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  1. I wished we could see more of the ones from Wyoming. Some of the clips were originally filmed on Live PD but I never remember seeing any from Wyoming.
  2. S14E10: Winter's Catch 2018.06.12

    He found them because of Monte and not because of any skill he thinks he has. Josh didn't catch shit when he refused Monte's original offer to partner up. So much for superior skills :)
  3. Dance Moms in the Media

    Did you see where Nia is paid $2,500.00 per episode for her stint on the Bold & Beautiful soap opera? Glad she is moving on with her life. The contract also states she gets 2 weeks off per year. Hard to believe that she is only 16. I guess I had forgotten exactly how young those girls really were when the show first started.
  4. S14.E08: Becoming Captain

    I was pretty sure that the CM was finishing king crab and that was what they said. I would bet that Casey will help on deck, Josh? Not so much unless the camera is there to film it and Casey has threatened him. I can do without Josh. Call complete BS on Phil's logs. No way.
  5. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    I was married in a very large church. The balcony was "roped off" for our wedding. The few that sat up there were the ones that came after I entered the church. Most people don't sit to the side because the view is not so great, they tend to sit where they can see.
  6. I live in Richland County too. I think cats have always been around the Grand Motel. Think they do take care of them. They were cute cats. Wish they would spay and neuter them. That is the first time I recall seeing the Grand on Live PD, unlike Palmetto.
  7. S14.E02: First Blood

    I found it interesting about the time frame Josh was off the CM. The same time frame that the DC cams were off too. I was able to watch the show last night because of no Josh. Found it interesting about the interactions between Jake and Sig and then Jake and Keith. I have always had the impression that Sig & Jake really do like each other. Maybe Sig was using "tough love" on Jake and trying to kick him out of the nest so he could become a better Capt. Really, where did they get the new host? Bring back Mike Rowe as the host of the Bait!
  8. I do know here in this state, if you refuse to take the breathalyzer, you are automatically arrested for DUI. You can request the blood test, and if that comes back negative for DUI, those charges are dropped but your licenses is still suspended for 6 months for failure to take the breathalyzer. So it is best to just blow when they ask. If you are drunk, either way, you are screwed.
  9. Did you hear him say that he would take her to jail but they both knew they would not take her and that is why she acts the way she does? I was surprised by that comment. It is sad if she is mental that there is no place for them. This is the latest on someone previously featured on LivePD from Richland County. http://www.thestate.com/news/local/crime/article208965124.html
  10. All Episodes Talk

    I always thought that Faith's father was a preacher. Speaking from first-hand knowledge, do not change schools in your senior year, especially midway through. This is stupid and for Dana to even entertain the idea is ridiculous!
  11. 6 departments made the decision to leave the show. As for the others, maybe the rotate the departments with the exception of RCSD. I do know that RCSD had a great "April's Fool" joke. They put on Twitter that Sheriff Lott had made the decision to leave Live PD. Oh the remarks! After an hour or so, they said it was an April Fools joke.
  12. All Episodes Talk

    I don't get it, if Princess was the Capt of the Dancing Tigerettes, then why does she always look like a deer caught in the headlights when she is the Capt for the week? Still call bullshit on them driving 6 hours a day to be a DD. When would she have time for school and all that? I am soooo over the shit on the porch too with the moms. That "psychic" was pure crap! If she had watched just one episode of the show, she would have known what to say. That was a waste of my time. I miss the battles. I want to see more of the battles. Never thought I would say this but I miss Brandon on the porch. Wonder why they kicked him to the curb?
  13. Mastrianni from Richland County Sheriff's Dept has been promoted to Investigator. I will really miss seeing him on the show but K-Law and the others will still be on.
  14. RCSD will be back again. The next time, they won't be so lucky as they were. If they had arrested them, they would probably be out that night. No, not in Richland County. We saw where Lt. Brown let a black male go that had drug paraphernalia in his car go.
  15. All Episodes Talk

    At least they have shown Rittany and Chrystianna driving to the doll house together and interacting with each other. Plus, I believe both have said that Ritanny basically raised Chrystianna.