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  1. Both Billy Burke and the character of Mitch are big fans of Soundgarden/Chris Cornell. In fact, this was actually the fourth reference to them in the show's history. This episode would have been filmed shortly after Chris's death and I'm guessing that suggesting his name for the baby was done as a tribute to him.
  2. I just went and rewatched that scene -- no flashback. Just Jackson describing what happened to Tessa. And no mention of the race of the mother.
  3. As far as I know (and I watch each episode multiple times*), we've never seen a flashback to the accident. Abigail was describing the scene quite vividly to Jackson when she held him captive, so maybe that's what you're thinking of. But we've never seen what the baby's mother looks like. I believe Jackson was 30ish for the first two seasons, which would make him about 40 now. The accident happened when he was 19, so Sam being his son works, math-wise. *Hi, my name is Pamela and I'm a Zooholic. AMA.
  4. I have no idea how Abigail grew up, but Jackson moved to Africa with his mother when he was 12 or so.
  5. Sam and Paul definitely ran the most consistent race throughout and of the three teams in the final, I was pulling for them the hardest. But I didn't know how hard until the last couple of minutes; I was so nervous the Giv'er Boys were going to pass them that I almost fast-forwarded to the end just so I could find out who won already. And then they were so excited they almost hugged Jon right off the platform. Loved the fake out on the roof and Sam and Kenneth's silent ride down in the elevator (except for the Muzak playing). That was a great touch.
  6. In some alternate universe where the cast on a show like Zoo were ever recognized for acting awards, this episode should be the one Billy Burke submits to the Emmy voters. He was brilliant. His performance in both of the big scenes he and Kristen Connolly had together absolutely killed me. And his reaction to Max's death...god. He's just so good. Also, someone in the music department must really love Oasis. In season 1, they used "Don't Look Back in Anger" and in this episode, we got Ryan Adams's cover of "Wonderwall."
  7. This show is so fucking awesome. I couldn't love it more.
  8. In your defence, the bar for "unusual" on Zoo is set pretty high. I very much enjoyed this episode, but I'm of two minds on the whole Mr. Duncan situation. On the one hand, it will surely give the talented Billy Burke some really dramatic stuff to work with, and that'll be a genuine treat to watch. But on the other hand...hasn't Mitch suffered enough already? My love for the character makes me feel protective toward him and the thought of what he's about to go through is hurting my heart. Other thoughts: - The way Clementine pretty much instantly forgave Dariela was really generous of her. I like the way her character is being developed. - For a while, I almost felt sorry for Abigail. It's hard realizing your sibling is the favoured child. (Believe me, I know.) That Robert Oz was a real piece of work. Jamie: Let's see who killed Leanne. Logan: If it turns out to be you, I'm going to be very disappointed. Good one, Logan.
  9. That was great. She didn't even seem surprised. Though why would she be, really? Mitch's method of warming up Leanne's finger was actually fairly typical behaviour for him. It's certainly not the first unsavoury thing he's put in his mouth over the run of the series; he tasted a makeshift anesthetic concoction near the end of season 1 (his rationale was "it's for science") and in season 2, he swallowed some snake poison in order to prove it wasn't harmful to humans. So...par for the course. But the wink at Logan as he did it...that was perfection. Billy Burke is an absolute treasure.
  10. Man, some of those botched dives looked painful. When Ivana was standing on the platform and complaining about her sore back, I got sympathy pains. My back was out a while ago and the hunched way she was holding herself really made me feel for her.
  11. Excellent choice by TVLine. Well deserved.
  12. So I know I said that I loved last week's episode, but I really loved this week's episode. I could pretend that it was because of the super-fun opening sequence (the attacking hybrids, Mitch's hilariously concise recap to Jackson about where he's been for the last ten years, Jackson's droll response) or that it was due to Abe and Dariela's joyful reactions to seeing Mitch again (more hugging! I'm such a sucker for hugging on this show) or the surprisingly enjoyable interactions between Mitch and Logan at Reiden headquarters: Logan: (shoots at the case holding the hybrid beacon to try to disarm it) Mitch: (after ducking for cover) ARE YOU CRAZY? Logan: It was worth a shot. Mitch: Was it? But the real reason I loved this episode so much was because of Mitch and Jamie. I am, shall we say, invested in their relationship as a couple, and I've been waiting a long, long time for them to finally get it together and...get together. And they did. Finally. Oh, sure, Jamie ended up under arrest by the end of the hour, but I have faith that those two will eventually manage to be happy together. Maybe even for several episodes in a row. It's a small dream, but it's all mine.
  13. I loved this episode. Best one of the season so far. Mitch being his wonderfully-curmudgeonly self again, Jamie's awesome badassery, the father/daughter bonding, the wacky science, the freaky-ass hybrids, Jackson's happiness at seeing Mitch again (and that hug!)... This show is my everything. Honestly, Logan being the father of Clementine's baby never even occurred to me. Ew. I mean, he helped raise her. That's I can't see the show going there. (Please, Zoo, don't go there.)
  14. Goodness, such a shouty episode. Again. Have they always been this loud, or have I turned into a crabby senior all of a sudden?
  15. Kent saying "Boom goes the dynamite" was just a delight. Indeed.