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  1. Looks like Babs and Sonja will be getting along. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHjy0k3AOD3/
  2. No doubt that this is what Bethenny is trying to put out there. Not buying it.
  3. True. That is what Dennis said of Bethenny. They weren't together. She said that they were on a 90 day break. I think that he did enjoy being associated with a RHNY. Did seem casual to him. He could not commit according to Bethenny. Likely she wanted more than he was willing to give. Could be that they were no more serious than Sonja and her Frenchie boyfriend, Edgar. Sad about Dennis, though. What a sad ending. Sad for his family too.
  4. Sonja....Gstaad.
  5. Barbara appeared on an episode in season nine of the show and during the appearance, she could be heard speaking negatively to Carole about Luann’s wedding with her now ex-husband Tom D’Agostino, Jr. “I think she has something to prove,” she said to Carole as production picked up her microphone off-camera. “She’d rather go through with it and get divorced than call it off.” Before the show moment aired, Barbara tried to go to court and prevent the network from airing it but the case was dismissed. These are Bab's own words. Can't see how Carole would have forced those words into Bab's mouth....plus it ended up to be true. Why would Babs try to prevent her statement from being aired? Hmmmmm. Sketchy. I can't see how Bab's can be credible now that we know that she wants to pick and choose what statements she makes are made public. Again, I don't even know who she is friends/not friends with as yet. I just know she's not to be trusted.
  6. Just embarrassing.
  7. Weird. Artist just paints same faces with different hats/accessories. Okay.
  8. Bethenny and Dennis were "on again/off again" for so long, and then she said that they could never be together because he "could not commit" They were "off again" when he died. I think he was still very much in love with Jill. Bethenny was just a casual relationship. IMO. Makes me feel bad for Jill, who obviously he considered seriously enough attached to not to divorce even though they were seeing other people. Dennis apparently was so still attached to Jill to take her to the Springsteen show. That was so sweet. Bethenny probably was not too pleased about this. Bottom Line: Dennis was likely still very much in love with Jill.
  9. Another housewife pretending to be rich, but not really. Fake lifestyle like Dorit and PK, Alexis and Jim et al... She is as fake as her awful looking tan. I don't care whose side she is on, and we don't know this yet. Not going to be a fan.
  10. I don't understand Bethenny's grief diet. She doesn't look any thinner than usual.
  11. Welcome! Gotta admit not a Dorinda fan (used to be) but I agree with you about FrankenMorg.
  12. Sonja looks like she's high as a kite, and note Bethenny's subtle nose rub while she's dancing. Hmmm. Reminded me of Dorit's nose rubbing.
  13. Likely that Sonja forgot (again) to put her undies on.
  14. That's fair. Threatening to kill a police officer. WTF???