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  1. I'm not talking fictional i'm talking real life. Real people make these decisions and I can't help but be suspicious.
  2. S02.E06: Whiskey Lullaby

    She's better with Dolls, but they're relationship is kinda repressed so he hasn't really had a fighting chance. For god's sake Her and Doc have had sex and had a kid and everything. Meanwhile Dolls has just recently been able to let his feelings out.
  3. So if Fallon is gonna fall for Liam then where does that leave Michael? I guess another Black dude is gonna get the shaft for a white guy, that's become a very CW thing to do. I just hope that Michael doesn't get the James from Supergirl treatment.
  4. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    It's exactly up their alley which is why I can see it playing out that way.
  5. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    Your right James does deserve better but it feels like his relationship with Kara is incomplete as if something was left hanging in the air. But quite frankly I haven't really liked Kara since season 1. She had become so self absorbed and preachy and that's not a version of her I would want James with.
  6. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    I think this is exactly what's gonna happen because now James will obviously be Kara's closest friend. And he's already been caught in the middle of Supergirl and Lena. Lena possibly going dark will give Kara and James something to grow closer over.
  7. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    Correction it's never been interesting to you, I have a different opinion.
  8. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    I'm sad about Winn he was the comedy on this show. I really hope J'onn isn't leaving because Harewood is one of the best actors on the show. I 'm happy to see Mon-el go, I have never liked him and his very presence was always a reminder of James getting shoved to the background and the reason I belive that happened which still leaved a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully James will move back toward the forefront as he was the original romantic male lead after all. They could go some interesting places with the Gaurdian stuff. And with Lean possibly going evil who knows he may even get another shot at Kara lol.
  9. S03.E21: Not Kansas 2018.06.04

    In regards to Kara and Mon-El I think that's exactly what happened.
  10. S03.E21: Not Kansas 2018.06.04

    I was thinking the same thing while I was watching. The team functioned like Supergirl wasn't missed at all. And it was great seeing James so involved, I still can't believe the way he was back burned after season 1 save some special episodes here and there.
  11. S15.E24: Date with Destiny

    I liked when Jimmy said Gibbs is a big dog but Vance is a bigger dog.
  12. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    This is America if you know anything about the history of race in this country you wouldn't even ask a question like that.
  13. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    Also I really like Tanya, I would like to see more of her. And of course the white girl spends the whole episode creating havoc and gets coddled at the end.
  14. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    Mechad was incredible in this episode. He definitely needs to be given more opportunities to shine like this. I am not liking Kara these days at all, she's way too self absorbed. And I still don't care for Mon-el because his existence is a reminder of James being marginalized and what I think was the racism behind it.
  15. Season 1 Discussion

    Yes they need to put Culhane in the middle of some action literally. Yes Cuhlane definitely loves Fallon but I can see why he has trust issues.