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  1. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    Vic's mom is passive aggressive and a thorn in Helen's side. And yet, how can Helen complain? Mom is tailoring Vic's pants! Mom brought Vic's favorite meals! How nice! Lol. I think it's good for Helen to get a taste of what her own parents dished out to Noah his whole marriage. Now Helen knows how it feels to have your spouse's parents make you feel small every day. Not that I'm a Noah fan. I don't like any of these people, although Vic hasn't gotten on my nerves yet.
  2. S01.E03: Y Not 2018.06.11

    Aside from the gruesome, murderous Jennifer stuff, I like this show. I haven't read the book - didn't know there was a book when I started watching - so I don't have a sense for where all this is going. I hope they don't end up glorifying murder and vigilante "justice." If Plum gets sucked into killing people, no, just no.
  3. Is that a nickname for the coming baby?
  4. She was soooo close to saying Broidy is obviously covering for a Trump-funded abortion, but not quite. We still know what she was thinking!
  5. S05.E10 Family Ties 2018.06.07

    I laughed out loud when Kathryn said in her talking head something like, "They say please and thank you! I'm amazed that Thomas and me raised such great kids." Hahahahaha, it's hardly a surprise when you and Thomas are not raising them and nannies are.
  6. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Loved the looks exchanged when he told the press that Melania had a "big operation, almost four hour operation" and isn't allowed to travel for a month so that's why she's not going to the G7. That's right, everyone lied about Melania's minor surgery that shouldn't have required 5 days in the hospital for a surgery typically done outpatient, and Trump just let the truth slip out about the lies. Oops!
  7. Well, when they're 23 and 24, they might think she's a sugar mama...until they see her broke ass hoover the buffet.
  8. S05 E20: Meet The Fosters 2018.06.04

    Callie seemed to have grown into a super uptight, humorless woman with a huge chip on her shoulder. Woe to anyone who tries to get near her, not that they'd want to considering how unpleasant she is. Mariana is just awful, too. Seems to have learned nothing, and is just plain selfish and insensitive. I guess she always has been, but she's an adult now so it's worse because she should know better. Instead, she's worse. Lena and Stef are sweet, so yay there. That was about the only thing I liked, though I was relieved Brandon actually fell in love with someone else. Maybe.
  9. S05 E20: Meet The Fosters 2018.06.04

    Is he Brandon's Best Man for the wedding?
  10. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Aren't concrete tiles expensive? Besides being ugly and misplaced in that kitchen, they could have saved money with a different backsplash. Instead of providing a pop of color and some interest, that backsplash stood out like a sore thumb and took over the kitchen. Maybe they can hire someone to reglaze them in white? I know you can do that with bathroom tiles, but no idea about the concrete tiles.
  11. S01.E09: Hot Box

    Unless homeowner lady did something, both the house and garage could have easily been entered by smashing through the roofs. Shingles and boards are pretty easy to breach.
  12. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    Thomas had a pretty big baby bump showing on that golf course. He needs to cut down on the booze and get more exercise. Ashley and Kathryn are both idiots for wanting anything to do with him. I'm still not over grown adults naming their child Saint, and I don't care if it's a family name or whatever. Please. Chelsea rubs me the wrong way, every time. I don't know what it is about her, but I do not trust her one inch and do not like her at all. If it weren't for Cameron, and Gizmo, there would be no humor on this show. What a bunch of self-absorbed do-nothings.
  13. It's being reported now that Schiff will be in the meeting with Nunes, Gowdy and Ryan. I'm not sure if that's what he was referring to, or if he meant the Gang of Eight meeting. This is what happens when an administration is incompetent and unconstitutional - there should be one bipartisan meeting, period.
  14. They are SARs that refer to Cohen transactions that add up to $3M. And they are most definitely absolutely hell no NOT supposed to missing from that Treasury database, which is supposed to be THE permanent record of all SARs filed. Unless, of course, they were pulled by Mueller or the FBI. But under no other circumstances are they supposed to be deleted. It's a big deal. So why are they missing? Will others go missing, or have they already? What specifically is in those Cohen related SARs? Where did the money from the flagged suspicious transactions go and where did it come from? Foreign bribes? The SAR that does exist, which references the two SARs that are missing,, is what was given to Avenatti who told us about Cohen soliciting or receiving bribes from AT&T, Novartis, and that US-Russian company. That SAR was given to Avenatti by the same guy who Ronan interviewed. He was alarmed by the missing SARs and believes he is acting as a whistleblower. He wanted to explain that to Ronan so his side of the story cold come out because the administration is already going on about how did Avenatti get the info on Cohen. Rachel needs to get over herself with respect to Avenatti.
  15. The house on the narrow empty lot they built turned out a lot bigger and brighter on the inside than I was expecting. They went way overboard with the cluttered bohemian staging, but I confess I loved some of the pieces they had in there, lol. It turned out to be a very cute house, and even had a cute outdoor space. I was also pleased they made it an eat-in kitchen instead of trying to cram an island in there. It made it seem cozy. I still really like this show. I don't always agree with their color schemes, but I really appreciate that they work on smaller houses instead of McMansions. I also like the family dynamics - good natured, rather than showboating.