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  1. That sounds way too self-aware and accepting responsibility to ever come out of Amber's mouth.
  2. For the love of all that's holy, can't we just un-see that?
  3. That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.
  4. Yeah, can't have me out in my driveway with the snowblower. I might defraud someone in my ankle-length coat and ski mask.
  5. Unless Austin built a cross, hung himself upon it, died for the redemption of humankind, and was resurrected, Joy needs to dial it back just a little. Jesus would not approve of the hyperbole.
  6. Iowa in the house! (Des Moines) @mamadrama, I’m sorry for your loss. I hope that being there for her provides some measure of peace.
  7. January is pantry challenge and I didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so it was a random mix of appetizers. Leftover devils on horseback that I froze after Christmas, Brie and cranberry wrappef in filo from Trader Joe’s and mashed potato bites with cheddar and bacon covered in panko crumbs from Fresh Market. 2 boxes and one bag gone from my freezer!
  8. OMG, what a horrible experience. You must have been so scared. I hope you can take off time to heal and there are no further complications.
  9. Is it mean that after reading this all I want to do is explain the difference between your and you’re to her? ETA- your skeezy boyfriend made you want to live, not your daughter? Fuck that.
  10. Or daytime hooker.
  11. There’s no reason on God’s green earth to dress up a bunch of little girls like daytime hookers. What the hell is that supposed to teach them?
  12. It’s Crab Bash at my local Fresh Market and I really wanted to get some crab cakes but it’s pantry clean out month, plus I already have a ham in the fridge. I like Fresh Market’s crab cakes, but I grew up in a landlocked state so I think my standards are pretty low. I’m making ham, potato gratin, green beans, and homemade Parker House rolls.
  13. This reminds me of my very specific driving pet peeve. A few highways/interstates that I use allow driving in the breakdown lane (ie the shoulder) during certain times of the day, basically at rush hour. The idea is that you use them if you are getting off at the next exit, so you don’t have to wait just to get off. But that’s not how people use them. A lot of people treat them like the fast lane, going 90 miles an hour. I don’t think I will I ever get used to it.
  14. I picked the Steelers to win this, but I ain’t gonna be mad if Jacksonville wins. It’s certainly been fun to watch.
  15. Divisional Round AFC Game 1: Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots Game 2: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championship: Game 1 winner vs Game 2 winner - Patriots NFC Game 3: Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles Game 4: New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings NFC Championship: Game 3 winner vs Game 4 winner - Vikings SUPER BOWL: Patriots vs Vikings