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  1. I only have the barest grasp on the plotline for this show, but visually it's hot hot hot sex on a stick. I just paused the action at random near the end of the episode and the one frozen image is a woman in the act of flipping upside-down over a staircase. A throwaway frame, really, but there's seafoam blue-green next to pistachio green next to dark moss green and lampblack green with gold, turquoise and marine blue woven through. And the color of her dark orange-y hair is also in a wash on the wall behind her and in some of the bricks on either side of the staircase--that didn't happen by accident. It's crazy how rich every single camera shot is--I've never seen anything like it.
  2. Well, that was a mess. Was the casting criteria 1. Florida resident or 2. prior Food Network experience? Mississippi woman's much vaunted "soothing" delivery made me want to pinch her, not cuddle up to share girl secrets. Although I thought the dish with clam shells was even less park-friendly than the jambalaya shooter. You can't just FU the challenge, people--most of the time. "Healthy flair" woman: begone. I'm disappointed to learn Adam is a ringer, with loads of FN experience. He's relaxed and fairly funny and his food is interesting. (I still want a deep-fried tempura bagel with ice cold lox. Yum.) So we're going to slog through six or seven weeks eliminating the cannon fodder and ultimately work our way to the Palak-Adam showdown? I'm okay with that.
  3. Are these the same writers as the Mothership? I feel grateful to them for sparing Glenn, once upon a time, and if that means Madison ultimately claws her way out of a handy magic foxhole, okay. Maybe she suddenly remembered to smear some walker goo on her face and became invisible! (Crazy how no one ever remembers that trick.)
  4. Last (unpublished) comment from the Live Chat thread: And now Chris Hardwick has to keep his Madison Mania dialed up to 11 for an extra hour. He's probably backstage mainlining Red Bull.
  5. No shit. Check out the saturated color on the video feed. There's a cinematography guy who was waiting for this season his whole life.
  6. Testing . . . I'm back! I'm done with Alicia and her constant wide-eyed blank stare. Didja learn that from your mother, little girl? I'm going to root for Althea now. She has a tank, she's carved out a purpose for herself, her hairdo is on point.
  7. Oh no! Is it a thsand dgs . . . CA! my kybad s shtng t agan
  8. I just watched last week's episode without the distraction of snark posting. Wow, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie--the whole world lost its collective mind over Charlie. I wonder if the writers were going for a "children are our future" thing or relying on that dusting of freckles across her little snub nose? She's lucky I wasn't there to contribute an opinion.
  9. S03.E03 Your Distant Destiny 2018.06.06

    Aaaack, kill me now, Ralph Angel has developed Olivia Benson Syndrome: any sentence that requires any emotional depth at all is now delivered in a raspy throaty whisper. And when did he start working on the docks for a Vietnamese family-owned business? RA has Blue, 800 acres in sugar cane, a fishing job and now he's going to start mentoring parolees? Uh-huh. Charley sold the whole damn sugar mill for one lousy percent of Landry Inc?? I thought she had craftily inserted that 1% clause into the contract. Yikes. And just to round everything out for the Bordelon siblings, it never occurred to Nova that her work product might belong to her employer. <triple facepalm>
  10. I didn't get anything fresh or deep from Chavez or Singleton, but I propose Heilemann be given permanent FCC dispensation to curse because his uncensored passion is a beautiful thing. And speaking of cursing, why haven't I seen that particular Trmp compilation before? MSM has to chew and digest every word he says ad nauseam, even the most obvious distractions, but they're all discreet and diplomatic about the POTUS lobbing F-bombs into crowds? [P.S>Since I keep at least six degrees of separation between me and the nearest kid, I didn't know there was a "cottage industry" in tolerant children's literature. That makes me so happy.]
  11. Oh no, did I miss CH pleading with viewers to stick it out through Badlands? I enjoy that as much as Reddy Machete.
  12. Ha, just saw that (again.) Underrated classic.
  13. Madison really gets to roll out the stinkface when she's being all HBIC. Why do people--e.g. Strand--listen to her?