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  1. Air fryers are like something out of a Diagon Alley appliance store. They are truly magical.
  2. Get the Dole Whip. I don't care how much artificial stuff is in it, the damn thing is amazing. I lost the .00000584 grams of respect I had for Ricky when he didn't order it.
  3. Vinny really thinks he's a gift to women. What does he get out of being so condescending all the time without provocation to Angelina? This is what can happen when moms indulge their sons too much.
  4. I loved that Cudlduds TSV. I think all women look great in those. The clearance Cooks Essentials 5-tier Folding Storage Rack came yesterday - we set it up in the breakfast nook with the breadbox and K-cup storage baskets and love it so much we just ordered another one for the other side. I wouldn't have believed it would be this sturdy and sharp-looking.
  5. Darcey's daughters aren't that concerned about their own potential love lives. What they're really concerned about (like most 12 year old girls) is seeing their mom in an awesome relationship with a man in his sexual prime who can make her truly happy. I hate parent-judging, but it annoys me to no end that Darcey talks about herself in the third person to them, ex: "Mommy needs to focus on you girls." They are preteens; you can use first-person pronouns and they'll know who you're talking about. She also seems to talk a lot more about prioritizing her kids than actually prioritizing her kids. Anyone notice her sick smiles of satisfaction as Jesse got more and more riled up about the Who-Abused-Who argument, and when she knew his feelings would be hurt by the clip of her daughters calling him an acquaintance? He kept looking right at her accusing her of abuse, and she looked away every time she said something to him about his alleged abuse. 100% I believe she threw that shoe at his head, guys.
  6. I think it was the midseason finale.
  7. This parade float seems to have a lot of integrity.
  8. Here we go again... since the Bt90D Live Chat worked out as such a happy little happyplace. This thread will remain open all season, so you can use it during the episodes or afterwards. During the episodes, it'll get pretty nutty. Get ready. Live chat will unlock the day of the premiere, ahead of the episode. Some ground rules: 1) Don't touch the windows of my car. 2) Don't kiss me during Ramadan, even if we're getting married. 3) Don't be rude to other posters. 4) Don't be lazy. 5) No male strippers under any circumstances or I will make you stop talking to your best friend. 6) As with any episode threads, don't post any spoilers or social media information.
  9. She's a real Marty McFly, that one.
  10. Even better. "The history... of our future."
  11. TRUTH. Did you notice they had mango Dole Whips? I've never seen those outside of Walt Disney World.
  12. QVC

    I think it's actually $10 a lobster tail, $100 for butter.