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  1. I’m inclined to think that the original five all survive, but I’m not confident either way. I’d say we now have a decent idea of the shape of the season, even if the details are fuzzy. I did a rough outline a few pages back, and that was before all the Seville stuff came out.
  2. I figured that if KL got nuked that Bran warging Drogon would be behind it, or, as it's known in fandom circles, the Bran Them All theory. ...but yes, it does sound as if Dany's last scene involves something that creates an impression of the character that Emilia doesn't like. However, I think it may just be odd phrasing on Emilia's part to describe the feeling of responsibility of acting the scene that will form the last impression for viewers of Daenerys. She did another interview recently where she was talking about going to pieces during filming her last scene, and the crew was all, "We're just doing a shot of your hand, get a grip." So that sounds a bit more promising. I was listening to Ramin's new arrangement of Truth, and it sounds like the sort of thing that might be used at the end of the the last episode, since it has the telltale GOT theme introduced partway through. Truth is the Jon/Dany love theme, so maybe that points to the show ending with some sort of resolution to Jon and Dany's love story? If the series really boils down to Jon and Dany as GRRM allegedly told Alan Taylor all those years ago, it would make sense to end with them. Emilia's not really good at trolling, though. She's at much greater risk of accidentally letting something slip than, say, Sophie, who's been expertly trolling fans for years. With that said, on reflection I think Emilia wasn't talking about the substantive content of the last scene but rather the responsibility of creating that final impression of Dany in the last scene. I could be wrong, though. Kit, Maisie, Emilia and Sophie have sufficiently devoted fans that said fans have a very good idea whether or not they're filming at any given time, but everyone else is a bit of a crap shoot. Lena in particular is very good at avoiding attention, so to go by social media sightings you'd think she had hardly filmed at all for Season 8. Seville has everyone on edge about Dany and Jon. I have my doubts, since I think the Seville day shoots may be denouement material, but I always try to keep in mind that Dany and Jon were intended to survive in GRRM's original outline.
  3. /itsjayrr on /Freefolk said that Emilia filmed at least 17-18 weeks for Season 8 that are verifiable. Another poster (dirty_diana05, who also thinks that Sophie filmed in Croatia along with Kit and Lena) said that Sophie has filmed 13-15 weeks so far. (That number seems improbably high to me, given Sophie's extended absences from filming since January, but whatever.) Both of them would be outpaced by Kit and Maisie, who have been filming more or less continuously since filming started. Now of course we know that filming time doesn't necessarily translate into screen time, and that a lot of the filming over the past few months has been battle stuff that one wouldn't involve Dany or Sansa (since Dany would be on a dragon and Sansa would be elsewhere), but it's a safe bet that Jon and Arya have a lot to do in Season 8. He's still convinced Tyrion's going to betray everyone, even after the Seville news came out. Dude, stop trying to make Tyrion's betrayal happen! It's not going to happen. /BoatsexBaby, who unlike /jorywea78 unquestionably has inside information, scoffed at his claim that Kit filmed with Sophie on Tuesday afternoon and said that Kit was filming stunt rehearsals with Jacob on Tuesday afternoon...which, given that Kit and Jacob's doubles were in town, makes a lot of sense. Kit was only on set for five hours on Tuesday afternoon. That's not nearly enough time to arrive, get into costume and makeup, film, and change back, but it's plenty of time to rehearse stunts for a night shoot. Of the two, I'd say /BoatsexBaby is more credible on this particular point. As for Kit filming with Jacob, /BoatsexBaby couldn't confirm that they filmed something overnight or early Wednesday but seemed to think that they did. As another poster wisely pointed out upthread, you don't rehearse a stunt unless you're going to shoot it, after all. It sounds like the article author is just guessing about the baby stuff based on the ample hints in S7, as we are. The article did say that Emilia would be shooting scenes with Sophie and Maisie for the first time, but that's not really any kind of spoiler.
  4. The Cast In Other Realms-Oops, *Roles*

    I watched the excellent Death of Stalin and was surprised to see some GOT faces among the minor roles: Roger Ashton Griffiths (Mace Tyrell), Richard Brake (S4, S5 Night King), and Tom Brooke (S3 Lothar Frey). I watched the much less excellent Patrick Melrose and saw Indira Varma playing Anne.
  5. "It fucked me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavour in someone's mouth of what Daenerys is..." This is from an interview just published at Vanity Fair. Wait, what? That sounds as if Dany's last scene on the show involves her doing something horrible. Do not want. On the other hand, she could just be saying that it's a big responsibility to act that last scene, knowing it's going to be the viewer's final impression of Dany. The wording, however--"lasting flavour," "what Daenerys is"?--did not inspire confidence. Doesn't necessarily mean Dany dies, but maybe she ascends the throne as queen and as her first official act orders up a bunch of executions. In other news, Emilia Clarke also said this about Dany in S8 in the same article: Sounds interesting. Bring on the weird shit! While we're talking about Sansa's S8 arc, /jorywea78 over at /Freefolk said that someone told him that if Sophie's body double showed up in Spain, it meant that Sansa would survive the series. /jorywea78's main claim to fame on /Freefolk is being wrong about just about everything, so grain of salt, but it supports my Seville day shoot denouement theory, so I'm running with it.
