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  1. I teared up at the wedding, just a little. And then again at the end. This was a terrific show and I'm going to miss it.
  2. Scorpion in the Media

    And this time, they really mean it. Probably.
  3. Scorpion in the Media

    I saw a couple of reports that Scorpion had been cancelled, but now those stories seem to have disappeared. Hmmmm.
  4. Big Brother Canada Season 6

    That may have been the shoutiest jury questioning yet. Someone really needed to remind Paras and Kaela that they were mic'd up and didn't need to yell. And colour me surprised that Paras ended up taking it. I thought the vote would be closer and Kaela would win. Not unpleasantly surprised, but still.
  5. S05.E10: Rudy Giuliani

    My favourite was "Knock It Off, Pamela." For obvious reasons.
  6. S07.E03: Lillypads

    Agreed. That girl is a peach.
  7. S07.E02: Tuesday Meeting

    The bit with Schmidt reading Nick's (bizarrely short) list of words that rhyme with moon killed me. Max Greenfield's one-of-a-kind line deliveries are a treasure.
  8. Talking Schitt: The Quote Thread

    I love this thread so much. Thanks for keeping it going, ElectricBoogaloo.
  9. S04.E12: Singles Week

    David being able to tell Patrick that he loved him was unsurprisingly wonderful, but when Patrick mentioned the tea (and David's "Fuuuck" response)...goodness. My neighbours probably heard me laughing. Alexis and Ted finally being on the same page was pretty much perfect, too. This show really does season finales well.
  10. S04.E13: Chapter Seventy-Seven

    Seeing Rogelio in tears pretty much wrecked me.
  11. S04.E07: The Barbecue

    David and Patrick are my current favourite tv couple. Hopefully, this is just a small bump in the road. (And David asking Patrick to bring him "a smattering of everything" is so perfectly David.)
  12. S02.E16: Field Day

    That was my favourite part of the episode. "Hello, Colombian kidnappers?"
  13. Favorite Character?

    For me, it's Mitchell. I feel like Jesse Tyler Ferguson is criminally underrated on this show. I also have a huge soft spot for the original Lily. Her serious wee face killed me.
  14. S01.E07: Homecoming

    I absolutely loved this series. And I am not generally a Western fan. But the performances (Merritt Wever, especially), the writing, and that heartbreakingly gorgeous cinematography all hit me just right. The rapid elimination of the Buffalo Soldiers was a surprise; an alliance between them and the women of La Belle would have been unstoppable, I felt, but the ladies did just fine on their own. (Although at one point, I did say aloud "Where the hell are Roy and Bill? Just get there already.") I swear, I barely breathed during that entire shootout. And all those beautiful horses! It gave me such a yen to go horseback riding, and I haven't done that in forever.
  15. S04.E03: Abestos Fest

    "God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay-may-maaay-may-may!" I love this show so much.