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  1. LOL I didn't even care enough to try to make a connection :)
  2. I'm starting to question the therapy & medication myself. I mean, what else could explain that apparent closet full of sweaters with sewn-on shirttails she has? :) I think Nick is locked up in a closet somewhere & JT has been wandering around GC in a Nick mask. So it wasn't really Nick screwing around with Phyllis & he and Sharon will finally get their happily ever after.
  3. I know this past season on one of the episodes Marshall was at practice observing, and Kelli was questioning him about how he would make certain ones over.
  4. I rewatched the Sex and the City movie on Netflix over the weekend, and this is making me think of the scene where Miranda was at the drug store & bought a witch hat and picked out a costume for Brady.
  5. I hope not, I like Vivienne and would hate the thought of him having had yet another affair.
  6. UGH that's a nightmare!!! I guess I blocked this out of my memory, but the Philadelphia Flower Show this year had a butterfly room. Needless to say, I didn't enter & was a little scared the whole time that they would escape *shudder* @crowsworks do you prefer to use the salted or unsalted crackers?
  7. Table of two. I brought wine though. I hope you brought a whole box of it!
  8. I guess I'll sit at the table by myself, I liked the stick-straight flat ironed hair on all of them :) The problem with KKL's hair, I think, is that it's so fine it won't hold a curl, so they use a lot of product to achieve the beachy waves, and as a result it looks too stiff. I'm not a fan.
  9. Well that is certainly a relief! I was at the PA Conference for Women in Philadelphia last month, and one of the women there was a dancer who was diagnosed with ALS (I get tears just hearing ALS)...there was a lot she wanted to do, and accomplished, while she was still able, but then it turned out she had chronic Lyme disease and she is fine now.