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  1. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    It was kind of refreshing, though. We've seen more than one wife demand a chef's kitchen even as they brag about not knowing how to cook. At least this one was honest, lol. My mother and I liked the second house best and were surprised they took the first, smallest one without a garage, even if it was the closest to the beach. There's not much difference between 5 and 8 miles, really, you're not walking either way.
  2. And yet she couldn't be bothered to drag a brush through that hair of hers. Not to be petty, but I mentioned to my mother (we always watch HH together in the mornings) that she must spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to put on all that make-up but apparently never saw her hair; it was simply awful. But as you say, it matched her personality. We were all for the third, two bedroom apartment; we thought it was the perfect compromise AND it was waaaaay under budget. But no, Miss Thing had to have her three bedrooms. For alllll the friends and family who are coming to visit. She's so agreeable that people cant stand to be away from her for any lengthy period of time. (As I've said before, for most people, including myself, you move across country, even to another state, you're unlikely to see you old local friends again and maybe get to see your family once a year, much less if you move to another country altogether.) I don't know when I've been more annoyed by a house-huntee, and there have been some doozies. Sheesh. Agreed with your entire post, btw, but this I had to rant about a little bit, lol
  3. S06.E01: Single, Fat and Crazy

    I wouldn't be surprised if much of what happens on this show is staged, but Glenn's appointment and test for the hearing aid went very much like my mother's (who FINALLY got hearing aids after needing them for years, it's much more pleasant around the house now, lol). I read the words for both my mother and aunt (whose hearing was even worse) and helped score them, along with the doctor, so it's not unheard of.
  4. Riga to Vienna - yes, that real estate agent was quite the looker. Let's put him in that show with Richard, Adrienne and company! And the husband was a real cutie too, it looked like he was a lot of fun, which the wife seemed somewhat lacking in. They seemed like a nice couple though; I guess they balance each other out. I liked the third apartment too, I agree the exercise would have been good for them and they're young enough that they'd get used to the climb eventually. I did like the one they got, though I would have preferred to be closer to the city. The second one was nice but over budget. I like some color too but you can always add your own so I'm glad they didn't take that one.
  5. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    Copied from my post in HHI - I just had to vent some more; I've reached my tipping point here, I think: And I am so beyond tired of "friends and family, friends and family" and needing an extra bedroom- I am at least aware enough that if I moved overseas, or even to the other side of the country (or even a couple of states away), I'm not seeing my ex-local friends again, unless I travel back myself. And maybe I'd see my family once a year, if I was lucky. Do these people think they're so exceptional and irreplaceable that everyone they know will want to spend all their vacation time and money going to see them? ... Sheesh. Get over yourselves, people. You're simply just not. that. special. Sorry.
  6. Portland to Oxfordshire. You guys said it all already. The wife was driving me nuts, smiling SO BIG all the time; it was creepy, it got so I had to avert my eyes during her talking heads. The husband said he could tell by her expression when she really liked something - how could that be? Her expression never changed. Ever. And why home school? Isn't that part of the local experience? And how are the kids supposed to make friends? And I am so beyond tired of "friends and family, friends and family" and needing an extra bedroom- I am at least aware enough that if I moved overseas, or even to the other side of the country (or even a couple of states away), I'm not seeing my ex-local friends again, unless I travel back myself. And maybe I'd see my family once a year, if I was lucky. Do these people think they're so exceptional and irreplaceable that everyone they know will want to spend all their vacation time and money going to see them? At least the wife admitted that no one had come to visit yet, but remained (characteristically) optimistic. Yay for Richard Blanco! Always a pleasure. I know I just repeated everything y'all already said, but I had to vent. Phew! I feel a little better now :-)
  7. Aw, thank you :-) I kinda like it myself. I do have one 23 year old son, and gained about 20 pounds total with my pregnancy, all in the stomach area so maybe I'm outta luck. Or maybe not - I think there is a fair amount fat in there; it sticks out and seems pretty firm. I think it's probably loss of muscle tone - sit ups, maybe? I'm of an age where I don't want to get too scrawny but maybe I should try to keep on with the weight loss as my natural weight before I had my kid was about 110 lbs. Don't hate me, but I had a MONSTER metabolism back in the day; I could eat anything and everything I wanted - and trust me, I ate truly ungodly amounts of food; looking back, I can't believe how much I could put away - and gained no weight as I needed every single calorie of it then. It was fun while it lasted but it went away after I had a baby and I put on a lot of weight before I realized what was happening. Walking 5-10 miles a day has brought the weight under control but I'm still pretty flabby in a lot of areas. Comes with age, I suppose. I have heard of CoolSculpting, it's nice to have a non-biased endorsement, so that's good to know. I do appreciate all of y'all's input!
  8. I wonder if anyone could suggest a not-too-strenuous way to firm up a saggy tummy? I am 55 years old, walked my way down from about 150 lbs to 122 (assuming the vet's scale is accurate, l weighed myself when we were there the other day, lol) and at 5'5", I don't necessarily want to lose any more weight. I feel good, I feel light, but this damn tummy just won't get out of my way and I'm tired of it. Anybody?
  9. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    I don't have stainless steel and I don't have subway tile, but I always have bell peppers on hand. They are a staple for me, you can find me cutting up lovely, colorful bell peppers on my ratty old wooden kitchen table several times a week, though no one would want to film that, lol
  10. S07.15 Chelsea & Charles

