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  1. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I'm getting married in 13 days. The head table, or dais, is something that REALLY isn't done anymore, at least where I'm from. The sweetheart table took its place. I always thought that the head table was really unfair to the dates of your bridal party...do the spouses/dates all know each other? Just let them all sit at a regular table together! I have a sweetheart table, but don't anticipate actually sitting down at it except to eat or during the speeches. None of my friends did. It's totally normal around here to have that, though. And to be honest...I didn't ONCE think of it as a way to get more attention or to be on display.
  2. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Where, I'm from, NO ONE mows their own lawn. Literally, I do not know one person, and I didn't know a family who did it themselves growing up. IDK if this is a Long Island thing or what...we have so many nail salons that I was in shock when I went to school in another part of the country and they quoted me a price for a regular manicure/pedicure (that I could get for under $25 on Long Island always). I have a feeling that the landscaper thing is similar. I wouldn't know, because I don't own anything besides my co-op. Getting married this month and can hopefully find a house in the near future that's affordable (I am not holding my breath). So much to criticize Kail for, but I hesitate to do it with this one. I'm all for spending money on things that make your life easier and give you more time...IF you can afford it. Though Kail has all the time in the world, but whatever. Speaking of which, I didn't even feel like going cake tasting for my own wedding. She is so extra. Just choked on my bagel, thanks.
  3. None for nothing, but I'm 33, take adderall AND spin classes (SoulCycle is my happy place at least three times a week, now 4-5 getting ready for my wedding) and I do NOT look like that. It's not that easy. Must be an incredibly high dose of adderall, restrictive diet/not eating, among other things. I've never been heavy I'm petite, but seriously. Beth Skinny isn't attained by just adderall.
  4. Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    Those two girls look SO much alike to me. I'd never guess they were half siblings. Guess Gary Time has some strong genes. I'm okay with that. The world needs more bread making, spite chicken owning, bargain hunting people <3 I would shamelessly watch the crap out of a Gary show.
  5. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    I am not judging you in the slightest. But as a teacher, I WISH more parents would pull the legal card. I worked for a school where my students' services were cut/not being provided left and right. That school is still doing the same thing because parents were either unaware or not raising hell. The ONLY WAY things get changed in a school is if the parents open their mouths. I left that school, as I couldn't stand going to bed guilty every night because I wasn't giving my kids the things they needed to succeed. I wasn't provided with the tools or resources. It killed me. I couldn't let the parents know that their kids weren't getting their services, either. It was an awful experience, and it still pisses me off to this day. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It shouldn't be this way, but it is. Parents need not be afraid of entering a legal battle. It is truly the only way things start to change in some cases. Once a couple of parents start wising up to the situation, the house of cards falls. It's the only thing admin are afraid of.
  6. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    THANK YOU. As a special ed teacher, I call BS on all of this...unless she doesn't have an IEP. And for some reason, why do I not put that past Leah and Corey? There are plenty of parents I know who are against getting their kids an IEP who need it, who have far less difficulties than Ali, simply because they are in denial or think there's a stigma attached. If the aide is in the IEP, which the aide should be, there is no way that the principal can just pull the aide. You're 100% correct; it's against federal mandate/IDEA. I really hope that they have an education advocate for Ali, though I highly doubt that's the case.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    I'm going to assume that you're not from the NY metro area. Sorry that I don't have your approval...?
  8. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    Crest Hollow is one of the cheapest venues on the island. Wedding of the century indeed. While you're there, feel free to crash another one of the 3 or so weddings that will be going on at the same time. ;) I love Hayley Paige as well. To me, they're selfish because you're forcing people to give up a vacation weekend to travel for your wedding. People like different things. Can't please everyone!
