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  1. S04.E13: Chapter Seventy-Seven

    Seeing Rogelio in tears pretty much wrecked me.
  2. S04.E07: The Barbecue

    David and Patrick are my current favourite tv couple. Hopefully, this is just a small bump in the road. (And David asking Patrick to bring him "a smattering of everything" is so perfectly David.)
  3. S02.E16: Field Day

    That was my favourite part of the episode. "Hello, Colombian kidnappers?"
  4. Favorite Character?

    For me, it's Mitchell. I feel like Jesse Tyler Ferguson is criminally underrated on this show. I also have a huge soft spot for the original Lily. Her serious wee face killed me.
  5. S01.E07: Homecoming

    I absolutely loved this series. And I am not generally a Western fan. But the performances (Merritt Wever, especially), the writing, and that heartbreakingly gorgeous cinematography all hit me just right. The rapid elimination of the Buffalo Soldiers was a surprise; an alliance between them and the women of La Belle would have been unstoppable, I felt, but the ladies did just fine on their own. (Although at one point, I did say aloud "Where the hell are Roy and Bill? Just get there already.") I swear, I barely breathed during that entire shootout. And all those beautiful horses! It gave me such a yen to go horseback riding, and I haven't done that in forever.
  6. S04.E03: Abestos Fest

    "God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay-may-maaay-may-may!" I love this show so much.
  7. I believe they were specifically "children's dance recitals" and "holiday weekend at IKEA".
  8. S09.E10: The Wedding

    The closed captioning confirmed you did.
  9. "Soul food from Maine, bagels from Arkansas, and of course, Hawaiian pizza." That got a huge laugh from me because a few co-workers and I spent part of today's lunch hour debating the merits (and horrors) of Hawaiian pizza. For the record, it was two in favour and two VEHEMENTLY against. (I was one of the latter. Fruit on pizza definitely belongs on the menu in the Bad Place.)
  10. S09.E13: In Your Head

    I'm only familiar with Chris Geere from watching You're The Worst, so I really enjoyed seeing him in such a different role. He was awfully appealing in this, so I hope he sticks around for a while. Loved Manny saying that the mystery girl's name was "something Latin-y" and Gloria's appalled response: "YOU used to be something Latin-y!"
  11. Crocodile tears, maybe?
  12. S05.E06: Fun & Games

    I'm with Mack -- a future with no tacos is a future I want no part of.
  13. The Extra Hot Great Besties

    Yes! I just did a rewatch of Bent a few months ago and I got sad about it all over again. It was SO GOOD. NBC, you blew that one big time.
  14. S35.E16: Reunion Special

    With blatant producer manipulation like we saw tonight, it felt more like watching Big Brother than Survivor. (And don't get me wrong -- I love Big Brother. But y'all know what I'm talking about.) I'm not particularly fond of Chrissy, but she got screwed. A lousy end to a meh season.
  15. Regardless of my feelings on this season in general (mostly "Meh" with a too-infrequent sprinkling of "Yes, that's the show I love"), Chris Geere is absolutely killing it this year. He's making Jimmy's sadness and quiet desperation increasingly obvious each week. In a really talented cast, he's the standout.