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  1. I've never really thought of it like that, but you're absolutely right. So I have this theory that I came up with in college, that when someone comes out as LGBT, it's like they go through a mini-adolescence again; not physically, but emotionally, because they are reliving all those milestones they didn't get when they were actually kids. So my friends and I joked that we were kind of like awkward middle schoolers at first with dating and such, because we were 19 and it was the first time we were dating and really CARED about who we were dating. But I've seen people go through it at any age. And I think Jill may be struggling with it now. Plus being in Danger America probably stunted this for her further.
  2. Calling it cornhole is a midwest thing, I think. I had never heard it called that until I was in Ohio for a wedding, and when someone said they wanted to play cornhole, the first words out of my mouth were "Isn't that illegal in this state?"
  3. I thought this was a great episode, and the line about the ensign peeing himself and putting it in the official report had me cracking up.
  4. I agree 100%. Jessa and Ben would at worst be vaguely rude by not acknowledging someone-more likely they would interact in the least necessary way possible, and then get back to the car/house and immediately pray for that person. Derrick...I seriously worry that he would embark on a crazy harassment campaign, like calling the police on someone trans for being at a playground.
  5. Jeremy could probably parlay his soccer career into teaching religion and coaching soccer for a private fundie-esque school somewhere, either HS or college level. It wouldn't shock me in the least if that's where he ends up, especially if it's college level and he can be "Professor Vuolo" or something similar.
  6. I was just saying that Bob's dislike of horror movies worked against him-if he'd seen any horror movies, he would know better than to stop and wave!
  7. Oddly enough ebook sales have dropped because Millenials prefer hard copies. Some of it is the instagram phenomenon (gotta brag about your shelves of books, yo!) and some of it is that people are just backlashing from doing everything on their phones.
  8. It's highly likely the PortaPotty would have been better than the customer restrooms. Customers can be gross.
  9. Depends on the grocery store. The ones that do are usually pretty quick about it (the Wegmans by me is very fast-they ring, bag, ring, bag, ring, bag and by the time I've figured out where my card is to pay they're all set)
  10. Yup, plus kids grow in weird proportions. My kid can't wear 4T pants anymore because he's way too long, but 5T pants can run too big in the waist, even with adjustments. And he's definitely gone off to school with a too big or slightly too small shirt because THAT was the shirt he agreed to wear, and it wasn't worth fighting over it. Could be that Spurge is too small for the next size up shirt, but is slightly outgrowing the current size, so they're going with what's more comfortable for him until he fully grows into the next size.
  11. It depends, I can tell you that at my own big gay wedding we were each walked down the aisle by our families.
  12. Most of the people I know who work in publishing and editing ended up in it fresh out of college. One college friend of mine was an english major, did some internships/summer jobs with publishers and got an entry level job post-college, where she met several other people around our age who all became part of our larger friend group (this is the same reason why I know a ton of lawyers and a fair number of neuroscientists...the post-college friend group kept absorbing everyone's coworkers). IIRC, only my friend is still working in publishing; from what I recall, one of the other editing people went on to law school, and another went into marketing. But basically, from what I remember, they were all basically hired as entry-level grunts doing basic textbook editing, and moved up from there. Then again, this was also 15ish years ago, and I believe the publishing world has shrunk somewhat since then.
  13. I think it depends on how much experience is required to be an editorial assistant. I have several friends who currently or formerly worked in the publishing world, and all of them started at entry level positions straight out of college with varying degrees. Some were english majors, but others were history and other majors...many of those jobs don't care about your background, they care about how well you can edit. Often, part of the job interview is to edit a portion of a manuscript, etc. Not saying that Jeremy will get the job, or that he's capable of it, but if it's an entry level editing job the prerequisites are probably low.
  14. Thanks! I knew Mark was a biggy but clearly forgot the details of the rest. I still think, given the choices the ADD guy had, that Barbara was a better bet.
  15. Historically, Barbara is the better bet to partner with. Forbes once did an analysis, and found that Barbara, Mark, and Lori are your best bets for a deal that will go through past the show itself. Robert is one of the worst for actually closing the deals. Also, I'd go with Barbara if those were my two choices as well, because Barbara as a parent has more experience than Robert as a guy who fidgets. And finally, I've met both Barbara and Mr Wonderful-I would do a deal in a heartbeat with Barbara Corcoran if I had a business.