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  1. They used minimal number of characters for the citadel: only Sam's maester was a really principal character. For the rest, you had a few other maesters who barely figured, the scribe when he entered, and characters that were already in the show: Gilly and Jorah. The latter most likely won't be involved with this storyline in the books, as he hasn't contracted grayscale there. On the other hand, the Vale requires a set of allies and adversaries for Littlefinger (those could be provided by the Vale lord and lady already introduced in S4, but at only 2 that's a very limited number) as well as a separate set of potential allies and adversaries for Sansa (taking the book roles of Myranda, Mya, Harry the Heir, Lothor Brune and the Mad Mouse). And then there is a tourney, which requires a lot of effort and money to film (the limited S1 budget of GOT couldn't really do the KL tourney justice). It would also require a couple of knights to be added, to act out whatever Martin is planning there. The advantage of a separate Vale storyline is that we could actually have seen Sansa gradually gaining insight into Vale politics (and LF's intentions) and come out on top in the end, in a much more subtle fashion than actually happened. Sure, the scene at the end of S7 where Sansa condemns LF was gripping TV, but I feel this came at the expense of a logical storyline for the rest of that season (and even during S6, where Jon and Sansa had no reason to not work together). Sansa also would have had a more natural opportunity to help secure food for the north (as that seems to be of major importance in the books). In the books, I suspect Sansa will be involved with the Vale for some time still. The fact that Sweetrobyn is still around by the dragonpit in S8 points to this character not being without importance in the books, to. As for who would take Winterfell, I still think that a major difference may be that Stannis looks to take it early in TWOW. What then causes him to burn Shireen is admittedly unclear. No doubt Jon, and possibly Sansa, will take up the pieces afterwards.
  2. The Vale was probably more expensive to film (maintaining the sets of the Eyrie, setting up a major tourney, quite a cast of characters to support or oppose LF and to work with or against Sansa,...). Moreover, Martin likely still has to write most of it. The Citadel is probably easier to fill in for D&D. And with Sansa in Winterfell, they don't have to create a new character (Jeyne, who did not yet exist on the show) for Theon to save from Ramsay. Whereas Sam still has to do his training.
  3. I don't think he has ever specified a number. He knows the ending of "the main characters", which would seem to include not only Sansa, but also Jaime and Cersei besides the five from the original outline.
  4. As Merrick said. I had actually included the timestamp in the original link (the underlined part of the post), but I guess it's easy to overlook it there.
  5. An audio recording of the infamous statue statement has turned up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YBXhvzHxYI (from around 8:40) Turner starts her statement by "we did this promo...", suggesting the statue-like thing is promotional in nature, maybe like the faces from a couple of seasons ago.
  6. Dinklage does not say the character dies. All the actors/characters remaining wrapped during S8, so all of the remaining young actors "said good-bye to their childhood". I don't think it would necessarily be more emotional if the character dies, it's probably rather more connected to the relationship this actor/actress has with the rest of the crew and cast, and also with the personality of the person(s) involved.
  7. IIRC she was merely speculating based on the presence of body doubles (not necessarily stunt people - i'm not sure bsb ever made a clear distinction), and she was very slow to contradict Friki's version (even though his has no action in the dragonpit). Did she ever clearly say there would be fighting? And if so, didn't she backtrack to some extent after friki came with his version? Iirc we talked here about bsb suddenly denying she had implied violence, before. There's also the question: who would be attacking and why is she there? If she's a cersei captive, she should be in a dungeon/tower cell or be dead already. If she is free, she should be among the non combattants of the dany and jon camp. And those would not set up camp right next to two sets of enemies (especially not the undead ones). If dany is besieging kl, they could be there, but then the likelyhood of an attack from kl (able to reach the pit) is low.
  8. The outline doesn’t state Sansa never escaped kl. She could do like she ended up doing in the actual books: escape independently of Tyrion. Sansa herself wouldn't be in the line of succession and escaping lannister custody has proven to be possible (even in the outline). It's clear that Turner has been filming in Seville - no source has disputed this - which means she does not die during the Winterfell battle. Late in the season, kl is likely to be under siege from either the night king or dany. It’s unlikely Cersei or euron could keep captives outside the city walls, at that point. And if Sansa and co escaped winterfell (or if part of the castle did not fall), it seems unlikely they would end up in the dragonpit as the night king is about to attack kl. Presumably, survivors would go where the nk would not be, and they would also want to avoid cersei/euron forces if they can help it.
