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  1. Oh, the first Ranger but not the FIRST Ranger (who is presumably currently kicking it back on Minbar at this point). That comment had me confused for a moment! Maybe the Drazi? They seem to have the sort of aggressive, expansionist attitude the Shadows would want and are (maybe?) the most powerful of the Non-Aligned worlds.
  2. S12.E09: The Citation Negation

    I was bothered by the whole "Checking citations" thing, because wouldn't you do that as you went along? The only way I could Fanwank it was to say that Shamy were asking Leonard to look to see if the citations they'd made were correctly cited. That would be a bitch to do, but having somebody looking to check that the paper was in the September 2000 issue of Scientific American and not the October edition would be maybe worthwhile? I mean, I assume you'd do most of that online these days, but it would make more sense for the plot. Liked that Bernadette wasn't instantly able to beat Howard at not-Call of Duty after a little coaching. Howard wastes dedicates hours of his life to computer games - it takes time to pick up competence!
  3. That Game Time was really fun! The prices just go to show that anything from a TV show is ludicrously overpriced (even allowing for the fact that they're dollar prices which I have to mentally translate into pounds). I kept going, "Well, I wouldn't pay the lowest price - so it's probably the highest one!" How much was the
  4. It's my interpretation that we're meant to sympathise with the Centauri, but I'm pretty sure it's deliberate. The Narn are helping to supply the raiders (I think?), they helped in the attempted assassination of Kosh in the Pilot and they're generally aggressive, while the Centauri are kind of pathetic ("See the once mighty Centauri Empire, available 9 to 5 - Earth time!"* - Londo Mollari). Plus the Centauri are almost human (genitalia aside) while the Narn are reptilian, which calls to our human sense of otherness. Obviously, it changes, but that's one of the reasons the 1st Season was disappointing to me. * Probably not the exact quote, but my Google-Fu let me down
  5. The twist being that while in The Prisoner the Number 2 would say it while forming a "b" over their eye, Psi Corps do it over their forehead because they're not watching what you do, they're watching what you're thinking. I have to say, I disliked much of the first series because the reptilian Narn were so clearly the villains while the more human looking Centauri (and to a lesser extent, the Minbari) were more sympathetic. So I was glad that later on, the Centauri/Narn relationship becomes rather more nuanced.
  6. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    Nice callback to earlier episodes - not just the reappearance of Tim Shaw (and his gruesome collection of teeth), but to The Stolen Earth (and how the TARDIS had once towed the Earth back into place!). The episode also reminded me somewhat of the Babylon 5 episode "Grail" where religious belief was treated reverently, which hasn't always been the case in Who. I liked Graham being all out for revenge, in spite of the Doctor's warning - and that it was Ryan that talked him round. And we finally got the fist bump and "I love you" between the two of them! Really liked Ryan going, "You heard me - I'm NOT saying it again!" as well. Yaz has been rather underused all Season - she's had her moments (she had one early in this episode too when she talked down Mark Addy's character) but she's definitely been underused. Hope she gets something to do on the New Year's Day episode!
  7. Loved Missy getting the better of Sheldon. I lol'ed when the lady scientist came back with her hair down after Missy pointed it out her colleague was sweet on her! And that she couldn't answer because the camera was running Well:
  8. S12.E08: The Consummation Deviation

    Loved it, for two reasons: 1) Sheldon defended Amy to her mother, despite Amy (as her mother said) "throwing him under the bus", because he has to, because "those are the rules". Sheldon may be completely insensitive, but he does know that he should support his wife, so he does.* 2) Raj resolved his problems with his fiancee by actually talking to her, avoiding the usual sitcom trope of "There's a simple explanation, but I'm committed to some stupid lie!" I'm hoping they will actually have a successful marriage (well, for the 5 episodes or so they'll be married by the time the series ends). * Well, when the writers remember!
  9. S08.E10: Witness For The Prosecution

    I completely missed that the Defence Attorney was on Team Evil - if a somewhat sympathetic one. But the whole "let's pretend we're broken up" and the "secret love sign" were just silly. Still, the actual case itself was suitably twisty, even if I completely lost track of who the murderer actually was (I thought it would be the Male Host - although I was wrong, at least he was guilty of something, if not the murder). Though from the first, I was suspicious of Castle's "eye witness" account of the murder, because I immediately went, "No you didn't, you saw her standing over a dead/dying body!" - as the episode went on to show. For somebody as attached to finding bizarre explanations for deaths, you'd think he'd be less inclined to immediately jump to a conclusion not actually based on the facts.
  10. The Christmas-Creep TV Forcening

