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  1. We may get...something, if there’s an ending scene with a meeting of all the remaining high lords and ladies. There was that line from the S7 outline about Dorne being embroiled in a civil war over succession after the deaths of the Sand Snakes and Ellaria. I don’t think so, since the lack of afterlife was brought up not once but twice (by Beric, and then a few seasons later by Jon). I agree that Bran’s powers would lend themselves well to an epilogue. And who knows, we may get an ending with a big time skip, since LOTR which so influenced GRRM had one. Yeah, I always interpreted MMD’s response as “Fuck you, that’s when.”
  2. There's a lot of casting that we never find out about until the show airs. The writers strongly implied with Jon and Beric that there's no afterlife, so Dany can't meet Drogo again.
  3. Going off the filming information we have that points to all the villain deaths being backloaded to the last two episodes, I'd be shocked if we got any big Team Jon/Dany deaths. This is my tentative guess: Will die: Pod, Tormund, Beric, Melisandre, Varys, Euron, the Mountain, the Hound, Qyburn Will survive: Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Arya, Bran, Sansa, Brienne, Sam, Davos, Gendry, Robin Questionable: Theon, Yara, Missandei, Gilly, Jorah, Bronn, Grey Worm, Lyanna Mormont, Lord Glover, Edmure ...I mean, pretty much what you'd expect. I think Dany is safe because I think Architectural Digest is right about Dany's last scene of the show being filmed in Dubrovnik, which would rule out a death scene (since major character death scenes are never filmed out in the open in bustling city centres, for obvious reasons). I think Jon is safe because he's one of the original five, although I've gone back and forth on this. I don't know why they weren't involved in the 8x06 scene(s) shot during the day at Italica, but they could be on dragons, they could have left Westeros or they could be involved in a still-raging battle. GRRM has never said that, but it's a very popular fan theory for the reason you mention: it would mean that the series would be starting and ending with Bran. There may be a timeskip from the end of the final battle to a few months later when everything has been rebuilt and Jon and Dany's baby has been born and whatnot, but I don't think there will be any kind of flashforwards beyond that. We're not going to get the equivalent of a Harry Potter epilogue where all the Starklings are middle-aged and seeing off their kids to whatever the Westerosi equivalent of Hogwarts would be.
  4. Endgame Discussion and Speculation

    I agree, although I think there's a lot of GRRM in Sam as well. (I think GRRM once said something to the effect of Tyrion being how GRRM wishes he could be, and Sam being closer to how he actually is.) I'd say Tyrion's closest forerunner in GRRM's works in terms of description and personality is Froggy in The Armageddon Rag, and Froggy winds up reasonably happy in the end. And of course the Turtle from the Wild Cards series, another GRRM self-insert type of character, is still alive and kicking. I think GRRM killing Tyrion or Sam off would be a kind of authorial suicide, so I doubt they'll die. I don't get the impression that D&D are invested in setting up Dany as a plausible endgame ruler, but I could be wrong.
  5. Endgame Discussion and Speculation

    Maisie and Kit were either rehearsing or filming pretty much continuously all the way through to the end of filming, as opposed to Emilia and Sophie, who took extended breaks: Sophie filmed for maybe a week or two between February and May, and Emilia took breaks for Solo in February and May/June. I'm less sure about Peter's overall filming time, but he was sighted in Belfast a lot in late May and June. Me, too, although it's no great surprise that Arya and Tyrion survive. I think GRRM meant television-wise, which was an odd thing to say given that he has never been in control of what happens with the show or its successors. GRRM has openly talked about wanting to write stories set in Braavos, but the only source for the idea that GRRM was planning a post-ASOIAF series set in Braavos with an adult Arya playing a part in said series was Prince_Cade on Reddit, who claimed that that's what Ran (Elio at Westeros.org) had told him. (I don't think Ran has ever confirmed or denied this on Westeros.org where he mods.)
  6. Nothing, which is why it was an odd comment for GRRM to make, unless he mentally went from prequels to potential GOT successor shows. Senior moment, maybe? He sounds pretty excited about Season 8, doesn't he?
  7. NCW on S8, from TheWrap: What's the jigsaw puzzle? I wonder whether this relates to what /BoatsexBaby said about the WWs: And I posted it in the endgame thread, but it relates to Season 8 as well, from GRRM in a recent interview at Redwood City when asked about the GOT prequels, as related by Azor Ahype on Youtube: Azor Ahype took this as confirmation that Jon, Arya, and Tyrion survive.
  8. Endgame Discussion and Speculation

