And why would he say that he finished filming in mid-July if filming finished the first week of July? Reshoots, maybe?
  6. Sophie really wasn’t in Belfast all that much after January, but yes, she was there briefly in April, which is probably when she wrapped in Belfast. Live or die, Sansa’s going to spend most of S8 indoors. I didn’t mention Isaac, Conleth, Pilou, etc. because they haven’t said anything about when they wrapped, and they could have been doing ADR for all I know. It seems likely that Gwen wrapped the same week as NCW, given her presence in Belfast when he finished, but she hasn’t said anything about when she wrapped as far as I know. While the bulk of the KL set exterior filming probably represents 8x05, it seems likely that there’s some 8x06 material as well. They’re not going to spend all of 8x06 indoors, and we know that there were scenes filmed with and without the burnt-out dome. There was smoke seen rising from the set on Kit and Maisie’s last days (Thursday and Friday, respectively), for whatever that’s worth. Liam may have wrapped the same week as Kit and Maisie, so his last scene would have been that week as well. Maybe Maisie’s last scene was Arya tending to the wounded in a burnt-out KL? It would explain all the blood on Maisie’s shoes (and I don’t think she would have posted a photo of the shoes if the blood was Arya’s). I have no idea about the Tobias Menzies/Joe Dempsie/Gemma Whelan thing in relation to Friki’s information. We’ll have to wait and see. ...Whatever happens with Tyrion, at least two out of the three remaining Lannisters are probably dying in Season 8, and I am going to miss them. Lena and NCW have really been note-perfect in their roles. I remember all the fan complaints when they were cast—Lena wasn’t beautiful enough, NCW had a busted-looking nose, etc.—but I couldn’t think of anyone better suited after seeing them in their roles in Season 1, and I still can’t.
  7. No, because he said in a recent NPR interview that he finished filming in mid-July, and the last non-Belfast location shoot was in May (in Seville), ergo if he finished filming in mid-July, he must have finished filming in Belfast. The only non-Northern Ireland location shoots for Season 8 that we know of were Iceland (February, with Kit and Emilia), Dubrovnik (February, with a number of actors), and Seville (May, with a number of actors). There was of course filming at Corbet and some other Northern Ireland locations (the Magheramorne quarry), but that was all wrapped well before July as far as we know. Peter Dinklage could be lying about finishing filming in mid-July, of course, but by that token, everyone who claimed to finish at X time could be lying: Sophie (claimed to finish filming in Seville), Joe (same), Maisie (posted a farewell message on IG on July 7th), Nathalie (posted a farewell message on IG in mid-June), NCW (told an interviewer he would finish filming by June 8th), etc. Maisie posted her farewell message (with the bloody shoes) on Saturday, July 7th. Her stunt double had been abroad for a week (and a number of the stunt doubles finished the week of June 25th, including Maisie's, so whatever Maisie's last scenes were, they weren't stunt scenes. It seems possible, maybe even likely, that Maisie's last scene filmed was a scene with Peter, and that the emotional last scene Peter was describing in the Vulture interview regarding one of the actors/actresses who grew up on the show was Maisie's. (It would be weird for him to be so moved by Maisie's last scene and not Sophie's, considering Maisie and Sophie are quite close in age, he seems to have been present for Sophie's last scene as well, he had never shared a scene with Maisie prior to Season 8, and he had filmed multiple scenes with Sophie when she was younger for Season 2, 3, and 4.) Peter said in the NPR interview that he finished in mid-July, and Maisie finished filming the first week of July, so I guess Peter filmed for another week after Maisie left...? Or else he's fudging the dates. It seems from the way Peter was talking about the young person's last day on set that it wasn't his last day as well, so it seems like it could be two separate scenes. I'm very curious as to when Kit and Liam finished shooting (leaving aside reshoots). Liam was still going strong as of Kit's wedding in late June, and we know Kit was filming into July (leaving aside reshoots, again). I'm also curious as to what sort of scenes were being filmed in those July weeks that didn't involve