  6. Me, too, if only because it stuck out. Fake leakers are always making vague noises about closed sets and secret scenes and the like, though. In light of the discussion about Sansa's S8 arc, I'm reposting what Sophie Turner told Variety about it in December 2017: I dunno. Sansa's thrown "back in the deep end"? And she is facing something that's a "big challenge" for her without Littlefinger having her back? Littlefinger would be absolutely useless against the AOTD and the WWs, so I'm not sure that's what she's talking about. On the other hand, Cersei is hardly a "new threat."
  7. I agree, although I wonder if D&D, having carved away so much of Book Tyrion and Sansa's arcs and ensured that they ran out of plot, are going to essentially sideline them or shuffle them around in a holding pattern for Season 8 until they can be moved to their endgame positions. Having them taken prisoner by Cersei's forces may accomplish that. Presumably, if she's needed, she's there. While we're talking about Sophie filming S8 and her scenes overlapping with Peter's, I remember /Kaysen762 at /Freefolk back when she was modding and fielding purported leaks said that someone had told her that Peter and Sophie filmed a scene on a closed set in the fall. Probably bullshit like 95% of /Freefolk leaks, but I wonder.
  8. I'd be more worried about Sansa's prospects than Tyrion's, although if I'm right with my Seville denouement theory, both Sansa and Tyrion are safe. Sophie filming in Belfast after Spain puts an end to the "Sophie posted an emotional tweet at the end of Seville filming because it was her last day filming GOT" theory. According to /DutchArya at /Freefolk, Kit, Liam, and Maisie are in Belfast right now. (Peter was spotted in Belfast on Sunday, so he may still be there as well. Usually when GOT actors are spotted on Sunday in Belfast, it's because they're filming on Monday.) Sophie is in London.
  9. Yes, the show has definitely hinted at Arya having some sort of showdown with Cersei. To be fair to D&D, Cersei's determination to see Sansa and Tyrion dead is a big sword of Damocles hanging over both characters in the books. I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of their plots in Season 8.
  10. That's it: "whenever possible." They may have decided that shooting a big scene in an impressive setting was worth the risk. The filming of the Season 7 dragonpit scene spoiled which of the southern players survived Season 7, so it's not as if they haven't done something similar before. That the production is taking precautions they didn't take the last time around--decoy actors, actors staying at different hotels, etc.--suggests to me that something even more important is being shot in Seville this time around. I doubt Sansa will be inclined to bond with Tyrion in captivity if said captivity is Tyrion's fault for cutting a deal with Cersei instead of getting rid of her when he had the chance. With that said, I can't deny that the show has set the stage for Sansa to get taken prisoner. Tyrion howeer I'm iffy on, especially since Peter Dinklage was snapped in Belfast the same week that Emilia was shooting her big post-battle scenes (suggesting that Tyrion at least is with Dany after the battle and hasn't been taken prisoner), with Sophie MIA from Belfast that week. I floated a while ago the theory that Sansa gets kidnapped and that this is the impetus for some combination of Jaime, Sandor, Davos and Arya to mount a rescue mission to save her. It's looking less and less crazy the more info comes out of filming. It sounds as if D&D are indeed trying their hand at a big action shoot for their last episode, and we know from insiders that Kit and Jacob filmed a stunt at Italica, so the "historical site" argument doesn't really fly. (Not to mention that the bloody, action-packed Daznak Pit sequence was also filmed at a historical site.) I agree, although I can only imagine Sophie's reaction to Sansa winding up a damsel in distress yet again.