    I've deleted the episode, but they were together at the check-in. As I remember, they actually went out a few times - they showed some footage of a very awkward "date" - but Domo (I think it was her?) wasn't feeling it the way she thought she would, so they are working on reestablishing their friendship. Someone else may remember more clearly
  11. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    With a $4,000,000 budget, they were going to get a nice place, no matter what. I wasn't mad at their choice - they were ALL fabulous - though I might have taken #3. I knew #1 was not an option when I saw the full closets. It was gorgeous but I thought rather large for their needs. I would die for that outdoor space; I don't know if I've ever seen anything more inviting. Being as it's a vacation home, a condo probably does make the most sense - those HOA fees seemed ridiculously high - something like $2700 a month, if I remember right - but the place was under budget and they can afford it, so good on them.
  12. Cabo couple irritated me. A couple of things $500,000 is not an insignificant amount of money, and I'm sure it would have bought a very fine place somewhere along a beautiful Mexican beach with lots of charm and things to do. Exactly why was it necessary to get a place in Cabo, a five star resort where celebrities like to hang out? Of course that's going to drive up the prices. And they wanted an awful lot for their money. $519,000 is not $181,000 under your budget - it is $19,000 OVER your original budget. $25,000 is not slightly over your budget, it is $225,000 over. I admit I don't have a lot of money, but they were awfully quick to add $200,000 to their budget for a vacation home, as if it was nothing. It's been said before, but the word '"budget" seems to have no meaning anymore. I loved the third house too, it had everything they wanted, 5 minutes from the beach and a city and it was reasonably priced for the area - only slightly over their original budget. (Are you as tired of reading the word "budget" as I am of typing it?) AND it had that fabulous outdoor bedroom, though I wouldn't like to climb those steps every day - spiral staircases are lovely but as I get older, they seem more and more like a trip and fall hazard. But I just might risk it to sleep up there every now and then. I'd have to bring a chamber pot though - I didn't see a bathroom up there and I definitely wouldn't want to navigate that staircase in the middle of the night! I knew they'd take House #2, which was really nice if not as practical, fun and whimsical as House #3, just because House 3 made the most sense. I didn't love the wife talking about spending more money to fix up the entryway; they were already $225,000 over their you-know-what. And yes, I know they had already bought #2 when they started filming etc etc, but it's more fun to pretend that they didn't, lol.
  13. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    ^^ I also don't like when they choose to build their own house rather than pick a house we've seen. I don't know why, but it irritates me; I feel I've been cheated somehow.
  14. S05.E11: The Middle Ages

    I just binge-watched about 6 backed up episodes this morning, and I thought this was the best episode for quite a while; I actually laughed out loud several times. And Donald Faison is never not welcome on my television screen :-)
  15. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    ^^ Yes, clothes in the closet (or lack thereof) are always the dead giveaway for me. That, and dishes in the cupboards, and too many knickknacks, gadgets and knives on the kitchen counter