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  1. All Episodes Talk

    ^^ A very eventful day, wasn't it?
  2. ^^ Long, but very interesting and entertaining. Thank you for posting
  3. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    I'd love this! Though I wouldn't mind a little bit of talk - I am always fascinated how the same dress can look great on one person and terrible on another, or how some styles flatter (or don't flatter) a particular figure and would appreciate some tips and some commentary as to why. But... as someone pointed out, that would be The Learning Channel, and we can't have that anymore :-(
  4. Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    Today I saw two split-level houses described as ranches. I always assumed a ranch house was one that was only one level, with no stairs (unless they led to an attic or basement). I'm no expert, but I've seen all kinds of houses described as one style that I would definitely call something else. I guess everybody's turned into Alice in Wonderland's Humpty Dumpty, where a word "means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”
  5. Songs of The Partridge Family

    I enjoyed that; thanks for sharing :-)
  6. FETV has a mini-marathon of 4 or so episodes every Saturday morning, I try to catch a few when I remember and I have the time. It's kind of funny, for the first few minutes of the show, I'm like, "This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen; I can't believe I used to like these so much." And then a few minutes later, I'm in the right frame of mind and enjoying the silliness all over again, lol. "The Monkey's Paw" episode just ended, and I have to admit I enjoyed it thoroughly
  7. Five inch lifts? I don't know much about lifts, but that seems like an awful lot. How exactly would that work, I wonder? Like the "elevator shoes" of old?
  8. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    I found myself rolling my eyes at Cora and her fiance - "Missed you!" "I missed you more!" "It's been so long since I've seen you, it feels like weeks!" I get it, no two people have ever been so in love. I mean, it's nice and all, I'm happy for you, but jeez, enough is enough already. I found it very tiresome and ended up ff-ing through the end of their appointment. Rain got a great deal, her dress was marked down from $6000 some to about $800, and I thought it looked lovely on her. I know it was staged, but it was nice Randy and the consultant whose name escapes me at the moment; I really should know it!- got to go to the wedding. I am terrified of heights and roller coasters and such and really felt for the consultant's fear of the Slingshot but am proud of her for going through with it. There is something to be said for facing your fears and living to tell the tale, and I'm sure she's a better, more confident person for it. Maybe next time I'm faced with a roller coaster I should consider giving it a try...
  9. Oh, I liked Mike's singing too; I just thought it was rather ironic how it all worked out :-)
  10. I just loved Micky; he was my largest childhood crush, lol. I find it interesting that the two actors who also sang - Davy and MIcky - did the most singing by far, and the two musicians who acted - Peter and Mike - sang very rarely.
  11. S01.E05: Time Is of the Essence

    ^^ I was coming here to say just that, but gardendiva beat me to it, lol. What a contrast between the sullen, indifferent attitude and total lack of affect from the 600 lb show family, and the smiles and happiness and total encouragement shown by this family. I know with which family I'd prefer to hang with, plus Dr. Proctor (love the rhyming there) is pretty easy on the eyes too. Rooting hard for all of them, and I hope we get to continue to follow their journey
  12. Season One Discussion

    Thank you so much for posting, Kris. I appreciate your answers and your honesty and would love to hear anything more you feel like telling us - very interesting! I am sorry that not everything has worked out how you might have wished, but very happy for the closure you have received and the new relationships you are working on. I certainly wish you and yours the very best going forward.
  13. Kudos to whoever thought up this thread title, by the way - very clever! My hat is off to you, well done :-D
  14. S01.E01: The Family Journey Begins

    When Drew wears his yellow shirt with the blue pants, all I can think of is a child's drawing of the sun over the sea. So much bright yellow, so much bright blue. Also, Drew's unusual body type almost seems like he's already had the bariatric procedure and is now in need of skin removal surgery; I've never seen such a large, loose apron. I know all that is not very nice of me but I'm afraid that's where my mind goes. Drew does seem like a very nice person - they all do, they seem like a warm, fun and caring family. I hope they do well, I'm rooting for them all.
  15. I wore my mother's wedding gown, didn't even alter it. (A very pretty, simple tea length gown with a crinoline underneath, with long sleeves and slight beading on the bodice.) I believe it cost about $60 in 1959 when mom went by herself during her lunch hour and bought it. We held the ceremony in my husband's aunt's back yard under a rented trellis. A few snacks as it was an afternoon wedding. I think the cake was the most expensive thing - if I remember right, it cost about $150. The whole wedding came in for about $500 - my father was VERY pleased with me. Granted, I got married in 1988, but I simply can't imagine spending the money some of these brides do though I do seem to enjoy watching them and being appalled at their antics, lol.