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  1. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I have that picture hanging up in my classroom! ;)
  2. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It's not debatable, it literally is a lot. There's no debate here! I teach it to my third graders and tell them that it's something that adults get wrong ALLLLL the time to make them feel super smart. Still working on the contractions, though ;)
  3. Thanks, I appreciate your response! My biggest enemy is positive thinking, only because I suffer from anxiety. I was managing it with antidepressants with I wasn't thrilled with, and I've been off them since June. I started taking prenatals in June as well, since my doctor said it was a good idea to start prior to even trying to conceive. I have been slacking on the exercise, but normally I am in SoulCycle all the time. I'm starting up with the workout routine again tomorrow (Wedding/teaching/back to school knocked me off my track haha).
  4. I just got married at the end of August at 33, went of birth control last month, got my period yesterday and I cried when I read this, haha. Not your fault, of course, but dammit! I need to get off the Duggar threads.
  5. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yeah, pretty petty...or you don't go to Disney often? Everyone dresses up for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party, and many of the ADULT costumes are crazy creative/Disney themed. I was just there this weekend and I went to Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, and the amount of themed shirts I saw was out of control. I also rocked mouse ears while double fisting around the World Showcase. Source: Me, former Epcot Cast Member ETA: Teacher me thinks that for going trick or treating around the neighborhood, she may have picked a different costume. For Disney, though? Nah, that shit is totally normal. Just kidding, though. What is she going to do, trick or treat on the laannnnnnddddd?
  6. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    You can tell your husband that I'm firmly on his team as well; just got married and had a band on August 25th on Long Island. My band didn't play one song on my do not play list, and they were awesome. I think a lot of it depends on who you book! Whether if it's a band or a DJ, even though I really like live music, if it's someone who knows how to read a room and really PLAY a wedding, both are great options. We had a nine piece band and everyone was dancing. I wasn't a bridezilla, but I can't call myself a bridechilla either, since we had 250 guests (both Italian) and we planned the whole thing in 6 months. I love the duet in place of the father-daughter dance, that is awesome and so meaningful. Wish I could pull off a jumpsuit; I'm petite with a tiny waist and huge butt/thighs, so that wouldn't ever be an option for me. I am always envious when I see a woman wearing one! My husband and I couldn't care less about the cake; in fact, he wanted Entemann's. I really don't even remember eating it! They had to pull me off the dance floor to cut it, I was having such a good time. I was the last of all my friends to get married, so I knew what I hated as a guest/what I liked, and tried to make decisions accordingly. At the end of the day, yes, it's your day with your spouse, but your guests are GUESTS and should be taken care of as well. These brides are always insane. I'm watching a re-run now and I love that I can tell when it aired based on the style of the dress. Pickups, ugh.
  7. Ugh as some who is RIDICULOUSLY allergic to cats...if you have six cats, I will die in your house. If you come over to me when we're out and there is cat dander or hair anywhere on your body and you hug me, I will break out in hives. I think some people don't realize just HOW SEVERE the cat allergies can be. I absolutely detest cats, but they make me physically sick (throat closes, hives everywhere, runny nose, eyes swell shut). Everyone who has cats swears their house is so clean, you can't smell them, and that the dander doesn't bother those who are allergic! Then like clockwork, cue my allergies and their shock that this has *never* happened before. And yes, I medicate beforehand. I get that a lot of people don't like cats, and that it seems to be trendy...but I have to say, as someone who is allergic to cats, a lot of cat lovers REFUSE to accept that some people have awful allergies when it comes to cats, and they won't ever come around and like them. I just can't like something that makes me that uncomfortable. The reason I'm okay with dogs is because I'm 100% not allergic at all. I'm also from Long Island, so take that as you'd like ;)
  8. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    Thank you! Danielle Caprese for Kleinfeld. Thank you! It was perfect.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    I know that the contract to be on the show is about 50 pages long (I’m not exaggerating). TLC basically owns the right to portray you however they want, they WANT you to have an entourage, they do not guarantee that your episode won’t air until after your wedding (could premiere beforehand, and it has happened), and a crazy amount of other things. IMHO, It takes a certain personality/type of girl to willingly sign her wedding day/exprience away like that. Dont get me wrong, I had a great experience at Kleinfeld. But knowing what I know with these shows (I’ve had friends and vendors film forSay Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings) there’s no way in hell I’d ever want to do it. Gratuitous wedding pic
  10. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    I know I posted awhile ago about my experience shopping at Kleinfeld, and I swore I'd update you all when I went in for alterations. My wedding is on Saturday, and I just picked up my dress today after three fittings (plus today, so kind of 4). And side note: I added straps to my gown. It was a non-negotiable for me. I don't like the way that I look in strapless. My dress was a size 10 for my hips/butt (I have a huge ass/hips, but tiny waist), so they had to take the top half of my dress in A LOT. They were VERY thorough and attentive. I also have basically no boobs, and they put in padding and fit that dress the best they could. Honestly, I'm very happy. Kleinfeld does charge a flat rate and it's pretty steep for alterations, but from what I've heard from people...they don't mess up. I hear SO MANY horror stories about bad alterations. General consensus with Kleinfeld is that they are pricey with alterations, but know what they're doing. The woman who did my gown has worked there for over 30 years in alterations. I've posted pictures bustled/unbustled. In the original sample, the dress was blush with ivory lace. I ordered ivory over ivory, and added the straps. And for the record, this was my third fitting. I got my hair colored this morning. It was a hot mess in these pictures. More views Bustled
  11. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    I have pics of me from the 80s as a kid posing like that
  12. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I'm getting married in 13 days. The head table, or dais, is something that REALLY isn't done anymore, at least where I'm from. The sweetheart table took its place. I always thought that the head table was really unfair to the dates of your bridal party...do the spouses/dates all know each other? Just let them all sit at a regular table together! I have a sweetheart table, but don't anticipate actually sitting down at it except to eat or during the speeches. None of my friends did. It's totally normal around here to have that, though. And to be honest...I didn't ONCE think of it as a way to get more attention or to be on display.
  13. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Where, I'm from, NO ONE mows their own lawn. Literally, I do not know one person, and I didn't know a family who did it themselves growing up. IDK if this is a Long Island thing or what...we have so many nail salons that I was in shock when I went to school in another part of the country and they quoted me a price for a regular manicure/pedicure (that I could get for under $25 on Long Island always). I have a feeling that the landscaper thing is similar. I wouldn't know, because I don't own anything besides my co-op. Getting married this month and can hopefully find a house in the near future that's affordable (I am not holding my breath). So much to criticize Kail for, but I hesitate to do it with this one. I'm all for spending money on things that make your life easier and give you more time...IF you can afford it. Though Kail has all the time in the world, but whatever. Speaking of which, I didn't even feel like going cake tasting for my own wedding. She is so extra. Just choked on my bagel, thanks.
  14. S13.E03: Tres Amigas

    None for nothing, but I'm 33, take adderall AND spin classes (SoulCycle is my happy place at least three times a week, now 4-5 getting ready for my wedding) and I do NOT look like that. It's not that easy. Must be an incredibly high dose of adderall, restrictive diet/not eating, among other things. I've never been heavy I'm petite, but seriously. Beth Skinny isn't attained by just adderall.
  15. Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    Those two girls look SO much alike to me. I'd never guess they were half siblings. Guess Gary Time has some strong genes. I'm okay with that. The world needs more bread making, spite chicken owning, bargain hunting people <3 I would shamelessly watch the crap out of a Gary show.