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  1. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I think if it was Carter they would have said "former President", or something along those lines, rather than "President". I can see thinking it was Carter, but figured it was Clinton based on how it was worded
  2. Pet Peeves

    Here is a TV specific pet peeve I recalled last night : Shows that come back from the first commercial and are still showing opening credits on the screen as the show is ongoing So annoying. I kept track once of the longest into a show it went with them still showing opening credits. There was one drama, I forget which one now, it went on for like 20 minutes into the show.
  3. Pet Peeves

    We started drinking soy milk recently and I have to say, its quite good. Better than "real" milk".
  4. NFL Thread

    Since I think I prompted the discussion, I don't think Rivers or Eli belong in the HOF. Neither does Jim Plunkett. Or Tom Flores. I bring him up because he is a finalist this year. He is like the coaching equivalent of Eli at QB. Had a couple good but not great teams that got hot at the right time and won two SBs. His overall career though he is barely above .500. Neither were ever considered consistently in even in the top 5 of their era Sure they have both had individual years where they were in that range, but not consistently. Stats alone and longevity should not get you in as a QB. This isn't baseball. Hoping for Saints Chiefs SB. Seems most likely too. This week the home team won every game.
  5. NFL Thread

    First half of Charges-Pats : Exhibit A why anyone who thinks Phillip Rivers is a HOF QB is crazy. Continually the team and Rivers blow it in big games. The Colts-Chiefs game was ugly. At least the Colts have the excuse they are a young team and a first year head coach This is horrifying
  6. TV Tropes You Hate

    Yep At least once I would like to see them write something like : "needs more sugar" "But I don't have any sugar" "Well I will give you some"
  7. TV Tropes You Hate

    And one of them will turn to the other to "taste test" something on a big wooden spoon as they lovingly look into each others eyes.
  8. NFL Thread

    No, it wasn't really Colts just didn't show up and were not prepared for that game. Weather wouldn't have mattered one bit. I fully expect a Chiefs/Saints SB. I don't see any way the Eagles go into New Orleans and beat the Saints. That game isn't coming down to a missed Saints FG
  9. S12.E12: The Propagation Proposition

    True Exception proving the rule?
  10. NFL Thread

    Colts played awful today, but the Chiefs at home are going to be hard for anyone to beat next week. I expect them to be in the SB. And I'd like to see the Chiefs win, its been a long time for them. Almost 50 years since last SB appearance. I know the Chargers have never won, but, California teams, and especially LA teams, I just can't root for, with few exceptions. Still a good season for the Colts and the future is bright.
  11. S12.E12: The Propagation Proposition

    All true And there is also the fact that these people have a whole lot of wasteful spending and basically whatever they want. Eating out, comics, sci fi collectibles, etc. Leonard and Penny are a two income family with no kids. I know Penny was low income for a long time and may have some debt, but still, several years now she has been doing pretty well, at least as its implied on the show, with her pharmaceutical job. I guess they own a car? They drive people around everywhere, so they must, but seems they've had the same one for a longtime likely. Never really mentioned. I am sure has had good benefits at the University even if his salary is not high. Do they get pensions at a University? I don't know. Anyway the point being they live pretty well and the only likely big expense they have is rent for California, I am sure its not cheap. That should still leave them with plenty of discretionary income between the two of them though. Lets say theoretically they did have more money or could retire, would their lives likely change much? They might move to a nicer apartment and travel more, but outside of that, I'd say, not really. Financial jealousy is pretty petty for them given their situation
  12. S12.E12: The Propagation Proposition

    And for the record, I think Kaley Cuoco is pretty hot. In California, especially LA, there are probably many young women as hot as her But still in comparison to Leonard, she is certainly the better looking one of the couple.
  13. S12.E12: The Propagation Proposition

    I always liked Zack. I hope he makes some more appearances It struck me last night that Sheldon and Zack are the antithesis of each other. Zack is not at all intelligent, but he has a whole lot of people skills. He is oblivious at times to his lack of intellect but is also completely comfortable with himself about it and is completely egosyntonic with himself with no reservations or qualms about his skills Sheldon for the most part has very few people skills and but is high on intellectual skills. He is oblivious to his social faux pas but is also completely ego-syntonic about it all I am almost positive Chuck Lorre had no intention of doing this. But it still worked out that way. And some people prefer knowing the donor rather than using an anonymous one. Plus, you know, its TV, where these situations happen all the time. No pregnancy can ever occur on TV unless there is some complication. Unwanted pregnancy, can't get pregnant, twins, IVF, sperm donor, something.
  14. Pet Peeves

    Yes I hate trying to cancel services, especially with cable or TV service companies. Took me an hour with Directv to cancel HBO. I tend to order and cancel based on when Game of Thrones is on.. I could easily do it online if they'd allow, but they won't Now I am thinking for the last season I will just sign up for HBO on Hulu, much easier to change it than with Directv.
  15. Yes plastic surgery in general is very painful And there is edema and swelling that takes weeks to correct, scars to heal, etc.