stunts (since the stunt folks had gone home, and Maisie's stunt double was done) or crowd scenes. It seems like they were interior scenes filmed with Maisie, Peter, Kit, Liam (possibly), as well as others we don't know about whose wrapping dates we don't know. I always thought the bulk of the interior scenes were filmed pretty early on in the GOT filming schedule, which is why Sophie in certain past seasons has wrapped very early compared to the other actors (since most of Sansa's scenes are usually interior scenes). If they weren't filming action scenes or the big crowd scenes and were filming interior scenes, why wait until the very end of filming to film them? We know that for GOT some of the most emotional scenes wind up getting filmed first (Littlefinger's execution for S7, e.g.), so I'm wondering why that last week or two weeks of scenes were saved until the end. David Nutter (8x01, 8x02 and 8x04) finished filming in May, so whatever these July scenes are, they're from 8x03, 8x05 or 8x06. ETA: Just as a point of reference for actors' self-reported ending dates, here's what we have: Sophie, Joe: Seville (filming ended May 15th) Nathalie: Week of June 4th (going off social media posts) NCW: Week of June 4th (told interviewer he'd be finished GOT by the time of the Bogota Comicon, which was that weekend) Emilia: Posts farewell message on IG on June 17th [Stunt doubles wrap up the week of Monday, June 25th] Kit: tells BBC Radio 2 that he wrapped on Thursday, July 5th Maisie: Posts farewell message on Saturday, July 7th (but since they don't usually film on weekends, it's more likely July 6th at the latest) Peter: tells NPR he finished filming in "mid-July", but it seems more likely that he wrapped the same week as Kit and Maisie
  8. I think you’re mistaken about Peter Dinklage, but I’ve said my piece about that, and I guess we’ll see. I have no idea where Tyrion’s final scenes of the series were filmed, but Peter Dinklage filmed his final scenes in Belfast in mid-July. He may have finished around the same time as Maisie, who posted her farewell message on IG on July 7th, or maybe the following week. In terms of who finished when, the order for those we know about seems to be roughly as follows: By May 31: Joe, Sophie, Hannah Murray By June 15th: NCW, Nathalie Emmanuel By June 30th: Emilia By July 15th: Peter, Maisie ...And I don’t know about the rest, except that Lena, Liam, Thor and Rory were still filming in June, and Kit filmed into July. Season 7 outlines spell it out.
  9. I agree that his discretion regarding the identity of the actor or actress involved was a bit odd, since everyone involved in S8 wrapped for good, but maybe it was out of respect for the person involved. I dunno, Peter Dinklage keeps getting less and less subtle with each interview, and it’s getting increasingly weird. At this rate, by the time April 2019 rolls around, he’s going to be doing interviews screaming into a megaphone “TYRION IS EVIL. TYRION FUCKING BETRAYS EVERYONE AND DIES. JUST TO BE CLEAR: TYRION DIES. EVIL, BETRAYAL, DEATH. DEAD!”
  10. It's a pretty short of list of actors to whom that statement could apply, and Peter didn't specify the sex of the person involved. We're down to Isaac, Maisie, and Sophie. Maisie said something in the Heroine interview that just came out about how difficult it was to wrap and the final "cut," in more or less the same terms Peter used: Peter was on set when Sophie is supposed to have wrapped in May, and he finished filming in mid-July, so he was probably on set when Maisie wrapped, so that doesn't narrow it down. Sophie also said everyone was emotional the day she wrapped, and Joe Dempsie said something similar (since he seems to have wrapped at the same time as Sophie). We have no idea when Isaac wrapped. I'm not sure why Peter would refrain from using the name of the person if it wasn't spoilery, though, unless it was out of respect for the actor/actress in question. While we're talking about Maisie and Peter, though, isn't anyone else super curious what Kit, Maisie and Peter were filming in that last week or two weeks of filming or so in early July? It didn't involve stunts or shooting on the KL exterior set, a number of the crew members had already wrapped (stunt crew, e.g.), and it didn't involve most of the main cast (Emilia, NCW, and Sophie were long gone). A lot of the interior shots were filmed back in the first few months of filming, so one would think there wouldn't be much left. So what were they filming?
