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  1. Glaadrial I agree Ru is very fond of Shangela it's obvious. The cynic in me sees Trixie's win as more of a WOW than Ru manipulation. Shangela's post show success has largely been very separate from WOW. Trixie is a WOW darling and her show with Katya got it start on WOW. So my feeling is they've had a say all season. I don't mean to say this to invalidate Trixie's win. I actually felt this was a strong final 4. I just think Shangela did better overall and and is larger than drag race in a way that makes her deserving of the HOF.
  2. Big Brother Canada Season 6

    Fantastic read on Ryan. His whole intro coming into the house was about shaking things up and being a mastermind. But when he gets power he blows his own game up. It was so silly too because once Veronica initiated the confrontation he had to come out and admit he has little to no alliances in the house and Andrew was one of the only people with him. So why not just tell the others that despite house consensus about Andrew he has to keep him and to just decide on their second target? I suppose when you are actually in the game these types of decisions are harder than for us watching and seeing everything. Even if Erica used the veto I doubt enough people would have flipped to vote Olivia out. She seems under the radar and friendly with the larger alliance in the house. I too am surprised Hamza is growing on me. I normally HATE the dudebros on all versions of BB. I think it's because he's at least trying to play (if stupidly. Self nominating? lol). The other 'alpha' males grate though. Especially Derek. Will is at least a sweetheart. I'm kind of here for Paras and Jesse's secret alliance though. If they can keep the lid on it and their attraction they could go far. Veronica is a dud for me. I keep wishing Kirsten came in instead.
  3. Let me sit with you. I expected it though because Kennedy is a much better dancer than Trixie. I think the judges may have dinged Kennedy for not facing them and showing she knew the lyrics as much. But her contemporary style fit the angst of the song well.
  4. The Jury of their Queers also played to Kennedy's strengths. She is a pageant queen. I believe she's won several and has competed for years. She even said she was approaching the jury as if they were a pageant panel. I think she was at ease with that format and it came through. Thorgy said as much. I don't think she needed to beg. I think she just made her point better than the other 3. The Jury concept was the issue. I love Kennedy but agree that she shouldn't have been in the top 2 over Shangela. But this format played to her strength. My guess is had Ben remained he would have been knocked out at this stage which would have been equally tragic. I guess Ru wanted the jury for the gag but it turned into a lame one IMO because of the result. I wonder what would have happened if they included this in AS2. My guess is Alaska would not have made that final 2. So again it seems like the show pulls some very obvious strings to get their winner.
  5. BULLSHIT! I like all the top 4 a lot but this result reeked of WOW interference. Trixie is a talented queen but I don't think she did all star level work on this season. Alaska's win was obvious but I will say she killed it in almost every challenge with just one hiccup. And she did it against stronger competition. Trixie turned things around a week and a half before the end and poof she wins? It makes me wonder if Ben really wanted to quit or was asked and I hate having conspiracy theories like that. If we're including their outside success as part of their eligibility then Shangela absolutely deserved the crown. I didn't hate the season because I liked the cast (with the exception of Thory and Milk after I saw how bitter they were). But this was an anticlimactic ending. To briefly address the racism issue. I don't think the popularity of queens of colour disproves what Aja said. You only need to see the posts left on black queens' social media accounts to know they get attacked on a whole other level different than a lot of white queens. People loving Bob doesn't invalidate that Kennedy, Jasmine, and Nina to name just a few receive constant racist messages on their twitters, IGs etc. Black queens also seem to be attacked far more for fans perceived ideas that they are coming for a fishy white queen. See Jasmine/Pearl. Kennedy getting attacked for eliminating Katya, and Nina & Valentina. Nina gets the most hate from Valentina's fans even though several queens came for her at the renunion including Farrah Moan who actually gets little to no hate from Valentina fans. IMO Kennedy is correct and there is clear evidence of this issue in the Drag Race online community. If the issue were her or another queens personality why do people attack them with the N word and other racial slurs? Shouldn't they be critiquing their personality etc if race isn't a factor?
  6. The skit was painful. I don't think any of the parts were well fleshed out. And I wonder how much direction Ross gave in the sense of tips on how to embody the characters. I know they all came from popular movies but each queen may not have seen those movies. I love Kennedy. I think her talent is underappreciated. But the show does not play to her strengths. Kennedy needs to be seen live to really appreciate what she brings to drag. I think if she had won more challenges that would have been more obvious. Or if the bottom queens had to save themselves with lip syncs. Her story about Drag Cons broke my heart though. I'd totally go to her line and not as an afterthought. Morgan was always at a disadvantage. I would have found it weird if she ended up in the top 4 after avoiding numerous challenges including hard ones like Snatch Game. At least this top 4 have gone through it all. This has to be Shangela's to lose right? I cant see any of the other 3 in the HOF.
  7. Big Brother Canada Season 6

