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  1. I use an ice cream scoop to dispense muffin batter. I also have a couple of those little scoops for drop and bake cookies. Between those and my silicone mat, eating my feelings has become much faster and easier.
  2. I'm trying really hard to clear out the fridge so I may be reduced to the last of the cheese on leftover crackers tonight.
  3. Is some of this stuff generational? I've never understood why clean jeans without any rips were so awful in an office if you do not deal with the public or vendors in person. My irritation is that I was taught by the office manager at my first full time job that if your work day starts at nine, that means that you are present, your coat is off and your computer is on by nine o'clock. These days, I feel like I'm the only one in my office actually working when the day begins instead of trickling in at 9:05 or later in time to chat with my co-workers, play with my phone and consider the coffee options. It makes me feel quite justified in not staying late if it is not absolutely necessary.
  4. Well, with that kind of review, I don't think I'd buy it. I know the black and green can was light coconut milk. Maybe the "new" one isn't? I'll have to check elsewhere. I'm seeing more and more recipes that use it so I'm hopeful it will be easier to find in "regular" supermarkets.
  5. No sarcasm! I don't drink much and I would like something small, cheap and easy to stow in my pantry for those bottles of wine I get as gifts. It's not like anybody would see it. I daresay I would even use the black binder clips instead of the gold ones. That's the second time they've suggested gluing plates to stuff to make cake stands and no, I wouldn't make that or the bashed up vases.
  6. I would suggest just plugging in your headphones but that did not work for me this weekend...
  7. @aforumfish, I'm an unrepentant hermit but anecdotes like that make me wish I didn't eat alone!
  8. I checked the Momfuku Milk Bar cookbook out of the library. I did photocopy some of the recipes out of it (yes, I know, I'm a bad, bad person) but truth be told, I've never felt up to the challenge of making any of them. While I don't mind taking an entire day to make something labor-intensive once in awhile for a special occasion or just because but with these recipes, you frequently had to make an ingredient first and then use that ingredient to make the recipe you want to make. I'm just not that adventurous.
  9. I used to love the coconut milk TJ's sold in the black and green can for 99 cents. Now they have a different kind that's more expensive. Can anybody tell me if it's comparable? I'm not very knowledgeable about coconut milk so I want to buy one that will work in the recipes I've already tried with the previous version.
  10. We used to have a home made version of peg solitaire and I'm trying to remember whether it had more than 15 holes. Two purse losing stories: 1. Once I left my purse complete with the weekly grocery money in cash on a train. I realized it the second I got off and watched in horror as the train pulled away. I ran to the nearby newspaper store and borrowed their phone to call the state transportation office and while they kept me on hold they radioed the train to grab it and give it to a conductor on the next train coming in the opposite direction. He hung out of the doorway so I could retrieve it less than an hour later. Stressful as hell but a cool story. 2. I took a trip to Boston nearly 100 miles from my home carrying a tiny purse with a dollar, a handkerchief and my driver's license in it. I guess whatever else I needed was in my pockets. Of course, I lost the purse. Shortly thereafter, I got a call from my parents asking if I was missing anything. The purse was found by someone who lived in the next town over from us who also happened to be visiting Boston that day. They found us in the phone book and dropped it in the mail. Clearly, I've used up all my luck so I now attach my wallet to my belt loop with a carabiner before tucking it into my front pocket.
  11. So agree about pushing in chairs. Also about texts on TV screens. Not all of us have succumbed to having a 60-inch screen, you know. Add to that the TV shows that put up a graphic with information they think you need that overlaps with the graphic you NEVER need in the right-hand corner of the screen. Finally, I don't enjoy watching tennis as much as I used to because the score box in the bottom of the screen is illegible and they seldom do a full screen graphic going into or our of a commercial break any more.
  12. I clicked on this topic by mistake because so many of the posts hurt my heart but the last four about Rainbow Rowell are right on the money for me.
  13. I read quite a few Philippa Gregory books. It's thanks to her that I can run the category on Jeopardy! when the Tudors come up. On the other hand, I hate that she chooses a theme and then hammers it over and over and over i.e. that women are interchangeable! in The Other Boleyn Girl. I'll check out Three Sisters, Three Queens but my real fantasy is to read all of her stuff in chronological rather than published order in order to get the big picture.
  14. Yes, you can definitely tell a clip show because she's wearing a different tunic for every recipe. I didn't mind though because she included the explanation of how to get Chinese food at a drive through restaurant: drive to order post, give order, drive to window, pick up order. I really needed to see that again in case I ever find myself near a Panda Express.
  15. I wasn't impressed with that movie either but it gave me the impression that Osage County should be avoided at all costs!