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  1. Yeah, I actually like the duvet cover practice. Once i understood the duvet thing i realIed why there werent 2 sheets. Are you in the UK?
  2. In a lot of other countries people dont use top sheets much. that surprised me my first time in Europe
  3. I just dont understand the way these people dress to meet “ the love of their lives” for the first time.
  4. I think jesse might actually be nervous
  5. I think there is a button under Melissa’s chin to turn her off and on.
  6. Jesse has a lot of torso and tiny legs
  7. S04.E09 Episode 9

    Does anyone know when they put the new episode on demand? Is it midnight tonight?
  8. There is an update from May, that said the Eddie is no longer in Afib. I hope thats true. My husband, with a history of Aprtic disection , is currently in Afib. hes had a bunch of tests and they put him on blood thinners and will do carioverion in a month. I hope this doesnt go on for 6 months like eddie
  9. S04.E09 Episode 9

    So apparently this filmed the transition from part one to 2 in one continuous shot, with wardrobe actually changing Alisons clothes while she stood at the sink. i know someone from the show tweted something about a it a coule of day before. Great article with info here. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/the-affair-alisons-death-ramon-rodriguez-1202903458/#respond
  10. S04.E09 Episode 9

    I agree that despite the name Alision popping up when she answers the door The transition between part 1 and 2 occured by the sink. Her clothes changed.
  11. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Its erattic weather andthe fact that the US gov cant get to you if you have problems there. They get the same rating as much of Europe..a 2
  12. S02.E02: Face to Face

    Ive also read that part of the reason a well dressed person is more likely to get bumped is because they want you to blend in with the rest of the people in first or business class. My flight to london next months gets to Gatwick at 5.30 am. I will change clothes, brush my teeth and clean il when i get there. And im not meeting the love of my life.
  13. S07.E11: Jinger and Jeremy’s Little Secret

    I think JimBob and Michelle are keeping Jana single so that she cane take care of them and the house, when they are old
  14. S02.E02: Face to Face

    I noticed that Angela at least put her hair up and changed her shirt, At least, I think she did.