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  1. Kail thinks money=classy and poor=trashy. She doesn't understand that all the money in the world won't make her classy.
  2. I think they look at Jana and are terrified they will end up a spinster just like her. Therefore, it does seem like it takes a long time. Plus, how better to show how devoted they are than by waiting patiently - and proclaiming it loudly - for God to send them their chosen husband.
  3. I have finally finished organizing my cleaning closet. Yes, I have a (small) closet almost entirely devoted to cleaning products (with a few cat items thrown in). I installed another shelf, rails/hooks, baskets, bins, and random other stuff. I also broke out the label maker and labeled everything. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle under the kitchen sink.
  4. @bilgistic, thanks for reminding me I have a haircut scheduled this week!
  5. To see how eyeliner should be applied
  6. I think you could substitute a lot of things for Hawaii/travel in your statement and it would still be true. It's Matt's way or else.
  7. Off to make a bumper sticker for my Zazzle store: Jesus is my health insurance™. That sucker is going to sell.
  8. @bilgistic, I worked for a really difficult manager my first few years in my current job. Not as consistently bad as your manager, but she certainly had her crazy moments. I read a few books that helped me deal with the situation. It didn't solve it, but I felt better able to handle it (most days). Working with You Is Killing Me was my favorite. It doesn't try to convince you that you can change others but focuses on your reactions. It's much more realistic than all that advice on how to get your manager and coworkers to like you better. (I got lucky and my manager was laid off; the craziness may or may not been the reason. My new manager is awesome, the first one I've had in a few jobs)
  9. Since we're confessing and not judging, I had a slice of deli ham and an ice cream sandwich.
  10. I recently had a local Thai restaurant bill my credit card twice for a takeout order. My credit card company took care of it, no problem. The restaurant called and left me a message apologizing profusely for it - and then called back a couple of days later to apologize again! My husband picked up to tell them it was not a big deal, mistakes happen, we'll still order food, etc. because they were so anxious to make it right. (I swear we don't order from them all of the time, maybe once every 6 weeks or so). @StatisticalOutlier, I'm not all the young, but seriously? I'm trying to figure out how that would actually work.
  11. I think Josh knows what he's supposed to say to seem contrite and win back trust. I don't think he believes a word of it, though.
  12. Oh, they were absolutely targeted by the police. So much fuss was made about the "satanic angle" because 2 of them wore black clothes and they listed to heavy metal. One thing that was surprising to me from the documentaries is that the 3 weren't really friends before they found themselves in that nightmare. Because if you're going to have a satanic sacrifice, you really should invite some people you don't know very well to participate.
  13. A lipstick line? My money would have been on a collection of classy court heels or feathered hair accessories. When I think Jenelle I don't think makeup (except that she should lay off the eyebrow pencil, which could be said about a few other teen moms as well).
  14. Wait, some of you watch this sober? My drinking starts way in advance.
  15. Pretty sure they are on Amazon or Netflix; I watched them last fall. I was a college student in Memphis when the murders occurred and remember the crazy media coverage and how the three teenagers were vilified.