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  1. Avenatti wasn't wrong about Trump paying hush money to Stormy Daniels to influence the election, nor about Cohen, and he's legit been helping families separated at the border by our government. Yes, he works the media, but he hasn't been full of shit yet.
  2. I'm super cynical. His criminal conviction opens the doors to civil lawsuits, which will mean she will get less Cosby inheritance. So, deny, deny, deny is her only option.
  3. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I was expecting Avenatti to be on MJ and other shows today. He has a client who is also accusing Kavanaugh. Mika's head would explode between fawning over Avenatti and denying women their value.
  4. ...and personifying the GOP nightmare. Vote, y'all. And get your friends and family to vote, too.
  5. Beachfront/Lakeside Bargain Hunt

    I've seen a few people talking about wanting homes that are elevated on concrete stilts, and wanting concrete construction rather than the flimsy wood and siding most of them are built with. But only a few people. And none of them ever mention how difficult it might be to get insurance and how expensive flood or hurricane insurance would be. I am always shocked by that because it is very, very clear that some of these places are new builds due to the old communities being wiped out by a hurricane, especially when they are shiny new homes on the Gulf Coast.
  6. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Joe seems easily confused by technology. Is he aware you can delete apps like Twitter from your phone and don't need to get a new phone to get rid of Twitter?
  7. They should have gone with needing the extra bedroom for his home office since he'd be working from home. No one is visiting you from Oregon! I moved from the midwest to California for seven years, and my family visited twice, and if friends visited, it was because they were already in town for a conference or something.
  8. MSNBC

    I don't understand why MSNBC, and other networks for that matter, think we need to see windblown reporters non-stop before the storm. We are getting no new information with the constant, live coverage, so why not have them check in for a few minutes every hour to note anything that has changed, and then report the other news in the country?
  9. She "expressed herself" on someone else's death by opioid, though, not Dennis Shields' death by opioid. If I were a family member, I'd tell her to STFU and sit her ass down and get out of my family's problems.
  10. The Miniaturist

    When he wouldn't touch her, I assumed he was gay. Then it seemed like people were making allusions to something going on between him and his sister, so I waffled between the two options until the end. The blue cloak woman is a mystery, almost supernatural and definitely creepy. Could she be the Miniaturist?
  11. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    There is something about tile that looks like weathered wood being placed on a wall that just isn't right. It's like painting a vase of plastic flowers.
  12. The Miniaturist

    This was creepy and weird. So Nella was married off to a husband who needs a wife for appearances, and now she gets to be terrorized by dollhouse furniture, not to mention the creepy people in that house? Poor kid. Who gives their bride a dollhouse?
  13. Except that none of them actually cover the news of the day. Lawrence generally covers only one or two topics, as do most of the others. There is a lot more news than that, so much going on in Congress, actions of the Cabinet, decisions about Syria, etc. Yesterday, for example, there were Congressional hearings with FB and Twitter on their efforts so far to reduce foreign influence on our elections and safeguarding data, the US intercepted a Russian nuclear bomber near Alaska, House Republicans are considering a proposal to punish House Republicans who don't vote along party lines by removing them from Committees, and House Dems accused the Republicans of blocking investigations of the admnistration's response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We didn't hear about it from LOD, or anyone.
  14. It could fall apart fall apart if there are documents that show Kavanaugh is lying to Congress about his conversations, maybe a stray email or two. But, I'm with you. I think the GOP votes are set.. Rachel is being optimistic. It's a good reminder, though, that this is what hearings are for and how they're supposed to work - informing the Senate's vote.
  15. S02.E06 Part VI

    Seriously! I know she disappeared, as far as anyone knows, but they also know that women were taken to Dr. Death and had abortions performed AND their uteruses removed. They don't know that it isn't one of those women who died at Dr. Death's hands. And, um, maybe keep looking in that lake? Because maybe there are other bodies there!