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  1. Basically this, Atwater is my favorite character by far and this was the best episode of the season.
  2. You might feel that Kevin could have used more attention but he was not an outsider.
  3. Kevin was the outsider form his own perspective because of the extra attention that he felt he didn't get. The real fish out of water was Randall for obvious reasons, and the way Kevin treated him didn't make things any better.
  4. Articulated prefectly
  5. I understand things piling up after a while but I still think that Kevin really needs to grow and look outside of himself. Because like I said I doubt Kevin would have wanted to switch places with his siblings to get that attention.
  6. Again Kevin was not ignored he just didn't require the attention that the other two needed and if he wasn't so spoiled and selfish he would see that.
  7. It was just brought to mt attention that Kevin had a line to Randall in season 1 about having to compete with another black guy after he was replaced in the Manny. I hope that gets addressed so people can stop acting like it isn't a factor in Kevin's hostility to Randall. How did he require as much attention? He did not have the issues that Kate and Especially Randal did.
  8. Kevin was loved and not mistreated. He was nicknamed number one and considered the strongest and most well adjusted. His parents told Kate and Randall to look at Kevin as an example. His parent came to all of his games and rooted and cheered him on. Did he get ALL of the attention? No, but it's doesn't sound like he was invisible either.
  9. Like I said Kevin has know what it feels like to be abandoned, discarded or neglected. He was loved by his parents and he got attention he just didn't get all of it and he didn't require as much of it as his more troubled siblings. If he wasn't so selfish and attention seeking he would see that. Kevin needs to grow up. Trust me he doesn't.
  10. It's not like Jack and Rebecca took Randall and Kate on vacation and just left Kevin at home he was at camp for god's sake. Kevin doesn't know what it's like to be abandoned or discarded but yet i'm supposed to sympathize with him like he does. It seems like the issue Kevin has along with the with the fans of the character is that he's not always the center of the universe.
  11. Basically. Can't let Sterling shine too bright. I think that's why Kevin's story line annoys me. The color of her skin. Actually I find Kate to be pretty bitchy but she won't get treated like Beth does around here.
  12. Like she said he was and is the easiest to love. He never pushed her away or abandoned her or blamed her for any of his problems. And unlike Kevin and Kate, Randall was always respectful to her and I think they share common interest. With Kevin it was always a push and pull not mention he was kind of ass even as a kid. And Kate always made her the villain and Jack the hero.
  13. Bottom line is Kevin didn't get the attention the other two did because quite frankly he didn't need as much.. I guarantee Kevin doesn't want Kate's weight/self-esteem issues or Being abandoned and adopted by a white family as a replacement for their dead child and living life as the different one. Not mention the anxiety and finding out that your newly found dying father is also an addict. I doubt Kevin would trade places with Kate and Randall.
  14. He is supposed to be pissed at both parents for favoring Kate and Randall right? Kate never got any of the hostility from Kevin at all. I don't think it's as simple as it being because they both got a penis. Randall was the different one for obvious reasons and I think that played a part and still does.
  15. Yeah the attitude toward Beth is really pissing me off. She has reason not to care for the guy.