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  1. At about 25-26 seconds. She didn't actually fall, she kind of stumbled.
  2. Yep, he was Hector...I believe he was a fireman.
  3. Did you see the part where Brennan was describing the outfit she wore to her 1st audition? She was so cute in this podcast. I found both she and Caroline super likable.
  4. Sex And The City

    Carrie did talk about how hurt she was that Charlotte didn't offer to loan the money, but then, IMO, she passive aggressively "hinted" that Charlotte should be the one to offer her money because, as quoted, she doesn't even have to work! She didn't actually demand that the money should come from selling the ring, but IMO there sure is some subtext in "what is that on your finger?" I guess if Charlotte said back "And what is that on your feet?" she would have been out of line. AND, when Charlotte said she's volunteering because she can't find a job (even though she was under no obligation to explain herself), I would have felt like a Grade A ass. I do have to say, I am NO Charlotte fan in the late seasons. What happened that she became such a shrieky whiner? I want to smack her into next week when she ranted about how offensive "Tea for Two" is at her tap class. Regarding Carrie screaming, I think she has two especially annoying screams (yes, even worse than when she saw the squirrel). When they were talking about hot actors and she screamed when they said at the same time "Russell Crowe." That was in a restaurant, I think others eating there who were subjected to that should have been offered a free meal. The other, which IMO is the worst, was in the one where they went to a fleet week party...first she screams when her skirt blows in the wind, and then when she gets rained on. It's not even that she screamed (I probably would too if the wind blew my skirt like that or if the rain would ruin my blowout), it's how she screamed, it sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks got injured.
  5. I like the Colts uniform...and I like the Saints shoes. The only uniform I would truly call ugly is the Denver Broncos one.
  6. I hope that means it's a wrap on the whole Rosales clan...yes, including Lola. It's really a shame, they had potential to be good, interesting characters.
  7. The Bachelor in the Media

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought they had the January 12 date set well before she got pregnant.
  8. Khloe

    I thought people wanted healthy, happy kids. Who gives a damn what color their skin is? Oh right, I have to remember who we're talking about here. That picture of her in the sink looks like a serious accident waiting to happen. I know someone was right there taking the picture, but all it would take is one second for her to fall backwards out of the sink.
  9. Well, unlike her sister, at least she didn't mention her thighs :)
  10. I agree. IMO they all look more like their dad.
  11. Last week I posted that maybe that's how the birthmark might come into play, but as sugarbaker design said, no that's not the consensus. Even I doubt it will go down that way. We're probably being more thoughtful about the birthmark than the writers. Knowing them it was probably a throw-away line & won't come into play at all.
  12. There is a big concert event that will be happening at the time auditions were suppose to happen LOL to think I had all kinds of deep dark theories about why. The truth isn't so exciting :)
  13. The Bachelor in the Media

    I can't get the phrase "Wedding Day Pubes" out of my head now. What else could it possibly be? I think it says "wedding day vibes"? But I must admit, I like "pubes" a lot better :)