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  1. Chicago PD in the Media

    Well, Bush would have had the most scenes with Beghe since Lindsay and Voight had a personal relationship, she also had more one-on-one scenes with him than others. Like Chas411 said, contracts could also be an issue. I heard that if an actor leaves prematurely, they usually have to pay a fine. Wasn't there a mentioning that Beghe had to go to anger management classes in one article back when it first came up?
  2. S01.E09: Compromised

    To be fair, we don't know if anyone called 911. I certainly hope so. But I don't think it would have been realistic if anyone had run outside during the gunshots. That said, I do think that people would have run to the windows. I'm not sure I'm buying that the woman who drove by was killed with a headshot though. The killer fired only two shots into a moving vehicle while he was moving. No way he would have been able to aim that well. They told Amber that they needed her help, and she said that he's way smarter than feeling to Canada, so my theory is that she and Ackerman talked about what happens should they have to leave the city, that they would have to split up, she would have to get on the bus and he'd guide he to those woods. I agree that it was interesting and nice not to have a terrorist attack or mass casualties. However, the "someone on the inside is the leaker" seems to be pretty common with procedurals. But I did think that they put an interesting spin on it. I would imagine it became a thing because someone thought it was good PR or due to those shows which go into a three months hiatus and/or have a season A and season B. They always have a season A finale before going into hiatus.
  3. Chicago PD in the Media

    Just out of curiosity - how can the relationship be meaningful and yet casual at the same time? (I'm glad that they paired Ruzek and Upton instead of Halstead and Upton, although, if I had a choice I could have done without a relationship in general).
  4. S01.E21: The Kill List

    Caught last Saturday's re-run - when Bess and Conrad walk into the room to greet for Iranian President and foreign Minister, Bess waits before entering. I always assumed that it's because she's giving Conrad a moment but this Saturday it occured to me that there's no real reason for her to wait that long and that she might be waiting so long because she needs to collect herself before facing the Iranian.
  5. S05. E08. Close to Home

    I thought for sure that this would be the episode after which Pride gets demoted and returns to the field office. I'm really curious to see what they have planned as I still have a hard time believing that they'll keep doing it like this forever.
  6. Season 10 all episodes talk

    Look on the bright side: until recently, there was a third couple - Anna and Callen ;-) I don't mind Nell and Beal. I like them together and think the actors play off of each other well. Kensi and Deeks I could do without but this season they don't bother me as much as last season.
  7. S05E07: Baby Steps

    That was what I was concerned about the moment I read that particular spoiler. I had hoped that it would turn out differently but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to. But Bess said to Henry that the US can't apologize officially. I don't know how Hurst did it but if Conrad had gone, it would have been a state visit and a lot more formal and official. I thought that was a little ridiculous as well. They said it made her more likeable but a) I don't think that this one issue/performance is going to erase the negativity, b) it's not like Conrad and Russell are suddenly going to throw their support behind her and c) one leak and the world knows that Theresa Hurst did not lift a finger but that Bess was the one who did it all. As a matter of fact, I highly doubt that the US media didn't already know it. It's the kind of thing State does and it certainly isn't the kind of thing that the VP does. I find it hard to believe that anyone believes that the VP had anything to do with the negotiations. And then we didn't even get the satisfaction of seeing Conrad find out that Hurst was the leaker and strong-armed him into making that move? I think that would have made the episode much better, if about half-way Conrad had found out (and reversed course.) I really wanted to like this episode but they didn't make it easy. There were too many things that didn't work out for me. Henry being in the meeting for one thing. Henry's ethics, too. The episode felt disjointed and the A-plot felt forced. Maybe it will be better when I watch the episode again because I know what's coming but I expected Conrad to reverse course for some reason or other or the other countries to insist on going forward with the coalition anyway. I think that would have been great, if they had informed the US that they planned to go ahead. I would have loved to see the reactions to it. Conrad could hardly have said no and it would have added a whole new level of interest. Normally, I like the occasional episode when the cards seem to be stacked against Bess because sometimes that's just how it is (and probably more often than we see on the show) and I like how she navigates to a solution. But I didn't enjoy this episode because it seemed to designed to make Hurst a more serious challenger and not to show how Bess finds a solution anyway and that didn't work (for reasons stated above). I also don't think they needed it. I considered her a serious enough challenger anyway. Going back to the ethics thing: Bess said the coalition seemed possible, so Henry says the more ethical thing would be to focus on 36 women instead of all of them? I'm so not buying that. Focusing on the 36 women is clearly putting one's own interest above everyone else's and last I checked that was called selfishness and neither the more ethical or moral thing to do. A small detail but Bess was the one who sort of pushed Henry to tell Stevie about Dmitri and he didn't bother to mention it. And another small detail but does Bess have to wear that sweater cardigan that looks like it could be her father's rather than hers? I did like the jacket she was wearing in the Japanese Garden though. I laughed when Henry said "once CIA, always CIA". Dude, you were CIA for like five minutes. I never thought I'd say this but could they please let him work for the NSA again? I'm sure there are plenty of religious people left that he can spy on. That said, I did like the B-plot and I think everyone's acting was way above the writing in this episode. Even though the story didn't feel organic, I thought that the characters interactions did, especially Bess and Jay and Blake and everyone he acted with. And, of course, Bess and Henry. Those scenes saved the episode for me and they're scenes I'd certainly rewatch. I love it when Blake finds his confidence and I loved it even better when he returned the watch. That was unexpected and awesome! And I think I only got half of what Blake said in the scene with Matt and Daisy but I loved that one, too. I expected to see the Japanese guy meet Bess. It seemed to be important but apparently, it was only important to him. Wasn't the Potomac Lodge a run-down motel the first time around?
  8. S01.E08: This Land Is Your Land

