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  1. Tiny has been trying for years to get Xscape back together. She's still friends with the Scott Sisters. T.I. wouldn't let her make music. This is her outlet. Kandi sucks. Not a fan, never have been a fan. I've never heard of the Scott Sisters being shady, but Kandi, on the other hand, is known for being shady. YMMV Kandi can't make music on her own successful either. None of them can. However, Kandi can write music so I guess that stands for something. I'm not sure about this. I would go see them easily without Kandi.
  2. I missed both the Kuntz case and the Elizabeth Smart special. I can't blame her parents because sometimes things just happen. I do know that I would blame myself if I brought someone into our lives, and he did something to my child. I would lose my fucking mind if this were to happen to me. In the baby's case, I'm not sure what's going on with those people. I do know that I would never take my baby to the woods...just in case.
  3. Shemar Moore is gay?! I had no idea.
  4. This case is a nightmare. They still do not know what happened to that baby.
  5. This! I don't know why this is important to us, but I am slightly afraid of doing 23 and Me because I am sure that I have a percentage of Europian blood. I guess that the closest comparison would be finding out that you have African DNA. Some people lose their minds over that. As for me? I'm prepared for whatever the outcome may be. People actually brag about being 80% and above African. Turo's family history was fascinating. I thought Gumble looked good...I didn't know that he had been sick.
  6. The best selling song was a remake.
  7. I agree. I don't understand why women go so big. It looks unnatural. Fake butts are more rounded, and they look hard. I'm not sure if they are but it looks uncomfortable to sit down. Gucci's wife is so disproportionate that I laugh when I see her. I like Nene... but that nose...
  8. I'm glad that Nene is back. I don't like Kenya. Never have, and probably never will. I will be glad when she's gone from the show. Porsha's doing something right. She may be dumb to some, but she's holding 2 jobs and has for the past few years. She's winning in my book. Kandi looks a mess. I don't care for her. Cynthia, meh. I do understand her sentiments regarding Peter. They were married for years. I would probably keep in touch with my husband if we were to part, even if we didn't have children. When you're friends, then lovers, and then married, it creates a bond that may be hard to break. Now if your bond is only with cats...I don't know. Sheree is still my girl. She's shady, in just the right amount. I wouldn't be her friend. Then again, I don't think that I would be any of these ladies friends, although I'm sure that they are different off camera. I don't think that they've had their butts done. They look a bit too natural. Nothing like the women I've seen who have had jobs. Some clothing, including underwear, enhance that area...but I think that you have to have something to work with.
  9. You can gain weight in your but. I'm living proof. I dislike Kandi. Intensely. She's the worse singer out of everyone, although, I did like that song Fly Above. I'm here for the Scott sisters. That's who made Xscape, Xscape. I can't think of anyone who was a fan of Kandi or her voice in real life.
  10. I was really excited about Shelia returning. Really, really, really, excited.
  11. How is it possible to love John Oliver and this show even more? Well, I do!!
  12. I most certainly wasn't doing that. I'm sorry if it appears that I was. I try to be understanding in these type of situations.
  13. That's the "if I love him enough he will change mentality" I don't understand it, but I have never been there, so I can't judge.
  14. Not to defend these people. That's despicable. However, often times the abuse of the kids go hand in hand with domestic violence. I know that it's easy for us to say what we would have done. Often times, they want to get out but are trapped with drug, mental, and physical abuse. Remember Hedda Nussbaum? Or there was one case where the woman's husband was abusing her and the kids. The son killed the Dad, and 20+ years later he killed the mom. I try my best (and often fail) not to judge these women. I remember crouching in the tub as a child because my cousin's husband was out to kill her. I asked her why didn't she leave, but he paid all of the bills. He controlled everything. It took us (and prison) to finally get her away from him. Another thing is women often think that we can change a man. If we just love him a little bit more, he will change from being a violent criminal. Of course we know that he probably won't change, but some women don't understand that.
  15. I remember reading about this case. Very heartbroken. Some if not all of the people who helped her also had limited mental capabilities. She was also receiving their checks. I thought that she had the DP, but I am not sure.