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  1. I did NOT suspect the son-in-law!
  2. I was NOT expecting Michele Whitaker to show up on Gone. This is my 1st time seeing the story, I missed the Disappeared episode, but my god, her own mother questioned her rape? How heartbreaking! I do know that at the end of the Disappeared episode she refused to talk to her family. I'm happy to see that she has reunited with her family and got her side of the story out there. I need to rewatch, I was falling asleep when I woke up for a second and saw her face and name. This was a very good episode.
  3. I was shocked to see Michele Whitaker on Gone. Last I heard, she refused to make contact with her family. l
  4. She went along with it. If it were someone else she would have a lot to say. Make that heffa show her husband!
  5. Looks like Kim to me. I still don't like Kenya. I don't care if she's married or not. She's toxic. Come to think of it, I don't like anyone on the show. I'm glad that Nene's coming back.
  6. Kandi's the weakest link. Her voice sucks to me. The Scott sisters make her and Tiny sound worse.
  7. He's trying wayyy too hard! I was eating when I read this. I now hate Johnny Gill. He ruined my grilled cheese sandwich. My FBF's lost their minds when I said that he must still have that drug problem. No one could believe it... My gaydar sucks, but my crackometer is on point. πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
  8. It's the violin, I'm convinced. I shudder to think that he's actually singing a song about Perocet and Mollys to the kids of today...but I'm not going to lie, my 42 year old self LOVES the Mask Off remix with Kendrick Lamar. Mary looked a mess and sounded a mess. I love the Trey Songz song, but he could have did better. Why are Remy Ma and Nicki Minah beefing? I can't stand Nicki, but pre-prison Remy-Ma was a very good freestyler, I would be careful Nicki. No, I haven't heard Shether, I just found out it was a thing. El Fucking Debarge! I LOVE him. N.E. OMG...I'm of that generation, this was a something that I've been waiting for, and they didn't disappoint. Ronnie Devoe doesn't age, I'm almost convinced that he's a vampire. I had to tell my husband that Ronnie was aging like fine wine...,like FINE WINE. OTH, Ralph looks rough, we know why Bobby looks so rough, but Ralph? I thought that he kept his drug use hidden. It doesn't look so hidden now. Johnny Gill seems gay...not that there's anything wrong with it, but my non-existent gaydar was really pinging. Jada Pinkett-Smith is the Black Demi Moore. It seems that they have the same plastic surgeon. Migos :( :( Anyone hear about the "fight" they got into with Chris Brown after the show? Quavo didn't even mess up his sequins. I FUCKING HATE the word Thot Thot.... oth, I now know how to spell boujee. Chicago!!! I love Chance, he's so humble and so unlike his rapper persona. I hope that he goes far.
  9. I think that those are the $1 test. Effective, but cheap. I never got a positive pregnancy test, even at 2 months using those test.
  10. What's Aaron doing these days? I would love to have the show back.
  11. They believe that the state of Illinois got it wrong. Even the molestation story is sketchy. The friend never owned the car that the sister said that he did.
  12. Put that way, I get your meaning. No way would my husband just let me spend, spend, spend, especially and not pay our taxes. My apologies Cooks. I just imagined Greg dragging Nene by the wig... You know the one... Yes, that one... Down the hallway.. 😯🍑
  13. Wait... Weak husband's who let them do what they want? Should they husband be beating them to have better control over them? What the hell? You're worried about their issues, I'm more worried about a woman, which I assume you are, who calls men who don't control their women weak.
  14. Wow! I was on the edge of my seat! I just knew that she was gone.. And then Vera gave the bitch air.. Wtf?! The acting on this show is phenomenal. I don't know how I can watch the new season of the other show after this.
  15. My mouth dropped when he made that statement. I don't think that I finished the show. I was shocked, but I didn't think, and still don't think that Bill's racist or that he meant any racism. I didn't know that it was a big controversy until I read about how Ice Cube would set him straight... I was wondering for what... I'm still here, I accept his apology and I do not believe that he's racist. I do believe that like everyone else, he has prejudice. Having watched next week's show already, I hope that it's over. We've beat him enough.