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  1. I'll give this to Dean. He seems gracious about the results.
  2. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    She was. She tells it to Richard similarly as in the show, during their tour and obscurely. Richard insists it was rape, she pulls the but what if the girl wanted it card.
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I have suspicions along those lines. He unclenches more when he’s around EBR.
  4. S01.E06: Cherry

    All three went shopping together in the last episode for one thing, so yes.
  5. One thing I really liked here is how when asked which co-star she would like to work with again and who she’d like to work with for the first time, her answer both time were women.
  6. What kills me even more is using I instead of we. As in, as for Mary and I... You have swerved too much!
  7. S01.E06: Cherry

    Ah, well there’s the explanation. Jack doesn’t want another kid and the paper could have been prepared for some kind of clean up. What’s the difference between pulling a train and taking a turn? I assumed Camille just used a different phrase for the same thing.
  8. S01.E06: Cherry

    I am behind you on Gayla, but I don't know that I'm ready to paint the cheerleader with the same brush. She was only on in this episode and it's not like the rest of the women at the so called party got any substantial characterization. In fact, for a character study, most of them are two dimensional. I doubt it was Ashley's blood, especially from the bite. That looked pretty healed over. As for why Natalie would have done it, who knows, just another outlet for boredom? Other kids fuck around and do drugs, Amma spices it up with playing Regina George on roids, so Natalie choses this as an outlet? I didn't think Camille went for the story, I think she did so because Amma pressured her to do it. Just like Adora must have done a million times and she still managed to a few times since Camille's been back. As for Amma, yes, I do think we're supposed to see her as attractive, or at least understand why the characters in the story might feel that way. She's got that fresh, on the cusp of womanhood thing going for her. Still, we've so far seen idiotic young boys respond to her most, and I think that's a mix of her willingness to try out stuff and a strong personality. We've seen her hit on/try to get a rise out of older guys (John) and men (Richard, Mr. Lacey) and they didn't take the bait. Even if I'm still suspicious about Lacey. Speaking of, was he the husband caught jerking over bank statements or whatever? It was mentioned upthread how the taking a turn at a girl after a game was a weekly thing. I can't remember what Camille told Richard, but I got the impression that it was more spaced apart. Can anyone remember what she said?
  9. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I didn’t know who this woman was until opening the article, but when exactly was she a teen mom? She looks like she was a teen in maybe the early 1990’s, but I’m guessing it was much more recent. Yeesh, what have they done to Lucy Hale’s face? It’s a good face, but the make up is so, so bad.
  10. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    If we weren't witnessing Adora's and Amma's behavior, that would seem pretty cartoony IMO. So I don't have a problem with the Joya mentions. They don't make me sympathize with Adora, they just add another layer of horror. Joya created Adora, Adora created Amma. I'm sure there's a shithead who created Joya as well. The family legacy includes the ivory floor and psychological and physical torture. Wee.
  11. S01.E06: Cherry

    If anything, I think Amma is too young to be a product of that rape. I got the impression she was born after Camille left home for college. And I think Camille still wasn't a senior when she was raped. She read younger to me. Do you mean Alan? I can't remember a Paul. Didn't Camille either smash or throw away the iPod in an earlier episode? Likely the one that highlighted the roommate.
  12. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    I honestly wasn't sure if that was a replay or Alan's dream. I'm guessing here it's used to show the contrast. The chief's wife wakes him up, cookshim breakfast and hugs him on the way out. Meanwhile, in the snazzy part of town Alan puts away his fold out bed. Sad trombone. Two scenes are overkill though. They easily could have cut out the one previous week. The only point it seemed to serve was to introduce the chief's wife and that could have been done at the party.
  13. S01.E06: Cherry

    Ashley pushed her hair behind her ear during the interview. That's when Camille spotted it.
  14. S01.E06: Cherry

    Personally, I hope she has a modicum of sense and chose him because he seems like the least likely candidate to give her STD. She’s investigating the murders, so it makes sense to me her mind would wander in that direction. And Natalie being John’s sister means that Ashley likely spent some time with her. John went out the door right before her. It was directed at him. How easily Camille, a grown woman, lets herself be manipulted by a psycho, bratty 13-year-old is too messed up for words. As always, I blame Adora for training her to wish for approval. But I do give Camille heaps of credit for how cool she played it when Adora came into the kitchen the morning after their talk. Glory be, we have found one normal, non-vile person in that place - Camille’s old classmate. Those other women are just crazy, although amusing from time to time. I straight up chuckled when the brunette was shimmying to get onto the chair next to their hostess.