  11. ...Speaking of the KL scenes filmed in Seville, though, I'm leaning back towards my theory that the Seville day shoots are denouement stuff. I reread /BoatsexBaby's Seville timeline/inside information megapost from /Freefolk (linked upthread), and I noticed that the post never actually says that the only thing filmed in KL was battle scenes. The megapost also says that the night shoots could be continuations of the Magheramorne Quarry KL battle filming, which was done at night. Photos snapped of Magheramorne Quarry filming--Melisandre on a horse, Jaime in Brienne's arms--are all from night shoots. A Jon/Grey Worm battle scene also makes a lot of sense for a night shoot. So assuming there were night shoots in Seville, which isn't confirmed, we have two sets of scenes: 1. Late season/finale KL battle stuff taking place at night and mostly filmed in Northern Ireland with extensive green screen involving (according to /BoatsexBaby) Jon, Dany, Arya, Melisandre, Jaime, Brienne, and Bran, who have already filmed KL battle stuff in Northern Ireland, and 2. Day stuff involving Brienne, Tyrion, Sansa and Robin (requiring stand-ins/doubles) and possible separate scenes involving Arya, Sam, Davos, and Gendry, with Bran in the mix somewhere. There may be other characters in the mix as well for the day shoots, but not Jon or Jaime (since the Seville shooting timeline rules that out). So there are several main reasons I think the day Seville shoots may be denouement material, some of which I've previously mentioned: 1. Seville's too hot for the actors involved to be wearing winter costumes during the day, and the production would have planned this accordingly, meaning that whatever the actors are wearing as costumes are summer-appropriate. 2. Sophie and Peter haven't filmed KL battle material in Belfast, and Sansa and Tyrion were left off the list of characters /BoatsexBaby could confirm were involved in the KL battle due to scenes shot in Belfast. 3. If the KL battle scenes all take place at night, what on earth were they filming during the day? 4. If the Seville scenes were just battle material, why go to such lengths to conceal the presence of actors, including having actors show up who aren't shooting scenes (Lena, Conleth, etc.), and having other actors present who aren't staying at the main hotel (Gemma, Tobias, Iain, etc.)? 5. On a meta level, it would make sense for the big battle against the AOTD to take place at night, with the denouement scenes shot during the day. ...None of this explains why stand-ins would be required for Brienne, Sansa, Tyrion, and Robin if there weren't some action involved (and Jon and Grey Worm definitely needed stand-ins for a stunt), of course, but the whole thing strikes me as odd. ETA: Emilia Clarke did a recent interview saying she was three quarters of the way through filming, so she definitely has more to film. I watched a long interview with NCW where he said that Season 8 would have even more callbacks to earlier seasons than Season 7.
  12. We know that Kit, Maisie and Liam were filming KL scenes in Belfast without Peter or Sophie, and that Kit and Maisie have been filming together for months while Sophie was off doing other things. It's not 100% definitive, but it is strongly suggestive. Even the timeline for the KL scenes shot in Seville suggest that Sophie was filming with Peter but not Kit. Apart from Cersei, all of "the individuals of KL" Sansa knows have either defected to Team Jon/Dany (Tyrion, Sandor, etc.) or died, so her insight really isn't of much use, and Jaime and Tyrion know Cersei far better than Sansa ever will in any event.
  13. I don't know, I think if it is a night attack that Sansa will be caught off guard along with everyone else and too busy trying to save herself. Again, I think Sansa will be in too much trouble to be in much of a position to help other people. She can't play a Blackwater-type grande dame role if she's running for her life from Cersei and/or the AOTD, which the Seville spoilers seem to suggest she is. I don't think that Tyrion was wrong about everything, either, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dany came to that conclusion. Tyrion's main selling point to Dany in S6 according to the writers was not his political expertise but his loyalty, and Dany spent S7 accusing Tyrion of disloyalty, so the news that Cersei has reneged on a deal negotiated in a private meeting with Tyrion will be a huge strike against him in Dany's eyes. She will naturally wonder if this was some sort of plan Cersei and Tyrion cooked up together. From the (admittedly limited) filming information we have, it seems like Arya and Davos, not Sansa and Tyrion, are Jon's right hands in KL...which, frankly, is entirely sensible, given Arya and Davos' rock-solid loyalty to Jon. Sure, but the only negotiation that we know of in S8 that's possible is between Team Jon/Dany and Cersei (i.e. the Dubrovnik scenes), and Tyrion already struck out when it came to Cersei reaching and honouring an agreement last season, so it makes sense that Jon and Dany wouldn't give him another opportunity to fuck up. ...That's assuming of course that Tyrion and Sansa haven't already been kidnapped by Cersei's goons by the time Jon negotiates with her in person in 8x04.
  14. 1. Yes, apparently the only doubles were for Jon, Grey Worm, Sansa, Tyrion, Brienne and Robin. (The Jon/Grey Worm stuff seems to be from a separate scene and supposedly did involve a legit stunt or stunts.) The doubles were hanging out together in Seville so that’s how we know. 2. They were stand-ins, although my understanding is that stand-ins can be used in dangerous scenes to avoid injury to the actors. There were stand-ins for Tyrion, Hizdahr, Missandei, and Dany for the Daznak Pit stuff, but only Hizdahr suffered any injury in that scene.
  15. The problem with that is twofold. First, Winterfell is heavily damaged and burned in the third episode, with the principal players thereafter converging on KL before it’s attacked by WWs, so Sansa can’t have a Blackwater role. She’s pretty much along for the ride at that point. Second, the politics portion of the GOT program seems to be concluded, with everyone in survival mode, so Tyrion can’t have much of a political role. (Not to mention that the news that Cersei has reneged on her deal is going to destroy whatever shred of credibility Tyrion still has as a political advisor.) If they have no fighting in their scene(s), though, why do they have doubles and Maisie, John, Isaac, etc. don’t?