    After viewing the Pickle & Peanut segment, I'm assuming the "water" in the snowglobe was spiked with acid?
  11. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    There's been a New Year's Day episode before, too - the (only) Eight Doctor's adventure was set on New Year's Eve/Day (neatly aligned with its broadcast date of... mid-May). Perhaps not the greatest precedent, though! It seems much more like classic Who than modern, with the Doctor stumbling into a problem and fixing it rather than being some mythic scale Galactic force that can turn back armies. Which is "better" is mostly about the sort o Doctor you want to see (IMO).
  12. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    But if you don't want to lose something, don't leave it behind? It's not as if he wondered into the alt-Universe and couldn't bear to leave (which would be pretty crappy, but more understandable), he deliberately set up the house in the woods with food and loudspeakers to keep his daughter there. As it happened, taking more people through the mirror (like gateways to E-Space - or Wonderland!) would probably have caused the Universe to collapse, but he wasn't to know that. I presume the frog was chosen as an image from the mind of Graham - he was thinking about Grace so he thought about the frog necklace - a bit like imagining the form of Gozer to be the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, it's just a random image that people thought of, not significant in itself. At least that's how I imagined it worked.
  13. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    Anyone else think the "In Between" world (forget what it was called) felt like it was from a different story? It just didn't seem to fit with the rest. Guess they needed to fill out the time. But man was the father a dick - getting flashbacks to The Village (without even having seen that film!) - as Yaz said, why not just get her an iPad to keep her indoors? I don't suppose many blind kids go wondering around in the woods! I was sure the main story with the "ideal" world for our heroes was going to turn out to be a version of the ST: Voyager episode Bliss (I'm sure they ripped it off from something else, but that's the story I thought of) - everyone was given a version of reality that was too good to be true so they stayed while something sucked out their brains (or whatever). So to have it to be something dangerous but non-malign was at least a twist. A bit too hand wavy for my liking, but I did like the talking frog at the end for the pure WTFness of it!
  14. Sorry, missed this reply. No, I don't believe Danny will force Jon to become Lord of Winterfell against his will, but similarly, unless Lord Royce (or somebody else) decides he's suddenly a big Sansa fan, nobody's going to be enforcing her claim either. It will likely depend on who the various Lords of the North decide they are most comfortable with (ie. believe they can manipulate the most easily) so Rickon would probably have been their choice (if he was still alive). The only way I can see people rallying to Sansa is if she agreed to marry somebody as a quid pro quo - which given her experiences of marrying Ramsay, seems unlikely. Nobody is going to be backing a Queen Sansa in her own right - Royce might back her if she agreed to marry Robyn (perhaps), but it's going to be about which man they want to take power. Not very feminist perhaps, but it's a sexist world (and Sansa doesn't have dragons to make up for her lack of a dick)! Also, I would say that force worked poorly for Dany in Essos - yes, she could enforce her will so long as she had her army with her (most of the time), but when she left she faced revolts. In fact, she faced an insurrection by the Harpies even where she was, so hopefully she'll try something other than trying to
  15. Whether Jon is truly a Stark, Snow or Targaryen is irrelevant as much as who wins the Iron Throne in the end. After all, as Danny pointed out, part of the reason the Starks were able to retain their position as Lords of Winterfell after the Targaryen Conquest was because they bent the knee, acknowledging the supremacy of the Iron Throne to the Lord of Winterfell/King in the North. If you wanted to argue it from a legal standpoint, the Starks forfeited their right to hold Winterfell when they took up arms in Robert's rebellion and so Danerys has the right to appoint whoever she wishes to Winterfell and Lord Paramount of the North to replace the "traitorous" Starks (this is essentially what Tywin did by supplanting the Starks with the Boltons as rulers of the North - the Starks were "rebels" and the Boltons were "loyal"). But legal arguments only apply where people accept them and will be forced to concede to military might. (I'm not saying that Danny would be wise to pursue this line of argument, but if she did meet a Perry of House Mason who tried to argue that Jon lacked the authority to return the North to the Seven Kingdoms, that would be one line of argument).