    Still too early to have any solid first impressions. Except that Rozina needs to tone it WAY down. I thought she was super sweet and funny in her intro but all that screaming would grate. The house is stunning though. I love the concept of it and I'm excited to see how the heaven/hell theme plays out all season. I voted for Merron and Kirsten. Veronica seems great but I wanted to give 1 vote to an angel and 1 to a devil. Mikey grated in his intro so there was no way he was getting a vote. I feel like she might alternate between black and white this season to stick with the theme.
  8. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    Logically it makes sense that they should experiment with herbivores instead of massive carnivores. just to be safe But I think Jurassic World captured the very human and real idea that bigger, meaner, scarier sells tickets. And it's true. No one on safaris is as hyped to see all the herbivores there. They all want to see the carnivores up close and personal eating said herbivores. Plus I think in this movie the hybrid might just be the result of a shady experiment. Dr. Wu was clearly doing splicing all on his own. Rather than something the park wanted created.
  9. You're not alone! I love BeBe. Her persona is just fantastic. And for me she has actually done well in challenges the other queens thought she would struggle in (Snatch Game, the Soup Cans, and as Jungle Kitty). I think she's done what she/Ru hoped she would. Prove that she could cut it in the current format of the show (at least IMO) and have her style seen by a larger and newer audience than during her season. My only issue with BeBe being cast in AS3 was the potential weirdness of having a former winner and seeing how they would be critiqued. It just felt strange to me to imagine Michelle dragging a winner. But I've noticed they have been kinder to her in their critiques and I do wonder if that is why. I also don't think BeBe really needed this. If any former winner needed a chance to rework their image it is Tyra. Plus she and Morgan together this season would have been high drama.
  10. Well I was complaining last week that the returning queen reveal wouldn't gag us like the mirror reveal from AS2...and it didn't. But then Ben went ahead and gagged us herself! Even Ru seemed gagged (though I am sure she and the show knew well before Ben's reveal). Her talking heads leading up to the lip sync kind of gave it away. But I still wasn't expecting it until she said this was the easiest decision she has ever made. I don't know if this was all some big inside job to crown Trixie. I hope not and I don't want to be that cynical. I think it was probably just Ben being over it. The show's format in general doesn't seem to fit him and I think the added pressure of All Stars making him send queens home over and over was too much. He's right that he doesn't need it either. He's already beloved and well known, works steadily, and probably is comfortable where his finances are concerned (he won like 20,000 anyway didn't he?). This does turn the season on its head though. I think the win has to go to Shangela now. I love Trixie but I feel she turned it up way too late. A Trixie win would be entirely based on her outside work. Plus Shangela is the only one I feel has a track record and body of work that matches up with Chad and Alaska. I can't see the others in that same sphere yet. Or Ru wants to make Herstory and crown BeBe. I don't think that would mean that much though since previous winners were barred anyway. It's obvious if Bianca and Bob were allowed to they would dominate an All Stars season. I think even Raja could win an All Stars addition (no shade to Raja she's my favorite winner) it's just that she's understated compared to Bianca and Bob. Thorgy and Milk should not have come on this show. They hurt their image BAD IMO. Thorgy came off salty during her season. She is downright nasty now. I don't know what is wrong with Milk? Her behaviour here came off super fake and like it was planned. But maybe she is that delusional? Chi Chi and Aja did wonders for their brands by coming on though.
  11. I am so in agreement with all of this. In the past the showmances developed organically and you'd tend to only have 1 or 2 at most. Now it is legitimately a strategy and an attempt to get more camera time. When people walk through the door and are in a showmance in less than an hour I just roll my eyes. Even if they make it in the real world after. It comes off so fake and it just eats up so much of the season. It doesn't help that most recent showmances have been duds. Neither part of the couple thinks to work much at the actual game. Jody did ok last season but that was mostly because of Jessica. Maven were just straight up trash at the game on on levels. If they were even strategic it would be better. Absolutely. I don't think it was ever about the win for Omarosa. She saw this as a chance to try and change the narrative about her. Post firing the press dismissed her (rightly so) and literally said bye Felicia to her lies. I don't think she fooled everyone by doing the show but I think being seen getting along with the house guests for the most part, having people like Ari praising her for being smart and nice, and trying to seem devote probably did make some people change their minds about her (ugh).
  12. Yeah Julie seemed much more relaxed and loose with this group. I think because for the most part (despite a bitter jury) the group gets along well. No one took it that seriously and a lot of the drama was calculated with less hard feelings than during a normal season. Plus we avoided the usual toxic racism, sexism, homophobia reveals that we get from the usual trash people the show loves to cast during its normal seasons.
  13. Yick not the result I was hoping for so I may skip the west coast show. I'm sure she is a very nice person in real life but Marissa didn't play a good game. She just latched onto the stronger players (maybe that is a good game play though?). I also hated how she played the victim in a lot of her confrontations. She did do some shady things but was very unwilling to own them and always whined about Omarosa or Brandi calling her out. Glad Ross won AFP. All in all this was a fun season though. The shortened format, lack of fake, nauseating showmances was really nice. I think if they do another celeb version they should only make tapping out harder or not an option. This season would have been better if Keisha and Metta didn't ruin two HOHs.
  14. S03.E05: All Stars - Warhol Ball

    I think Ru or someone close to Ru and the show clearly follows younger queens on IG/Twitter/FB. The last several seasons have seen several IG queens get cast. It's a smart decision because they bring their legion of fans with them. Though I think that shift has also brought with the internet troll contingent to the show. I'm always stunned at the anti-gay, anti-trans, racist posts of some of these queens' online fans hurl at other queens and fans. Literally missing a huge message of the show and the LGBTQ movement in general.
  15. S03.E05: All Stars - Warhol Ball

    Agree with everyone that something was lacking in this episode. It felt flat. I think the challenge this week had potential but the execution wasn't great. I thought the soup cans would be more like the Pride boats they had to make a few seasons ago. Some of those were dreadful but some of them were fantastic. The soup cans just felt boring. Even Trixie's wasn't funny to me. It was just correctly branded. I thought BeBe destroyed Trixie in that lip sync. The song was a bitter fit for the outfit and style BeBe was channeling. Trixie's outfit was way off and she was just all over the place with her dancing. I know it's hard to re-create the drama of the mirror reveal from AS2 but this HandMaid's tale reveal isn't working for me. It just feels like they latched onto it because the show is so popular. It doesn't even look like there is any drama involved in the reveal next week. Just Ru revealing returning queens and them walking through the door like always. I thought there would be some pay off to this storyline. I guess the suspense is in who is returning.?