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  1. You're right, if that liar appears on film, I'll quote my post with a I told you so. I have a very good feeling that she is, with a pillow in her belly and all. Fake pregnancy! Fake pregnancy!
  2. This is what will happen, she's filming this season... Or is she going to keep this off of camera like her husband? She's lying. Sorry, I hate to break it to you. Did you see Janet or any other AMA pregnant celebrity doing all of this? Nope! She's a lying liar who lies. Where's the belly pictures?? Come on with the pillow pictures.
  3. But she didn't. She didn't. This is fishy, and as a MFM, I'm not buying it. Kenya isn't even selling her story correctly. There's no way, I at 43 if I got pregnant tomorrow, would announce it before 3 months. I made that mistake last time. She's using a surrogate, and she needs to admit it. Another thing, her doctor would advise her not to do this. At 41 with my first pregnancy I had to go to the doctor every week at week 32, and I conceived naturally. No way in the world would her doctor allow her weekly doctor appointments starting at week 30, and weekly u/s take place on camera! She's a liar and she's crazy and now I don't think she's married! Is the doctor off Married to Medicine her doctor? That's the only doctor who would approve this garbage.
  4. Yes, I hope, it was funny. This doesn't top my TV adopted son Chance's episode, but the cold opening, Friendos, WU, and the talking dirty segments were funny to me. I'm just not feeling DG and his fake wake and Black pride persona. Stay woke, I am Childish Gambino, I am, and that's why we can't really kick it. Oh the Orange Juice Jones parody (was that his real name?) was also funny. How could I forgot Che slaying me with... Pass! Slay! Slay! Slay! I had to re-watch twice. That's exactly how I feel about Kanye and everything single song he has ever sang. Pass! I also love the Kanye sketch. I see it's Oran juice Jones, as a child I thought it was orange juice... I'm going to leave orange juice, I don't want to appear any less knowledgeable than I was as a child. As an adult I know better. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. Thank you! Kim was implying covertly of course, that the other women were jealous of her because she's white. That's the only thing that I can think of. That's the reason why she has her own show too. At least in her mind. Why does she have her own show? She most definitely wasn't the most popular, or liked. ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿค” Why does Kim have a show? Who watches? I don't know anyone who likes Kim.
  6. General True Crime Shows

    The Freeman/Bible case is very heartbreaking. It appears that a few people knew who the killers were, and the police department dropped the ball. I posted here how I wasn't that interested in EARS/ON because the killer hadn't been caught. 2-3 months later, and they've caught him! I'm so glad that ID Channel has a great On Demand library. I'll go back and re-watch every program.
  7. General True Crime Shows

    EARS/ON has been captured! 100% DNA match. Presser tomorrow. This is amazing. The Freeman/Bible case has been solved. It's a great week for solving crimes. Sadly, the girls are dead. Their case was on Disappeared and Unsolved Mysteries. https://www.google.com/amp/kfor.com/2018/04/23/suspect-in-custody-in-connection-to-case-of-2-oklahoma-girls-missing-since-1999/amp/
  8. We can feed old John to the pigs. I'm going to have to read a book about Mama Cass and cry it out.
  9. He really, really, really, really, really, was. No one's getting fatter except for Mama Cass? Where is that asshole? I'm pleasantly plump, and this just really hurt my feelings. I can't imagine how hard it was to be overweight in the 60's and 70's. From the worrying of your manager paying boyfriends, to the horrible clothing (ok, they were the style then, but they don't hold up well), to the humiliation that she went through trying to support her child, and then the lies after her death. I can Wikipedia, but Wilson and Philips, I remember them, what do they have to do with the Mama's and the papa's? How do I request a episode? Phyllis Hyman is someone I would love to learn more about. I can't afford to buy the rare biography on her, and her suicide is tragic to me. She also battled with her weight. Does anyone else remember Phyllis Hyman? Soul singer in the 70's and the 80's?
  10. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'm always shocked when cases like this come around and people think that the black man has gotten away with murder. Black men can't even sit in Starbucks. There is no way, if there is evidence to convict, knowing this country and its history of race relations, no black man is getting away with killing a white woman. (OJ isn't black, he's OJ.) It's just not happening. Black men can barely get away with sitting in Starbucks, but he got away with killing this woman? If they were evidence to convict, especially evidence that wasn't shown on TV, I think that a jury in Knoxville TN (which is NOT predominantly Black, and it's the south jury gerrymandering, as well as voting, I'm not even going to get on how my people were treated) would have convicted him (hell, I think that he would have been convicted on victim impact statements alone) very fast of killing a pregnant White woman. The evidence must not have been there. We're talking Tennessee. The home of the prison for profit (headquarters are located in the state), these people will starve their own in their mission to harm brown people. If they could have fried his ass, they would have. Tl;Dr if they could have convicted they would have. I don't know how people think that a black (Oj isn't black, he's Oj) can get away with killing a white woman. In the annals of the history of this country, that's just not been allowed to take place. If it has, it's a outlier. Norman is innocent. Sometimes burglars are caught in the middle of a robbery, and the kill the home owners. They're so shocked, that they leave behind everything that they were going to take. Or perhaps the women are you blame for letting him date 20 of them at once. His mom gave him a ego so big that he thinks that he can date 20 women? I don't think mothers do that. Women on the other hand will permit that type of behavior. There's a certain type of woman that permits that, and those types were paraded in court.
  11. Wow, that's so not what the original meaning of the term Bebe's kids. Who wrote that???
  12. Comedian Robin Harris (father in the first House Party movie) made a movie about dating a woman who had unruly kids. He nicknamed them Bebe's kids, and since them, unruly kids have been given the moniker Bebe's kids when being well, unruly. There was a song back in the 90's and a cartoon movie. If I recall correctly, there was also a cartoon. RIP Robin Harris. He was a great comedian and he doesn't get much recognition.
  13. Marvin Gaye was a suicide by murder. He was such a troubled man, it's the one biography that I can't read. The Farrah Fawcett episode made me cry. Not because I was a big fan. I wasn't. Just watching her suffer was heartbreaking. I understand her not wanting to lose her hair, nor wanting a colostomy bag, but it was still heartbreaking to watch. Ryan O'Neal sucks My DVR didn't record Mindy's episode. Her family says that Harvey W. raped her and they alluded to him having her killed. They do not believe that she committed suicide. Where's the Mindy episode? The Mana Cass episode made me cry. Aww man. How sad. RIP Mama Cass. I'm so happy to see that her daughter grew up just fine.
  14. You could see the look on Andy, Sheree, and Kroy's face when she said that. Kroy better see if NFL TV will hire him or perhaps a local station. I don't see them having their show for much longer. The nerve of Kim. Good riddance! Maybe Holly Robinson Peete can join RHOBH or something, because although I don't watch any other housewives shows, I am quite sure that they don't include a Black housewife. Not that it matters, but since Kim brought up the fact that 'no other White woman would sit on that stage next to those women' or something like that. I'm quite sure that there are plenty of White women who would love to join the cast of RHOA.
  15. S04.E13: Of Hardiness Is Mother

    I second the awesomeness that is this season. Cookie and Poundcake caused my face to leak tears, and it was so nice to see Luscious and Andre work together.