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  1. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    I really don't think the William we've been shown would have taken that secret to the grave. It also doesn't comport with him telling the judge he had lost her and his child, if we're to believe in his basic honesty. But if he did, I think his motive would have been protectiveness, much the same as Jack. Randall's having a real big struggle post-William, which might blow apart his pretty great relationship with Beth. Finding out William didn't come clean about Laurel would be such a big blow that William's attempt at protectiveness (if that's what happened) would have had the opposite effect than what was intended. I don't see William not realizing that. It's basically poor writing that it nags at me that she couldn't have died and not been connected to Randall. If she was gone when he returned from dropping off baby Randall, what did he suppose happened? What follow-up did he do? He was in touch with reality enough to go to the hospital and watch Randall go home with the Pearsons, so he wasn't totally out of it. Just too much that bothers my linear mind.
  2. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    Yes, that scene you refer to struck me at the time as very much intended to leave the door open -- we did not hear a word of what William told Randall about his mother, only that Randall was eagerly listening. I also can see Randall getting hit with a curve ball about his mother. As much as I want to think William would have come clean with anything he knew about what happened, he might not have been able to leave him with the knowledge that he had been truly abandoned. He may have thought that not knowing was the merciful thing. Seeing that he had a wonderfully close relationship with his own mother, and respecting the close relationship Randall had with Rebecca, he might not have wanted to upset that particular apple cart. And there I go, giving motives to fictional people.
  3. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    I don't even understand how an investigator would have glommed on to addiction/vagrancy though. I think all Randall could have known was the firehouse drop-off. Rebecca of course hadn't told him anything and she found William by the serendipity of observing him outside the hospital and getting on the bus and asking people. Decades later none of that would have been possible, and I don't think the drop-off was captured on camera, but details for me are fuzzy about the first season. Maybe, but it seems like William pretty much steadfastly kept his word to Rebecca. I suppose I shouldn't sell a dedicated searcher short, what with cold cases recently being solved with ancestry-type DNA matches. William was in the justice system so that's possible.
  4. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    And what is also interesting about that is I don't think we know how the investigator found William. Given the circumstances I think it would have been really difficult 36 years later.
  5. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    It would be a bit much to have someone else (besides Nicky) who was purportedly dead turn out to be alive in present day. Retread. But it wouldn't be as repetitive if they somehow worked in what happened to her after Randall was born. To me that wouldn't throw their whole message out the window. Randall was looking for his biological mother way back as a teen, now he thinks she died in childbirth because that's what William told him, but William's memory of it was compromised. It just seems like it would be hard to write a believable way for Laurel to appear in flashbacks now that William's gone.
  6. This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    We speculated about this back in the first season -- it seems impossible to have happened the way William said, either that, or he gave an incomplete account. The only problem I have with the theory is that I do not think William would have gone to his grave not telling Randall the full truth, not with the bond we saw them forge. And I think the her is Rebecca almost for certain. Toby for one wouldn't really have much connection to Laurel. But I do think if the show goes on a few more seasons it might be interesting to see more of her story, how she got through pregnancy; I remember Randall's baby blanket being apparently hand-knitted, it may have been a gift. Baby Randall might have been warmly anticipated. I don't know how it would tie in organically to the present, but it might be interesting.
  7. Yes, the 70s, Wisconsin. The school did it to clear out the smoke from the bathrooms where smokers smoked all the time. And released the teachers from the duty of chasing them out of the bathroom. Win-win. Yes, I think Beth actually has the patience of a saint. Taking care of her own family, Randall who is a real handful, and in-laws. I remember people liked to kvetch about her in the first season, being too sharp-tongued, being their least favorite character, etc. I always thought she was aces.
  8. That is a very good question. I like William, don't want to think he was fabricating, but I had forgotten all about him saying how he learned piano. Now I have to wonder what else he may have made up. To be honest, I have never believed his story about Randall's mother. I don't think it could have happened the way he said, but I figured he was stoned out of his mind and was hazy.
  9. Being in a very privileged enclave in New Jersey, he probably has no connection to the underserved there, whereas he does feel that connection to where William lived. Of course I agree he could easily transfer his concerns somewhere closer, or for that matter, move to Philadelphia. He's a native Pennsylvanian, why not? All that driving is at the very least a time suck.
  10. I think Beth listed Deja and Tess, him out campaigning, her looking for a job and them being financially stretched, it wasn't just Tess. A few weeks ago she said she wasn't OK. They could pre-empt Tess getting the wrong idea by just talking and dispelling that notion. But it looks like that's not going to happen, Randall seems to be full speed ahead.
  11. Yes, wasting time and money unless, as others have suggested, we enter Plot Deviceville and Sol gets hit by a bus. I am looking at the title of this episode, " . . . the End is the Beginning. " I'm not ruling it out. Because Nicky is alive. They do not hesitate to go twisty with the plots.
  12. This Is Us In The Media

    I like the humor that is naturally coming from her recap -- "Toby getting his shit all regulated" cracked me up.
  13. The thing that didn't make sense to me is that she can also take any number of breaks while driving to her singing jobs, which we haven't been told are that frequent anyway. Get out the car, walk around. So it has me wondering if maybe the unspoken part of what the doctor was saying was that by being immobile for periods of time she has a blood clotting risk, pulmonary embolism, stroke, etc. Wasn't too clear, I'm only guessing, but sitting is sitting, breaks to walk around can be done anywhere except a plane (which they advise you to do to avoid venous thrombosis, but no, it's not really very feasible at all).
  14. They thought she was moody, probably because of recent onset of menses. They didn't have a how-to manual. To me, they did their parental best, which is not always perfection. I know I do not have the perfect verbal response at all times, probably no one does. Randall's initial wisecrack was the bit I could be the most critical of, but we all blurt out stupid stuff from time to time. The thing that had me wondering was the short amount of time between Rebecca telling Tess how keeping a secret gnawed at her, and the revelation to her parents. It seemed really fast, I wish my kids would be that receptive to the seeds I plant!
  15. He could have, but there is more dramatic power in him being alive for Kevin to somehow find. And find out what happened in Vietnam from the person who was there to experience it.