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  1. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    That's probably exactly what Emma was thinking. I know I would have been.
  2. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    It all makes so much more sense now! Thanks! ;) Oh, sweetie, don't trouble yourself. As Wise One Rumple once said (hey! If Regina gets to be Queen of Everything, I'm thinking Rumple gets to be The Old Wise One in this 'infinite realms all brought together in Maine' premise.) "Your questions are pointless."
  3. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    I watched this ep this weekend. And to be honest, I'd not watched the last 4 or 5 eps, so I binged them all on Saturday, just to get to the finale. (Does that make me a completionist or just an idiot? :/ Don't answer that!) Standard disclaimer: I haven't read the other comments yet, so apologies in advance for any duplication, though I doubt I'm the only one who thought/felt this way. All in all, a pretty lack-luster finale, especially for a series-ender. I guess A&E had already checked out by the time they wrote/filmed this. (Remind me to never again watch any show which is associated with them.) Best moments for me were when Snow and Charming showed up in Black Knight disguises and Emma and Hook and Baby Jones bursting through the door at the end. (Of course Emma had to be wearing her red leather jacket or NO ONE would have known who she was, amiright? //snark) Seeing Hook (not just Whook) deliriously happy holding his and Emma's child was worth the rest of the awful episode. And all credit for that goes to Jen and Colin. Good job, guys! I thought I was going to puke when Snow make Regina queen of all the realms. No really. That's not even hyperbole. I felt physically ill. For a brief, shining moment before Emma arrived, I thought Regina might have an epiphany like Gold finally did and turn down the crown because she finally realized that all she'd ever wanted was a family who loved her and she had that now so she didn't need to seek to have the power any more and Snow was the rightful queen. (That would have been a fitting end for the character, imo). But nope. A&E really had to hand Regina everything and then some, didn't they? Anyone else notice she was wearing a very classic Disney Cinderella like blue gown? (Excuse me, I have to go rinse this bad taste out of my mouth) While I'm on this subject, if anyone can point me to a good fanfic that's written like the series end should have been written (because I know members of this forum can do a much better job than A&E) , I'd be very grateful! Speaking of Rumple earlier, I'm glad he finally learned a lesson - and maybe it stuck. How sad for him that Hook was the closest thing he ever had to a friend? Still, his meeting Belle in the afterlife felt as unearned as Cora crossing the light bridge in the Underworld.
  4. S06.E12: Like A Virgin

    True. :) And: I have long suspected this as well! ;)
  5. SuperPositive

    Haven't been popping into the individual episode threads lately - and I've been staying away from speculation - not spoilers though! I have my limits! ;) I just want to say that I have really been enjoying the back half of this season. I feel like all the different story lines set up in the first half are finally getting some traction - and there have been some twists and turns I have not expected. But it's all good! I've even enjoyed the eps without much season story arc in them, like the Scooby episode in particular was a really nice little break. Kind of reminded me of how the show used to do that more often back in the day. It feels like there's been more focus on Sam and Dean, which has been really nice.
  6. S07.E16: Breadcrumbs

    I finally watched this yesterday. I tried to watch it earlier, but was so bored a few minutes in, despite there being plenty of Rogers/Whook, that I just couldn't. I will say this: Just when I thought the Really Bad CGI was a thing of the past, the storm scene shows up! Good grief, I think this was worse than any that came before. Season 7 should really be proud! lol. Ah well, too bad Henry didn't fall into the vortex. I know I'm not the only one who was hoping for that. I liked Andrew well enough at the beginning of the season, but now, adult Henry annoys me even more than adolescent Henry ever did. Words I never thought I'd write on this forum: I miss Jared. And show: don't try to make Rumple all grandfatherly toward Henry now when we all know he didn't give a hoot about him while living at the End of the Universe with Belle and Gideon. Eh, Robyn wasn't bad. Ditto for Tilly and Kelly. Even Lucy was pretty un-annoying. It was a pleasure to see Tianna again. I swear I think she's flirting with Rogers. Best part was getting to see Whook being all pirate-y again.
  7. You Know You Watch Too Much Supernatural When....

    You see this video clip and think it's important enough to pass along...because it can save a Moose. ;)
  8. S07.E14: The Girl in the Tower

    I laugh every time the show mentions "Nook". I think Adam and Eddy found out we were calling him Whook and since they don't really want anyone to remember the Wish Realm Snow and Charming that Regina murdered, since you know - they're not real or anything like Whook obviously is - they came up with Nook to try to divert attention away from that hot mess since Regina is all The New Savior now. lol.
  9. Small Talk: The Impala

    Hi lju, look under Mod Announcements: and the Supernatural Thread Reference Guide: Hope this helps.
  10. You Know You Watch Too Much Supernatural When....

    You see this: And you just know which one Sam would choose. ;)
  11. How The Magic Works: Episode Thread & Rewatch Info

    Oh well, my friend really was just picking at the show in order to get me to watch a different one! That's why she gave up so easily. Lol! It's kind of weird to me that Ruth was asked to create some sort of in between accent when her own would/should have been fine. hm.
  12. How The Magic Works: Episode Thread & Rewatch Info

    I just watched ep with Rowena the other night while with a friend, who doesn't really like SPN that much (sometimes - I think she does, but doesn't want to admit it. ;) ) You know how people will sometimes pick at something trivial when they want to find fault but when you call them on it, they have nothing to say? Well, when Rowena was on, she commented that her 'accent was terrible.' (As if by attacking the acting, she'd get me to watch a different show that she wanted to watch.) I told her that was the actress' real accent, as she is Scottish. My friend's reaction was: "oh..." Lol!
  13. I did that once. ::shudders:: it was scary. I don't think I've been back.
  14. Watched the episode of Criminal minds with Steven Williams (Rufus) as a police commander or chief or something. Or it could have actually been Rufus pretending to be the police chief who didn't want the BAU involved because he thought it was a monster killing the homeless and was worried that Sam and Dean might catch wind of it too, so he didn't want their cover to be blown! ETA: the second part should probably go under "You know you watch too much Supernatural" when you can take the plot of another show with an SPN guest star and make it SPN relevant. :)