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  1. I don't go either but I have a couple of tempting coupons. If I go, I will walk to the shopping center first thing in the morning.
  2. Add me to the pile: I'm getting together with my family this Sunday and on Thanksgiving proper, I will be watching the dog show on TV by myself. I bought a frozen Uno's sausage pizza for the occasion. Although, @Lura, I have to say family being together in this political climate is bringing me way more stress than the food ever could and that includes the year I got food poisoning.
  3. I had Jarlsberg in my "leftovers" version mentioned above too.
  4. I'm reading Liane Moriarty's Three Wishes and given how much I enjoyed her three most recent titles, I am surprised at how uninspiring I'm finding this one.
  5. I always go to my local True Value first. Their hours of operation aren't particularly convenient but I use that to my advantage every year when I rent a rug shampooer. Since they're closed on Sundays, I take the machine home on Saturday and don't have to return it until Monday.
  6. Every year, my local market has a buy one get one free sale on brie. That's the basis of most of my holiday noshes, on crackers with spreads, on bread with tomatoes and just eaten while standing in front of the open fridge. I have a recipe I've never tried for a chicken dish with brie and caramelized onions that also sounds promising, maybe for New Year's. I'm also waiting (impatiently) for those five pound boxes of clementines to go on sale for $4.99. Eating those makes me feel more virtuous about the heavier stuff and they're pretty heaped in a bowl.
  7. I'm making mac and cheese from scratch tonight to use up scraps left over from a cheese plate: cheddar, asiago, parmesan, and gouda. I have some bacon that needs using so that will probably go in too.
  8. Well, there you go: the blueberry guy should have made his dessert in the shape of a Star of David. Was there any point to putting everybody in teams of two except that they presented on the same plate? In the first round, some people baked while others decorated but overall, they each seemed to concentrate on their own dessert.
  9. I have checked each of Ottolengi's books out of the library because a friend of mine raved. I had the same response to them you did: pretty to look at but not practical for my tastes and skills. I have also found that many artsy cookbooks like these have such big beautiful pictures that the ingredients end up on one page while the instructions end up on another. That's irritating if you are guilty of not doing mise en place. I know it's poor form to some but I tend to grab and measure as I go.
  10. I absolutely agree, @Apprentice79. We viewers tune into television programs with people we like to visit on a daily basis and often come to think of them as friends. However, those people aren't getting together to chat because they're pals. This is their job. And just like us, when the work day is over, they go home to their real lives. Sure, some co-workers get along better than others and sometimes real friendships are made but when people work together, they tolerate others' idiosyncrasies in order to get the job done and when someone leaves the job, it's not a given that they'll stay in touch.
  11. And that explains why I suddenly feel really old.
  12. I made a five by seven inch chocolate cake with chocolate icing with a recipe from Kitchen Mischief last night. It makes six little servings which are perfect for having my cake and eating it too calorie-wise.
  13. I also enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere although I thought the plot depended too much on coincidence and people not telling each other obvious stuff. I really liked how the author presented every character's gifts and flaws. If anyone is into poetry, I inhaled The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur this weekend. The book is organized into chapters about love, loss and family and I just want to take it door to door and shove it into people's hands. I'm now on to Joyce Maynard's The Best of Us. Back when her first memoir came out, I thought she was writing my story. Since then I've come to understand that if I were to meet her in person, I would probably not feel that way but I do love her voice. @Athena, I have Smitten Kitchen Every Day on hold at the library. Meanwhile, I checked out Yotam Ottolengi's Sweet and much as I hate to admit it, it was too grown up for me. Lots of booze and fruit whereas I want chocolate and sugar.
  14. I'm hoping one of them may turn out to be interesting but I think introducing characters one at a time as they did with Callie and Mark and Arizona is more effective than when they plop a bunch of new people into the hallway and then (literally) kill off the ones that don't work.
  15. She ghosted him but then came back to explore a reconciliation which he shut down. She then sent him divorce papers.