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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    I enjoyed it. I like magic and I like being told how it's done. I like Greg Kinnear enough to accept this younger version of his boyish charm. Greg Kinnear-lite. (Maybe Greg can be the dad!) I also really like Laila Robbins (FBI chief) and I thought it was too bad she had to be made so impatient and grouchy. Even while he was solving one issue after another on the FBI's massive screwup cartel witness/"plane explosion", she kept snarling "Who is this? Get him out of here!!" Nice to have lots of female representation, including the villain. (Although the mismatched eyes seem too different--you're telling me an APB that mentioned those peepers wouldn't result in some reports?)
  2. S08.E12: The Key

    That was a decent point . . .
  3. S08.E12: The Key

    I was hopeful about the plot potential when Dwight and Simon connected. But then, the very first thing Simon did, when he assumed the throne, was start screaming his head off about how they were all Negan! and they needed to go exterminate all the same people Negan has been battling all season, blah blah blah. Pfft. Major fail, when they had created such a good opportunity to shuffle the Savior deck.
  4. S08.E12: The Key

    This is really annoying if they're going to suddenly throw this in as a theme, since it pretty much goes against 8 years of many different men type people trying to build communities. People like...what's his name again? Glenn? I don't believe the new leader-type character being female necessarily has to represent a women build/men destroy "theme." As you noted, there have been characters with various agendas, motives and visions, of both genders.
  5. S08.E12: The Key

    I was the only live-chatter who liked Georgie. "Pearl." I thought it was a nice change of pace to pop out a new character in a crispy seersucker blazer with some understated pearl earrings and fashion choice glasses. She clearly has access to shampoo. I'm intrigued. (It's weirdly dissonant to learn that Jayne prefers a "leather studded dog collar under purple faux motorcycle jacket" look in real life.)
  6. Who thought Rick was driving?
  7. Well, that was very interesting. Pearl is very interesting. But has Maggie seen "The Godfather"?
  8. The Flaming Lucille scene made me LOL. "COME GET HER!" <doesn't notice Negan coming to get her>
  9. I could support this union. Wait, did Dwight just flick away 2/3s of the last post-ZA Marlboro??
  10. No, Rick just registered his complaint that Negan had wiped out Jadisville and Negan was all "Whuuuuuut?"
  11. Oh, okay. Negan learns about Simon's betrayal. Small plot advance after all.
  12. Rick and Negan: Too dark, too talky, no resolution. Hat trick.
  13. I'm going to call her "Pearl."