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  1. I'm doing a seated happy dance as I type: I've had a busy couple of weeks so I never got around to making plans for the long weekend. I did my usual weekly shop this morning and really hit the jackpot: half-price stew meat, a marked-down package of biscuits and heavy cream at fifty cents a carton. Beef stew, hot biscuits and homemade ice cream, here I come! It's not exactly summer barbecue food but we're not having summer barbecue weather anyway. (I also got a half-price box of bakery muffins so breakfast is a win as well!)
  2. A, You're not old. B. As with many things in life, it's worse for women.
  3. I do have a couple of recipes that use brown sugar or maple syrup with red meat and I really enjoy them. Plenty of barbecue sauces are on the sweet side.
  4. From the AI in the Media thread: I absolutely adore Melinda Doolittle and really hope TVLine revives their weekly show with her comments. That said, the cynical part of my brain would always say, "If you know so much, how come you aren't a star?" I know; I'm awful.
  5. Taking my response to the Anticipation, Speculation and Wishlists threads as MD hasn't been mentioned in the press.
  6. As a former office manager I can categorically state that if more than one person's opinion is in play, there is no such thing as a reasonable temperature.
  7. I haven't seen Nicolle since she left The View.. I never cease to be amazed at how intelligent she really is-- she sure hid it well sitting next to Whoopi Goldberg-- but I was further surprised at the vitriol she was casting at her own party this morning. It seems like the bubble brained Conservative blonde women on Fox are being replaced by more critically thinking moderates on MSBC. I welcome the evolution.
  8. Yeah, movies are released on different dates in different countries so that happens a lot. It's always a wee bit sad. Or funny.
  9. My local theatre has a pop rocks cocktail. I am shocked Clinton didn't make one!
  10. The hairstyles don't help either. To me, all the graduating seniors in yearbooks from the 1950s look forty years old to me. (I'm getting the red squiggle under "1950s" because I didn't use an apostrophe. Talk about a pet peeve!)
  11. People sure age differently than they used to. I was just reading an article about The Golden Girls and it led me to do some digging: Rue McClanahan who played Blanche was 51 in the first season. Beatrice Arthur was 50 as Maude in season one. Jean Stapleton was 45 in her first season as Edith Bunker of All in the Family. Charlotte Rae was 53 when she started playing Mrs. Garrett on Facts of Life. I would have guessed at least a decade older. Anybody else?
  12. I can't wait for the workday to be over because my pants are uncomfortably tight. They fit fine last week so I guess I've been hitting the candy a little too hard. I hate when I get dressed for work and then discover once I'm there that there's something wrong with what I'm wearing: too tight, too itchy, a spot I hadn't noticed...
  13. Actually I kind of hated The Rosie Project because it used that tired theme of a most excellent woman supporting a very flawed man. I frequently scoff that you'll never see a story in which the man does the same for a woman. Until Eleanor.
  14. Well, malt liquor is kind of strong for an 11-year-old. What?
  15. No Christina Aguilera Dirrty love?