    Fair enough; I think it's been clear for quite some time that Arya and Tyrion are going to survive. The leak of his 1993 outline which stated that Jon, Arya, Tyrion, Bran and Dany would make it through all the books was further evidence. (Jon I've been less sure about, what with him having died in the show and all.) This interview quote (assuming it's accurate) reminded me of another instance where GRRM mentioned these three characters together: the io9 interview where he said he always knew what Jon, Tyrion and Arya's arcs were going to be.
  9. Endgame Discussion and Speculation

    GRRM did an interview recently in Redwood City with John Picacio. When asked about GOT successor shows, he said the following: ”We’re not going to see the stories of Jon Snow, Arya Stark or Tyrion continue on.” Is this accidental implicit confirmation that these three characters survive the show?
  10. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Jon and Dany both survive but don't end up on the throne, but that's about the only ending that wouldn't be a cliche. Javi and Frikidoctor initially insisted that Kit did film in Seville but have now backtracked and are saying that he didn't film in Seville. As a reminder... Characters whose actors filmed on all filming weekdays in Seville: Sansa, Bran, Arya, Tyrion, Davos, Brienne, Gendry, and Sam. Characters whose actors were present in Seville and probably filmed something during the day on filming weekdays or at night, in decreasing order of likeliness: Robin and Lord Royce, Jaqen, the Waif, Grey Worm, Edmure, Yara, and Jorah. (The NK's actor was also there but apparently was filming out of makeup.) Characters whose actors were present in Seville but who didn't film anything during the day on filming weekdays (and who may have filmed at night): Jon, Cersei, Jaime, and Varys. Characters whose actors were not present in Seville: Dany, Gilly, Missandei, Lyanna Mormont, Lord Glover, Tormund, Podrick, the Mountain, the Hound, Qyburn, Melisandre, Euron, and Theon.
  11. It’s nothing new, it’s just revisiting the information already available. We know that Sophie, Joe and possibly others filmed their last scenes of the show during the day in Seville at the same time as Maisie and Liam, but without Kit. We also know that the KL exteriors for 8x05 and 8x06 were all filmed after Seville, with Kit, Maisie and Liam filming together more or less continuously to the very end of June, but without Joe and Sophie (who wrapped in Seville). So Sansa and Gendry sit out the KL craziness (even though you would expect Gendry as an excellent fighter to be in the thick of it with his BFFs Jon and Davos) but somehow pop up at the Dragonpit. Arya and Davos are there, too, but without Jon. Brienne is also at the Dragonpit, too, but without Jaime, even though Gwendoline and NCW were filming together pretty much all the time in 2018. The only way the above information makes sense to me is if the Seville day shoots are for a postwar scene.
  12. There's no way D&D would film a huge scene with all these major characters in the Dragonpit and not have Jon and Dany be part of it on the ground--even by landing on Drogon to arrive as Dany did in 7x07--unless they're completely out of the picture for whatever reason. Jon and Dany not ruling together at the end for whatever reason would probably qualify as a surprising ending in of itself.
  13. After a lot of back and forth, I'm back to the theory that the scenes filmed in Seville during the day were postwar denouement scenes, which means that either Jon and Dany die, or they're out of the picture in a postwar Westeros for whatever reason. (On the plus side, it would also mean that Bran, Arya, Sansa, Davos, Brienne and Sam survive.)
  14. To elaborate a little on what I said upthread, I think the biggest problem with the second season is the same problem as a lot of shows. There's only enough concept--or, in the case of single novel adaptations (Big Little Lies, The Handmaid's Tale, etc.)--for one good season. That's about as far as the writers, showrunners, etc. have thought ahead: they have enough material, ideas, plot, etc. for one well-written, often beautifully self-contained season. Then the show is a critical and/or commercial success and gets renewed. Awesome, right? Except that the writers are now fucked, because they have to try to come up with more material to keep the gravy train running, and they have nothing. This happened with LOST. It happened with Veronica Mars. And now it seems to have happened to The Handmaid's Tale. If Mark Twain's definition of a classic is a book that everyone wants to have read but that no one wants to read, The Handmaid's Tale is now the television equivalent of that: a show everyone wants to have watched because it's Important and Resonant or whatever, but that no one wants to watch because it's too painful or boring. You've also pointed out that there are shows out there such as Harlots that are telling feminist, woman-centric stories minus the misery porn.
  15. Someone on /Freefolk went poking around on IMDB and noted that the Mountain's actor has a stunt double credited for 8x05 and 8x06. Since many crew members are credited already on IMDB for episodes on which they worked, I looked around to see if there was anything noteworthy. 1. The only Spain 2019 credits are for 8x06 (production managers, e.g.). 2. A makeup artist is credited as a "contact lens technician" for 8x05. Her only other episode as a contact lens technician was 7x06. 3. Stunt performers are credited for 8x01, 8x03, 8x05, and 8x06. 4. A marine coordinator is credited for 8x01, 8x04, 8x05, and 8x06.