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  1. I swear Kyndall did, but I'm in the same Comcast boat as you :(
  2. I don't know, I think Hannah is perhaps even thinner now than she was then.
  3. How again? I really never saw that. I think Charlotte was the one who made the comment that Raylee didn't do anything to improve from the prior year, that staying the same isn't good enough for a veteran. Of course more happens that we don't see, but since several vets performances didn't look a whole lot different than their past ones, the assumption was that Charlotte had it out for her, but there was no actual proof that she did. She actually quit. Maybe she just wasn't able to juggle both, but many girls can. Was Kyndall the one who used to practice at work in the ladies room? If that was her, I could have sworn she said she was fired. I seem to recall comments that maybe she wouldn't have been fired if she worked at work instead of dancing in the bathroom.
  4. I haven't seen the show yet, but from reading the comments here, I have a feeling the conversation was weird because Tia & Becca were just reciting the lines from their scripts.
  5. I think Elizabeth what's-her-name is awful.
  6. I thought Emma was supposed to be 16, and B&B Wiki says so too (although I don't know how right they or I are). Xander lived with Zoe, so I assume he'd be at least early 20s, (as @OhioSongbird said), but then I have no idea why he'd be interested in a 16 year old. http://theboldandthebeautiful.wikia.com/wiki/Emma_Barber
  7. B&B : In the Media!

    Maybe Rick needs to take dance lessons from Emma!
  8. The finalists walking the swimsuit runway show tonight. No Kelsey. https://www.si.com/swim-daily/2018/07/15/swim-week-miami-diary-day-two-paraiso
  9. I'm from PA, so obviously nowhere near Dallas, (although I did grow up near Dallas PA...I student taught Geometry there, in fact :)) but it was the same with me. When I was 18, there was a fire at a sheet metal plant which caused our city to be evacuated. It was pretty frightening, we had no idea what was going on, but at 2AM the police were going through the streets with their sirens and a bullhorn announcing we were being evacuated. Anyway, as we were getting ready to leave, the 1st thing my mother told me to do was pack my makeup bag! LOL I guess that's just ingrained in some of us no matter where we're from :)
  10. If the mom would be giving 36 girls free hair services, the least they could do as polite people would be to give her a decent tip (even though she'd be the owner). I can see that. And that is another picture of Daphne where she reminds me a lot of former DCC Hannah. LOL I didn't see that you said that before I posted :)
  11. I don't think they were, I thought the marriage was annulled, which is why Liam was talking about re-marrying Steffy.
  12. I think she's just trying to push the new boobs together for maximum cleavage.
  13. They'd pay a smaller tip, but then they'd also be on the hook for the cost of the service. I do agree, though, that the team should be billed for both the service and the tip.
  14. I bet that rumor got started on a misunderstanding. It sounds to me not that the tip has to be the full price of the service, but rather that the tip has to be calculated based on the full price of the service. So if the service is $200, they probably have to tip $40.