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  1. Your essay reminded me of the absurd amount of medical personnel this show killed off. Okay, there was no other good way to get Patrick Dempsey off the show and it's not out of the ordinary for grown up peoples' parents to die but geez, most of the people I work with just move on, they don't drop dead outside the cafeteria.
  2. Yeah, what with her books and Food Network appearances, I suspect she's making more than enough to get by.
  3. Like most people, I have any number of alternate routes to work when there's traffic but I have finally strung together a way to get there on back roads that bring me up and down hills through forests and farm land. It's too twisty to attempt on snowy days but right for now, it's a beautiful trip that calms me and makes me smile even though I'm headed for an office job that does neither.
  4. I love liverwurst although I only buy it about once a year. My store has the Braunschweiger in the refrigerator deli section with the hot dogs but I prefer to get a chunk at the meat counter. I sure hope it doesn't disappear from supermarkets. I stopped at my local deli last year for a sandwich and they'd stopped offering it. I asked why it was still on the wall menu and they admitted that they really liked the way it was painted and didn't want to fix it to delete liverwurst.
  5. Except I'm PAYING for the magazine which also has ads in it. The podcasts are free to all.
  6. Any podcast that does not have: A. two or more people shooting the shit who think they're so hilarious that they don't need to prepare anything in advance or have IMDB and Wikipedia on hand. B. a monologue by someone who is probably a very entertaining writer but who can't figure out how to share their thoughts without sounding like they're reading an essay on what they did last summer. C. repeating segments with "cute" names or purposes that take longer to explain than the actual segment.
  7. Just don't stop with the nice posts. Which are all of them.
  8. So this week's Entertainment Weekly is a double issue again so obviously they're trying to transition to fewer issues a year. How clever of them to place the cover photo so that it obscures the "weekly" part of the logo. Good grief, you mean there aren't enough movies, TV shows, books, plays, video games, etc. to fill one issue every seven days? But you have plenty of material for your website and podcasts. Grrr.
  9. I confess I may do the same. I love Clinton. I love Michael. I love Carla. I could take or leave Daphne and Mario. I just think the show has run its course. My feelings may change the first night I come home from a rotten day at work in need of some happy time though.
  10. I speculate that Brandon will probably win because his designs are really interesting but he is not. They need filler footage and if keeping us tuned in to see the twins get their comeuppance, so be it.
  11. I was equally surprised that Brandon wasn't chosen first given his status as the frontrunner.
  12. That was number three.
  13. According to IMDB, they divorced in 1996. She was the second of his four wives.
  14. They are talking about the movie It so It's is the correct contraction denoting possession. Usually when you see that, the writer is using "It's" improperly because the apostrophe is there to show a contraction of "It is".
  15. That would be Amy Bond. It sounds like most people sleep in what Heidi would call "athleisure" wear,