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  1. My people! I remember on the old Fametracker forum that I was the bad guy for saying I wouldn't move even if someone asked me nicely because apparently if someone asks you to do something nicely you are obliged to comply with anything they ask for. Nope. I always ask, "If they're such good friends, how come they didn't reserve a seat for you when they reserved their own?". Sometimes I really enjoy giving people crap.
  2. When I joined a gym last year I discovered that walking and hiking and biking during the warm months was not keeping me in shape as much as I thought it was: I got on a treadmill and thought I was going to die. That said, now that it's warming up again, I'm skipping the gym in favor of outdoor activities. They may not be as beneficial physically but they are crucial to my mental health.
  3. A million more times yes: I have a friend who is very active on FB and yet I sent her a birthday greeting via e-mail and she couldn't be bothered to respond! I have a very complicated web of friends some of whom prefer to talk on the phone but never check their e-mail vs. those who use FB but don't make phone calls vs. those who love e-mail but don't text, etc., etc. For one brief shining moment all this electronica brought us together and now it's more complicated than ever.
  4. I always roll my eyes when advertisers try to pass off yogurt as being as good as dessert but the Chobani Dulce de Leche Greek yogurt is so delicious it's better than dessert!
  5. And I wish that women who have so much talent and potential would not be labeled as out there and difficult for being passionate about their work. Men can throw phones and sexually harass their co-workers but instead of being black-balled, they get Oscars. Topic? I'm not a movie crier but my companion teared up five minutes into Hidden Figures.
  6. I'll have the last of the shawarma made with chicken from the freezer purge and corn on the cob tonight. I still have some bacon and sausage and vegetables in there but I am calling my clean-out a success. I made room for three bags of flour plus three containers of ice cream and there are no more frost covered mystery mounds.
  7. I survive quite well without Facebook. I prefer to maintain my relationships in person and if I haven't reunited with any of my classmates from elementary school, it is because I live in the present without much looking back. On the rare occasion I browse around on somebody else's credentials, I frequently see things I'd rather not know about my peers: sexist jokes, scary political leanings, etc.
  8. They must be using real gold in it now...
  9. I just finished Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks and really enjoyed it. I've never quite forgiven this author for portraying a beloved Alcott character as an adulterer in March because I am a child but she gets a few points back for this one.
  10. Okay, I confess, I want to make stir fry for someone on a low carb regimen this week and it seems half a pack of ramen has only 26 carbs so I thought I might use them... Not the flavor pack though. I have some scruples.
  11. Actually, if it's the show with Johnny Ianucciorwhatver making a carrot cake, that was a re-run from last year. Please note that when monkey boy (don't watch enough to know his name) was talking about the contest, the deadline was early April 2016.
  12. Donna screeching, "DAVID!" in the Again with this podcasts is my go-to giggle.
  13. I was prepared to get lots internet StitchFix ads now thanks to @JTMacc99, but instead I'm getting McDonald's offers. In Japanese.
  14. Yes, Meredith treating the brain bleed with a syringe and a straw was pretty cool, but not as cool as Izzie doing it with a power drill on a sinking ferry! I don't think it's wise to include a montage of past scenes when the present season suffers by comparison.
  15. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is a fabulous, slouchy jacket I splurged on during a time of severe financial famine. I love it not just because it's comfortable or because I get so many compliments on it but because I spent the money in defiance of my budget. SInce I still wear it twenty years later, I guess it was a bargain after all. (hugs, @riley702!)