  11. We'll see. Speaking of interviews, Maisie Williams had an interview published in the October issue of Heroine magazine (info via /Freefolk). Relevant S8 quotes:
  12. Maybe because Tyrion ends up king...? I personally don't think that's likely, but if we're looking for the opposite of Tyrion dying, well, that would be it. Possible, sure, but that's a heck of a risk: openly discuss a real spoiler and thus disseminate it to the wider, previously uninformed public in the hopes that the hardcore fans will be fooled into thinking their legit information is fake...? I dunno. /BoatsexBaby pointed out a while after the VFX guy brought up Tyrion's death out of nowhere at the Emmys that it would be interesting to see if the official GOT focus shifted to Tyrion in interviews, etc. after Friki's information was made public, and that is indeed what has happened. It could be because the information is true and they're trying to throw the hardcore fans off the scent, of course, but it's interesting nonetheless. Now that we've seen a potential glimpse at what HBO does when an actor drops a real spoiler (a gag order on any mention of Sansa's statue), it makes their laissez-faire approach to references to Tyrion's death that much more suspicious.
  13. I'd say there's a big difference between R+L=J and spoiling the death of one of the lead characters, though, since R+L=J doesn't automatically give away that Jon is going to be king in the end. Also, if Peter Dinklage were really giving something away with his "whether it be tragic or not" comment from his previous interview, you'd think HBO would have told him to cool it before he went and did an interview with Vulture saying much the same thing in even less ambiguous language. But who knows? One could interpret his interviews both ways, certainly, and we won't know for sure until June 2019, when I'm assuming the finale will air. I've been thinking about Sophie's comment about Sansa having possible daddy issues, and I'm wondering whether it was just a halfhearted response to someone else asking whether she thinks Sansa has daddy issues (since it was a Q&A session), or whether it's something she brought up on her own initiative. Because if it's the latter, that could be a possible hint for Sansa/Sandor in Season 8. I'd hope D&D would throw her a bone (so to speak) and give her a consensual roll in the hay with a desired partner if they are planning on offing her. There are "seeds" for a lot of things that may or may not end up happening, though. There were "seeds" for Sansa betraying Jon in Season 6, even an ambiguous look of much the same nature as Tyrion's ambiguous look in Season 7, but Sansa never followed through on betraying Jon (as much as she was tempted), and if that "seed" never resulted in anything substantial, why would the supposed "seeds" in Season 7 for Tyrion's betrayal?
  14. Would HBO keep letting interviews get published where Peter Dinklage strongly hints at Tyrion's demise if Tyrion does in fact die? The end of the show and the fates of their main characters are their most closely guarded secret and most precious asset, and this is not the first interview published where Peter Dinklage has hinted (with plausible deniability "whether it be tragic or not," e.g.) at Tyrion's death. They can't muzzle Dinklage and the other GOT actors, but they can muzzle (and apparently have muzzled, as with the Sophie statue gag order) their interviewers where the interviewees are dropping spoilers, and they aren't in this case. Why not? There is speculation that maybe Tyrion is condemned at a trial but is exiled instead of being executed, but Friki was very firm that Tyrion is condemned and is also executed, so if Friki is wrong and Tyrion's not executed after all, there's no reason to think that the trial happens, either.
  15. If that were the case, Sophie wouldn't have had the option to take the statue with her, and apparently she did have that option. Can't use it for promotion or tourism if it's stuffed in a closet somewhere. In the latest edition of our favourite game of "Tyrion Dies...Or He Doesn't, Who Even Knows Anymore," from a Peter Dinklage Vulture interview this time: Either Tyrion dies and Peter Dinklage doesn't care who knows it, or he wants very much to tease the possibility. He also hinted at Tyrion having a tragic end in another interview recently. And the HBO VFX guy recently said "We can't tell you in which episode Tyrion dies...or doesn't," so HBO is either cool with it or in on the joke, depending on your interpretation. Whether or not there's a Tyrion betrayal, given Peter Dinklage's previous comment about Tyrion having to face some things about himself he didn't want to face, Tyrion may well have some sort of existential crisis in Season 8.