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  1. Kind of makes you respect that Survivor has managed to churn out 147 seasons, doesn't it? People keep trying to cash in on a variation, but it's always a bust. I watch them all, though! As I said earlier, I'm fascinated by the Lord of the Flies streak that invariably pops out. It's frightening how quickly people abandon basic social norms, like "sharing." Does not bode well for my survival in the zombie apocalypse. [What was that funky "island survival" show a couple of years ago where they had to agree on the food/supplies requested and they had to cooperate on moving the equipment from spot to spot? For the players in the minority group, it was brutal. Nothing for you, nerd; eat dirt, sleep on the ground.]
  2. S01.E08: Milk

    I thought there was plenty of wasted opportunity letting Alan's particular brand of psychopathy pass unremarked. I spent the whole series thinking he was a basic inconsequential emasculated shitty human being, so I was dumbfounded when he told the cop that Camille wasn't home. Boing! Okay, so he was just so obsessed by his great love for Adorra that he was willing to watch her knock off their children? And then she'll be mine, all mine alone! Bwaah haw haw. ************** Like everyone else, I would have appreciated a little more exposition wrapping up this mystery suspense thriller we've followed for eight weeks. Thank goodness I'm the type to stick around while the credits roll. But mainly I have a serious complaint for the editors: did anyone EVER take a look at this thing on something less than a ten-foot screen?!? I have a fairly large television--60"--and I had to go through the last ten minutes frame-by-frame SQUINTING at the screen. What's that? Who's that? Where are they? What's happening? Camille notices . . . something in the wastebasket, which leads her to the dollhouse. Finally I figure out it's a bedspread, even though the camera never once focuses on it. Why the hell would Amma throw away the bedspread? When Camille started taking apart the dollhouse, though, is the moment I finally figured out that Amma was replicating the ivory floor with teeth, so maybe I shouldn't be grinching about the bedspread. (But it was a sloppy trail of breadcrumbs anyway.) Thanks to the poster who suggested finding the book at the library and reading the epilogue. That's exactly what I plan to do.
  3. I think the "torn from our regular lives" mythos is the reason Tim faltered when he said, "About two days before we were supposed to leave . . ." (he'd received the letter from his daughter.) This is just one weird funky little show. I wouldn't be devoted to it and follow it for fourteen seasons, but there are undeniably quirky touches that make me smile. I like it when someone decides to leave and the very next shot is an empty tatami mat--like the moment they expressed the thought, they were raptured out of there.
  4. No kidding. There have been times I've chosen not to see or talk to anyone (except the dogs) for a week or more. Apparently I'm some kind of freak. This! Solitude can be a rare luxury. It's weird to promote being alone for a while as the ultimate challenge. The people on the first season of the "Alone" show anticipated freezing their butts off in their little pine bough huts for six months or so. Okay, so that's not an experience anyone would relish, but I am fully enjoying Terry bobbing around in the crystal water, having a stay-kay on her little nook of the island. May your coconuts be ripe and abundant, Terry. *********** One time when Krichelle was examining her wound, there was a pump bottle of something clear and pinkish sitting on the shelf behind her. My tv has about six pixels and I couldn't tell what it was, but I'd really like to know. Hand sanitizer would have been a big help with her coral scrape. What could it have been? Dish soap? Shampoo? I'm strangely tickled by the extensive list of items planted by the producers and explained as flotsam and jetsam that "washed ashore." I got a good look at the microphone wire from the pack concealed in Tim's shorts--did that wash up on the beach, too? Heeeeeee
  5. My two-cents: Kenzi lecturing Robbie that their meager food stores have to be saved and rationed is pure passive-aggressive behavior. "We have a responsibility to feed other people who might wander up here, so I don't care if you're hungry. Hands off, Tubby." WTF. I don't understand the situation with Matt, the guy who's aching for companionship but feels reluctant to "intrude" on Krichelle and Tim. They must have given him some indication he wasn't entirely welcome, but I hope the cues were neither intended nor interpreted as racial. Oddly enough, I totally understand Krichelle's anxiety she'll get shut out of a potential boys' club--been there. Yes, the filming gimmicks are silly and screwball, but I approve of the little video from the woman who clearly tapped out before she even got started. That was a clever way to let the audience check her off and still maintain the full count at 12. Can't believe the two bros are considering ousting the third bro. I guess they would have thrown rocks at the old lady if she'd come strolling along. It's these small glimpses of Lord of the Flies social stuff that makes the whole thing worth my ten hour investment.
  6. Yeeeeee-ow! What was that? WHO was that? I'm no superfan, but I've watched every episode and I don't recognize the woman flipping her hair and thrusting her chest forward. Er, does she think it looks natural to brace yourself on your elbows and arch your back? Did she always wear caterpillar eyelashes? What's that accent?!? Did Julie zap Rockstar with a stun-gun?
  7. S01.E06: Cherry

    The CC will increase your frustration. I use it full-time and this show has the worst CC I've ever seen. Whole scenes pass with only a couple of random sentence fragments displayed. The last sentence of this episode, for example, seemed dramatic and important. No caption. Grrrrrr.
  8. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    All hands of deck!!!! CHARLEY'S GONE WALKABOUT. Yeesh, they're as misguided about the audience response to this sulky little girl as they were to single-expression Madison.
  9. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Oh yeah, that's some serious fortification. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Things look pretty sweet there in Fieldstone Manor. Why aren't they all living "up in the big house"? Garret and Elfman are living in a shitty bus. Strand vs. Walker behind oblivious Luciana was hilarious. Yakkity sax.
  11. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Who this? Oh good, Coleman found a pad with a '61 Latour.
  12. S02.E01: Part I

    I don't know . . . I'm still burned pretty crispy from Season One. And no spoilers, but once I saw the previews, I heaved a tired sigh. You can do anything, and throw in all kinds of twists, red herrings and fuckery with that set-up. Pullman, Coons, Tracy Letts and Jay O. Sanders all make a compelling argument in favor, though. For this episode, I'll just note that it shouldn't require the grizzled old experienced detective to notice there aren't any kid's clothes in the carefully inventoried possessions
  13. S20.E16: Power of Veto #5

    When did this "Kaycee" person arrive? ******************************* I don't think I've ever seen anyone act so entitled, based on so little. Don't question me, don't speak my name to others, don't presume to advise me, wake and attend me when I summon you, I am the HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD. In the Big Brother game. For a week. Where did you learn this imperious attitude, little girl?
  14. Bayleigh. Yeow. Power mad, vocal fry, atrocious misuse of "Literally." I was feeling sour and angry watching Bayleigh point her finger at Faysal and snarl, "Don't you EVER . . . !" ["tell me I'm making a bad decision" or something like that] So rude, so arrogant--and so downright stupid to scold someone for suggesting alternatives when you're in a position to make choices. But I've read all the funny posts now and I feel much better. Jordan Peele and Golden Doodle Tyler. Heeeeeeeee
  15. I fully support Hans and the short-waisted woman from the trailer park. You go, weirdo underdogs! Geez, I can understand Shin Lem developing carpal tunnel syndrome. My tendons were screaming just watching him. I didn't see them in the first round, so I enjoyed the spitting. Who knew you could finesse such a thing? I loved the "poof of mist" effect. For entertainment purposes, however, gulping down another man's warm raw egg spew was something of an error in judgment.