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  1. The last of the Swedish meatballs, egg noodles and cranberry sauce.
  2. Pretty sure at least one of those was violated before they left the parking lot at the courthouse.
  3. @GreatKazu, they will wonder why Dr Tsao never told them it could happen.
  4. Has Leah never seen Steel Magnolias? Maybe Dr Tsao could use it to illustrate Ali's situation. Although Leah's takeaway would probably would probably be "Dr Tsao thinks Ali could be an actress like Julia Roberts!"
  5. Agreed, but then again, Jill spent her pre-teen and young adult years raising her siblings so she's been at this for a while. I'm really tired so maybe that's why I'm almost saying something nice-ish about Jill. It won't happen again.
  6. Especially with her classy court heels.
  7. Justin is the one I can never remember. Sort of like how I can never remember one of the seven dwarfs (Bashful).
  8. It wasn't a Ke$ha concert so Jenelle's safe. Wasn't today her court date? I want to know what happened but I'm not going near Jenelle's Twitter feed, that's too much crazy for me.
  9. I think this deserves a taste test!
  10. Champagne cocktail with raspberry liquor, baguette, country pate, steak frites, and pear tart. Obviously I went out to dinner. It seemed like a better idea than the burritos I was planning to make.
  11. I don't think that Farrah wrote that either. It reads like it was written by someone whose native language is not English (something about the sentence structure).
  12. Frozen pizza. Not the good kind.
  13. If you agree to give birth on a toilet and have it filmed for TV, I think you have a tenuous claim on privacy rights.
  14. She has nothing better to do than get married, so why not? Getting married and having babies are supposed to be the pinnacle of any female Duggar's life so she might as well start as soon as possible. ETA - it made me sad just to type that.
  15. Assets meaning her bank accounts, her business, the cars if they are in her name and not leased. She must have some assets.