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  1. Sorry, but I found Kim calling bullshit to the fake Ms. Cleo one of the best parts of the episode. Probably because I was saying the same thing... That lady was so un likable. One of those pseudo Ms. Badu types.
  2. I was so sleepy, I thought 'wow he's really promoting his book if he's on SNL'.
  3. I had the same thought... How was he convicted? I watched a ID show about the case. I missed the 20/20 episode but it sounds like it was a bit better than the 48 Hours episode. Now I have to figure out how to watch old 20/20 episodes.
  4. I agree. However, I heard on the program that she most definitely was there. Her fingerprint was there. They didn't mention that it was planted. They didn't mention that she wasn't the only person who the trooper had planted evidence against. It kind of makes you wonder about the whole case. If they lied about that... And I really think that they lied because they killed her son and he couldn't go to prison... What else would they lie about?
  5. I was watching village of the dammed and I wonder why they didn't talk about the trooper planting evidence against Shirley Kinge? She won a $250,000 lawsuit and he went to jail. Her son was killed by the police. As a Black person, I side eye all of this, and I wonder why they leave so much pertinent information out.
  6. Have you ever heard of Lori Erica Ruff? They did something like that to find her identity. I found Tea Leoni story fascinating.
  7. I was just about to respond on how Peter gets the women. How old is he? 62? The man looks good, and he ages well. He may drag you to the gutter, but if a good time in the bedroom is what you're looking for, I bet he can give it to you on your way down there. Peter has that look about him...reminds me of my ex. The kind that can give you one look, and you know that he will have you searching for him in the daylight with a flashlight... "where Peter?" Sheree, girl, just say no. Prison men at your age, hell any age are a no-no! You're using your money! If you're not, you will be soon. There's no telling how many other Bae's he has. That's for the birds. Just pitiful. NO girl, just NO. It's not a good look. At least he gets to see her weekly.
  8. Fantastic episode! I agree Trai should sing more often. I feel bad that Jamal accidentally killed someone, but I'm sorry that he's dead. That damn dude, who's name evades me, annoyed me. Spring should be good, with the crazy nurse back on some Misery type of shit.
  9. Don't let that pig in lipstick make you feel some type of way! I had my first at 41. I got pregnant with #2 at 42. However, sadly that ended in a miscarriage. I'm 42 now and trying for #3. No doctor ever told me that I was too old. Never give up!
  10. That was masterfully played. They surprised me. I had no idea that the detective was a figment of Andre's imagination. Well played Empire, well played.
  11. I'm almost a month behind in watching this episode, but I came to say this exact same thing! There's no way in the real world Anika would have got full custody.
  12. The thing with Porsha is that she really is dumb. Where as Phaedra knew that she was lying about Kandi. Porsha didn't. She was merely the dummy repeating everything that she heard. I don't think that she should be absolved of all wrongdoing, but I really think that she was Phaedra's puppet.
  13. Yo petty ass.... But man, I'm not going to lie... I was so hoping that it was Apollo! Make room... I have a big ass, but I'm coming on that petty train with you.
  14. I'm watching it also. My friend Lolita Files is involved. I'm still not sure who killed Pac, but I sure do miss him. Hubers is a mess and a half.
  15. Lol nah, I'm not Nessa, unless that's code word for super petty. Not going to lie, I love the drama. I live a mostly drama free life, and it's because of this show. I laugh at almost all of the nonsense that these people do. I'm the patron Saint of idiots so it makes me have a soft spot for Porsha.