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  1. Well, they aren't half sisters biologically...
  2. S01.E10: Ease on Down the Road

    One of my favorite shows. You can tell that they have writers from Chicago, Audy home, neutron... Ah, childhood. I too love Papa. I feel so bad for Jake, while I haven't seen this scenario play out directly, I have heard too many first hand accounts. Reg should be more responsible.
  3. Marvin Gaye was a suicide by murder. He was such a troubled man, it's the one biography that I can't read. The Farrah Fawcett episode made me cry. Not because I was a big fan. I wasn't. Just watching her suffer was heartbreaking. I understand her not wanting to lose her hair, nor wanting a colostomy bag, but it was still heartbreaking to watch. Ryan O'Neal sucks My DVR didn't record Mindy's episode. Her family says that Harvey W. raped her and they alluded to him having her killed. They do not believe that she committed suicide.
  4. S01.E11: CBB: Double Eviction

    I never thought that I would root for Omorosa. Ever. Never. I just don't understand. I'm hoping that she wins it all. In the history of reality TV, I think BB is the only show without a Black winner. The only show with open racism, and maybe that's why I haven't watched in about 5 years. Since Dick Donato's 1st season (is he still alive) they need to do something, or maybe not. Maybe the goal ISN'T to attract minority viewers. Smh. Ross, Marissa, and Ari are nothing but mean girls. Omorosa isn't a walk in the park, but some of the things that they say. Can we please get a non bitchy gay man? I haven't watched in years, so there may have been one. I'll give this year another try. However, I will never subscribe to the live feeds. I can look at CNN to see racism everyday. BB reminds me just how much SOME people suck in private!
  5. Maybe she's in La Leche and helps out preemies and mothers who can't make milk. Or maybe she doesn't want to give her toddler cow's milk and would rather give her human milk instead. There's nothing wrong with it. Society has conditioned us to find it weird.
  6. Scaramucci will be on Celebrity Big Brother. I may have to not watch because my God is that man overbearing. Someone said that he stole all of the light in the room... He's like a robot that has one mission, get those talking points out! I really wish that Bill and Donna had let Frum go at him. Frum is pissed and he doesn't like the toad. Scaramucci kind of looks like Pepe the frog which is used by the alt right.
  7. I was thinking the same thing but a little harsher when he said well I'm not voting for your boyfriend! Like damn dude, are you that petty! Are you going to campaign against him too since Eva blew up your spot? I agree. What Todd said was so petty and unprofessional. Don Juan annoys me so much. He can just move on with his rolling of the eyes at everything that he doesn't like. Just forgive the woman and be cordial. No need to announce all the time how good of a person you are to even let her in your space. In no way am I excusing Porsha. However, I really don't believe that she knew that she was being lied to. That doesn't absolve her of all of her wrong doings, and there were a lot. It takes a lot to forgive, and I would rather not be able you than to constantly be pissed in your presence. Anger isn't healthy. I thought that Kim said that she wasn't a vegan, but she had tried it in the past and only lasted 15 minutes.
  8. The rumored cast was better. Tiffany Pollard would have been golden. I'm here for the dragging that O will get. I'm. Here. For. It. That's about all. I'm kind of disappointed in this cast.
  9. So am I. However, I'm a SAHM and I have no life. Romeo? I'm here for the Lil Kim. Bussey is annoying and I'm quite sure that he will talk about his friend the president. 🙄🙄🙄
  10. Remember, before Dr. King died, he started what was basically a poor people's movement. He was pointing out to poor Black's and White's how the rich and politicians use race to keep us apart. They say that it scared a lot of people in power and politics. Frankly, the world would probably be a better place if we remembered that. I do believe that the rich keep the poor divided with race and race issues. Andrew Sullivan must have been sick, he almost made no sense at all. MLK wouldn't feel at home in the democratic party. Maybe he just felt like being contrary.
  11. How does race effect tips? There's a myth that Black people don't tip. Black servers are often not given tips, or even given less than their counterparts. A friend of mine used to sometimes get less of a tip than the busboy. There's also budboys, tips often have to be split with them. $20 and an becomes $10. I think that it's Hope Hicks.
  12. Sullivan left a bad residue.. I don't need to see him anytime soon. MLK would be shunned by democrats? Surely, he would put up with the racist overtures that's emanating from the GOP. This isn't to say that there aren't any racist democrats, but if it's a headline about a politician and racism they are more likely to be a republican. MLK, just like other Christians wouldn't have a problem with the DNC. Can we get the guy who played Wolf on SNL to do his future interviews? I missed Larry Wilmore. I forget the ladies name, but I appreciate her for changing my opinion on tips. It is akin to performing.
  13. S04.E09: He's Dead

    After the stuff Bonnie pulled earlier in the season, she deserved for an Annalise to talk to her a little mean. Bonnie started seeing her therapist to get at Annalise... That's crazy. Annalise was trying to set them free, and look at what happens when she does try to stay out of their lives?
  14. S04.E09: He's Dead

    I wonder who has the hard drive? I wasn't expecting Frank to just kill Dominic like that. You're supposed to get the information before you kill them, not after. Frank is so hot. Yes, I'm shallow.