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  1. I initially thought that a potted plant dropped on his head as he was walking on the sidewalk and he just left it in place, to grow and fructify.
  2. American Crime Story in the Media

    A few more awards for the series, this time from the "Online Film and Television Association": Limited Series, Darren Criss as Best Actor, Judith Light as Best Supporting Actress, ensemble, writing, production design, and costume design awards. I had heard little about this group previously; from the description on their Web site, it appears that anybody can join and vote, something like a well organised group of fans on the Internet.
  3. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    A good introduction to a new Doctor. JW seems to have good potential as the character, unless they saddle her with a Clara equivalent, which does not seem the case with the present group of companions. I found it distracting though that her voice and mannerisms reminded me of the ditzy character Bubbles on Absolutely Fabulous; she even looked a bit like her. I may get used to it in time or perhaps she will dial it back. I am not familiar with the actor's previous work so I do not know it that is her regular way of speaking and acting. I miss the days when the Doctor did not switch to another regional UK accent with each regeneration; which one is she supposed to be mimicking in this incarnation (or is that JW's own)? I like a multi-companion Doctor, like Two and Five; it offers potential for diversity in stories and interactions, although unimaginative plotting can also make the TARDIS a very crowded place. Also why is that the Doctor's regenerations are generally so problematic? The other regeneration we have seen in the reboot, the General who turned into a Time Lady when the Doctor was on Gallifrey, adjusted immediately to his new body and personality, despite having just gone through the trauma of being shot by the Doctor. Are we to conclude that there is a specific problem with the Doctor's physiology or is is just a convenient and familiar plot device? Except for Six, I do not think the process was always so disorienting in the Classic series. And they all remembered that they were the Doctor, even Three who had his time travel knowledge mind-blocked by the Time Lords. Grace and Graham were nice together, but she was doomed the moment she took the initiative of bringing live electric cables to the alien recording device, with no protection. Same thing with the broadcast on Space in Canada. It may have been a choice for this first episode with an as yet unfamiliar incarnation and a revamped production team, to mark how truly new things are to be.
  4. She looked like a porcelain doll, as if her make-up had been sprayed on in several applications. I fully expected it to crack if she attempted a smile or any facial expression. Or in a more sensitive part of his body since I don't think his head is very strong on sensory perception or sensitivity.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I have come to the conclusion that the most plausible explanation for her behaviour is that this was just one of those days when JJ woke up wishing to act like a dick.
  6. Two idiots being much too casual how closely they keep track of transactions occuring in their bank accounts. Plaintiff certainly deserved some reimbursement, but it was also justified that MM made him take a hit for his negligence. Those pictures of the nicotine-stained walls were truly disgusting, They clearly demonstrate that slapping a single coat of paint is not enough to counter the smell and deposits from smoking in an apartment. They should be shown to JJ. Not only did the plaintiff not have the car inspected before buying it, but he also had it towed directly to the junkyard, without bringing it back to the seller who had offered to take a look at it. Whatever small opening the possible lack of sales documents might perhaps have given him, he shot down his own case with that move.
  7. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In today's case of a pharmacy delivery gone bad, I did not understand why JJ tried to minimise the plaintiff's case: "they just cleaned the bite and put a Band-Aid on it" as she said at least twice. Even if it was not a major injury, the bottom line is that he got bit and got hurt and thus deserved repayment for his medical bills (which he got). I found it amusing that this was one of those instances when JJ lets it slip that the show pays the awards, by saying the check would go directly to the hospital (I am sure the plaintiff did not care, at long as it's no longer a debt for him, and there is still some money left in the awards kitty). The defendant had one of the usual stupid hallterview refutations, alleging that this was all a big conspiracy to scam him (which means their 4-year old grandson was in on the plot since he was the one who opened the door and let the dog out).
  8. As I have said before, MM sometimes displays signs of bad-girl envy. Either she was not part of the "cool" snotty and bratty crowd back in school and wish she had been, or she was and is nostalgic for the good old days. These two need to revise their business practices quickly or they will leave a long trail of bad experiences on both sides, with no records to document the contracted expectations. And the younger associate must stop being involved with customer relations, unless he gets some heavy-duty training in that aspect of the business. He is the one who truly deserved the tongue-lashing.
  9. I am starting to wonder if MM might be slowly morphing into a variant of JJ's arbitrariness, just with different biases.
  10. The ceramic table was decorated in a style that is in vogue in some parts of Italy, perhaps mostly as tourist bait, although I don't remember if I saw anything like that in Positano itself. It also was used for a long while in their restaurant, which adds to the appearance of an unreasonable judgment since they were compensated at full price. There is a good possibility they will not buy a new one and just pocket the money; I share @CrazyInAlabama's view that each kid must be reluctant to be the one having to house that monstrosity. And woe to the person who forgets to say that while on air; they will be deemed unpatriotic. When such statements become obligatory Pavlovian responses, they lose just about all meaning.
  11. I don't care it the table was made in the very picturesque town of Positano (plaintiffs made sure to repeat it a few times during their testimony to try and impress the judge) or that you arbitrarily slap on it a "heirloom" label. Shouldn't the principle of depreciated value have applied? Like @SRTouch said, I think that MM displayed her usual bias against younger litigants, slamming them for things others get a pass on (although I believe he called her "ma'am", not "miss"). The younger partner however needs to get some business sense into him, especially regarding best practices in customer relations. You can disagree with a client without saying comments as immature as what he said, that would be more in character for a frat boy arguing with a house brother. And he kept piping up, saying " it was not my fault", which revealed much about his character. Perhaps they should remove interacting with clients from his duties.
  12. Me. I do not find her relaxing at all, mostly grating. And I cringe at the thought of finding smurf-colour hair in my food (or any other of the hair colouring she tries out.) Dan is very informative, perhaps a bit too technical for some people, but I appreciate both his science of cooking bits as well as his recipes. Becky is sooooo boring. Much the same as Erin. Both are of the generic corn-fed all-American type. At least they are not as annoying as Michelle and Ashley on Cooks' Country.
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I think you owe an apology to all respectable turnips for unfairly comparing them to such a dumb ninny of a litigant.
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Even after the video evidence was played repeatedly, clearly showing the car she hit bobbing from the impact, she kept denying with her smug contemptuous attitude. Afterwards she said "I still feel I did not hit her car", either not grasping that it is not a question of feelings but of visual facts perceptible to anyone with even a single functioning eye or simply clinging to her self-serving story.
  15. These three are ready-made casting for the Weird Sisters in a production of Macbeth, or in any fantasy film which features the often-used mythological figure of a triad of monstrous crones or hags. They already have the looks and they know how to lie, so they must have some acting talent in them. However, that read hair would have to go. Who in their right mind can think it is a good look on such a head and individual? Were I in MM's seat, I am not sure I could have resisted the temptation to throttle that double-crossing dishonest prig; she likes to present herself as a respectable nice old lady, but in truth she is a vile witch. The defendant certainly has little business sense, but he did not deserve to have the cops called on him for a one-day delay, something anyone with a bit of common sense knows can easily happen in renovation projects, but that is a quality the customer was desperately lacking in this instance.