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  1. Season 7 Discussion

    We don't know that nobody is interested. It looks to me like Jana hasn't found anyone she is interested in.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    I know. Several times he has mentioned going to work or working late so I felt he still had the job. Do we know for sure he gave up his job? I would think that just the health insurance would be invaluable to that family.
  3. Season 7 Discussion

    Mr. Kelton has probably been fighting off the ladies for years. I don't think Jana would stand out to him.
  4. Maybe Tori doesn't want to be in the wedding. When is her baby due?
  5. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    I know Danielle thinks she can do everything, but she is going to have to Christmas like the rest of us do and alternate experiences--go to Lake Charles one Christmas and stay home for the next one. And did anybody else think the number of gifts was incredibly excessive? Gifts from grandparents, parents, and from each child to all of the other kids? It just seemed crazy to me in a house that already has two playrooms full of toys. The kids could draw names and get one special gift for a sibling. I think Danielle wanted everything to look like a magazine photo (matching checked pajamas for parents and kids, as well as matching gift paper for the presents)--no wonder she was completely exhausted!
  6. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    I didn't notice the bald spot but I did notice all the hats he was wearing--after last season making such a fuss over his hair.
  7. I find Audrey's hat the worst thing about that picture. All that black...all she needs is a broomstick! How about a nice yellow hat to contrast her dark hair, dark eyebrows, and black clothes?
  8. Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    I watched Joy and Austin's video and I have a couple of questions. 1) Was that a real midwife they were talking to? 2) Did Joy say that she had never attended any of her sister's birth events, she didn't know what to expect, but that her body knows what to do? I'm just surprised that Joy wasn't considered of age to experience these expert home births of theirs, even though she was ready to be a teen bride.
  9. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    I am watching and thinking of stopping. The flashbacks are confusing, and it is just so darn dark. I find the Camille character really frustrating. I have not read the book. I read Gone Girl and was not impressed at all, and didn't bother with the movie. I've gotten to the point where I really don't care who the killer is, and yeah, Camille, your family sucks. I feel like she should leave and tell her boss to find someone else to deal with this crazy town.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    How could someone clean a house while taking care of 5 babies or toddlers? I would hope she has help--it is a very large house. It must have 6 bedrooms. There is the master bedroom, a bedroom for two quints, one for three quints, one for Blayke, and a guest room for Mimi. On top of that the quints have a playroom and Blayke seems to have her own playroom. That is a lot to take care of. Somehow I don't think Danielle will be marshaling those girls to take on many chores. They may not always need the nannies but they will always need house cleaners. Hopefully they are making good money on the spin cycle business.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    Anybody catch the commercial for Mission Impossible tied in with Outdaughtered? It showed up halfway through the show and it was really cute. They must have had fun making that!
  12. So I had my first (and hopefully last!) Duggar dream last night. I dreamed I was asked to take Josie to the hospital. Michelle couldn't because she was receiving a "treatment" in her private quarters. So along with a carload of howlers, I took Josie to the hospital. I felt terrible leaving her there all by herself so I ended up going back to the hospital, to find that her hospital gown was all wet and no one was watching her. The other children in the ward all had families and seemed to be having celebrations. I went to the nurses and said that no one was watching Josie so I was going to spend the night with her because someone had to be there and I got her a clean gown. That's all there was to the dream and I have no clue why I was dreaming about Josie Duggar.
  13. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I think Eleanor is lovely and those nicknames work for me as well.
  14. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    I thought Josiah did pretty well getting Lauren to marry him. She seems like a very nice girl and she is quite attractive. Hope it goes well for them, but I have my doubts.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    I don't think Danielle's father has ever been mentioned on the show. Something tells me he has been out of the picture for a long time. I managed to find Mimi on FB and she is currently a realtor.