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  1. S31.E09: Taken Away (Jessie Bardwell)

    I agree that this was a frustrating episode to watch because of the missing pieces of the timeline. It bugged me so much that I dug up the trial tweets of Valerie Wigglesworth from the Dallas Morning News to understand wtf may have happened here. This is a long document and I haven’t actually read through it entirely, but if anyone’s interested: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwA3Nou9Y-iYdTF1d1Vxdmxod28/view Jason Lowe is definitely not credible and has obvious drug and mental issues but it sheds some light on the drug aspect of this case that many of us picked up on. Here’s an article about the two ex girlfriends who didn’t end up testifying. Pretty chilling to read the similarities. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2017/09/22/2-ex-girlfriends-convicted-murderer-jason-lowe-say-killed
  2. S31.E07: Reality Kills (Victoria Rickman)

    Both detectives (Summer Benton and Kevin Leonpacher) are on many of the First 48 Atlanta episodes. Detective Benton really looked incompetent on this particular case, from not ordering the toxicology tests to her stubborn refusal to admit the gun hadn’t been reloaded. Hopefully there aren’t enough errors that would warrant a retrial.
  3. All Episodes Talk

    Did anyone watch the new episode on Thursday, "The House on Madrona Street"? I like it when they focus on only one case, and this one was horrifying and creepy from beginning to end. The suspect, Ardentric Johnson, was one cold, scary dude. That lady who was walking her dog and refused to go with him was lucky to be alive. Looks like this season will be featuring Atlanta, Tulsa, and New Orleans.
  4. S28.E05: The Pact

    I just wanted to give Evelyn McCabe a hug. I started tearing up when she showed that she still had John's money and would keep it for him until she sees him again. She got me crying again at the very end, when she was at the graves and asked her son to take good care of his dad until she got there, and then she would do it. It's just amazing that it took almost 45 years for this family to get justice. Even after Mr. McCabe told the police that Ferreira had been blabbing at the cookout that Walter Shelley had killed John, it took three years for police to follow up and interview him. And at the end of it all, investigators had the names of the perpetrators in the notes from the very first day of the investigation.
  5. All Episodes Talk

    Looks like Marcus finally broke up with Crumbs. http://nypost.com/2015/09/02/the-profit-host-abandons-show-to-help-rebuild-crumbs/
  6. S29.E06: Vengeance in Vegas

    I finally had a chance to watch this episode this weekend, but I had read bits and pieces in the news previously. According to her family, George was very controlling and abusive but would be very hot or cold, depending on the day. Shauna never knew how he was going to be and would feel like they could work things out when he was being nice, and then he would change on a dime the next time they spoke. The Las Vegas news outlets reported that there was video surveillance of George making a duplicate key, which would explain the key that Greyhound used to gain entry into her home. For some reason, this wasn't mentioned in the 48 Hours episode. How would he have even known where she lived since she had only moved into this townhouse a few months earlier? The LV news also reported that there was a 3 minute phone call from George to Shauna around 9 p.m., while she was on her last work shift and immediately afterward, George called Greyhound, presumably to tell him what time she would be getting off work. It's not likely that Greyhound would have known that her shift ended at 3:00 a.m. any other way. George's sisters were in such denial. What do they make of his driving 90 mph into a cement wall? What I find most disturbing is that George's mom has custody of the daughter. I don't understand why the courts would award custody to the parents of the mastermind/ killer when Shauna's sister might be a better option. So sad.
  7. This might be off topic, but does anyone else listen to the podcast "Detective"? Season 1 is all about Joe Kenda (there are 10 episodes) and they are fascinating! Mrs. Kenda makes an appearance in episode 9 and episode 10 is about the day that Kenda decided that he needed to retire immediately. His voice and delivery are so hypnotizing and compelling.
  8. S29.E05: Shadow of Death

    I hated those aunts! They were so over the top with the praise of Ashton. They even go to visit him in jail every other weekend to show their support, but not one peep about any of the other kids, especially the eight year old victim. And then when asked if their sister would approve of how they are treating Ashton, total deer-in-headlights frozen faces! And after a long pause, "of yes, of course. She loved her kids unconditionally." Yeah, right. These ladies certainly didn't extend that same unconditional support to the other kids, only Ashton. It's not worth it to them financially. Horrible people.