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  1. So happy to see K-Law last night. I really do miss him and Mastrianni on the show.
  2. Season 5 General Discussion

    lol, the old Be careful what you wish for adage. :)
  3. Noah and Rhain...

    I don't know and really haven't heard. The only thing I have seen or read was when Billy was in the hospital. It seems some sort of respiratory issue.
  4. Where is Andy? This is the third week he hasn’t been on. I like Andy.
  5. Noah and Rhain...

    She is in her second trimester now (maybe that is why Ami was not a happy camper at the wedding) and they say they know the sex of the baby. Poor child. Did you read the interview? Still SMH at all the bad grammar and total bullshit. What crap will No-uh think to make for this poor child? Ami should be jumping over the moon at getting her grandbabies, all those grandbabies.
  6. Season 5 General Discussion

    Looks like Ami is getting her wish on having dem grandbabies. SMH his lack of command of the English language. Sounds like a shotgun wedding after all. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/alaskan-bush-peoples-noah-brown-and-wife-rhain-are-expecting-their-first-child/ar-BBPSsNa?li=BBnb7Kz
  7. So excited for tonight, we are getting a new department!
  8. Gwinnett hasn't been on since they came back from break and with the Salinas PD. Gwinnett County had one of their own killed last week that started from a traffic stop.
  9. I wondered why they just didn't close the door and open the window so the bird could fly out. Simplest solution and less stressful on the bird.
  10. One of the ones from the car is still in the hospital. I think it is the driver. RCSD have all of them and the Lt. is still being listed as recovering from her injury (back). They really hit the stores hard at Sandhills.
  11. The episode shown at 8 was pretty much reruns. They put together pieces from the past and then call it new. In that episode, it had Sue and Glenn and all of what they showed had been in previous shows, one part was from around the 1 season or so. I didn't see Glenn at all in the second show. Maybe they are in the process of "phasing" Glenn out now that the truth has come out. Can't wait for the new show with the new family.
  12. I wondered the same thing because he looked familiar.
  13. No, we had Dirty Rhonda 2 nights in a row and the same with the snake lady.
  14. I live in Richland County and Lt Brown does the job that he was hired to do, just like K-Law and Mastrianni did. They are/were part of the community action team. Check out Richland County Sheriff's Dept website ( rcsd.net ) to learn about Lt. Brown and the Cat team-or the dept as a whole. Lt Brown has been shown on the show to interact with people with all colors. Like the white college students that were smoking pot, or dealing in the street. Yes, that has been shown (last season). Sometimes it is just the make-up of the neighborhood, local bar or hangout. Most of the time, they are called by the property management, owners of the business concerning activity. Such a shock that black people would be together at their local watering hole or hangout. All people have a favorite place to hang out. At least RCSD is willing to show how they do their jobs, unlike other departments that are scared to film. Sheriff Lott believes in being transparent and that is what the cameras are doing. As for the shooting yesterday, no need to start throwing around certain accusations concerning it. What happened is not black or white. BTW, did you know that the shooter was shot in the head? Have you listened to the audio from the neighbor? Did you know that there were small children in the house? No way when the shooter started did he care which officer was black or white. It was his son that they were after. EDIT: To correct a statement. It was first reported that the shooter had been shot in the head but that is not true. The man had the advantage over the cops but he is in jail and so is his son. The funeral for the fallen officer is today (Mon Sept. 8, 2018).
  15. Season 7 Discussion

    Did you see all the tags that were still on those dresses?