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  1. One of the ones from the car is still in the hospital. I think it is the driver. RCSD have all of them and the Lt. is still being listed as recovering from her injury (back). They really hit the stores hard at Sandhills.
  2. The episode shown at 8 was pretty much reruns. They put together pieces from the past and then call it new. In that episode, it had Sue and Glenn and all of what they showed had been in previous shows, one part was from around the 1 season or so. I didn't see Glenn at all in the second show. Maybe they are in the process of "phasing" Glenn out now that the truth has come out. Can't wait for the new show with the new family.
  3. I wondered the same thing because he looked familiar.
  4. No, we had Dirty Rhonda 2 nights in a row and the same with the snake lady.
  5. I live in Richland County and Lt Brown does the job that he was hired to do, just like K-Law and Mastrianni did. They are/were part of the community action team. Check out Richland County Sheriff's Dept website ( rcsd.net ) to learn about Lt. Brown and the Cat team-or the dept as a whole. Lt Brown has been shown on the show to interact with people with all colors. Like the white college students that were smoking pot, or dealing in the street. Yes, that has been shown (last season). Sometimes it is just the make-up of the neighborhood, local bar or hangout. Most of the time, they are called by the property management, owners of the business concerning activity. Such a shock that black people would be together at their local watering hole or hangout. All people have a favorite place to hang out. At least RCSD is willing to show how they do their jobs, unlike other departments that are scared to film. Sheriff Lott believes in being transparent and that is what the cameras are doing. As for the shooting yesterday, no need to start throwing around certain accusations concerning it. What happened is not black or white. BTW, did you know that the shooter was shot in the head? Have you listened to the audio from the neighbor? Did you know that there were small children in the house? No way when the shooter started did he care which officer was black or white. It was his son that they were after. EDIT: To correct a statement. It was first reported that the shooter had been shot in the head but that is not true. The man had the advantage over the cops but he is in jail and so is his son. The funeral for the fallen officer is today (Mon Sept. 8, 2018).
  6. Season 7 Discussion

    Did you see all the tags that were still on those dresses?
  7. S11.E01: Fake News

    I thought that they left due to the show cutting back cost. Then again, this was over 20 years ago and the mind is not as sharp as it once was.
  8. S11.E01: Fake News

    Right, but most of the writers stayed until the last 2 years. It was the last two years that the writers & CBS really changed the show from MUST SEE to humm, maybe but if I miss it, it's okay.
  9. S11.E01: Fake News

    I enjoyed it. I had read that the first two episodes were not the best but the 3rd one would be back on track. Murphy is older, been out of the business for a few years which could really make it very funny. With all the new technology that we have now that we didn't then, that alone would make it funny. I was not a fan of the last 2 years. New writers that couldn't or wouldn't stay true to the original Murphy, killed it for me. The show wasn't funny or as engaging as before. The new writers or whoever changed the cast. They got rid of Eldin, Miles and Phil (claiming cost). Never did believe the romance between Corky and Miles. Diane English is smart to just ignore that. Welcome back Murphy! I have missed you!
  10. Can't wait for tonight! Excited!
  11. Watched the extended episode last night. Found several things interesting. First, Glen and his bullshit talk. Seems he doesn't spend as much time in the Brooks Range as he likes to tell us, nor does he stay there by himself. Notice when the girlfriend got there, she said is was good to be back there. Another thing that got me was how did he know when the plane was due in? How did the pilot know the lake was safe to land on? Glenn kept saying that they were late arriving. Wonder where his other 3 children are and how he supports them. I really like Jesse. He seems to be very straightforward and none of the bullshit crap that some of the others sling. Sue realizing that she needs help and she is looking down the road for her future and not being there. The Hailstones are just the Hailstones. I have always wondered how they got the money to buy all those boats and ski mobiles. None of those things are cheap. I like Andy. Always have. He works hard for everything and he has never been shy about the school he runs.
  12. The lawsuit was dismissed by a judge last summer stating "for failure to make service" to the defendants.
  13. Season 7 Discussion

    I don't get them and the newborn thing. Erin, you have a newborn! I loved holding newborns but was also glad to hand them back to their mommy. I remembered the nonsleeping nights, the constant feedings, diaper changing and everything else that went with a newborn. I might have said I'd like another one but I really did not. I was very happy with my two. As a matter of fact, I always said that if my second child had been my first, I would not have had another one. The second one was a handful until the age of 5. If Whitney and Zach are ok with just 2 children, then the family needs to leave them alone about more. Maybe they can only afford the 2 they have and decided they are done. My dad came from a large family but he never wanted a large family. Actually, none of his siblings had more than 3 children and one of the older siblings had none. That was her choice.
  14. He is that type of person. He is a good cop and a good person. Also, Lt Brown is part of the CAT team which is the Community Action Team, their focus is on the community they are assigned too.
  15. Season 7 Discussion

    I don't like it when Kelly goes on and on about an engagement/marriage and what she wants. You HAD yours, let your girls have theirs. You have no right to push your wants and wishes on them. Plus, the crap of them being present when the girl is asked? Seriously? My parents were not around when Mr. iluv asked me and we sure weren't around when my children either proposed or was proposed too. Both sets of parents knew when my son was going to ask his for her hand in marriage. I saw the ring, he went and talked to her parents beforehand but at not point did it dawn on us to ask or even be there when he proposed. Not sure what Kelly thinks she has missed in her youth as she had more freedom that she has allowed her own children, so there is no reason to try to relive her youth.