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  1. So much for Zoosday. For season 3, Zoo is moving to Thursday at 10/9 central and premieres on June 29th.
  2. I can't believe there are only three episodes left. This season just flew by.
  3. "Mitchell Pritchett, Parenting Magazine." That might have been my favourite line of the episode. Probably because it was so unexpected.
  4. MoreCoffeePlease, that dress really was cute! The costume designer for JtV tweeted that it's an Eliza J dress.
  6. Getting to hear Schmidt's pronunciation of "ca-caine" again was the best. I swear, Max Greenfield's quirky-ass line deliveries are consistently my favourite thing about this show.
  7. AnnaRose, I thought it might be the same guy, too. I've already deleted those episodes, or else I'd go back and check. Anyone?
  8. Those are also my top two, but reversed. Party of Six is aMAHzing, but Cocktails & Dreams is just so endlessly quotable. I use "Bitch, it is 5:30!" way too often, and I'm also extremely partial to Max's "Well, my life is in shambles."
  9. Am I the only one who's always wondered exactly what type of Christmas candy Monica makes? I mean, is it a chocolate thing or a caramel thing or...what? (If it's specified somewhere in the episode and I've forgotten, please forgive me.)
  10. This might be the holiday season talking, but I loved this episode. - It had plenty of irritated/indignant Schmidt (which is my very favourite kind of Schmidt); the scene in the store where he tried to convince Winston to buy Cece a blanket instead of a bean bag chair (including the flashback to the Pictionary game that inspired the idea) and the way Winston said "no" when the blanket was first suggested...just delightful. - Jess screaming "Son of a whore!" when the Christmas tree stopped working. (I may have had a similar moment myself recently.) - Nick referring to "TV Town Song Room" and Schmidt's reaction (“Do you mean Radio City Music Hall? How could you get so many things wrong in a row?”). - Darlene Love singing Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), which makes almost any situation better. - Plus, Furguson in antlers! Come on.
  11. Oh, it's real.
  12. First of all...hell, yeah, I would. And secondly, that last woman is the absolute best.
  13. For those of you who enjoy Billy Burke (and what sensible person doesn't?), he's appearing in Chicago P.D. this Wednesday, November 2nd. ———————————————————————————— And it turns out that episode got bumped because of the World Series. So...November 9th, probably? Best to check your local listings.
  14. Loved this episode, and the Caboodle bit was brilliant. I didn't have a Caboodle, though -- I had a Sassaby. Still have it, actually.
  15. Here's what I'm thinking for season 3: Mitch was saved by a Shepherd and it's the Shepherds who have been holding him captive and making him work for them all this time. Jamie was the one who raised Clementine, and either she's still doing investigative reporting (while also writing books) or she's been encouraging Clem to do the same. Jamie and/or Clem have sniffed out some very interesting (and highly secretive, I'm guessing) research being done in some faraway place and they realize that that research has Mitch Morgan written all over it. Assuming Mitch is being held against his will, he is certainly more than intelligent enough to seed his work with clues to let his friends and his daughter know that he is still alive. Jamie and/or Clem figure it out and Clem sets off to gather the team together to rescue Mitch. As for why Abe didn't recognize Clementine immediately...well, that was a little silly. I understand that for the purposes of a dramatic season finale, Clem revealing who she was to Abe would be the moment on which they wanted to end. (The revelation that Mitch was still alive would have been a better choice to cap the scene, but they never asked me, so...) So let's just hand-wave it away by saying that Abe and Dariela lost touch with Jamie a few years prior and that's why that happened. Zoo writers, please feel free to use this. And if this is, indeed, what ends up happening, I will be doing my "I told you so" dance. Just so y'all know.