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  1. All Episodes Talk

    You aren't mistaken on the episodes giving you deja vu. I am curious why they are trying to pass these off as new episodes. They are both ones we have seen before. I know the channel switch it might be new to some that might not have watched before but for those of us watching since the beginning this is repeats and NOT new. I am disappointed as I was expecting brand new. If they were going to do this why not do it as updates on past seasons girls/boys? It did look like next week was new though from the one commercial I saw for it. I am this is ok here but I just looked to see what was up with the repeats and this is on Twitter and explains it for us...
  2. All Episodes Talk

    Forgot to get over here and post it sooner but my DVR did have the show coming on tonight with 2 new episodes. Hopefully those that wanted to watch it were able to catch it if in other time zones (I'm in Pacific so hasn't been on yet). Otherwise I'm sure it will be on demand since they had some from last season on there.
  3. S04.E06: Amish Pair-O-Dice

    Rumor is that it is suppose to be this was coming from the drug addict, Sabrina on her SM so who knows. I hope not because she has to many issues and is far from being in a place to deal with life as it is. She had said the show offered to pay for her last stay in rehab but she left being worried her cats would die and she is in a relationship with some guy with the same issues last I read. Toss in the woman abuser and his relationship drama....no thanks. 2 people that do NOT belong on tv at all are those 2. Its like rewarding them for bad behavior if it does come back. Yet I guess that is expect at this point since it is on TLC. SMH
  4. She has been part of the show called Seven Year Switch. Which if she is still part of it she was pulling double duty with the "reality" shows. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Jon and "dr. trauma" were by chance together. Derek needs to just grow up already. Move on and get a real job. Really if Lifetime was smart they would just let Second Chances stay dead. Hell honestly MAFS should just go that way as well at this point. Its become more fake then anything and toss in the so called "experts"....they are the last people that ANYONE should take advice on when it comes to relationships. SMH I'm out on this show. Its disturbing at this point how producers play with the casts and set up their own "storylines" that are far from truth just for the "drama" factor. To those that will keep watching, have fun with it and the snarking!
  5. Me too! I, also, can't believe they are doing another season of this mess.
  6. All Episodes Talk

    I'm now seeing the new season starts Monday June 18th posted online. I don't see June 4th as having anything on for it like originally it was stated. Hopefully its not pushed back again.
  7. S16.E18: Performance Finals

    I don't usually add to here but read along most the time. I have to say that I have no clue if this was come across here or not by anyone but if one does a Google search of Gabby and Luke Bryan's name it should be the first thing that pops up is a link to a post on her FB page from July of last year. Its her trying to claim its a song of Luke Bryan's featuring Gabby Barrett. I will say I am not a fan of country but I REALLY am NOT a fan of someone that whines and sounds nasally when they are singing. That is what she does. I don't know if anyone caught it but during hometown she was singing with the older person (didn't catch who it was but figured grandparent) and she wasn't doing that crap she does during Idol. If she had sounded like that instead of the fake bs she is trying to pull off on Idol it would have been a lot better. Of course she needs to drop the 'tude and learn that she will be faced with criticism over her lifetime and especially in the business of music. She has obviously been VERY catered to by Daddy dearest and the family. I am betting Bobby knew it and that was a big part of why he was saying she needs to cut the cord already. I will say I hope Maddie or Caleb wins and are the final 2 in the end. I'm not big on the style of music but they have likability and both are very talented in their own styles of music. I don't agree with those that thing someone needs to "work a stage" in order to be up there entertaining. There are plenty of singers that don't and put on amazing shows. Sometimes the singing/music and speak for itself without it needing all the over the top background show or dancing around to go with it.
  8. All Episodes Talk

    Looks like it from what was posted online but I can't see on my DVR yet as it doesn't get that far. It was originally on that channel to begin with if I remember right. Of course they have played some shows on 2 channels at times so we shall see I guess how this goes. When my DVR shows the channel it records it on I will post. For now I'm just going off what is said online by the show. I'm glad to see it will be back.
  9. All Episodes Talk

    My DVR is picking up a 5 min sneak peak for Season 4 on May 21 in the afternoon. Looked up and sure enough it seems we will see it back June 4th on Lifetime...which my DVR shows the sneak peak on A&E (both channels are owned by the same people though).
  10. Jon & Molly

    silverspoons even though this is a different channel from TLC I think its probably around that cost as well but lower side probably. Its enough to give them something for the filming but not so much that it screams for the biggest fame whores out there to sign up for this mess and put up with a possible bad edit to make one look like a wackjob. While they obviously don't want to pick those kind, they do like to pick the wrong kind of people for drama factor.
  11. Jon & Molly

    Considering they still are working while filming its probably not even close to as much as some think. Otherwise if it was as much as some claim, MAFS producers probably wouldn't have to hunt for the cast on dating sites or SM. LOL Like most of these shows though I don't think we will ever really know how much they are given unless one of them comes out and says honestly they were paid such and such. At this point some have claimed they weren't paid a dime. Which its typical because they won't want viewers to know they get one....even if it happens to land on the small side.
  12. Jon & Molly

