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  1. I agree, she's allowed to be angry. However, you don't post it on Twitter or Instagram. You talk to that person.
  2. Kandi is coming off as a jilted lover. She looks good though. Something is off putting about the Devoe family. There's a gif with someone saying I just can't. That's the way I feel about them. I have always given Nene slack, but after her tweets about Greg... Nah sis. This man has cancer, if you are tired of taking care of him, you suck it up and keep on being there for your husband. I hope that they extended the part with Eva mother eating while she was distressed. That was cold hearted. Cynthia... Yawn Porsha, Porsha. No. Just freaking NO.
  3. Shamari, it's not a open marriage if only he has the option to be open. Having a threesome with your husband doesn't mean that your marriage is open. It sounds like he was cheating and she created the open marriage part to make herself not feel so bad about him cheating. I agree with Nene, if our marriage is open, I want dicks. Big. Dicks. Porsha is a bird. You can tell that she's pregnant. Her man is skeevy. Kandi annoys. I think that she still wants Porsha. She cares entirely too much about what's going on with Porsha. I feel sorry for Greg. Nene toned it down a lot. Cynthia. Yawn. I don't want to see someone FaceTime all episode. Eva is messy. TANya... Never heard it pronounced that way.
  4. I like this show. I like the relationship between the two women. My favorite Monday night show.
  5. General True Crime Shows

    It is. The family is really upset. Apparently, there were a few lies told.
  6. General True Crime Shows

    Did anyone watch Twisted Sisters?
  7. General True Crime Shows

    A sadistic killer would. People often kill once and then stop.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    I've been watching this case since it happened. I've read a lot of things against Darlie and I'm still not convinced. I think that most of us are true crime aficionados. Most of the big one's, we've read about and have formed opinions.
  9. General True Crime Shows

    I've always questioned her innocence. I'll sit with you. ? This is true... Framing innocent people and killing them via the death penalty are proper things done in American jurisprudence. Just as using the police as a weapon is the American way, and could be called proper American jurisprudence. Oh and the police killing Black (and poor people in general) men. ????? I'm sick of proper American jurisprudence.
  10. Everyone wants to be Black until it's for things that only seem to happen to black people go down. Black magic is wonderful, it's joyous, I don't blame Steven. I'm quite sure that white magic is just as fun, but speaking as a black person, I can see why he would be happy to have even a droplet of 'black blood'. All joking aside, I've always thought that it was his soulful voice that got him semi invited to the cookout... He wasn't quite invited, but he could come with a friend and most definitely not be turned away. Lots of people have big lips.
  11. You're right, if that liar appears on film, I'll quote my post with a I told you so. I have a very good feeling that she is, with a pillow in her belly and all. Fake pregnancy! Fake pregnancy!
  12. This is what will happen, she's filming this season... Or is she going to keep this off of camera like her husband? She's lying. Sorry, I hate to break it to you. Did you see Janet or any other AMA pregnant celebrity doing all of this? Nope! She's a lying liar who lies. Where's the belly pictures?? Come on with the pillow pictures.
  13. But she didn't. She didn't. This is fishy, and as a MFM, I'm not buying it. Kenya isn't even selling her story correctly. There's no way, I at 43 if I got pregnant tomorrow, would announce it before 3 months. I made that mistake last time. She's using a surrogate, and she needs to admit it. Another thing, her doctor would advise her not to do this. At 41 with my first pregnancy I had to go to the doctor every week at week 32, and I conceived naturally. No way in the world would her doctor allow her weekly doctor appointments starting at week 30, and weekly u/s take place on camera! She's a liar and she's crazy and now I don't think she's married! Is the doctor off Married to Medicine her doctor? That's the only doctor who would approve this garbage.
  14. Yes, I hope, it was funny. This doesn't top my TV adopted son Chance's episode, but the cold opening, Friendos, WU, and the talking dirty segments were funny to me. I'm just not feeling DG and his fake wake and Black pride persona. Stay woke, I am Childish Gambino, I am, and that's why we can't really kick it. Oh the Orange Juice Jones parody (was that his real name?) was also funny. How could I forgot Che slaying me with... Pass! Slay! Slay! Slay! I had to re-watch twice. That's exactly how I feel about Kanye and everything single song he has ever sang. Pass! I also love the Kanye sketch. I see it's Oran juice Jones, as a child I thought it was orange juice... I'm going to leave orange juice, I don't want to appear any less knowledgeable than I was as a child. As an adult I know better. ???
  15. Thank you! Kim was implying covertly of course, that the other women were jealous of her because she's white. That's the only thing that I can think of. That's the reason why she has her own show too. At least in her mind. Why does she have her own show? She most definitely wasn't the most popular, or liked. ? ? Why does Kim have a show? Who watches? I don't know anyone who likes Kim.