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  1. Well, it sounds a lot better than “when Ben comes home from cleaning the toilets at my dad’s property”.
  2. There’s plenty of storylines in the books that could possibly have been used. Considering we only get 8 or 9 episodes, why have 4 or 5 of them about Dwight being imprisoned? Cant we have more Horace the Pug?
  3. Like I tell Mr Evenstar, “I only watch because it’s so bad, it’s good.” After all, a girl’s gotta have her guilty pleasures.
  4. Corny is a lot like Patrick with respect to a little of her going a long way.
  5. That visual before my morning coffee was disturbing. Deeply, deeply disturbing.
  6. Scoop on David and Evelyn
  7. You do make a good point about her being burned out due to being a JSlave. There’s plenty of days that I’ve got no fucks to give, but I definitely draw the line on fecal matter.
  8. My beautiful black Persian mix cat can feign swallowing a pill and then I hear it ricochet off the!
  9. Oh, what fun, our favorite bingo game just came out!
  10. Just in case anyone wanted to be reminded of glowing balls
  11. This is the first thing we saw of Corny. If this is the limit of life experiences for her, it’s not hard to see why she’s unable to read a room.
  12. The Slovenly Seewalds...warning...if you’ve not had your dinner yet..don’t watch
  13. Oh, I wish Kim and Aggie would visit the TTH and Jill and Derick and Benessa. Can you see the look on everyone’s face when Kim tells the married men that they are idle, filthy beggars and that they get no bedroom pleasures until they help their wives clean?