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  1. Jack - Milo Ventimiglia

    That had me curious so a quick search tells me they are both 5'9". Sounds like you think he is actually shorter than that?
  2. This Is Our Speculation Without Spoilers Topic

    Yes, I caught a sense of dread there, rather than something just difficult or unpleasant. Now that I think about it, I don't know if I will like it if we find out that one of the core characters is in dire straights, or near death, some years (20?) in the future. I didn't initially have strong feelings about the flashforward, but now I'm feeling opposed to this dramatic device.
  3. Chuck McGill: It's Electric!

    Right. It seems like only Kim knew.
  4. Chuck McGill: It's Electric!

    No, I think that dinner was shortly after he had moved to Albuquerque when he was new on the job, they talked awkwardly about him not having been at their wedding, as if they had not been in contact for awhile. It took Jimmy years to finish his law degree and pass the bar, I think.
  5. Kate - Chrissy Metz

    I don't know if she did or not, but she had to know that writing about this would necessarily cast him in a bad light and would probably undo some of the relationship progress they made. Maybe she decided writing about it was more important than his feelings.
  6. Kate - Chrissy Metz

    What she wrote about her stepfather hitting her is pretty serious abuse. She also says he apologized and she forgave him, and she loves him dearly. She is quite a generous-spirited person, I think that is a very tough thing to set aside and forgive. She says all she wanted was acceptance from him and when he wrote her a letter saying he was proud of her after she moved to California, she was happy with that. I give her a lot of credit.
  7. Chuck McGill: It's Electric!

    My memory could be faulty on this, but I seem to remember Chuck wearing a wedding ring past the time he would have been divorced. I think there were discussions in the forum pondering if he was widowed before we knew anything about Rebecca, because he wore a ring but there had been no mention of a wife.
  8. Kate - Chrissy Metz

    Yeah, hitting isn't going to work for overeating, or most anything else. Except create more problems.
  9. Chuck McGill: It's Electric!

    My impression was that he was very perfectionist when we saw flashbacks of him with Rebecca pre-divorce -- maybe bordering on OCD. He was, to me, a little predisposed to some mental illness for a long time, and gradually got worse and took it to extremes after Jimmy encroached on his safe and controllable and pristine place - the law.
  10. Chuck McGill: It's Electric!

    It was posted on the media thread that it might not be until fall. I think that is just too long, I can't remember plot intricacies for that long.
  11. Chuck McGill: It's Electric!

    I agree with a lot of this. But in a way Jimmy had the last word. And that will cause plenty of guilt I think. Pulling off the switcheroo with the documents, and the subsequent public humiliation at the bar ethics hearing, destroyed Chuck. Jimmy took it too far, with disastrous consequences.
  12. I guess I have to get on Netflix and re-view all of this, because after a year I hardly remember what went on. If the check burned, then Chuck is still a partner. His share then is due to his estate.
  13. S02.E17: This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life

    I think they wanted to echo in some way how Randall was not able to be cared for in his birth family and got placed with a loving family. At the same time having an older child dropped into their midst has a lot of dramatic potential, and Tess and Annie can be featured in the dynamics of a new sister with problems.
  14. This Is Our Social & Cultural Issues Thread

    Yes, it is a problem in poor urban schools. There are waiting lists and lotteries for the "good" ones, that is, legitimate ones that produce results. New ones pop up, fly-by-night style, to be sure. Fraud and waste are a big problem with these. So a kid like Deja might be wait-listed for a good school, or end up in an under-performing sketchy one whose administrator pays him/herself megabucks, then folds. Ideally it should work that way but there is lax oversight and the market forces just don't work that well. They may be public schools but are often run by third-party for-profit outfits and all the good and bad that goes with that.
  15. This Is Our Social & Cultural Issues Thread

    Even if a charter school does none of those things, there are still enrollment limits and waiting lists, lotteries, etc. Not every kid is going to get in, which is a problem.