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  1. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    It wasn't just that, it was the fact that the Doctor seemed to give up when she got to where "The Monument" was. She knew the TARDIS was showing up there, so fire off a Quantum Resonance Array... sorry, wrong franchise... a Transdimensional Beacon to rematerialize it. I should not be ahead of the Doctor in solving the plot! Liked the "Come to Papa... I mean Mama!" line, too. The other possibility I considered was the guy who died last episode's missing sister, since she was stated to be in suspended animation, or something like it. But I don't like that as an answer because it wasn't somebody the Doctor has ever met (that we know of), so it would seem a bit random for her to be significant.
  2. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I'm wondering if he/she will turn out to be the Doctor's daughter (either Jenny from that episode or the mother of Susan - assuming they're not the same person, which they might be) or even Ashildr (who is certainly timeless) - now that Maisie Williams is free from Game of Thrones.
  3. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I get the impression somebody watched Pitch Black before writing this - desert world apparently bereft of life that is deadly (well, supposedly deadly!) at night. Other than liking that Grace got another mention (because it should affect them that their grandmother/wife died), I found this a bit lacking, because it was obvious that the "monument that appears and disappears was going to be the TARDIS. And on that subject - not a fan of the new TARDIS (it just seems too dark to me).
  4. S01.E02: I'll Deal With Him Later

    I'm wondering who is actually behind Villanelle - they're presumably Russian but it seems unlikely they're the KGB (who aren't called that anymore, I know) or MI6 would have a better handle on them (I would imagine - by their choice of targets if nothing else). I hope this gets revealed and it isn't just some shadowy conspiracy. I loved Villanelle looking at her hook up's dead body and going "Problem solved!" (does that make me a sociopath too?) - though he really shouldn't have stolen her perfume. It was somewhat reminiscent of Xenia Onatop in Goldeneye (who crushed guys with her thighs), so I was slightly surprised he survived (however briefly). And Villanelle gets a free Chinese(?) meal!
  5. S01.E01: Nice Face

    I was thinking that given the number of deaths, there wouldn't be time for Villanelle to kill four(?) people and get away clean while Eve took one call (and presumably, used the bathroom and washed her hands). But the other way (as I thought) would be worse as she would have to carry out her massacre and make it to the bathroom in the same time Eve did! It still seems an implausibly tight schedule for the amount of violence involved (it would have to fit in the time between her nephew leaving the ward and returning with some flowers, which can't be very long). It's amazing how efficient offscreen killers can be!
  6. S01.E01: Nice Face

