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  1. Robert has been charged with SIX counts. Talk about a true piece of shit! May he rot in hell! Robert has been accused in the past of physically abusing another child. https://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article216736130.html
  2. S14.Special: Trials By Captain

    I have enjoyed the past couple of The Bait show. I can see how it came down to between Wild Bill and the Hansen's. Both of them looked so good. I really am tired of Josh H. I would be happy with Wild Bill and please bring back the Time Bandit. (Never thought I would say that either).
  3. Officers on Call: And They're Foxy

    I think Sheriff Lamb has 5 children but he is very easy on the eyes :)
  4. Season 5 General Discussion

    I see that this shit show will be back this month with new adventures and new shit that Discovery thinks we believe. I am interested in how they will spin Ami's recovery. She may have had cancer but not the stage that they were presenting. I thought they took this shit show to Colorado. It will be on my DVR because I can fast forward through a lot.
  5. My jaw hit the ground when I read this. Just no words.
  6. Tonight is RCSD Deputy Kevin Lawrence's last night. He has been promoted to Investigator but is not assigned to the same area as Mastrianni. I will really miss Lawrence. He was funny, very respectful and fair to everyone. Congratulations on your promotion Inv. Lawrence!
  7. S14E13: Baptism By Fire 2018.07.10

    Monty handled it poorly. He knows how to handle Freddie because he did it before when he fired his ass. Or maybe he should have let Harry handle it? Harry is an old seadog himself and you know he knows how to handle people like Freddie. Harry fully understood the situation and Freddie was way out of line. As for Mandy, she is much better qualified to be Capt than Josh will ever be. Mandy worked summers on the NW tendering. I thought that Mandy had gone in the Coast Guard but I guess I was wrong.
  8. Update on the shooting Friday night in Richland County. Sadly the victim died early Sat morning and the 18-year-old was charged with murder. It started with an argument. SMH I will not miss Leverett but will miss Flex and some of the others from JPD. I do miss some of the departments that are no longer on.
  9. Season 7 Discussion

    If you check out that house they were staying at, you can understand why not going in the summer. The summer rental is over 4000.00 a week and that is CHEAP.
  10. I was glad to see her too. I have missed Dr. Rachel.
  11. Season 7 Discussion

    I can say that I don't blame them on the oysters. Why would anyone give oysters to a child anyway? I think they are worse than snot rockets going down. Tried them and it is a no-go for me. Not a fan of most fish either. Shrimp is best with cocktail sauce or ketchup.
  12. Season 7 Discussion

    They were there in Feb. It was mentioned what month. I was in MB during the month of Feb and I was running around wearing capris and short sleeves and walking barefoot in the ocean. We were staying in an oceanfront suite, we had the door open to the balcony and the ac going (except one night for the ac-it got a little cooler). I never wore a jacket the whole time there. You are correct about that. Even if you live along the coast. You can't get fresh shrimp unless the season is open to catch them (which just opened a couple of weeks back). Depends on the time of the year and if you went out on a boat and caught it yourself.
  13. S14E12: Winter's Fury 2018.06.26

    It was good seeing Harry again. didn't realize it had been 10 years. I think most of that between Monte & Harry was producer driven. Throwing Josh overboard would get rid of a lot of bad ju-ju :) Guess DC is still hanging their hat on Josh but I prefer Casey. If I was Casey, I'd be damned I'd give up the Captain's seat to Josh.
  14. Here is the update concerning those kids in Richland County Sat night. If you remember, there were on a call for an armed robbery and then they were called off. Then you see them with the teenagers in front of a house. Turns out, that bunch had robbed the pizza delivery guy that they were originally responding too. They order $120.00+ of pizza and then robbed him. It was the second time. They were 16 & 17. One of them admitted to a deputy that he just wanted a pizza. SMH
  15. Season 7 Discussion

    I thought it might have been them based on what she had said earlier about getting planning and not telling anyone till they were ready. It seems that they really wanted to skip over the whole courtship, engagement crap. Josie is ready to cut ties with the whole thing and Kelton will be making a lot of money and be able to support them. She may be breaking from some of the "traditional" rules that have been set up like Alyssa has. They have a big farm upstate. Also, the beach house was in Cherry Grove and it depends on when it was purchased, it really would not have been that much, especially if bought in the 50's or 60's. Cherry Grove was even cheap in the 70's.