    It confused me a bit. Since she normally wears her hair in a pony tail, I tried to figure out why she would not have done her hair (as she maybe wouldn't have had they been called in the middle of the night) in the middle of the day. Then Sela Ward/Dana was heading to meet the Russian guy and at first glance, I thought the was Maggie and then I remembered that this his Hollywood. I guess, we'll get to see more of Maggie with her hair down?! At least, Maggie got to be on the raid/rescue team. Detective Lindsey on Chicago PD just happened to be absent so often in these situations it started to annoy me. I guess, he had to drive home a point? (But it would have been nice if Maggie had actually confronted him with the fact that the US military has done things they shouldn't be proud of). To be fair, the camouflage guys were in the lead and Maggie did take cover once they were told the bad guys knew they were coming. Maybe they had a helicopter somewhere and a backup car? ;-)
  9. S01.E05: The Roundup

    Maybe the friend won the lottery? ;-) In all seriousness though, why wouldn't he have a rich friend? There are a lot of possibilities how you can meet people and when it clicks, it clicks.
  10. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    That's interesting, thanks. I only know that our cat doesn't need anything other than a health certificate from the vet and so far, only one out of three CBP officials wanted to see it. Good point/idea. Would she still be able to do tournaments though? I guess, she could for the US? But she did seem to be a very proud Dutch. While I hope that they'll keep the relationship on the down low like Matt's, I am curious to see where they're going with this.
  11. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    Are there that many chess tournaments in DC? They established that Jay has WH ambitions in S1. They haven't revisited that issue but now that he does get a shot at the WH, I'm not sure he'd just move to the Netherlands. I'm also not sure he'd move because it would mean he'd barely get to see Chloe.
  12. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    Thanks. It would have been fun if they had used Bahrain and a brother of the guy who was shot in S1. I don't play that either ;-) A couple more thoughts: what are the odds that Jay and the Dutch chess player have a chance? Matt and Roni I get. She's originally from the US and she is "just" deployed. But the Dutch chess player is based on the Netherlands and Jay doesn't really have much time to travel. When he travels it's to different parts of the world and when she travels it's to where chess games are. So, they made Henry part of Bess' staff now, too? She told him to go call the President at the end to give him his advice. All fine and well, but Bess should make the request for the waiver first. I highly doubt that Henry can make it on her behalf. It would look very odd and I don't think that's how it works especially since it's completely unrelated to Henry. I wish they had taken the time and shown him coming back and handing her the phone because she has to make the request first. Or that Henry wasn't really going to get the phone and that this was something that would be dealt with the following day. Oh, and where did all the people go when Bess fell asleep at the table in the airport at the end?
  13. S05E06: Eyjafjallajökull

