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  1. Why did you change your mind again? I don't think there has been any new developments recently that would bring new insights to the Seville scenes.
  2. When GRRM made his invasion comment, the audience had yet to be introduced to (f)Aegon. In 2006, every reader was expecting Dany to invade Westeros (at some point) and fight the current regime (Lannisters/Tyrells), probably Stannis and possibly the Starks. So, when GRRM said "the Dance isn't going to be about Dany's invasion" he would still be correct if it is about an internal Targaryen (or rather, Blackfyre/Targaryen) fight with Dany possibly not even getting to fight Lannisters if (f)Aegon and Dorne have already taken care of that. We're not sure (f)Aegon can get his hands on a dragon - however, as you rightly point out, the NK doesn't exist in its show capacity in the books. (f)Aegon is one of the possible causes for Dany to lose a dragon, instead of what happened in S7. This may be indirectly (though Aegon likely has dragonblood, as Blackfyres are a Targ offshoot with very similar bloodline). There is the dragonhorn of Euron/Victarion, that will play a part. If Tyrion happens to get a dragon in the books (Viserion was usually the one speculated), he could defect to Aegon and be one of Dany's big treasons (though if so, there should be fallout of that in the show, so it's rather unlikely). There is a mercenary with some dragonblood in the books, who may succeed where Quentyn Martell failed. Or Dany could even gift a dragon to (f)Aegon directly (she may likely be delighted at first thinkinh Rhaegar's son survived), before realising he isn't quite who he is claimed to be (even if he himself may not even know that). There may be other possibilities I didn't think of. So I don't think there will be an S8 conflict between Jon and Dany (except maybe some tension as his parentage comes out, or regarding Sam and the Tarlys). And while Winterfell seemingly burns, it looks like there will be survivors. Maybe Dany sets the castle on fire because if has been overwhelmed by wights (with survivors somehow escaping), or only the outer wall is breached and she torches the part between outer and inner wall to save the inner sanctum (or the defenders arranged this themselves as a last-ditch defense, with or without her help). Or maybe rumours about a Golden Company attack are correct and they torch the castle. Lots of possibilities here, still.
  3. The Dance of Dragons in the books is most likely about (f)Aegon vs Dany. GRRM said it was not about Dany's invasion, but he means in the sense of Dany taking on the Lannisters and Tyrells etc. - that isn't going to be "the Dance". A Dance with Dragons wasn't even out in 2006, so the audience knew nothing about (f)Aegon at that time. It came as a surprise, along with hints that Arianne would side with (f)Aegon and his backers against Dany. Since Aegon is not in the show, this probably means there isn't really an equivalent in the show. Dany confronted Cersei directly, whereas in the books (f)Aegon is already taking on Lannisters and their allies well before Dany even starts to move on Westeros (in the books, she has yet to gain the Dothraki to her cause). Instead, the showrunners threw up all kinds of mistakes and bad luck in her fight with Cersei, to stop her from winning easily. And the NK took one dragon, something Aegon may do in the books (should they ever get to that point). I don't think there will be a dance in S8, other than the inevitable dragon-on-dragon fight with the NK. The supposed leak about a meeting of Cersei and Melisandre at least sounds intriguing and original, even if it is most likely made up based on the "Bran them all" theory.
  4. A word of caution: we still don't know for sure if Boatsexbaby is legit, even if he/she has some real info parts could still be made up or it could be misdirection directed from HBO. With Awayforthelads, his pretty detailed (and early) info was gradually confirmed by info from scenes being shot. We don't have equivalent confirmation, this time. And IIRC Awayforthelads came up with things that nobody had guessed, whereas those leaks/predictions won't be too shocking after S7 and given the info we already have. It could have been constructed, based on what was already known or at least guessed (like attack of Lannister forces at Winterfell - something that is based on somewhat shaky evidence IIRC, only a low res video/low res pictures).
  5. Well, he did put her in charge in his absence, and she actually carried out his orders, so... Sure, Sansa wasn't happy with the news that he had kneeled to Dany, but I think conflict due to that will be very minimal in S8.