    OK, this was surprisingly fun, considering it's about a sociopathic assassin and the woman tasked with finding her (will Eve realise who she met in the bathroom?). Though the bathroom scene makes me wonder (and sorry to bring reality to this!) - how was Villanelle able to get away so clean? There were a LOT of bloody corpses in that room, no way Villanelle wouldn't have got some on her scrubs, but they seemed spotless when Eve met her. She might have washed her hands afterwards but her clothing should look like she worked in a slaughterhouse! Of course, it all depends how much time you have to premeditate. Despite what TV shows would tell you, most murders aren't intricately plotted evil schemes but impulsive spur of the moment acts (and in the majority of cases are solved, mostly because of that). But given that Eve works in a field where she probably gets a lot of reports of how people were murdered, she probably has a better idea than most how to avoid the usual pitfalls. (Note to self: work on some better murder plans)
  7. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    At the end of Twice upon a Time, Twelve (Capaldi) takes of in the TARDIS to regenerate. The regeneration energy blasts the TARDIS console, which opens the doors and the Doctor falls out in mid air over some planet (I thought it was Earth, but maybe not?). Clearly the modern Doctor isn't hurt (much) by falling great distances any more. (Things were much more orderly in old Who and the Doctor didn't trash the TARDIS while regenerating. It's almost as if they have a new Showrunner who wants to redesign the TARDIS set!)
  8. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    Never mind Tom Baker's fall from the Jodrell Bank Observatory, Colin Baker tripped and banged his head in the TARDIS to turn into Sylvester McCoy! Or rather, Sylvester McCoy in a blond afro tripped and turned into Sylvester McCoy without it, as Colin Baker didn't appear in that episode (which given the way his Doctor was treated by the BBC, I find it hard to blame him for not doing).
  9. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    I did like that they actually allowed a character to die and actually stay dead (and buried!)… at least so far. And not just random Darwin Award winners who decide to drunkenly pick a fight with an interstellar bounty hunter, but somebody on Team Doctor, who died doing something heroic. I've been complaining that (increasingly) nobody dies in Who, or at least doesn't stay dead, so I'm hoping it doesn't get reversed later (even Pete Tyler's death in Father's Day got kinda Retconned later). Though I loved her question, "Is it bad that I'm enjoying this?" especially as Graham answered "Yes!" I'm rather curious as to what was cut out for the US broadcast. I'm guessing you didn't get the A-Team montage of the Doctor building her sonic or the bike riding scenes - what else was cut? A minor point, but I wonder why they chose Sheffield? I don't know whether it was filmed there, but wonder if it was out of deference to Jodie's own Yorkshire upbringing. Though if that was the case, why not make it Huddersfield where (according to Wiki) she was born? Is Sheffield a sexier choice?
  10. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    I know, it's so hard being a white male today - it's like the world isn't given to us any more... Actually, I liked the fact that we have not just an inter racial relationship (which we'd already had on Who with Rose/Mickey) but also between two people of (nearly) pensionable age. It gives me hope!
  11. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    Loved it! Jodie Whittaker captured exactly what I want in the Doctor - brave, intelligent and more than a little mad. The Regeneration confusion reminded me of Peter Davison's (Five) in Castrovalva and Paul McGann's (Eight) Regenerations, which I also like, as it's a reminder that the Doctor's history started before I was born and not in 2000. But one thing I really liked was it was so... mundane. One alien comes to Earth and the problem is that two people are killed five more are put in danger. But of course, the Doctor treats it as just the same as if the universe was in peril. Which I like - you can say "the Universe is about to explode!" but if the writing doesn't make us care about any of the people in it, it's just words. As for the lady elephant in the room... well, I didn't care, but then I was very unlikely to care anyway. I don't know if our new Lady Doctor hung around for the funeral because as a woman (or at least, played by a woman - who knows how Time Lord genetics work?) she is now "more in touch with her feelings" but I am glad the Doctor doesn't just assume everyone can just cope with their losses and sods off (granted, she couldn't as she's lost the TARDIS, but she could have sought out Torchwood or UNIT). Also noticed the "Long time since I bought women's clothes" line which I wondered if it was suggesting the Doctor had been a woman before (which would cause all sorts of continuity problems!) or was just a reference to shopping for Susan (or any of his female companions, I suppose, but they mostly seemed to arrange their own wardrobes). Also liked that the first thing our companion group did when asked to operate a crane was to Google it! I'm sure that will date terribly, but at least it worked for how a 2018 random person would react.
  12. S05.E18: Dead Man's Tale

    I've seen the "marine salvage leads to murder" plot at least twice (in New York both times too!) in CSI:NY and Forever. Admittedly, I didn't see The Producers twist coming. Also, liked the acknowledgement that most pirates were legitimate, at least part of the time. Indeed, licensing captains to prey on your enemies was very common (a "Letter of the Marque"). Whether the pirates actually kept to the agreement to only attack the right targets was another matter. Treasure hunting is (I suspect) a bit like buying a lottery ticket: there's the possibility you can strike it (very) rich, but you're mostly just throwing away your money. No idea why this particular salvage was so strongly funded, however. How about - 10 year old hears Shinwell discussing with somebody how SBK had ordered him to kill the older brother, shoots this mystery individual in the back and only then realises it actually IS his brother. ...it's not very likely, but Sherlock has come across less plausible scenarios!
  13. S05.E16: Fidelity

    That was the bit that I really didn't buy - if you want to keep something secret, then leaving a trail of corpses (even if they were mostly made to look like accidents/suicides) is a really bad way to do it! Though the idea that the CIA/NSA/WTF might fake evidence to send America to war is eminently plausible (though why Cuba would know anything about Iran's nuclear programme, I have no idea - is there a League of Evil - different from Moriarty/Morland's Evil Corp - in Elementary?). He'll always be Ira, Cybill's ex husband to me.
  14. We do occasionally see people cauterising wounds, though not Xena herself (that I can recall). Xena is certainly badass enough to just take the pain, but I guess they didn't want to have to keep putting burn marks on the (mortal) regulars' arms if they cared about continuity (which they clearly didn't, or they wouldn't have so many "doubles" wondering around!). Xena can't know everything! Have to agree that Hudson Leik was amazing as Callisto - always interesting to see what Xena might have been if she'd just kept on her evil path and just revelled (and how!) in it.
  15. Probably doesn't play well in Sparta*, what with having their famous stand against the Persians being a defeat but the "real" stand was achieved by one woman! * I'm sure the Spartan market is MASSIVE!