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  1. Neither one of them thought all of this through or has the maturity to deal with it now. Derick wanted to be a missionary, but apparently gave very little thought to what it would be like to bring a family along. I suspect he didn't think it would be terribly different than being a missionary in Nepal, just with an added person. Any idiot (except apparently him) would know that it would be drastically different with a clingy wife and a willful toddler. Jill was completely ill-prepared to be a full-time missionary, assuming that it would be just like all of those 1-2 week missions the Duggars performed, handing out lollipops and doing nails. Jill in particular didn't have a clue how to live without all of her siblings/parents to help her out with basic life stuff - and doesn't seem that interested in learning how to adult. I wish both of them would take stock of their situation and perhaps draw the conclusion that maybe it's not God's will for them to be missionaries.
  2. Except now the only way that she and JimBoob get that TLC money is as bit players in the show focused on their children. I expect that has a little something to do with the about face on the leave and cleave attitude.
  3. Oh, I'm interested in this too. I have a NARS and an Ilia multistick and like both.
  4. Which really means get a third job to pay for your second job? Okay, anyone who falls for that gets what they deserve.
  5. HD will even text you the aisle location! It's great for me because the employees in my local HD don't seem to actually work there.
  6. @PRgal, there's a note on the checkout page that there are delays in shipping due to high volume. I stopped in Sephora on Friday to do a return and was able to pick up a Sunday Riley Sunday School set, a Bite lipstick (in Sake) and a Boscia BB cream. I looked at the NARS Loaded palette but in person it was too orange for me. I also ordered the belief First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask. Oh, and I got the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield on a whim. I'm glad I did; I really like it as a primer. My makeup lasted 8+ hours on Friday even though I forgot to put on my usual UD makeup setter and I was out in the rain repeatedly.
  7. That's some straight up Puritan crazy there. Also, to be pedantic, it should be rein, not reign, in the sentence above. Was Satan doing the editing?
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Fortunately my local NPR station repeats it on Sunday so I can catch it tomorrow.
  9. Thanks to everyone who has been cleaning out their freezer - you've inspired me to clean out my freezers and pantry. I've got a list of everything to use up and tomorrow I'm going to plan meals around what I have. First meal is white beans with kielbasa, spinach and diced tomatoes (beans, canned tomatoes and kielbasa on hand).
  10. @bilgistic, I've probably mentioned this in the thread before but I really recommend the website If you search the site for phone interviews l'm sure you'll get helpful advice (a HR professional runs the site and gives out the advice.) Good luck!
  11. We may need to get a bigger couch for all of us! I like her voice - it's unique in a good way. America's Sweetheart was the song that got my attention. She held her own with the Dixie Chicks!
  12. I've gone to a few concerts by myself but it felt weird. I have no problem going to a restaurant or to a movie by myself so I don't know what it is about concerts in particular. @MyAimIsTrue, unfortunately not, I'm Boston-adjacent. Please report back on all the fun!
  13. Stopped at Target today and was surprised to find Reese's white chocolate peanut butter eggs. I bought the lot of them, 50% off. Lots of Peeps left too, but I'm also in the Peep-haters camp.
  14. Just don't wear them with flip flops or a mustard sweater and you should be okay. @Love2dance, positive thoughts from me as well.
  15. Wow, Caitlyn loves playing the victim card, doesn't she? Everything is someone else's fault.