  6. Why is that odd? Sansa, Arya and (in so far as he is interested) Bran ended S7 on the same page, united against LF and preparing Winterfell for defence as per Jon's orders. If the Starks (without Jon) have reserves about Dany, they may well have them together. They are going to work together with Dany and Jon anyway, there is not much time for a serious internal conflict.
  7. There is also the infamous (Rhoyne) turtle in ADWD. Tyrion himself points to (f)Aegon, as this appearance would supposedly herald the birth/coming of a king. But since we know (f)Aegon is going to fall (one way or another), it's rather unlikely to be him that's being heralded by GRRM. In the show, there is also the random red priestess who took notice of Tyrion on the long bridge of Volantis. A bit of a recall to Moqorro in the books.
  8. That would be a good way to lose the child, presumably? In such circumstances, the battle is unlikely to end well for Dany as she has two lives to care about while not being in tiptop shape. Dany taking care of Viserion, and Jon either fighting the NK on foot at the same time (or after Viserion goes down, in that case probably taking Drogon with him because otherwise Drogon would likely be able to finish the NK off easily without assistance of a swordfighter) seems a pretty likely outcome. And almost certainly the NK would go down in such a scenario, whether or not Dany and/or Jon and/or a possible unborn child survive (and Drogon and potentially Rhaegal, too) remains to be seen.
  9. But she actually had reasons to be sad, many people simply couldn't see it when the leaks were presented. Sansa had tears in her eyes when she had LF executed, something which I think would affect the book character likewise and which I consider to be a correct directing/acting choice. There was also her emotional reunion with Arya.
  10. If Euron deposes Cersei and takes the throne himself, he would be self-declared king at the time. It's still a pretty major speaking role, even if not up to the level of Cersei or Dany.
  11. 3 flaming swords? Interesting. All Valyrian steel, no doubt. Now I wonder if Brienne and Jaime may fall in battle and be revived like Jon, to fight anew? With the night shoot, I was thinking about the (IMO reasonable) assumption that the recent Italica filming involved both day and night scenes, not necessarily directly related.
  12. Tywin's line would still die out if Tyrion is actually Aerys' bastard. And if Sansa ends up married to Tyrion (for real), it wouldn't necessarily be for Winterfell (which may be left for Bran, or Arya). Tyrion is heir of Casterly Rock, and if he is Targaryen bastard he would have a shot at the throne. Imagine Sansa taking both through Tyrion (but not Winterfell), then it would be the opposite of Tywin's vision and Cersei would probably think about that prophecy again. As for Sansa and Ramsay - D&D took a decision to move her into Jeyne's storyline. It may not have much, if any, signifance for the end game, considering it didn't happen and won't happen in the books. That would probably be for the night shoots? I wonder if the fighting is against the Lannisters/Euron/Golden Company, or against the Night King. We still don't know.
  13. D&D have always maintained they will go for the same ending as Martin told them would be the books' ending. For the main characters, at least, but a Tyrion/Sansa marriage would fall under that umbrella.
  14. This could also be the other way round though - Tyrion getting white washed because they want the (hypothetical) (re)marriage to Sansa to not be seen as a downer by much of the audience. The show went out of its way to soften the (forced) marriage with a cordial relationship between both characters, compared to the rather frigid status in the books. For me, this also ties in with the Tyrion-as-bastard-son-of-Aerys theory from the books, which could give a book reason for the marriage as Tyrion would be in line for the throne after Dany and Jon, should it be reinstated. The show has given nods to this theory (including and placing emphasis on Tywin telling Tyrion he is not his son, a random Red Priestess picking out Tyrion on the long bridge of Volantis, Drogon passing by Valyria while Tyrion and Jorah are there, and especially Tyrions famous talk with Dany's dragons while releasing them) but then seemingly killed it later by removing Viserion from his potential grasp. We'll see what happens.
  15. Is there any reason to consider it (as good as) "confirmed" that 8x06 has a big battle sequence, AFAIK, this is based on claims from "/boatsexbaby". Why is this source considered to be so trustworthy? Are there other sources pointing in the same direction?