    How about more like contracts keep them there. I bet its not so easy to just up and walk away because you don't like the person you are matched to or not attraction to the person or for any other reason. I think after they dealt with it with Heather they tightened things up on it being hard to. I don't feel bad for Jon. I feel bad for Molly in the way that she has had death threats from some loons. There was a lot more going on then we got....just like how it was with Sheila and Nate's bs. Look how that turned out? BTW, Jephte isn't shy. He was feeling the situation out before jumping into bed with Shawniece. Again, editing made him look like an ass when he was trying to just not be a real ass by sleeping with her and maybe later on not being into her. Betting how he did it in taking it slow then jumping in the sack (like some have) and realize the mistake they made in doing so when it didn't work out. We will never know the real reason for why Molly said Jon was disgusting because of how things are edited to look. It could have just been as simple as because he was recording her or it could have been more. I will say that I wish the show would allow those in the situations where they realize early on they are not compatible or attracted to the person to walk away but the producers are hoping for a shit show of drama from those kinds of couples to use and play edit games with. So as long as this show goes on this is how it will always be sadly. They will match couples on purpose for this to happen. I will add that I doubt the "paycheck" they get from MAFS is worth the threats and bullying some end up with on SM so I doubt anyone does it for that. Some for some hopes of fame or to sell a product or business they might have or start up but yea that money they get from MAFS is probably not worth it to some if you asked them.
  13. Exactly!!! Both those guys were horrible picks but it shows what MAFS likes when they decide on who to pick for matches doesn't it? I am disgusted that they would ask Nate to come back and do that sort of think with Jamie. Sitting there in the pick with Nate like Jamie is, all smiles, shows how much of a fame whore she is by being ok with working with him by her side. And DiscoPrincess, yes there was a lot of faith this and faith that out of their mouths. And it was used as well in keeping Sheila there too by Nate and calvin. It was another disgusting display of how low MAFS is willing to go to keep the bs going IMO. Now they want him to offer up advice? Guess MAFS is ignoring that many (if not most) MAFS viewers know he was cheating from day one and will be pissed he is around. Yet at the same time we have an "expert" that left a husband to go sleep around with strange men for years and now is married to a man she doesn't live with because she claims they not only don't want to have to compromise on a new place and decorating but she doesn't want her "assistant" to have to live with them both. As well as a so called "Pastor" that reminds us all the only way out is divorce but yet we should always stick with the man no matter what is going on. Toss in the way they decide to match for drama and sadly it figures they would ask Nate to come give advice. I didn't like him from the get go. The fact that pepper laughed off the shoes in the trunk of his car during her visit really showed the viewers how little they care on who they pick and what goes on. To me it was obvious something was amiss in those fights. More so since it was always one sided and when we had the THs of Nate with his "tears" it never felt genuine but more playing up for the viewers to "pity him". I am going with the producer pressure on it. I think this is why most that shouldn't stay together do. Maybe they give them a little kick back for lasting up to a year....we will never know but there was no way they would have made it for long and it was a given with his behavior. LMAO Kiss My Mutt I was thinking the same Crazychicken. LOL Can't have Shawniece take the attention away now can she? SMH Yea I do hope for the best because there is now going to be a baby involved but its far to soon considering it was only a few months after filming was over. That was beyond scripted bs IMO. I agree it made them each come out looking worse then one would have thought after watching their season. So IF they ever did another round of that show it will be even worse then what the 1st season was I would bet. My understand is Derek has been begging and pleading on SM since the 1st season to let him on it. *rollseyes* Speaking of which that dude chiming in on Chili watching MAFS....figures....dude is so desperate for attention from it still. He needs to move on already. His time has come and thankfully, gone. LOL
  14. I don't think he is self centered. I thought he got the shit edit from the get go in the season and by close to the end started coming off more mature then the rest of the cast. And of course he doesn't love her at that point. 8 weeks and he is suppose to magically be in love ? I would bet she wasn't in love with him yet either at that time. They obviously care for each other but love takes time for many. Especially more so when you are still in that getting to know you phase of a relationship. They had supposedly started filming them around August of last year so wrapping it up middle to end of October/maybe beginning of November. The pic at the bottom of the People article has her full on side view so you can see she is probably in her 2nd trimester from how she is showing. Could be further but no idea since we don't know when exactly that picture was taken either. Yet I imagine the box gift she is giving him is telling him she is pregnant. IMO considering they weren't in love at the end of the show and the timing for when she might have gotten pregnant is risky for the relationship. Like I said she looks to me like she is maybe around 5 months...maybe 6?? and if so she would have gotten pregnant long a month or 2 after the show ended. I think no matter how things go between the 2 in the future that he is a stand up kind of guy when it comes to family. I hope that having a baby will mellow her out some. LOL If that was the case we know from the first go around of that shitfest how it would go and seems to bring out a different side to those folks.
  15. I am one of those women. I'm 5'1 and my 16 yr old is about 6'1. Yes he plays basketball. Which btw, one takes a beating in those games as well. While its not like football, there are those that have had concussions from it (SIL's daughter had one from being slammed to the ground by another player). I saw over the weekend my son's eye get poked, which took him out of the game for a bit, and one of his teammates get elbowed so hard in the face his teeth were hurting (luckly not broken) and gave him a bloody nose. Soccer is just as bad as football IMO. Baseball can be a safer option (son played that too) but hell they get hit with those balls and it can leave a mark (been there with him). LOL I think the show let it out today on purpose. It leaves viewers that see that wondering if they are together or not. Yet really its after next week when most of these couples really spill the beans on if they are or not if we look at some past MAFS seasons. It also leaves viewers to wonder if Jephte is the father or not as well btw. Yet good luck to him...and more so if its a girl. What was a little much IMO was the fact she went to the ER over not feeling good and found out. SMH She also looks like she could be about 5 months along in that pic of her bump...maybe 6....wonder what is going through Jamie's mind. LOL