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  1. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    They're doing nothing now, so what makes the panel think the GOP will do anything ever? They could pass one of the bipartisan acts to protect Mueller that were developed back in May, the first time there was talk of firing Mueller. But McConnell and Ryan said they don't see any reason to act now. And, I'm pretty sure they never will. The GOP has given every indication they will sit back and will not do anything, not yesterday, not today, not ever. I have no idea why the panel thinks that will change. What evidence do they have that the GOP has any desire to act?
  2. Season 5 Discussion

    That fire looked pretty intense! It was shocking that they could fix it all up again in a day. You can't get fire smell out, no matter what. I hated that wedding dress. That princess gown seemed wrong and out of place, and it wasn't even a pretty princess gown. I thought the gowns the other women were wearing were lovely, and would have made a beautiful wedding dress in white.
  3. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    Maggie is supposed to be the genius cardiologist daughter of Ellis and Richard. She should be chock full of confidence and arrogance. The clumsy, awkward 12 year old doesn't fit who she's supposed to be. Lots of people are clumsy and awkward and tongue-tied around their crushes when they are 12. They outgrow that by the time they are 40 year old genius cardiologists. I always liked Maggie, except for her relationships. Despite being beautiful, she comes off as a child rather than sexy, so, to me, that is why she has no chemistry with Jackson. I can't see her bumbling character having chemistry with anyone. I didn't see it with De Luca or Nathan. Having said that, I don't really care if she's with Jackson or anyone or no one. It won't last, because relationships on this show rarely do, even if they get married. I just wish, after bringing her on as daughter of Richard and Ellis, that her character's story actually used that in some way! I have enjoyed the very few talks she's had with Richard.
  4. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    I was cringing during that surgery after Jackson walked in. With all the awkwardness and coffee spilling when they saw each otehr, I was afraid one of them would mess up the surgery.
  5. S01.E07: The Elopement

    I do, too. It's a different take on the typical hospital show, which I appreciate, but they are telling a story that needs to be told, too.
  6. S01.E16: Pain

    She had lots of implants. The infection that brought her in was one of her cheek (face) implants. They wanted to remove it and give her antibiotics, but she insisted they replace the cheek implant and that caused the infection to jump to her back (or butt implant). That's when they said they'd have to remove ALL her implants, including her breast implants, butt, cheeks, everything. It is possible she could have had them replaced in the future, but she'd need a lot of time without them to heal properly. And she didn't want that because she'd be scarred and ugly, and she thought her husband wouldn't be interested in her anymore. She thought her husband had had an affair at some point, which is when she started getting the implants to look better. Instead of an affair, he was gambling.
  7. S01.E07: The Elopement

    I agree - she's only concerned about the money. She doesn't even let patients speak, much less listen to them.
  8. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Joe forgets that Republicans voted to nominate Trump as their candidate, so I guess according to Joe, all those Republicans must have been the most historically bad candidates, too. He keeps calling Trump a Democrat, but it wasn't the Dems who nominated Trump.
  9. S01.E16: Pain

    Thanks - that totally makes sense. Kenny seemed to have a lot of "friends" who gave him stuff. Plus, he's breaking into Shaun's apartment all the time. He probably is using Shaun in some way, but I think Kenny's offering some friendship, too.
  10. S01.E16: Pain

    I got the impression that yes, he will walk again, eventually. They were able to remove the growth, even the parts that were "stuck." I think I missed this part. What did Park find out about Kenny?
  11. S01.E07: The Elopement

    Mina was very clever in out-maneuvering Bell. Well done! Conrad is finally seeing that Hunter is shady and not necessarily looking out for the well-being of her patients. Excellent. Now there are three, plus Devon's girlfriend, investigative reporter! I confess, I like Conrad and Nic together, so I agreed with the patient's wife that they are a cute couple. And good on them for giving that patient the truth and a little more time at home with his wife.
  12. I think it would be hard for anyone to play Mueller, except as a silent specter hovering over the administration. He doesn't give interviews, he doesn't give speeches or appear at events, and he doesn't take questions from reporters, so it's hard to caricature any characteristics or personality traits of his (as far as the general public is concerned).
  13. I hated all of Vanessa's WU characters. Jakob was funny the first time, and that's it. Every time after that it was exactly the same sketch without any new flavor to it to make it funny. I feel the same about the nervous weather reporter, and the singing news girl. Vanessa was fantastic in just about every "housewife" role in the sketches, and I always laughed at "My Hungry Guys." If she was doing a cameo, I'd rather she had done something in a sketch.
  14. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Funny you should mention Trump campaign rallies and how this is exactly what the Pennsylvania rally was, complete with the same script. Because it wasn't actually a Trump campaign rally - it was a Saccone campaign rally. Joe should have been stormy (see what I did there?) about Trump holding a Trump campaign rally when he isn't running in the special election in Pennsylvania - Saccone is.
  15. S14.E14: Games People Play

    There isn't anything in marijuana, medical or recreational, that causes addiction. MJ is not physically addictive, which is something Alex should have mentioned. Alex did explain that the oil will not get her high (it has only trace amounts of THC, which is the stuff that gets a person high).