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  1. I daresay the recent crisis has brought them even closer.
  2. Spaghetti squash is fine as long as you expect it to be squash and not spaghetti.
  3. But Valerie's are not the same color as her hair dye.
  4. I think this might be one of those shows that I enjoy viewing but would probably not attempt the recipes. I would be happy to eat them if somebody else made them. That's how I felt about her cookbook.
  5. I'm still not sure whether I like the show but I learn something new with every episode. I never realized that by rolling your pin over your dough and onto your work surface makes the edges thinner than the middle but it totally makes sense and I won't do it any more.
  6. Which was PAINFULLY demonstrated in "Ghost Town" by that scene between her and Aiden in the alley behind his bar. I'm sure whoever wrote that was congratulating herself on her profundity.
  7. You're welcome, buffynut! :>)
  8. I wonder if Charlotte would have been so supportive if she knew that when Aiden showed Carrie the love seat he made for Charlotte and Trey's wedding gift she responded, "It's too nice!".
  9. I made a full batch of blueberry buttermilk pancakes during the storm yesterday. I'll be reheating them for dinners for the foreseeable future.
  10. I do not do winter well but I walked my errands around town first thing in the morning before things got dire then made a big batch of pancakes to reward myself. It took me an hour last night to dig out my car and I can still feel it in my arms and quads so I'm giving myself permission to skip the gym tonight. My only complaint is that temps are falling into the single digits today for the rest of the weekend so it will be too cold for me to use my snowshoes.
  11. I'm reading Ruth Ware's The Lying Game and having the experience of enjoying it and yet not really wanting to pick it up. That happens to me sometimes.
  12. And even better, all those candid photos were taken of her "good side"!
  13. Oh, no denying there's racism but relating it to why people can't get laid denigrates the issue. Peace out.
  14. I know you don't want to hear it but I found your comment about racism in Boston offensive.
  15. I think the reason Claudette is being rude (although personally I've heard much, much worse) is that the producers are encouraging her to talk smack to make the show more interesting to watch. Plus, I like as much diversity as possible so a Hispanic woman? Yes, please. On the other hand, I remember liking Kwame very much during his original season but now I'm not sure why because he is so very, very dull. I love Lee Anne but don't want to hear about the blessed event every 10 seconds as the editors are wont to exploit. Whatever. Last Chance Kitchen has absolutely nothing to do with merit.