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  1. I'm so glad that Kevin won. When it came down to the wire, he did exactly what he needed to do, he made the smartest decisions for his game, and it paid off big time. Well done! And I must admit: Watching his emotional reaction when Arisa read out the votes was really endearing. *sigh* I'm going to miss this show. U.S. Big Brother just doesn't compare. (Don't get me wrong; I'll still watch it. But it definitely suffers by airing so soon after the Canadian version.)
  2. And one more thing: Why does Karen insist on calling him Kevin Martin? It's off-putting.
  3. What was Kevin thinking? He should have left his nominees alone and broken up the power couple. Barring that, the better move would have been to put Karen up on the block instead of Dillon. Dillon definitely would have voted to evict Demetres over her. I heart Kevin, but I think he just screwed himself. At this point, his only shot is to win the next POV and the final HOH. Otherwise, he's on his way to the jury house.
  4. I love Kent. Partially because I also have a (not at all annoying) habit of correcting people, but mostly because I find Gary Cole incredibly foxy.
  5. There are only a handful of people whom Sherlock genuinely cares about, so to see him demonstrate the high esteem he holds Bell in was lovely. That last scene was really terrific.
  6. It really was. Watching Neda get evicted so quickly -- with next to no time to campaign -- was very satisfying. And I honestly thought we were going to see Sindy stress-barf on live television. Assuming she wasn't faking, that is. Me, too.
  7. There was that episode in the first season where Walter and Paige had to pretend to be a couple at some big soirée and they danced together then. He certainly seemed to enjoy it, in his own uniquely Walter way.
  8. I absolutely loved Gary's comment about not knowing who the villain is until you watch the show on tv.
  9. The scene with David and Patrick in the car was just so lovely. And Alexis's face when she saw her mother up on stage... Happy tears from me. Well done, show.
  10. Winston Saint-Marie Schmidt, I heart you. I must admit, I didn't see that particular first name coming. But I loved how Nick and Winston (a.k.a. The Bish) both said that trying the two Winston thing had nearly destroyed them. Nick's whole break-up plan was so typically Nick. I did laugh when he jumped off the train, though. And then told the roommates that Reagan would come back and that there'd be a "reckoning." That's who that was! Thanks, HollyG. I was going to look up who played Priscilla, Too lazy. She really did hump her way in there, didn't she? The character, I mean. Not Donna Pescow. (I'm assuming.) (And now I have the theme from Angie stuck in my head. "Let the time flow, let the love grow...")
  11. So much for Zoosday. For season 3, Zoo is moving to Thursday at 10/9 central and premieres on June 29th.
  12. I can't believe there are only three episodes left. This season just flew by.
  13. "Mitchell Pritchett, Parenting Magazine." That might have been my favourite line of the episode. Probably because it was so unexpected.
  14. MoreCoffeePlease, that dress really was cute! The costume designer for JtV tweeted that it's an Eliza J dress.