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  1. I second the congrats (condolences?) for our poor hosts. I really didn't quite believe this season would end until it FINALLY did. So. Long. So. Boring. It feels like it should be the answer to a cryptic riddle. Q: When does 44mins x 32 = 800,000,000? A: Season 8 of 90210.
  2. Totally agree. I also was convinced for the first 10 mins that he was the Bloody Roux guy (he's not).
  3. Michael Knight/Garth!!! HAHAHA!!!!!
  4. In his zeal to attack Steve, it seems that David trips over his own pants in that GIF. (really, how could he not, though?)
  5. Wow. I just looked that up, and...just...wow. That is baaaaaaaaad. WTF is that earring?!
  6. Is anyone surprised that Noah's brother is a rapist/sexual predator/all-around sleazo? That's literally the ONLY role I've ever seen him play. *SVU (Surprise! He drugged women and then raped them. Obviously didn't learn his lesson.) *One Tree Hill (only stat rape and she was totally into it, but still not cool) *Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (creepy stalker- and yes, I totally watched that show, sorry...) *Revenge (no sexual assault that I can recall, but he was definitely a sleazo up to no good)
  7. *Young Dealer Potter (it's Sheriff Witter)
  8. Janet has known Steve like 5 minutes, and up to this point only knew him when he was in a relationship with Carly. So why would she have the expectation that Steve is supposed a big womanizer? I guess just more evidence that the writers give zero f***s by this point?
  9. Can you imagine if Donna and Noah had had a child together? With her bug eyes and his grouper mouth? Yikes.
  10. UGH. I just watched the next episode, and he does it again with a payphone. WTF? He seriously cannot hold anything like a normal person.
  11. How much do we wish that the song David sells to the band was Precious???
  12. Re: David 1) Yes, it was Ariel that gave him crabs. 2) He has had sex with Ariel, Claire, Val, and Donna. (And apparently he likes it "rough"! sorrynotsorry) 3) That is nowhere near "waiting 7 years". ASSHOLE.
  13. Yes but no one will miss him. Truer words were never spoken.
  14. Maybe David brings his dance moves into the bedroom? Hi yo, Silver!