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  1. I figure they'll steal Jill's baby girl name and name her Selah.
  2. Late spring could mean tail end of May/early June.
  3. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Not that unusual. I was at Texas Roadhouse the other night and someone was celebrating their birthday and the family brought cake and cupcakes for everyone to have along with their meal.
  4. Season 5 Discussion

    I agreed with the cops that if I was in jail and saw Mark (ex-CO and superfan of the show) I'd definitely think he was in for something related to "To Catch a Predator". He's not going to make it. He will end up like Brian (lawyer from season 2) and get harassed until he taps out. Steve is so over-the-top that I love him (obviously he's an actor). <3 Cops never do well on this show so I'll give David 3 episodes before he loses it. Jazmyn seems very soft-spoken so I'm not sure how well she will do. Her military past is definitely an asset and, given that most military folks have done well on this show, I won't count her out. AB will probably end up outing the entire program. They are setting him up as the most knowledgeable and adept, which is how Angele started out last season and we saw how that turned out... The other two women I'm kind of "meh" about. Vivian seems like she will just fade into the background like Quentin did during season 2 and Brooke seems like she will be combative, but respected and/or left alone, like Tami from season one.
  5. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    He also could be having his education paid for by a law firm or other business that wants to employ him after he graduates. A friend of mine had her B.S. in nursing paid for by agreeing to work for a local hospital for a few years after her graduation.
  6. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Thankfully, modern orthodontia has come a long way. Instead of waiting until the teen years to do braces, some dentists are putting braces on younger children to guide their permanent teeth into position. Two of my students had this done to fix problems with teeth growing too far outward (kind of like buck teeth, but with their canines) and it has worked out fabulously for them. Izzy's teeth look like any kid's at his age, but if he has further issues with his permanent teeth he has many solutions to fix them (if he wants).
  7. Gymnastics

    The Danell situation was a weird one. I agree he should have been named outright, but I understand why he wasn't. He was forced to compete at nationals with injuries in order to compete at trials and performed badly, which didn't help his cause. He is/was kind of a diva too, which didn't endear him to USAG and didn't garner him the goodwill of the committee like it did John Orozco. I ultimately think that John and Danell were fighting for the same spot and they gave it to John because they liked him more than Danell. If John hadn't been an option at all, then I think Danell would have been named outright.
  8. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Their decor is very Joanna Gaines.
  9. Gymnastics

    I'll defend the men here as I'm one of the few MAG fans that post on this board. Our men are not as bad as many make them out to be. The main issue USA MAG faces is depth (boys tend to be pushed to basketball, football, soccer and NOT gymnastics as it's seen by many as a girly sport), funding (seriously, even USAG seems to forget about we have a men's team), and opportunity (even if boys wanted to do gymnastics there are limited programs around the country for them to participate). You also have to take into account that male gymnasts don't peak until they're in their early-mid 20s whereas the women peak in their teens (mostly) and retire by the time they'd be going into college. If the men decide to go into NCAA to pay for college they have to abide by NCAA rules and can only practice a set amount of time each week or forfeit their right to participate (20 hours, I think?) AND they can't take any endorsements/sponsorships. If the men don't go the NCAA route and want to just do gymnastics then they have to have some means of viable support since training is a full-time job. Most people in this country can't afford to not work or have the means not to, so you lose men that way as well. This brings me to the main advantage that other countries have- they support their gymnasts full-stop. No one on the dominant teams has to worry about working a typical job to bring in income to support themselves and their families. Other countries also don't have a limit placed on their training if they do go to college (see the Japanese men's team members) and aren't penalized if they decide to do endorsements/sponsorships (see again the Japanese men's team members). These countries see training as their athlete's main job and make sure they have the tools necessary to compete and be successful. There's always a downside, of course, as those countries are VERY harsh if their teams don't do well and some of those athletes are literally competing for their lives. The fact that with all of our disadvantages we sit at a pretty solid 4th/5th in the world is astounding. I realize that everyone wants us to get gold in EVERYTHING, but with USAG being burned to the ground at the moment that's unlikely to happen. If the men's team wants to be successful they need to seriously prioritize creating men's only programs in different regions of the country, scout local clubs for up and coming boys with potential, and then give more backing to those young men as they move up the ranks. They would also need a cultural shift that views gymnastics as more of a masculine, athletic, and strength-based sport than its current view that it's a strictly feminine sport based on grace and artistry (this view is shifting as well). Finally, the men have had individual successes that shouldn't be discounted. At the 2016 Olympics Danell managed two silvers and Alex managed a bronze on the dreaded pommel horse. Considering that they were competing against a lot of athletes who are specialists and only train one apparatus, that's pretty significant. Yes, I get mad with all of you when our guys don't deliver, but then I have to take a step back and remember everything they are up against (centralized training programs, specialists, funding, etc.) and what they need to get to the same level as the women. You also have to remember that it wasn't so long ago that the women's team was awful and it wasn't until USAG managed to get the Karolyis (speaking from the perspective of before we knew about all the abuse) and a lucky USSR breakup that we started seeing tremendous and consistent success. I'll always support our guys even with my all-out love for the Japanese and Russian MAG teams <3.
  10. Gymnastics

    Not surprised. They are doing it to, most likely, protect their assets as any lawsuits against them will be suspended while they are in bankruptcy proceedings.
  11. Figure Skating

    She really has no incentive to fix their technique when her skaters are never called on it by the judges. Evgenia was known for "flutzing" and always got +GOE for it until recently. Alina backloaded her Olympic season program and never took a hit on her PCS for doing it. If her current crop of girls compete a quad, even poorly, they'll be overcompensated for it because that's the standard that's been set.
  12. Gymnastics

    Them's fighting words, British announcer guy. How was Cottbus BTW? Worth the watch?
  13. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    It's also possible he had an exam. I had exams given at weird times during college (including Sundays!) that there was no working around.
  14. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I've lived in both the north and the south and I've heard the term both places and it's never had a negative connotation. It's always been used humorously. A friend of mine posted a picture on social media last week with a picture of a hamburger sandwiched between two glazed donuts and hash tagged it with 'merica. I also googled the term and nothing negative came up. The dictionary even defined the term as humorous and said it was used to emphasize qualities stereotypically regarded as American as well as fervent patriotism.