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  1. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    We're all just guessing of course, but I wonder if Tess would be drawn to social work with foster children if Deja did something dire to her sister or mother that left them disabled? I feel like it's going to be more illness than violence-related. They've done cancer and heart attack, maybe it will be something neuromuscular or as others have said, Alzheimer's. Whatever it is I hope they do not draw out the mystery as they did with how did Jack die.
  2. S02.E18: The Wedding

    Thank you, I couldn't have said it better. She is seeming to be a polarizing character, much more than I ever would have thought. She is a child, at the mercy of adults who have done her some major disservices, and that she would struggle and act out after her mother has set her adrift doesn't mean she should be sent to a juvenile facility at the first sign of a problem. It should not have come as any surprise to Randall and Beth. Beth, who is pretty intuitive and has experienced her cousin go through something similar. Much has been made in the media recently of ACE, Adverse Childhood Events, and how they affect children going into adulthood. Deja would rank pretty high on the scale. She needs help, not more adversity. They could still come upon evidence of just about anything once they get there. Whatever they are expecting to do, I think going to a place where your father fought and your uncle died would be pretty sobering to begin with; maybe they are just happy to be together.
  3. S02.E18: The Wedding

    Self-harm would not have surprised me. She already cut off her hair, it would have made more sense than bat vs. car. I don't think they go for nuance very much, and that is why I wonder what will happen with not only Deja, but Toby's depression and the Vietnam backstory.
  4. S02.E18: The Wedding

    There's a very fast crawl at the end of that video that says "content is contributed by fans as volunteers, the site is not responsible for the accuracy." I imagine the same is true of the photo, and it looks faked. At any rate, we have been seeing her now over the course of about 18 months and even if she only averaged a pound a week, she would have lost around 75 pounds, and that would be noticeable. To me it's not. I don't think she's making headway, and I do worry about her. When she has scenes where she walks and then has to talk, I can notice her seeming to have to catch her breath. There's a strain on her organs.
  5. Kate - Chrissy Metz

    I agree I'd like more of Kate's weight struggles. But I haven't stopped worrying about Chrissy. If what I've read is correct, her father has had bypass surgery and her mother had a stroke, and they're not very old. We also know now that Jack died from a widowmaker cardiac blockage. So her/Kate's life expectancy might not be much shortened, but there could be very significant impacts. I would also choose powdered donuts, probably (who am I kidding, I do), but I'm not her size nor do I have that exact family history. The show needs to return to it because it was a stepping off point in her introduction at the age 36 birthday. She said to Kevin words to the effect, "Tell me to lose the weight already."
  6. S02.E18: The Wedding

    Would have been funny. That was my speculation earlier, now I'm thinking they might uncover something like an atrocity that Jack never spoke of. There's something a little off about Jack keeping the picture of them sort of hidden away in the garage. I totally understand wanting to put Vietnam far behind him, but his brother dying there, having been in the same unit, there's more there. Which could be more compelling than one of them having fathered a child.
  7. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I'm so glad Toby didn't pack the t-shirt. The only way I see it working on her dress is if she sewed a small swatch into/onto it. And would she dare to cut up the shirt she's hung onto for 20 years? Plus, how did it survive the fire? It must have been at the cabin I guess. I think a small bit of a shirt would have been nice sewn into her dress, but could have been done in LA where I assume she got it. But she had to have a freak-out and an ice cream disappointment to get her closer to letting go.
  8. That clip above makes me realize how much more I liked last season's finale than the second one. Just not in the same category, kind of like the season overall. I know a lot of people didn't care for William, and don't love the Deja story now, but Randall/Beth/William's whole arc was much more interesting to me, and well done, than the how did Jack die/Kevin goes out of control/Kate gets married journey this season. I'm just not as invested anymore.
  9. We haven't seen them move or talk about moving from their LA apartment, where we saw them before their Las Vegas parties. I'm guessing she got the rental car at whatever airport they landed at, that's easiest to return when they go back.
  10. S02.E18: The Wedding

    What was Kate going to do with the t shirt anyway? I missed that. Cut a piece off and sew to her dress, carry part of it in her bouquet, or did they just not elaborate? I don't think chemistry plays much part in having a foster child. It's not like dating. You get who they send and do your best with them. Sullen, scared and apprehensive would probably apply to most adolescents who are shifted around like chess pieces. As to Raven, she was lively for sure, and she really did have criminal leanings. I think the family would have to keep an eye on their things, at least initially, with Raven. What has to happen to make Deja disappear? Probably something pretty dire and sad.
  11. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I second this. Kids aren't throwaways. Deja essentially feels like she is, though, hence the anger. She has been let down by adults. She has been well-behaved, minus shoplifting at Raven's encouragement. To decide not to adopt based on one jarring incident, no. Deal with it swiftly and follow-up with whatever is necessary. It was Beth who steered Randall toward an older child, and it turns out Beth has some experience with an abandoned cousin, so they should not be shocked that there will be rocky times. In fact, I would be surprised if a child who was given up by their parent they have been with and loved and been loved by for 12 years didn't have significant problems. It's not something you just shake off because you are in a cushy environment now. It must feel like you are nothing, worthless, don't matter, and who is equipped to deal with that alone, at any age?
  12. S02.E18: The Wedding

    Yeah, I don't think they'll go there. And my mind doesn't immediately jump to Deja being in prison for anything, let alone murder. She has smashed a windshield in anger at her mother and probably self-hate, and 20 years later she's in prison? Beth's cousin didn't go down that path, we don't need to assume Deja will, either. As far as who the "she" is, if it were Deja, or Annie or Rebecca, I think Beth would be there with Randall and Tess. Unless she were already dead. I suppose she could be meeting them at another location, but if they have to face something difficult that they're not ready for, then they probably would do it as a group and she would have come along with Randall. I am therefore leaning toward it being Beth that they have to go see.
  13. S02.E18: The Wedding

    That part of the game was hilarious. In fact, I enjoyed Kevin more in this episode than I ever have, up until the cringeworthy toast. The sentiments about the exhale were good, but for in private, not at Kate's wedding. Regardless, I really liked Kevin, surprising myself. He has grown on me.
  14. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I can totally understand the feeling of abandonment. What I find more difficult is that it comes as an apparent surprise to Beth. That doesn't make sense. She knew from her own family's experience that happily ever after isn't guaranteed instantly.
  15. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I was a little surprised they went right from last episode to termination of parental rights/adoption. I had commented at that time that I hoped Shauna would not just totally disappear of her own accord from Deja's life, because that would be mighty tough for Deja. And so it is. What a deep rejection and abandonment she must feel, and then Toby's mother inadvertently drives home the point that she really isn't in this family. She's really adrift. What I find to be faulty in this story is that Beth is surprised that Deja has changed, when we learn that she has witnessed a near identical experience in her own family of origin. I usually find her to be very astute.