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  1. Seriously Dylan and drinking. How does no one see this as an issue? How does Kelly not see it? It is nice that Val gets a farewell scene and it is not with Kelly. That would have been awful. Instead probably with the only character who treated her the best. Kind of wished David went with her. Beats him marrying Donna. Did Dylan not call or like send an email? Who just shows up like that out of nowhere? Show makes no sense.
  2. I always wondered what would happen if Brian left since he looked done as well. If Val can do taxes just after college...then how come she doesn't have a good job? Stupid show.
  3. I always wondered why David was a better boyfriend to Valerie than he was to Donna. Guess he was fine with Claire.
  4. Brandon knowing the iceskating guy makes sense. Brandon goes skating a lot and that's how he knows the guy. That one makes sense out of any of them.
  5. When has Kelly's behavior in this job been on line? Also when did David start listening to fictional artists and not Hip Hop in High School?
  6. Why is Kelly the way she is? She's making Brandon look normal and not the worst.
  7. David surprisingly is only like nice to her and Claire. So ti works.
  8. This whole story line....I just I can't. - Kelly was nearly raped back in S2 and in S6 , how she didn't believe Val is just how? Then siding with Noah and thinks he is a swell guy? Oh and then she is in charge of medicine. Wouldn't her history of being in a cult, drug issues, and all that not show up? She is worse than Brandon.... - Noah being a nice guy....oh god... - How Steve, Donna, and everyone (bar Brandon and David) supported Noah, a guy who they literally met less than a year ago...worst... - Does anyone really care about David's musical career? Can't they just make him do classical music? At least he can play the piano and we don't have listen to him sing. - Kind of funny how David is supportive of Val and was pretty much not a dick to Claire but he's such a dick to everyone else. - Val and David should get out of Beverly Hills. Go to Buffalo, Miami or even Kansas. Just escape that group
  9. Noah is great. He's comedy unintentionally especially with Donna. And he keeps David away from Donna and towards Val. Tori needs to stop whispering.
  10. David's face when getting that cactus is pretty much the expression I had when I got a similar present. Oh Val....
  11. Kelly is the worst. You're not a doctor!!!! I knew a bride who made sure that her bridesmaids had bad dresses, so she could look good. Suffice to say about 2 of them don't talk to the bride anymore.
  12. If Kelly does it, it is fine. If Donna cheats it is fine. Only two characters that get a pass. Brandon is awful, extremely awful but he's a better character away from Kelly, and this stalking stuff doesn't even feel like Brandon at all. Brandon would have got drunk like in Season 5. I wish instead of the creepy, creepy stalking, Brandon would have brought back the past with her cheating on him with Dylan. Isn't this the season where Kelly wouldn't let a couple adopt a baby because there is no 'mother'?
  13. Mind blown. She basically changed herself to what she thought Brandon wanted. Oh Kelly... I reckon if Brenda was still in the show, you wouldn't get this Kelly but you wouldn't have had Val and maybe Claire would be what Val is? I'm confused.
  14. David saying that he can't play is the highlight on the episode.
  15. If he can end racism. I'm sure he could find a way to be precious to them. I do like Val and David together especially what happens when no one else supports he, and god he is a dick with Donna. Also I find it so funny when Donna thought David was lying to her after he hooked back with Val, when he didn't lie at all. idk show.