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  1. S04.E22: A Lie in the Sand

    That ending was stupid especially considering that the show might not come back. And yes Walter should have told Paige but considering that she was hurt over the dream I can see why he hesitated. But she Paige overreacted and was a little to brutal in what she said to Walter and that's not the first time she has been overly cruel to him. And Sly was just being ridiculous. I;m also tired of everybody turning on Walter, that isn't the first time that happen either.
  2. S08.E19: Risk Management

    Damn the Reagan's are never wrong. It would be nice every one in a while to see them in a situation where they are wrong, especially Frank.
  3. S08.E18: Friendship, Love, and Loyalty

    They have had poor Jamie jogging in place for the whole series both professionally and personally. And its a shame how that mayor had basically bow down to Frank, it was pathetic.
  4. S08.E18: Friendship, Love, and Loyalty

    This is the kind of episode I don't like. So heavy handed and bias toward cops. They even got Erin throwing around code words like thug in talking about the suspect.
  5. S07.E11: Hard Truths

    I'm just saying that it's not that far fetched that Mike would be considered.
  6. S07.E11: Hard Truths

    Jessica's disbarment is on all of them not just Mike. And despite everything Mike has kicked alot of ass at that firm. I'm not surprised Harvey suggested him.
  7. S01.E03: Clinical Trial and Error

    Wes is about to get treated like James form Supergirl.
  8. S05.E18: Ghosts

    They need to pair Upton up with Atwater , I think he would make her more interesting.
  9. S05.E17: Breaking Point

    Voight needs to go down eventually. He need to be held accountable.
  10. S02.E15: The Car

    Kevin was a horror story as a kid. And his constant directing of all his anger at Randall really ticks me off.
  11. S03.E11: Technology Wizards

    If i'm Weller this Clem guy can have Jane. She's pissing me off .
  12. S15.E13: Family Ties

    No she wasn't corrupt but she was one of those political go getter types.
  13. S15.E13: Family Ties

    I wonder if they are going to ever bring tat woman back for Vance. The one he was dating last year I forget her name.
  14. S05.E12: Captive

    Basically this, Atwater is my favorite character by far and this was the best episode of the season.
  15. S02.E11: The Fifth Wheel

    You might feel that Kevin could have used more attention but he was not an outsider.