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  1. Maybe Kelli has a complicated yes-no-maybe system for going through the pictures...I hope she explains it to us this year :)
  2. The Men of Sex and the City

    I would have loved if Aiden replied with "I can choose to forgive you (I choose my choice LOL), but I don't have to" & then walked away.
  3. The Spoiler Collection

    Which, as much as it pains me to say, means I agree with Taylor & Ridge. I'm scared!
  4. LOL Hope & Liam will have almost as many weddings as Ridge and Brooke, and I don't think they're even supposed to be 30 yet! And show...instead of repeating the same conversation over & over, day after day, show, don't tell, why so many women want to marry this...
  5. I really like Savannah's travel outfit (I assume it's her travel outfit since they're all holding their passports) in the picture @Acromantula posted above.
  6. Quotes: "Oh dear God!"

    LOL I knew it, that laughter just looked too real :)
  7. Wow, does she look different! I never would have recognized her...
  8. This is a spoiler thread, so names may be named!
  9. She better not, they'll push their poor St. Steffy agenda if the miracle baby is miscarried.
  10. The Spoiler Collection

    Spare me. I find it hard to believe ONE woman would want that idiot, let alone three.
  11. Even last year she managed to look great in one of the world's most awful swimsuits.
  12. I think most photogenic (and best looking in the Cowboys Fitness ads) is Khalyn. :)
  13. I guess we all have different tastes, I think Savannah is by far the least photogenic. I have no idea why they used her for the Cowboys Fit ads...but obviously they disagree & don't care what I think :)
  14. No, she doesn't look fat, but she DOES look like she's hanging on for dear life! :)
  15. Whether you like or dislike Cassie (put me in the like column!), the era during which she was a DCC just had a certain "something" (a good something LOL) that just doesn't seem to be there anymore.