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  1. So did I! That was a slap of beauty!
  2. This. Phaedra is a lying liar that lies, but I still don't like Kandi. Porsha, you are too damn old to just repeat shit. I'm parroting a damn thing. Phaedra was ok with me up until today, but I still wouldn't go repeating anything that she said. Porsha needed a storyline and Phaedra gave her one with her lies.
  3. Is Phaedra fired?
  4. Do you think that they will update the Maria Ridulph case now that the supposed killer has not only been set free, but given a certification of innocence. I also just read that a new suspect emerged the very same day that the old suspect was found innocent. DeKalb County seems to have something in the water... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2016/11/03/us/ridulph-cold-case-possible-new-suspect/index.html
  5. Can't stand this racist bitch. She hasn't gone away yet? I hope that what she says isn't true, and I'm loving reading all of the dirt of this Sucks piece of trash. I can't believe that it took me this long to find the blog dedicated to exposing her! Finally! Take your racist ass back to Survivor Sucks, then again, let them keep donating to the cow. Sorry, she's a scrounge. It's time for Phaedra to go. She was unnecessary catty during the last episode. Kandi and her haven't been speaking, and for Kandi to approach her and apologize, that was great of her. Phaedra didn't have to be that way in her TH. She can go. I like Porsha. Kenya is the one that needs to go. I'm tired of seeing her misery play out on my TV.
  6. I don't think that Bill Maher likes Ana Navarro
  7. The best part was Varner's face... It read 'dude, you set yourself up for this'
  8. JT is not familiar with Facebook, the coffee cup? The way that she was sipping her 'tea' classic Kermit! She's one of my new favorites! I knew that JT was toast, but that was satisfying!
  9. That really did escalate fast, and she just wouldn't let it go. And she was wrong!
  10. Not my issue, that's Bill, you will have to ask him. Judging by the way he responds to other questions that he doesn't like, you won't get very far. He's a bit, ok a lot judgemental.
  11. I think that the people who he was alluding to having intimacy issues were those who felt the need to control the buttplug with a remote via an on their cellphone. At least that's the impression that I got.
  12. Good show, but Bill pissed me OFF the way he cut off Mensch! Even if you don't agree, you do not cut off a person that way. The last new rule made me a little bit less angry with him. Still... Very rude Bill.
  13. When she woke up, I was saying to the TV... Woman, you were just raped! I was so glad to find out I wasn't judging him wrongly. So many red flags, right from the start.
  14. Best line for me... Andrew Sullivan had the nerve to say that Rachel Maddow was smug, and Barney Frank said that he may want to look in the mirror. Yes! The nerve of Andrew Sullivan calling anyone smug. I get that Maddow may have shouldn't have reported on the tax return, but this is the 2nd show that I've seen talk about it. :(
  15. I watched this case and another one, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Anjelica_Castillo Or highlight cold case like the little boy in the box https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_in_the_Box_(Philadelphia) after all of these years, someone has to know something and someone has to be ready to talk