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  1. Regardless of my feelings on this season in general (mostly "Meh" with a too-infrequent sprinkling of "Yes, that's the show I love"), Chris Geere is absolutely killing it this year. He's making Jimmy's sadness and quiet desperation increasingly obvious each week. In a really talented cast, he's the standout.
  2. I liked it, too. At first, I thought the whole "No" business was going on for way too long until I realized that Sam was admonishing herself as much as she was Jeff. And her relief after he broke the spell with his dick remark...that was perfect. Sometimes you really just need to be saved from yourself.
  3. It so was. As a somewhat (and by "somewhat", I mean "extremely") competitive board game player myself, I enjoyed how seriously the whole family took it. And man, did it make me want to play Monopoly. It's been forever.
  4. Loved this episode. It was just so fun. I always enjoy when Richard Elia makes an appearance. And the bar exam guy who ended up helping Sylvester was a hoot. "That's either the truth or the coolest lie I've ever heard." Plus the way he said "No, it's not 'same seatsies'" amused me.
  5. Nope, me neither. This really sucks. I'm not surprised, but I am massively disappointed.
  6. At this point, I just want Gretchen and Jimmy to figure it out already. But while we're still dealing with Boone, I have to say that I am really enjoying Colin Ferguson. His performance has this slightly off-kilter quality that tickles me.
  7. This episode was hilarious. Of course, I mean sad.
  8. "Bees! Bees! Bees! Bees!" (And did I hear Michael mention bees with teeth? Yikes.)
  9. Favourite moment: After everyone was called away to defend the generator, leaving Mitch alone to watch over Jackson trying to deactivate the beacon, Jamie came back in with this: "The last time I left you alone in a hybrid attack, I didn't see you for ten years. Not happening again." I might have cried. A lot. I love Mitch and Jamie so much. I hated seeing the team fighting at the end, not to mention pulling guns on each other; that was upsetting, to say the least. And Logan's death hit me harder than I would have expected. But it's been a dark season, what with the whole Mitch/Mr. Duncan storyline, Jamie and Jackson's estrangement, Abigail and her supervillainosity... One thing about Zoo that I've always enjoyed is how they switch up the premise from season to season, so that kind of cliffhanger wasn't a surprise. And if they do get a fourth season, I'm sure it'll be every bit as batshit crazy -- and as incredibly fun to watch -- as all the others have been, and I'm definitely here for that.
  10. Both Billy Burke and the character of Mitch are big fans of Soundgarden/Chris Cornell. In fact, this was actually the fourth reference to them in the show's history. This episode would have been filmed shortly after Chris's death and I'm guessing that suggesting his name for the baby was done as a tribute to him.
  11. I just went and rewatched that scene -- no flashback. Just Jackson describing what happened to Tessa. And no mention of the race of the mother.
  12. As far as I know (and I watch each episode multiple times*), we've never seen a flashback to the accident. Abigail was describing the scene quite vividly to Jackson when she held him captive, so maybe that's what you're thinking of. But we've never seen what the baby's mother looks like. I believe Jackson was 30ish for the first two seasons, which would make him about 40 now. The accident happened when he was 19, so Sam being his son works, math-wise. *Hi, my name is Pamela and I'm a Zooholic. AMA.
  13. I have no idea how Abigail grew up, but Jackson moved to Africa with his mother when he was 12 or so.
  14. Sam and Paul definitely ran the most consistent race throughout and of the three teams in the final, I was pulling for them the hardest. But I didn't know how hard until the last couple of minutes; I was so nervous the Giv'er Boys were going to pass them that I almost fast-forwarded to the end just so I could find out who won already. And then they were so excited they almost hugged Jon right off the platform. Loved the fake out on the roof and Sam and Kenneth's silent ride down in the elevator (except for the Muzak playing). That was a great touch.
  15. In some alternate universe where the cast on a show like Zoo were ever recognized for acting awards, this episode should be the one Billy Burke submits to the Emmy voters. He was brilliant. His performance in both of the big scenes he and Kristen Connolly had together absolutely killed me. And his reaction to Max's death...god. He's just so good. Also, someone in the music department must really love Oasis. In season 1, they used "Don't Look Back in Anger" and in this episode, we got Ryan Adams's cover of "Wonderwall."