    I think the show does an excellent job of putting comic relief in episodes that have a heavy or serious subject. They have a lot of them by nature - so many world problems are less than fun - so if you don't have writers that can manage to balance it well, a show would probably lose its appeal. I was a bit confused by that as well. I assumed that it was the VIP lounge for a few reasons: Bess was welcomed by that guy at the beginning, the airport was fairly empty, there was only a pub and the small cart with sandwiches and they were all moving around pretty freely. There also were no planes at the gates. But then, there was a shot where you could see the A7 sign. Could they have shot at a regular airport and were unable to remove the signs? I enjoyed the episode. I thought it was well-balanced and well-paced. I don't know if it was intentional but I thought the set-up of Bess' staff talking with the French, German and Saudis? (I didn't catch that) was interesting. They were being cooked for, enjoying food that costs a fortune while denying humanitarian aide to people who have nothing. It seemed the most obvious with the French, and I really thought Jay was going to point that out. As arrogant as they came across, I do understand the position of the Germans but the Saudi's (or whoever it was) position was laughable. Maybe they are giving more than the US measured by the GDP but the king and princes certainly can live with one house and a plane less. I bet, they don't have to refuel. What was that look from the Turkish foreign minister to Bess at the beginning? That conversation between Bess and Chen... I don't know who wrote this episode but Chen's denial of humanitarian aide and then the dismissal of Bess with the words that he has to save the world and meaning a virtual world - that was great. And so punch-in-the-face-worthy! Loved Bess' reaction to it. I loved the phone conversation between Bess and Henry. I like how they manage to sneak in a reference to Bess' run for presidency every now and then. The entire episode wasn't about that but it still felt natural. And Bess' answer cracked me up. I also liked how the conversation went as a whole, that felt very natural as well. Did Alison really think she could sneak into the house unseen while her father was sitting in the office facing the stairs? But that dialogue and acting... Alison's facial expression was hilarious and line delivery, too! I don't recall if the US granted asylum to the suspected Turkish coup leader in the previous season. I hope they did. Otherwise, I don't think it was necessary to throw that in. The Turkish foreign minister could have asked Bess to step aside instead of almost creating an international incident. I completely forgot about Matt's girlfriend. Nice that they didn't. I also liked that they found a way to include Matt in the episode and somewhat into the story. I don't know if this is the first scene he and Henry had together but they, too, work well together. And great acting again when Henry reacted to Alison's comments about monogamy. The whole conversation and reactions were done so, so well! I liked the tidbit of Henry and Bess background even if it wasn't much and not really something new. But it was nice that they had him remember and that they were committed so early on was not only a great contrast to Alison but to how many relationships are portrayed on TV as a whole. I'm not sure Henry would have gotten involved in Alison's "love life" (if you can call it that) but I can see why he did. If your daughter starts with "maybe monogamy is too much for me" you probably do wonder where you went wrong as a parent. And what kind of attitude is that anyway? I understand that Alison got upset but wow, was she a brat in this episode. I don't think I've ever seen her like that. I certainly admire Bess' patience with the Turkish delegation. I'm not sure I would have been able to stay polite for as long as Bess did but I did like how the relationship gradually thawed and how they portrayed that. I think they made great use of optics in this episode. (That the Turkish joined the Americans in the pub while Bess and the foreign minister stayed at a distance and were seated in chairs with their backs to each other etc). And that Bess and the Turkish foreign minister bonded over their inability to sing was cute. One of those examples that the writers know how to insert comic relief into the episodes. It took me a moment to realize that Blake was holding up a piece of paper with the United States seal while Bess was having the video chat with the Russian foreign minister. I mean, seriously? I thought for sure that there'd be a fight over who gets to take-off first though. Maybe they cut it for time? I laughed out loud at the pet hippo! How could they deliver those lines with a straight face? But a visa? Wouldn't it be more of a customs/quarantine waiver? I was a bit slow to catch on to the chess theme but I don't play. But once the Dutch chess player mentioned that the Russian guy cheated, it was obvious that Bess would use that to get the money. And I enjoyed the overall theme/set-up and that Bess went to the Chinese and not the Russians. But I wouldn't have minded if Bess and the Turkish foreign minister had been able to work something out and if that had included the US taking in more refugees. Yes, money is important but so is actually taking refugees. And reducing arms deals that support the wars that create the refugees. Shouldn't Bess have pointed out to the Turkish foreign minister that the US could just as easily block their desire to become a rotating security council member? I have mixed feelings about Henry's rant. It seemed to be about so much more than just a chess game. I mean, it technically was because it was about Russia's cheating in general but it felt like it needed to be about more than Russia even. The show just hasn't had the stories to set this up. It was a real-life rant in a fake universe where things that would have warranted it didn't happen. Or, at least, they weren't subject of any episodes, so, I was waiting for Bess to ask Henry what was going on and what this was really about. Thanks show for ending with a cute Bess and Henry scene! On the fashion front: are crop tops really in again? Must they be? (And does Alison have to wear them in every episode especially when they're airing in fall/winter? I know they couldn't predict how cold it would in the DC area this time of year but Henry was wearing long sweat pants and a sweater to go for a run!)
  14. S03. E08. But for the Grace

    To be fair, the cop did say that he followed protocol or whatever word he used. So, it seems the rules need changing. In hindsight, considering how hard the guy who died hit his head on the pavement, I'm surprised that he wasn't bleeding and/or didn't have a concussion.
  15. S05E07: Sheepdogs

    Ha! Good question. I'm waiting for the episode that reverses Pride's promotion. They can't come up with plausible and semi-plausible plots to put Pride back together with his old team forever. Fall finale maybe? As far as I know, the attire is not a (mandatory) part of the faith. There are far too many terrorists in New Orleans for my taste. It's a fun city but come on, show. It's New Orleans, not New York City. The number of terrorist attacks is getting ridiculous. Maybe hire some new writers who can come up with new ideas?