  9. Something similar would seem to imply to Beric (in the show) and to Melisandre as well. The latter is clearly capable of sex, as well. So I don't know if much can be concluded from such observation in the show universe. Dany was pretty flabbergasted when she noted his mortal wounds on the ship though, realising that Davos hadn't been kidding. At the end of S7, at least, D&D hadn't yet forgotten that Jon was magically resurrected.
  10. I don't know if there will be a baby. On the one hand it's the logical progression of the story (also because Jon and Dany have been shown ruling), on the other hand Martin did have Jon stabbed to death. Maybe the latter was merely to get Jon free from the Watch, but it remains a curious choice to do so while he also showed with Beric that such things come at a cost.
  11. The first two WTF moments were very emotionally charged, though. Stannis burning his own daughter! Bran being responsible for Hodor being Hodor. Melisandre having a magical ability doesn't seem comparably, especially not when she already has resurrected Jon on the show. This still seems more likely to me. Something about the Others that would be really surprising (but no clue what). Her comments still leave room for a very old, but young looking, Jon to visit his siblings' graves. They wouldn't need to age up Jon (he'd still look the same) and they wouldn't need to age up other actors because they would be dead. Jon was stabbed, bled to death, and was magically resurrected quite some time later. If GRRM is halfway truthful to his own comments about this (also his comparisons with Gandalf coming back), this should have consequences. How does Jon's body work now? Does he age? Would he (need to) eat, in the books? What about the comparison with Beric, maybe with Melissandre and with Coldhands? It's possible GRRM would swipe all this aside in favour of a more conventional Jon+Dany ending in which they have children and grow old together, but it's not a sure thing. If Jon can live a perfectly normal life after all that, it kinda goes against what GRRM has been saying in some interviews IMO - even if they may not mean he wouldn't end up doing it anyway.
  12. It seems indeed quite likely there will be an epilogue of some sort, even if not everything may be tied neatly in a bow (which is what Liam Cunningham seemed to say; he did not say "no epilogue whatsoever"). All the (f)leakers who have said or implicated there won't be an epilogue have less credentials than Frikidoctor, including Boatsexbaby who was very slow to point out that her leaks contradict his'. Since statements from the actors also have to be taken with a grain of salt, firm evidence is still only rooted in some clear filming spoilers. Regarding a final twist at the end - remember that D&D said that when GRRM told them his game plan, they were shocked by three things? One was Stannis burning Shireen (most book readers had been expecting this to some extent, allthough it was still shocking to see it happen), the second was Hodor and Bran ordering him to "hold the door" (AFAIK this one was not predicted, if so it wasn't widespread as a theory at least) and there would be a third twist, all the way at the end. We don't know what that final twist is, but it should come during S8, probably also right at the end. Given that in the books Tyrion is a prominent POV, I don't think GRRM could play a betrayal by Tyrion as a last-minute surprise. We would be in his head and if he had secret deals with Cersei or (f)Aegon we would presumably know about that. That makes it unlikely a betrayal by Tyrion would be that final twist (though that does not mean it could not happen in the books - just not as a last-minute shock for the reader). So, what do we think this final twist may be? Something to do with the Others and their origins, or the way the war is ended, is a possibility, but no doubt there are others we could think of. OTOH, Dany does have her three betrayals in the books. The show left this prophecy out so may have modified it (one of them may be tied to (f)Aegon), but I guess that final betrayal (for love?) will come into play. Friki's version of Tyrion's supposed betrayal doesn't sound like it has "love" (for Jaime or for Dany herself) as a motivation, especially not if it would be revenge on KL. Regarding Sansa, she was supposed to slay a giant in the books. Was this Sweetrobyn's doll (the most literal interpretation), will it be (in the books)/was it (in the show) Littlefinger (through his link with Braavos and the titan) or are there other possibilities?
  13. Filming news does indicate Sansa makes it to the dragonpit, for what we suspected (pre-friki) may have been postwar scenes. As you noted, sansa will die but even with a statue, she could die of old age. Maybe all the Starks get statues and an ages old Jon (who could be like beric or melissandre now, post stabbing) comes to visit them. Normally, only the kings and lord paramounts (wardens) get statues, lyanna was an exception by personal request of ned. There are still lots of things we are only guessing. As long as friki's info remains in doubt, the only major spoiler is that kl will come under devastating attack.
  14. Friki explicitly claimed she survives, up to and including the dragonpit. If friki is wrong about that, there is no reason to assume there even is a tyrion betrayal.
  15. In his video last week, Friki did say Gemma was in Seville but did nothing. So changing his story doesn't help his credibility. Even though he hasn't backtracked about Gendry. On balance, allthough Friki has his reputation and is setting this openly on the line, I'm still sceptical about the accuracy of his reports. I doubt the 7K will split at the end.