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  1. S01.E06: Two Storms

    I believe it was to cover the eyes, which shrink into the head. I did notice a box shirley had that was labeled "eyes" when she was working on a corpse.
  2. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    wow, that is one gorgeous home.
  3. S08.E01: The End

    i hope the cannibalism thing doesn't continue. I can't with long pig.
  4. S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    Of course Gus knows the lyrics to "the elements". What a delightful scene. And how Gus' face softened and lit up while he was with Gale. Kim is upset about the expansion plans because every state has different banking regulations that she now has to figure out. she almost killed herself just with 2 states. Gale was a libertarian.
  5. S05.E20: Astroturfing

    So is anyone going to tell JO about the HSUS?
  6. S04.E02: Breathe

    there were Neffs in our neighborhood when I was growing up.
  7. S04.E01 Smoke

    I loved the episode. Mike was perfect. Fring was terrifying. And Jimmy. Poor Jimmy. He's in deep grief. No matter what, he always loved and took care of his brother. He's pushing all that grief and guilt down under a facade of IDGAF, but that dam is going to break, mark my words, especially since he now knows he contributed to Chuck's suicide. I was half in tears through the whole thing.
  8. S04.E01 Smoke

    I was going to say he was Waiting for Guffman in a Mighty Wind.
  9. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    i think electra was putting money aside for years and spent everything she had on her surgery. including the christmas salvation army mop and the last couple months rent. it broke my heart to see her in that peep show.
  10. RPDR: In The Media

    Jiggly Caliente (Bianca Castro) had a quick role in Pose this week. She was the owner (or salesperson) at a dress shop.
  11. All Episodes Talk

    the repackaging of old episodes as new is really annoying.
  12. S10.E14: Grand Finale 2018.06.28

    The one thing the finale proved is that mi amor Nina Flowers is still the most charismatic, beautiful, gracious queen to have ever appeared on my television. I was riveted to her during her performance, and when she came out for MC, it was magic. I love her so.
  13. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    -loved the episode. classic bottle episode, beautiful cinematography. the flashbacks were woven in so nicely. -the wolf/dog wasn't real. it vanished once she gave up and fired off the gun. there's no way a real wolf/feral dog would have ignored injured prey that smelled of blood. -the fight was tense, well done, and hilarious. -the house belonged to hannah's new parents. -when you're in labor, you don't think logically. june did very well considering the circumstances. -that was a lot of blood, something is wrong and I hope they get june to a hospital soon. -i don't need to see every detail (placenta delivery, wiping off the baby etc) to infer that it happened.
  14. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    after that reunion ep, i'm #teamasia forever. I miss the clip shows. those used to be fun.
  15. S02.E10: The Passenger

    I'm still processing everything but I loved it. And that shot of the bull following the man through the railing-i've seldom seen such a beautifully executed shot anywhere, and never on TV. Kurosawa-quality.