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  1. S01.E01: Premiere

    Ariana has danced on her Disney show at times, including a DWTS based episode. She’s just plain a good actress (I’m surprised that she’s 10,though-her character on the show is about 6!). I think Mackenzie actually has a disadvantage because everyone expects her to dance well-and she looks like an adult compared to the 9-10 yr olds. And I don’t know that Acro Jazz really helps in doing a foxtrot. I’d like to see Alana stick around a few weeks to see how much she improves, and I think she’s enjoying herself. I’m glad the little Palin got to go home-he obviously wasn’t. Y
  2. I’ve tried to make a snake cake. I’m kind of surprised no one used a bundt pan or a springform pan with an insert. A coiled cobra or a snake that isn’t periscoping is pretty easy, and if you did that for the base, and worked on the head while the cake was baking, you could at least get a decent looking snake on the plate, even if not exactly like the original. Oh, and rolled fondant or fruit roll ups make a decent cobra hood :)
  3. When did Glee begin to decline?

    I think it should have ended with the originals graduating.
  4. I was glad that they had Jesus heading to the local community college. Too often tV shows either send everyone to some ultra elite college or to whatever local school lets them keep the cast together. Given Jesus’s academic struggles even before the TBI, it makes sense that he would likely need the additional support that a community college offers (and that he might be looking more at vocational programs rather than a traditional degree path). AJ should have been there.
  5. S05.E16: Giving Up The Ghost

    I wish someone had pointed out to Marianna that her non-traditional background is going to give her “hooks” in the application process (provided she writes a decent essay and has the test scores and grades) and Emma is going to have a much harder time standing out. Poppy may have needed to be jammer, but Emma needs the internship or some other major accomplishment more than Marianna does.
  6. All Episodes Talk

    I’m sure it was producer driven just like Starbound competitions on dance moms, but they did a nice job. i really, really hope they spliced in the Moms calling out at their girls, standing up, etc. Unless competition dance is different from other fine arts competitions, that kind of behavior isn’t appropriate.
  7. S02.E13: D-I--DIMEO A-C--ACADEMY

    But a homeschool team does not compete in the same athletic division with public schools. Usually they compete against small private schools or other homeschool teams.
  8. All Episodes Talk

    Starbound is the competition that most of the Dance Moms episodes take place at, especially the last few seasons. Bringing Bring it On into competition dance seems set up for a crossover.
  9. All Episodes Talk

    Sigh. Anyone smell a producer driven crossover?
  10. All Episodes Talk

    And Faith is also the one with the most diverse training coming in. Not surprised that she came out on top. Oh, and the “we”-yes, mom, you do the driving, support and cheerleading. But ultimately, it’s your child’s activity and her success or failure. Not yours.
  11. S02.E13: D-I--DIMEO A-C--ACADEMY

    It’s not JJ not being ready. It’s that those of us with experience with the IEP/transition process know that there would have been multiple points before this time where the team would have sat down to evaluate JJ’s progress, and it wouldn’t be a surprise. If JJ were lacking credits coming into a mainstream school, that would have been know when he came in. If he had to miss for medical reasons, there would have been Home or hospital instruction provided, and if it wasn’t enough, that would have been known then. He would have had adaptive PE, not regular gym, and that would have taken his medical absences into account. Failing a child on an IEP without a lot of prior records leads to a great deal of questions as to whether the IEP is being followed at all. It wouldn’t have been a blindside. That’s the lazy writing that smacks of “oh, yeah..we really don’t want JJ to go to college yet”. On Kenneth, right now the school district is paying Kenneth’s salary as part of JJ’s IEP. After he graduates, that will stop. It is possible,maybe even likely that Vocafional rehab or SSDI or Medicaid Waiver will cover some aide time while JJ is in college, but that is by no means certain (and I would LOVE them to show that part. ) taking another year and letting JJ navigate the college application and transition process is awesome. But I wish they had set it up better.
  12. S02.E13: D-I--DIMEO A-C--ACADEMY

    My guess is that it’s less not knowing how to write college and more wanting to keep the number of settings low. It won’t particularly surprise me to have Ray start dual enrollment when JJ starts college. Which, by delaying JJ’s start by a year becomes more reasonable.
  13. S02.E13: D-I--DIMEO A-C--ACADEMY

    Actually, JJ dealing with Voc Rehab could be comedy gold. Especially since Maya has no standing with them whatsoever.
  14. S02.E13: D-I--DIMEO A-C--ACADEMY

    I think they handled the homeschooling stuff well, and JJ needing an extra year makes sense, except that this shouldn’t be coming up in Spring of his senior year, it should have come up in his IEP and transition planning meetings. I love that Maya was being largely successful-and that JJ was the one who decided that he needed to go back. And I loved Jimmy saying his piece for once. Dylan and Ray were shoehorned in to keep them from being entirely absent.
  15. I just got the complete series on DVD, and am quite enjoying it. I’m impressed at how much the boundaries are pushed for a 1960’s show :) And how good Jeannie was at shutting down unwanted attention.