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  1. You know she has them on Prime Pantry autoship. Probably has an Amazon dash button programmed to them too.
  2. I highly doubt she's worth 2 million. But I think Jeremy, even if he's not objectively smarter, is smart enough to have surrounded himself with smart advice-givers like his old agent, who no doubt would have been happy to pick up a small commission in exchange for a payout to Jeremy and Jinger and a renegotiation of their contract.
  3. Yes, Amazon sells them in uber-bulk.
  4. I do that with my kiddo when he first meets someone. He can drop it after that (and he often does, he's 4) but he will start out with calling someone "miss/mr so and so"
  5. That's not difficult to do if you time it right. I remember doing a panoramic for my freshman class picture in college, and I think the last line of people on one end sprinted to the other end to bookend the photo.
  6. We need to start a metal band ASAP and call it Christian Army of Death. Our first single can be "Tater Tot Casserole of DOOOOOM" There is not a single doubt in my mind that Jeremy used his agent to negotiate a better deal. I am also more and more convinced that Jeremy and Jinger legit fell for each other, and JB had to go along with it because Jinger would have said "see ya" and booked it with Jeremy in a heartbeat.
  7. I would guess a zombie vision alone isn't admissible BUT i could see it being used as grounds for a warrant-so if the vision leads to further investigation that proves the vision right, that's ok.
  8. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    I actually think the case of the week format gives us a new way to have insight into the whole New Seattle concept. Last week it was the hatred, marking, and brain shortages...this week it was the human trafficking. If they abandoned case of the week and we just learned there was human trafficking, I don't know that it would feel as tense as it did when it tied into the case; this kid wasn't just being trafficked, he was being trafficked as a result of a number of other tragedies, almost all of which were kicked off by the walling of Seattle. I could see the case of the week fading into the background as we get deeper, but for now it's like we are experiencing what the characters are experiencing-a desire to have normalcy that's being destroyed when the reality of New Seattle slaps them in the face. I am also looking forward to seeing more of Mama Leone...it should be interesting.
  9. It hit me last night that Derrick must either be a bigger asshole than we even suspected, or he's done something truly vile that pissed off TLC, because freaking Joshley gets back on TV, and Mama June has a show again (might be a different network but still). I can't imagine insulting Jazz alone was enough. Wonder what he did/TLC saw/some combo that drove them to fire him...
  10. Stuff like that is one of the reasons I think Jeremy legitimately did marry for love, not just to be on TeeVee. Otherwise he'd LOVE to be the center of a storyline involving the entire duggar clan coming and painting. But he seems to want to keep them at arms length. He likes the paycheck and the exposure but doesn't seem to want the rest of the family, just Jinger. And I'm willing to bet Jinger feels the same way, based on how much time she spends with his family.
  11. Damn that's a cute baby. Also, and I could be totally wrong here, but a 10lb plus baby, hospital bassinet, plus looking so, well, round-headed, I'm guessing c-section.
  12. It might have been that guy. The title was something about loving Jesus. Honestly, I was secure enough in who I was to be amused, rather than angry. But it was really inappropriate of her.
  13. I once worked with a woman who was convinced she could convince me to pray away the gay. She told me I had the devil in my soul, and I told her I was aware but as long as he paid rent we were cool. She was not amused. My last day at that job she gave me a book on jesus teaching me to become an ex-gay. It had the gayest man and the butchest woman holding hands, and...yea. I politely accepted it and threw it in the trash when I left. Derrick's Cross Church invite sounds like a higher pressure version of my conversations with that woman...she was always very nice to me, always happy to work with me, but never missed an opportunity to let me know I was going to hell if I didn't get rid of my satanic need to date women. I've often wondered why she targeted me and not our mutual coworker I was hooking up with, but I'm guessing it was because I was leaving at the end of the summer so she had limited time, plus I'm Jewish so I was a two-fer. If Derrick were willing to pay for me to come to Arkansas I'd happily show up to debate him on Sunday.
  14. To be fair, my kiddo managed to drown two iPhones in the span of 3 weeks. Kids are ninjas of destruction.
  15. Here's my fear on the reboot: the descriptions sound like someone took characters and plot points from a slew of fan fiction, tossed them in a hat, and then tried to match them up into a story...it doesn't sound enough like the original "Charmed" and it doesn't feel enough like its own entity. Does that make sense?