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  1. Another one from Nelson : He has a "nuke the whales" shirt on that Lisa questions and he says "Gotta nuke something"
  2. The Simpsons alone could fill up this thread. "Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos". Comes up handy in many political conversations When the aurora borealis comes up, ".....at this time of year, in this part of the country, located entirely in your kitchen!?" Whenever a long overdue retirement takes place, "But why now? Why not 10 years ago", as asked to Krusty when he announces his retirement And for some reason this one pops into my mind often, from Homer, at work, "You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel" Non-Simpsons ones : Joey's "How YOU doin'" ANd one already mentioned, Gob from Arrested Development and his "Come ON!"
  3. I realized why penny needed a doctor and what had happened. However re-watching Dirty Dancing a few months back and seeing what kind of "dancing" they were really doing at those parties all the camp workers went to........yeah, they were just dry humping, that was not dancing. I side with the parents now. I'd out Baby in a corner rather than letting her go to one of those parties.
  4. The NBA

    Jimmy got the trade he wanted. Jimmy's trade demands paid off. Jimmy's ready. Jimmy is busting out his new moves.
  5. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Hurray for the Hooiser winner!! I was hoping Dan might make it back into positives, but just missed it there at the end. The other night for one of the FJ categories my blind guess before the questions/answer was revealed was Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. Turns out I was just early, came up this latest game. And once again, Hamilton is an answer, sometime the last few nights. So why do they start the Teen Tournament on a Wednesday rather than on a Monday? Is it because of Thanksgiving and they want it to end before then? Or they want it to be after the big voting day and results night on Tuesday?
  6. S06.E08: Chapter 73

    Well interesting to know that he was supposed to be Frank's son. But even so, as I stated before, these are writers and its fiction. I think they stopped production for awhile after the Spacey allegations. They could have just done their job and wrote it differently. Or really I am not sure why since Frank died and Spacey wasn't on this season they still couldn't have revealed he was supposed to be Frank's son. Just because Spacey was gone and Frank was dead doesn't mean the story couldn't happen that way
  7. S10.E07: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    Right down to pretty much the same storyline they used for Phil and Claire earlier in the series. They go to the bad movie and run into some other parents going to a "sophisticated" one and try it out instead to be better people......etc. And yes the problem is Dylan and Hailey are both like a stupid version of Phil. Phil has his quirks, but has never been shown to be dumb, just goofy. And Claire is the type A personality that keeps them on track. Dylan and Hailey have none of that. I guess the big question will be, who is the father of her baby? I actually liked Cam and Mitch this time.
  8. Did not like this one. The dance at the end was certainly artistically beautiful to watch, but it does not fit in at all with anything we have ever seen on the show. I too was expecting this to be like the ending to the High School Reunion, but it was not. All real. Not only that though, the whole episode left much to be desired. Once again the gang barely is there, basically its Mac and Frank and no one else. We got like two minutes of Charlie and Dee just to say they appeared and for not much else. The whole season has been a disappointment, easily my least favorite of them all. Now I really wonder 1. How much Glenn worked on this season as far as writing/producing? 2. How much the whole show is dependent on him, not just the acting but also the writing? This reminded me of the Mad Men ending where Bertram Cooper dies and sings his song at the end. I know everyone else LOVED that one as well, I hated it, for the same reason as this one. Completely out of sync with the tone of the entire rest of the series. So the dance, artistically, yes, great. The episode and the season, a major disappointment after waiting so long for the show to be back Oh well, still have Hulu reruns to watch
  9. S06.E08: Chapter 73

    I don't really care one way or another if Spacey was on this season or not. The whole thing with him and what happened makes no difference to me. He should have been fired, probably sooner But none of that really weight into how I feel about this totally crappy and useless season. It wasn't coherent in any way. Multiple storylines that teased and went nowhere. What exactly was it they were doing with the app everyone signed up for? Sheperd was dying all season, never found out if he lived or died or not. I suppose he died eventually. A whole big "where do you see us in 10 years" speech, no point to it. The son that just disappeared, no idea what happened to him. Once again anyone who goes up against Claire/Frank/The Underwoods and is in any position of power to stop them in the end just turns out to be completely lame and weak useless asswipes that just cave to their demands at the end, right down to Doug. NONE Of this has to do with Spacey and his allegations and his being written off the show. Even if he wasn't written off the show, the story was nearing its end anyway and they were in a position where they could make this the last season either way, without or without him. The whole thing this season was just a crappy half assed soap opera this season that really made little sense, had little drama to it and was barely interesting.
  10. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I had no idea on FJ, had never heard of that play. I guessed Mean Girls, the only thing I could think of remotely close to the category that fit. I am sure the girl was not faking her voice. It was a bit distracting at first, but nothing you don't adjust to quickly. Reminded me of Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory or Yeardley Smith.
  11. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I was confused about the National Geographic Mars category because I didn't know if this was a fictional series or a documentary they were mentioning. I assumed it was a documentary. I didn't know National Geographic did fictional series.
  12. It wasn't just how it eneded, though I wasn't a fan of that either. The whole final season was lackluster, boring and completely uninteresting. And they left multiple open storylines at the end that were hanging out there all season. Which is one of the reasons the whole season seemed so uninteresting. Seemed like the ended one major storyline and the rest was just kind of "imagine your own ending as you like"
  13. S06.E02: Chapter 67

    I was expecting it to lead to a lesbian scene with her and Angela. And not because that is what I wanted or being sexist, its just what we know of Frank and his bisexuality. I assumed Claire was the same way.
  14. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I would have known Columbus anyway, based on the year (Duh.....), but I LITERALLY had just read that fact about Columbus bringing sugarcane to the 'new world' 5 minutes before I turned on Jeopardy. Its in the book A History of the World in Six Glasses, highly recommended and entertaining read. He took it from the Cannary Islands to Hispaniola, I believe. Later Barbados became the center for sugar production in the new world and eventually the leading producer of rum, which was made from the waste products of sugar production. And it helped propagate the slave trade as well. So reading does pay off for Jeopardy.....sort of, if the answer was not so obvious in the first place. FJ was so easy I thought it was a trick. C1.....seemed obvious, but then as a neurologist I shouldn't miss that. L1? COME ON!!
  15. House of Cards. One of the worst endings ever. The whole last season was a waste. In fact, it rivals even How I Met Your Mother in terms of worst final season of a once good show. I think it tops it. Complete waste of time.