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  1. S01.E02: Red Flags and Parades

    Who is this Vicky that a lot of you are talking about? What is her relationship to Debra?
  2. S01.E01: Approachable Dreams

    Ok, thanks. I remember the agony scene but thought it had been in the previews for next week, but I guess not.
  3. S01.E01: Approachable Dreams

    Agreed, though maybe some spoilers have been hidden since this ep aired. There was one comment that confused me though - about John asking the surgery patient to rate the level of her pain. Was that in the show or somewhere else? I don't remember it, but I don't discount the idea that my mind wandered.
  4. S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    I was glad to learn more about Miguel; I'd rather dig into his life (since he ends up being Rebecca's husband) than see any more of William being forced into the storyline. I don't think that "her" can be Tess's partner. If she had a partner who was gravely ill, or had dementia, or whatever, one would think Tess would be involved in her life and possibly her care (or at least making decisions about it). It doesn't seem like a situation in which Tess would abandon her until she was "ready".
  5. I've only seen the one in which the husband uses the Peleton every times his wife leaves the house (pre-Christmas). What's with the Peloton hate here? Does it not do what it's supposed to do, poorly made, what? I have a friend who has one and she loves it.
  6. S03.E06: Kamsahamnida

    My gosh, this ep was terrible for the speechifying. What I have learned from this thread is that no one ever, ever takes their eyes off their dog for even one second, and if they do, they should definitely not have kids. One wonders how anyone on earth ever raised children to adulthood, or had a family dog(s) that didn't die prematurely, if this is the expectation.
  7. S03.E05: Toby

    Why is there so much hate for Miguel?
  8. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Can we be friends? Because I was making the same list!! Wow. It's not conceiveable to you that people of any age give a damn about issues more important than 40 minutes of a fictional TV show?
  9. Normally I really like the USAA commercials, but this one bothers me too. In addition to what you said, I really think I've seen Mrs. Baker in other commercials. I thought these were real families and really USAA customers!
  10. Season 15 Discussion

    This is why I'm no longer a Voice watcher, which I thought would never happen. I took Hudson's first season off, because I just couldn't with her. Came back last season, and found that I was fast forwarding through more than I was watching. So, I'm done....but not so done that I don't check the forums once in awhile!
  11. S02.E01: Number 18

    Thank you! I watched episode 1 last night and had a hard time concentrating on it because I was fruitlessly trying to figure out who Zellner reminded me of. Now I can rest.
  12. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    I am so glad you said this. Shoehorning him into meaningless scenes because they want to keep giving the actor work (apparently) is stupid. A Very Wise Saintly Person coming back from the dead in order to be, well, wise, doesn't add to the story for me.
  13. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    The line delivery of "I'm a heroin addict", and the line itself, will never be not funny. It's the first time in the entire run of the show that I've liked Toby.
  14. S04.E10: Winner

    I finally caught up with this episode, and have to be *that guy* who agrees with all of the above. I'm not one that sits around and compares screen minutes, but I do have the impression that more time was spent on Werner, Mike, Gus, and Lalo, on a show called Better Call Saul, than on, well, Saul, not to mention that good portion of Jimmy's story wasn't even current, but a flashback. I think someone said this a couple weeks ago-I wish I were as interested in the drug stuff as the show wants me to be. Regarding the other quotes above, are we supposed to know Lalo? Is he from BB? I read through the comments and a lot of people seem to know a lot about him - who he is, what he's going, who he's working for, what his end game is. To me, he's a guy we saw cooking breakfast and telling a long winded story about the stupid bell, and all of a sudden he's a key player when it comes to Mike. Am I forgetting a previous BCS or BB story arc?
  15. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Add me to the apparently tiny group of viewers who never gave the bell a second thought. If I had ever thought about the bell, I would have assumed it had been given to Hector by an occupational or speech therapist. It's not exactly outside the box thinking, and certainly not deserving of a boring soliloquy by a character we've never met and are all of a sudden supposed to care deeply about. In the early season(s) of BCS, when it was about Jimmy, his path crossed organically with Mike and Gus on occasion, but now the show seems to have completely dumped any crossover ideas, and are giving us two separate story lines that have nothing to do with each other. Frustratingly we get Kim saying "Let's do it again", and the very next scene is a perfectly planned, perfectly executed con - we never see as much as a montage of them planning it, discussing it, rehearsing it, and maybe enjoying each other's company as they do it. But we do get to see, to name a few, Nacho rehearsing the pill bottle caper numerous times, a big shoot out at the crummy hotel, guy after guy walking into a diner explaining why they are short on the drug money this week, the Tale of Gus and Hector (with more soliloquy), and on and on. Seems to be the showrunners have tired of Jimmy and Kim, and wish they were telling a different prequel. I really hope they find a way to leave some of that behind next season, but I don't have high hopes.