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  1. Blind Item Speculation

    The only one I can make fit is David Angell(Cheers, Frasier), who died on AA flight 11 on 9/11. - Almost 20 years ago -permanent A list because of Frasier and Cheers -died abruptly -records went 'up in flames'
  2. College Football

    Alabama-LSU. For the record I was not being snarky, I genuinely want to know why that wasn't targeting.
  3. College Football

    How was that not targeting?
  4. S01.E05: The Bent-Neck Lady

    I thought I recognized his voice so midway through the episode I looked up the cast list on IMDb and found out I was right it was him.
  5. Gymnastics

    First final ever for the Dutch men's team, previous best result was 10th at the Olympics and 11th at the 2015 WC.
  6. College Football

    Now that's an upset I didn't see coming...
  7. Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    Alejandro Valverde FINALLY won the men's road race at the World Championships and will be wearing the rainbow jersey next season. After two second place finishes and four third place finishes it pleases me that at his age(38, second oldest WC ever) he finally won :) https://www.bbc.com/sport/cycling/45699992
  8. NFL Thread

    I'm entertained by the fact that, for now, the Browns have a better record than the Patriots.
  9. Off-Season Olympics Coverage

    Yay. Needless to say lots of upset people. IAAF is not letting them back in yet. Russia reinstated by Wada after doping scandal suspension https://www.bbc.com/sport/45565273
  10. NFL Thread

    The guys on the radio show we listen to in the morning suggested Metallica and now I want it lol. Maroon 5 is going to put me to sleep but to be honesty nothing is going to compare to Prince.
  11. His stand up shows are the best. His Tom Jones bit is a thing of beauty.
  12. Black Panther (2018)

    I don't believe Disney can use Black Panther on that side of the Mississippi.
  13. NFL Thread

    What is this Vikings kicker problem? Good grief. Two weeks, two ties.
  14. NFL Thread

    This Vikings-Packers game has been crazy the last few minutes! I'm not a fan of either team but I'm feeling the Packers got a lot of calls against them that I'm not sure about. Poor Browns, so close.
  15. Plus whatever development they did have got shot to hell in that abomination of a series finale. I can't believe how bitter I still am over this.