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  1. There was a restaurant in my city named "Fuzzy's Taco Shop". Terrible name. All I could think about was "fuzz" (ie. mold) on the tacos, and I never walked in there once.
  2. I guess I have been proven wrong about spontaneous dancing in real life!! I don't know the right people.....
  3. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    How are we defining "odd"? I'm genuinely curious! To me an odd show would be something like The Addams Family, or American Horror Story, or Twin Peaks. A story about a family in Indiana doesn't seem odd to me at all!
  4. On TV (mostly commercials, actually) people dance when something good happens all the time. They dance when they get their degree from a for-profit university, they dance when they get a mortgage, they dance when they move into their new house, they dance when their team scores, they dance when their kid eats a Hot Pocket (ok I made up that last one, but I wouldn't be surprised). I have never seen people in real life dance as much, or at all, as people on TV.
  5. Are you guys serious that this is a mom and a kid? I thought it was husband and wife!
  6. S.14.E26: Live Finale, Part 2

    My interest very much waned throughout this season, and I realized I was only there for Kelly, who I found to be delightful. But I just cannot with Jennifer Hudson (lasted one whole blinds episode last season) and even Kelly is not enough reward for putting up with JHud. Too bad.
  7. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    No luck yet.
  8. But here's the thing. A self-driving car will never check its phone, take photos or videos, drop something on the floor and grope around trying to find it, play with the radio station buttons, eat a taco, or turn around and yell at the kids while driving. People will do all these things.
  9. Or the new word is observed by a cop, and in flash, just from reading that word, he knows whodunit and how.
  10. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    But it does fit real life, imo. Not everyone has a smooth path to marriage, even if they love each other. Crap happens, couples go through a tough time, then realize they want to be together....etc. Was it really April though? Or did the writers conveniently forget that they threw that in?? I wouldn't have expected an update on either one, either. I might be a big weirdo but I didn't keep in contact with my high school boyfriend throughout college, and life, and I didn't invite him to my wedding. We've also seen nothing to indicate that Axl kept in contact with him either, and it's been several years since Axl and Darren have been out of high school. Having him pop up out of nowhere would have seemed odd to me. Ditto. I have to admit that I've sort of hated how Sue continues to dress in "quirky" clothes that are too young for her, but I LOVED that red top she wore on the trip to Denver. Gotta find that somewhere!
  11. S09.E21: The Royal Flush

    Ditto. I think I'm going to check out from the forums for final eps, because the hate is too much for me, personally. I thought it was a good episode, but then I don't care if Sue and Sean ever get together so the fact that that didn't come up didn't annoy me. I felt bad for Frankie at the end - she was SO happy, and she was going to be SO sad really soon. (And I don't think she was going to be sad because she secretly wants to date Axl......)
  12. S14.E23: Live Semifinal Performances

    I didn't state my point well enough. Because Jackie said "I knew I was singing that wrong", it sounded to me like they don't have actual sheet music for the song - because if she had the music, and was reading it, she would know the correct way to sing it. So it seems to me that they're given the lyrics, and then just go by their memory of the tune, which seems kind of ridiculous to me for people who want to make their living singing.
  13. S06.E08: The Summit

    Ah, got it, thanks. I didn't pay close enough attention to which movie we were talking about!
  14. S06.E08: The Summit

    McElraith not existing doesn't make sense to me either. Wouldn't a bright guy like Jackson have researched the company, even a little bit...like finding its address even? I get that the job never existed, obviously, but it seems like Elizabeth would have chosen an existing business in case Jackson decided to look into it. The above is related to the movie being North by Northwest - so, North by Northwest translated from Russian becomes "The Garage"? Because that was the title of the movie on the screen when Phillip started it in the VCR.
  15. I AM going to have nightmares. This is worse than Meg Ryan, who was my previous winner of Worst Plastic Surgery Ever. These people have more money than the rest of us can ever dream of; why o why can't they afford a better plastic surgeon?