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  1. The Sneaky 6: Dig your own well!

    And to clarify: my disgust is not confined to some nasty participants, but to the decision makers who decided to let this play out, leaving a hot mess with a phoney feeble follow up. Lack of accountability - viewers and participants deserve authentic follow ups moderated by skilled leaders . Great concept executed badly
  2. The Sneaky 6: Dig your own well!

    I've not followed the social media, so my comments are based solely on aired footage. If the intent was to document group dynamics in a survival context, the production strategy needs rethinking As a viewer I was frustrated w editing, which obscured real red flag behaviors, ex theShane-Alana-Dani triad where I could see dshonesty, hoarding and, by malignantly stalking & disrupting Shane's hunt. I've lead over twenty backpacking trips with groups of 12 adolescent boys in residential treatment; wilderness is a potent crucible to build character. that's probably why this show angered me - toxicity, bullying, was empowered & ultimately "survived" ; enabled by practices w low ethical standards and exploitive disrespect of nature and several victimised participants.
  3. S01.E08: 40 Days Falling Apart

    leadership skills & courageous character could have made the difference for shane and Dan I
  4. Why r the freelancing camp followers never shown boiling water after shane's epic well dig? Much footage of them draped about campfire gossiping, but mysteriously there's no struggle to stay hydrated mentioned