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  1. Probably quit, if these instastories are any example of her behaviour while in a car. Bethenny let her dogs jump all over drivers while they are trying to drive? After the first minute it would have been enough. I can't believe she was laughing and letting it happen, even for a moment, let alone long enough for 3 instastories. I felt terrible for this most recent driver. Wouldn't be surprised if he quits driving for her as well. The very second my dogs began jumping all over my driver's lap while he was driving would have been the second that I would be grabbing them to contain them, not after filming 3 instastories and laughing and joking about them being gay and attracted to the driver. I certainly would not have posted it as entertainment. She is horrible.
  2. I could be the poster girl for this.
  3. I agree with you. To keep on topic, I respect Bethenny's right to take her dogs along wherever she goes. Just please keep them contained so as not to put herself, driver and other people at risk.
  4. This is not just about Bethenny, but I wish that she would not have let that happen. My sister in law actually joked about how one of the cats suddenly jumped down to where the brake and gas pedal are and she freaked out, not wanting to accidentally step on the cat. Maybe just me, but I think there should be a law around this. Sorry if this is off topic but it is a serious worry of mine, along with driving and texting. Sorry, mods, end of rant. PSA.
  5. My sister in law drives to Florida from Canada and back quite frequently. She takes her dog and two cats. I know that she doesn't like to keep them in their crates because they get "bored". I know that they run around the car. I am on pins and needles when I know she is travelling. I worry for her and for other people on the road around her as it's such a distraction. Are there any laws around this? I don't know.
  6. We are just seeing what Bethenny posted. The driver likely put up with it for a few minutes and then told her that he was going to pull over to have her cage them. So irresponsible. Not only putting the driver at risk, but other drivers on the road. Not funny, Bethenny.
  7. Bethenny is such a fool. She has posted her instagram stories showing her 2 dogs climbing all over her driver while he is trying to drive. She is making stupid comments and laughing and thinks it is funny. I feel bad for the poor driver, who is trying to be polite.
  8. S11.E09: Destructive Criticism

    My employer provides us with a phone as we need to have access to email as well as data/gps and voice/test communication at all times during work hours. We are also "on call" for a week per month. I choose to maintain and pay for my own "personal" phone so that I can maintain a healthy work/life balance. My family and friends use my personal phone number/email etc. I am able to shut off my "work" phone during off work hours. I don't want to receive work related calls when I'm out for dinner or on vacation, or spending quality time with my family and friends. If there is a serious situation happening at work, I can choose to keep my "work" phone on and close by to deal with emergencies. My employer would not expect employees to use their own personal phones for business and not reimburse them for expenses incurred. It's just easier for them to provide the phones and pay the monthly fees.
  9. Kidding All Episodes Talk

    Haven't seen that one, thanks for saving me the trouble of wasting my time checking it out!
  10. I do like the dumb waiter, though. Being able to deliver groceries etc. straight to the kitchen from the car would be very convenient in such a huge home. Other than that, I wouldn't care to live there. Even the "champs" button is a silly idea. Like there is an actual person just sitting on the other end of that button waiting for the summons to deliver champagne? Now we have crystals falling to the floor to worry about.
  11. Maybe I'm too picky but should that birthday cake have read "Happy 50th Birthday Slade"? instead of Happy Birthday 50th Slade?
  12. Heather has two staircases: https://www.reddit.com/r/BravoRealHousewives/comments/9xd5gq/what_are_we_hating_about_heathers_house_this_week/
  13. Kidding All Episodes Talk

    This show has intrigued me since the first episode. I absolutely love each character, even the youngsters. It's probably one of the deepest shows that I have ever seen. Jim Carey's eyes. So sad. So haunted.
  14. https://people.com/tv/bethenny-frankel-talks-dating-love-life/ Speaking with Extra on the red carpet after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on Thursday, the Real Housewives of New York City star, 47, said the attention doesn’t bother her. I think I will wear Kardashian VS angel wings. Since when has attention bothered BF? Funniest ever! Geez, she is such a joke. Jason must be laughing with his buddies at this one.
  15. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    Funny, I cannot stand Bethenny or Erika, but I loooove Kate. I'm so conflicted.