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  1. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Me, too. I got to enjoy the idiot child Ben yelling "Halt!" to the horses. But the walkers vocal frying "Don't let them get awaaaaaay" gave me a goosebump.
  2. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    No telling how long my internet is going to hold, but if I only get a chance to say one thing: I am not down with Michonne's new 'do. No warrior woman in the world ever chose to impede her vision by flopping a big piece of hair over one eye. ***************** Bonus observation: The zombie under the bird's nest needed a mercy puncture.
  3. We have to get these midterms over--TWICE I thought I was watching an SNL sketch and it was some political idiot staring at the camera and lying through his teeth for real. Speaking of which, count me in for any sketch slamming SHS. "How do you sleep at night?" was a perfect product slogan. Pug rugs: LOL
  4. You all are much more generous toward the Streisand segment than I am. I could have easily listened to that panel for 60 uninterrupted minutes, but Bari Weiss was a surprising opener with a poignant perspective, the mid-show scripted bit was sobering and the New Rules editorial was a strong pre-midterm call to action. So WTF at grinding the whole show to a halt while Bill used his obsequious "gentle voice" on the mega-celeb insisting actors . . . and also singers! . . . have to be real, have to be honest. Really? Thanks so much for playing. And was that Bill Maher wistfully referring to the time when it was considered impolite to discuss politics and religion? He must've been glamourized. [Note: I'm mad because I was really counting on RT to help me get through next Tuesday. Right now, I guess everything makes me mad--I'm strung pretty tight.]
  5. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    8:58 and I FINALLY get connected! It's been a stressful hour. And not because of . . . Denny Duquette.
  6. S01.E04 Beyoncé Circa Lemonade

    I don't know why I DVR'ed this--I can't stand kids. And yet, the whole thing's charming. Brad Garrett and SNL guy are excellent. (Taran Killam) Angie and her neurotic son are a little bit extra, but I love Poppy and her son, Mr. You-Do-You. It cracks me up that Miggy just hovers on the edge of this group, even though his baby is nowhere near the same age as theirs. Miggy does a good job being both clueless and self-aware that he needs help. He knows he needs . . . DON'T SAY IT! . . . a village.
  7. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    I can't remember exactly what the Dread Pirate Roberts said to the shadowy murderer figure. It was Savior bro-centric, though, right? I'm taking Dwight for the long odds. We just don't know that many Saviors to build a big mystery arc around.
  8. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    I think Maggie wanted to string that guy up for the tomato.
  9. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Ranger Rick!!
  10. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Michonne's nicer than I am. I wouldn't be nearly so charitable toward Maggie if I'd ridden round trip to Hilltop to discuss the ethanol/food situation and pretty much gotten a GTFO for my trouble.
  11. This is silly, but I always thought Tom Arnold could have developed a solid reputation as a terrific character actor if he weren't always doing the "Rosanne's fumble-bum husband" schtick. He was funny and dry in True Lies; had no problem keeping up the sidekick snark with Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Plus I'm rooting for a video score. : )
  12. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Michonne looks very different to me, too. I think the new wig . . . raises her hairline a couple of inches? Season opener tip o'the hat to Enid. I'm SO glad Maggie didn't spend a couple of episodes mulling over her suspicions that Gregory was involved in that attack.
  13. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Ahhhh, thanks. My gears were grinding. Finn's one of those top-notch character actors who elevates anything he's in. He's a good match with Brett Butler, for star power.
  14. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    She was Grace of "Grace Under Fire"--which was an early feminist-ish sitcom, apparently 75 years ago.
  15. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ETA: I'm about ninety seconds behind. I didn't want to lose Butterscotch.