  9. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    I was actually going to ask you if it was on Long Island, haha. I'm getting marred in August. A few things, and forgive me if I sound defensive: - One year, I had a wedding literally every three day weekend. I'm a teacher, and I love my three day weekends. It drove me nuts, and I swore I wouldn't do this to my guests. I didn't, I insisted on a Saturday night wedding which cost me more, but I tried to think of my guests when planning. - You are likely the 10,000th person to tell her that "It's about the marriage, not about the wedding." Everyone knows this, and if she doesn't...she's a bridezilla who isn't going to listen to you anyway ;) Let her be. - I have over 300 people on my guest list. I have a huge Italian family, and over 70 of us go on vacation every year on my dad's mother's side alone. Our annual Christmas party winds up being in a small room at the New Hyde Park Inn. And surprisingly, we genuinely all love each other (well, mostly everyone) and look forward to getting together. Cutting people out wasn't really an option because of this. It is what it is. I'm hoping for 250 to RSVP yes, quite frankly. We shall see. - My 8 piece band was upgraded to a 10 piece band because we wanted to add horns. My fiance's only real request about the whole wedding was that we had a band. All my friends had a band except for one at their wedding; it's very common around here in my experience. I'm not going around to everyone telling them how many pieces are in my band or what I added to the band, though. No one cares besides us. - I have a photobooth, but it's mainly because one of our groomsmen has a business doing it, and it's free. He was the one who approached us, which I felt was a nice thing to do. Not everyone loves dancing, so that is another option for people besides the dance floor. - Drones are included in a lot of photography packages now (I don't have one, just know this from researching photographers). I had a friend who had one at her bridal shower. I used to roll my eyes at the concept of having a professional photographer at my bridal shower...until I had mine and realized that my bridesmaids and all the people close to me were far too busy to really stop/remember to take pictures. I wish I had more images of the day, especially because my grandma is 91 and we had a great time together. - We have money from both my parents and his parents. It is covering most of the cost of the wedding. Yes, we are lucky...but all money comes with strings attached. Yes, I know that the money would likely be better spent putting a down payment on a house or investing, and yes, I have been told that a million times. I offered my fiance the opportunity to elope because I knew with two Italian families it was going to be a lot of opinions and an epic production. He declined. So here we are. I also own my co-op...but bottom line, how people choose to spend their money is their business. Long Island weddings are ridiculous. I'm a bit embarrassed about what some of my guests from other places in the country may think, because what is normal here is SO different elsewhere. In closing, my dress was purchased at Kleinfeld, it was cheaper than most things at my wedding, it isn't a Pnina fairy princess stripper dress, and I am very well aware that our wedding is just one day of our life. I do, however, think that our patents need to be reminded of that at some point... Don't hate me! *runs and hides* Fine. I'm defensive. I'll admit it! ;)
  10. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    I don't know about overmedicated, but many times certain medications that kids are on for behavior will make them gain weight like this.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    We actually are having the church wedding now AFTER my wedding date. We met with the priest on Wednesday and decided that would be the best option.
  12. Farrah

    As a teacher...this tweet (and her grammar/syntax in general) makes me twitch. I definitely think that Farrah had some sort of learning disability, especially when you consider how damn motivated she is. I don't think that her verbal and written abilities are an indication that she didn't try in school. As a fifth grade teacher who has additional teaching certifications in literacy and special education, something is definitely going on here. Don't even get me started on Sophia and the computer based homeschooling.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    The thing is though, that she wouldn't have been truly single. I think she started dating her current boyfriend about a year ago...she did come on that small reunion road trip that aired in August or whenever this past year, and she had the boyfriend then, too (Ron wasn't on that). She's still with the same guy. I would have loved to see her there, but with Ron there it was never going to happen. Just look at how often he brings her up with a pregnant live in girlfriend...never mind the fact that Sam isn't even in the house with them! That was truly a toxic relationship, and while I do believe she has genuinely moved on, I don't think we would have seen fun Sam on these episodes simply because Ron was there. Sounds like their relationship was a decade of unhealthiness, and it would be best to leave it in the past for good.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    THIS. I have so much respect for Sammi for skipping out on this season. Their relationship was dysfunctional, and she truly seems as though she's trying to move past it. Ron is just not a good person. I can find something redeeming about all of these little guidos. Snooki is getting on my nerves right now, but I think she has no clue how to do anything but revert back to her old self when being filmed for this show. She doesn't know how to balance...and while it's painful to watch, I think it's far less cringeworthy than Ron's behavior. I don't find her to be malicious or horrible...just annoying in the moment. Ron, on the other hand... From everything I've read, Pauly D really stepped up when it came to his daughter and understands that she comes first. Mike really does seemed to have learned his lesson and has a huge heaping of self awareness. JWoww does as well. I love their conversations together. The way Ronnie has acted in the house for this reunion both regarding Sam and The Situation is downright appalling. I hope that Jen's ex is hung like a freaking horse.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Consultants' Meeting

    Absolutely. Honestly, I'm so grateful that throughout this entire planning process, I'm so excited to be spending the rest of my life with the man I'm going to marry rather than being excited for ONE (overpriced) day. I keep saying that I went into the wrong line of business and should have done things in the wedding industry; it's ridiculous. You put it best, it's the first day of a marriage that includes friends, family, and relatives. My fiance and I loathe seafood, but I'm still having seafood at my wedding because I want to make sure that my guests are comfortable and enjoying their evening as well. Besides, I like to save my hard "NO" votes for the things that really matter to me. Makes it a bit easier to pick and choose your battles that way ;)