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  1. You’re welcome. Simon and Garfunkel did a version of it in 1970, which brought it to national attention. I’m not sure if their lyrics are a translation of the original song. I enjoy Andean flute’s so relaxing yet has a primal element to it. I got turned on to it seeing a performance in the French Quarter and Fusion Andina performed at the San Antonio Riverwalk in the early 2000s. They used to sell their CDs for $10.
  2. Dereck is a scruffy looking nerfherder! Howie is way too cool, and understands science, and works.
  3. I find this couple tiresome. Between The Coven, her Fred Flinstone father, the affected pronunciation of Andrrrrrei, dom/sub speculation, Andrei the Brute, strippers, rules, penis tiaras, clubs...I’m so done. Lippy, Andrrrei, and her awful family need to just get off my lawn! Oh, and I forgot to add badly applied lipstick!
  4. El Condor Pasa
  5. There are plenty of good reasons not to get out of your car around El Yunque, particularly after dark, just basically common sense and safety reasons, mostly. The road is very narrow and twisty in broad daylight. My in laws have said there are plenty of urban legends about UFOs and alien abductions going on, and there have been stories about The Men in Black going back decades. The SETI institute has a radio telescope in Arecibo, which I’m sure feeds a lot of these rumors and legends, too. Never heard of it being a Santeria hangout, but that wouldn’t surprise me, as the vegetation is very thick and could hide a multitude of clandestine activities.
  6. You could be right. I think you probably remember the fine details better than anyone on this board. I’m really starting to suck at that.
  7. Regardless of his aspirations, political affiliation, religious beliefs, etc, anyone who does what that man did, denied it, shamed other women who spoke out, is a loser, and I would denounce him. I find it disturbing just how many women defended him. It boggles the mind. How many women and girls in Alabama and other states will now be afraid to come forth when they see their own parents and grandparents and teachers and pastors supporting such a disgusting piece of offal? As someone who is always putting her Christian faith and principles out there and seeing herself as having some moral high ground, Cathy just lost a lot of people on this board who didn’t necessarily share her beliefs, but they did defend her many times.
  8. If you thought that was gross, there was a vile character in Season 3 of Poldark who was really into feet with an enthusiasm Gothard was afraid to match, and he was a vicar! I could only think of how creepy Gothard made foot fetish behavior. I’ve never done the spoiler thing so I hope I did it right. And, some of you might be eating...
  9. What could possibly be more embarrassing than Danny Bonaduce?
  10. Dead!
  11. Annie’s Song hasn’t stopped playing in my head! He had such a pure voice and such a pure spirit.
  12. The loss of a wanted and loved child is ALWAYS very sad and heartbreaking. I would never presume that the sense of loss for the Duggar Family was any less so. I, too, took it to be a memorial photo of her tiny hand, and figured they were grieving in their own way. I cut them a lot of slack over that. They even pimped Josie out for their political purposes, so I didnt put it past them using Jubilee to force their agenda to take away women’s reproductive voice to decide for themselves based upon their own health, conscience, and religious beliefs. Michelle totally lost her mind with grief over Jubilee and I had Kleenex out for the funeral. To be fair, it was Dreck who dragged Jubilee into his anti abortion screeds and rants, more so than the Duggars themselves IIRC.
  13. This looney or this one...picture Derick’s head on any of them.
  14. One tablespoon of chicken salad is equal to two chicken drumsticks worth of meat!!!!