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  1. That would be a good way to lose the child, presumably? In such circumstances, the battle is unlikely to end well for Dany as she has two lives to care about while not being in tiptop shape. Dany taking care of Viserion, and Jon either fighting the NK on foot at the same time (or after Viserion goes down, in that case probably taking Drogon with him because otherwise Drogon would likely be able to finish the NK off easily without assistance of a swordfighter) seems a pretty likely outcome. And almost certainly the NK would go down in such a scenario, whether or not Dany and/or Jon and/or a possible unborn child survive (and Drogon and potentially Rhaegal, too) remains to be seen.
  2. But she actually had reasons to be sad, many people simply couldn't see it when the leaks were presented. Sansa had tears in her eyes when she had LF executed, something which I think would affect the book character likewise and which I consider to be a correct directing/acting choice. There was also her emotional reunion with Arya.
  3. If Euron deposes Cersei and takes the throne himself, he would be self-declared king at the time. It's still a pretty major speaking role, even if not up to the level of Cersei or Dany.
  4. 3 flaming swords? Interesting. All Valyrian steel, no doubt. Now I wonder if Brienne and Jaime may fall in battle and be revived like Jon, to fight anew? With the night shoot, I was thinking about the (IMO reasonable) assumption that the recent Italica filming involved both day and night scenes, not necessarily directly related.
  5. Tywin's line would still die out if Tyrion is actually Aerys' bastard. And if Sansa ends up married to Tyrion (for real), it wouldn't necessarily be for Winterfell (which may be left for Bran, or Arya). Tyrion is heir of Casterly Rock, and if he is Targaryen bastard he would have a shot at the throne. Imagine Sansa taking both through Tyrion (but not Winterfell), then it would be the opposite of Tywin's vision and Cersei would probably think about that prophecy again. As for Sansa and Ramsay - D&D took a decision to move her into Jeyne's storyline. It may not have much, if any, signifance for the end game, considering it didn't happen and won't happen in the books. That would probably be for the night shoots? I wonder if the fighting is against the Lannisters/Euron/Golden Company, or against the Night King. We still don't know.
  6. D&D have always maintained they will go for the same ending as Martin told them would be the books' ending. For the main characters, at least, but a Tyrion/Sansa marriage would fall under that umbrella.
  7. This could also be the other way round though - Tyrion getting white washed because they want the (hypothetical) (re)marriage to Sansa to not be seen as a downer by much of the audience. The show went out of its way to soften the (forced) marriage with a cordial relationship between both characters, compared to the rather frigid status in the books. For me, this also ties in with the Tyrion-as-bastard-son-of-Aerys theory from the books, which could give a book reason for the marriage as Tyrion would be in line for the throne after Dany and Jon, should it be reinstated. The show has given nods to this theory (including and placing emphasis on Tywin telling Tyrion he is not his son, a random Red Priestess picking out Tyrion on the long bridge of Volantis, Drogon passing by Valyria while Tyrion and Jorah are there, and especially Tyrions famous talk with Dany's dragons while releasing them) but then seemingly killed it later by removing Viserion from his potential grasp. We'll see what happens.
  8. Is there any reason to consider it (as good as) "confirmed" that 8x06 has a big battle sequence, AFAIK, this is based on claims from "/boatsexbaby". Why is this source considered to be so trustworthy? Are there other sources pointing in the same direction?
  9. Missandei, Dany, Sansa, Bran and Arya seem clear possibilities to be the characters that she hadn't worked with before. From the books, I think Sansa will play a role in securing foodstocks of the Vale, a point which was brought to the attention of the readers in a TWOW chapter that Marting released. That she was shown gathering food in S7 probably is a nod to that role in the books, even if things may not go the same way in the show. Let's hope there will be a homefront left after the defeat of the NK, otherwise "bittersweet" will get an entirely different meaning.
  10. A reasonable expectation, IMO. The show really did emphasize Jon vs NK, so the big boss fight between those two would not be unexpected. It could be preceded or coincide with a dragon-on-dragon duel involving Dany (if the former, both dragons could go down with the NK surviving to face Jon).
  11. That was how I imagined it would be, to (assuming Longclaw is indeed the famed Lightbringer). But the show didn't play it that way, so Dany as the other option is still in the running. Longclaw as a heat-emitting sword would be very handy in a fight against the NK (and/or White Walkers), especially because the heat would help combat the cold that comes with those guys. And Jon did have a dream at some point (in the books) of him holding a glowing red sword, IIRC. OTOH, fire-breathing dragons would be even more handy weapons against the entire army of the death and they ought to be crucial.
  12. Interestingly, Jon already did this quite literally (Longclaw being arguably pulled from the fire he started in Mormont's room) and Dany did it figuratively, if we consider her dragons as candidates to be "Lightbringer" as a metaphorical sword, by burning Drogo's pyre. Both of those happened already way back in AGOT and both were shown prominently on the show. One of the things that are engaging about ASOIAF (and by extension, the show) is that both Dany and Jon can easily be AA and/or the TPTWP by themselves (or together, as the case may be). Martin has not made it easy for the readers (and watchers) to say exactly who the prophecies are referring to.
  13. Last year before the spoiler flood of Awayforthelads came, Sophie and Maisie had indicated they had filmed a highly emotional scene together. This was also taken as a sign that Sansa would die, but as we saw during the season, it was about their reunion and/or LF's execution (and aftermath).
  14. The original reports talked about stand-ins, rather than stunt people (IIRC WOTW was among those explicitly calling them stand-ins, used for mundane preparation of a shoot so the actor/actress doesn't have to do that part). It's still very possible there was no action scene for Tyrion and Sansa, as neither the setting (historic Italica site) nor the directors (D&D) point toward action. Even if there would be action involved, it could be the arrival of a dragon rather than a major swordfight or something similar. This seems very possible, if it is indeed the Golden Company that had attacked Winterfell previously. I still find that hard to swallow, but I suppose the Cersei/Euron plotline has to come into play and Sansa and Tyrion probably would be involved in some way.
  15. As I earlier posted and has been illustrated by the claims about Magheramone filming pertaining to multiple scenes, episodes and locations, it's very possible that D&D directed some scenes for 8x05 - because they happened to be set in the dragonpit (so had to be filmed at the Italica site) and because the director for 8x05 was otherwise engaged. I don't see how we can conclude with any certainty that the final battle with the NK will extend to 8x06. It seems unlikely to me, especially because D&D aren't action directors and would want to limit this kind of stuff to a minimum. If a lot of the Italica scenes involved action, they would probably not have been the directors taking this assignment. How reliable is /boatsexbaby, what's her (?) track record?