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  1. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Oh hey, Long Island here, too! Hi neighbor. Side note: My father in law collects guns. MANY guns. Like, over 100 guns easily. I have seen the guns twice in the decade I've been with my husband. Never feels compelled to just take them out on his laaaaaaaaand for no reason. I have seen him wear his gun out once, and that's because we were in Florida and its a concealed carry state, so he just did it because he could. That only lasted one time, he was so uncomfortable and felt it was unnecessary, haha. Save it, Jenelle.
  2. Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    Thank you! I live on Long Island, in the suburbs of NYC. I've been in Long Island bride groups on Facebook, and the general consensus is that theres a lot of BS on the show. My dress cost $3,300, and Shay gave me $412.50 off (I'm looking at a receipt right now). So $2,887.50. Keep in mind that alterations at Kleinfeld are a FLAT FEE of $895.00...you are welcome to get your dress elsewhere. I personally went to Kleinfeld for my alterations as I had to get a size 10 dress because of my hips/butt, meanwhile I have a tiny waist and no boobs. Basically, my entire dress had to be reconstructed on the top to fit correctly, haha. I had four different fittings. Kleinfeld's alteration has a VERY good reputation. Everyone balks at the price, but is always quick to say "they won't mess up your gown". I have no idea if the "discount" that he gave me is something that they do all the time; my mother and I were kind of figuring that it was likely something that they did to make brides feel like they "got a deal", but we have no clue. I honestly don't remember the initial budget that I gave him; I planned my wedding in less than 6 months, haha. It's a bit of a blur. I feel like on the show they act as though a budget of under $5,000 is next to impossible, but I was never given that impression in person. I think I tried on 7 dresses, but I knew that the second dress I put on was instantly the one. I'm sure if I wanted to continue, I could have tried on more. I know for a fact that Kleinfeld has a ton of other dresses in the silhouette I wanted in my price range. I didn't get to meet Vera! The woman who did my alternations is Stella, and she's from Greece as well. Has been at Kleinfeld for a few decades, too!
  3. Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    No, it's HUGE. Their storage room is literally two floors and there are dresses in the ceiling. The appointments are an hour and a half on a weekday, an hour on a weekend. I have NEVER been to a bridal salon with 3 hour long appointments. Before your appointment, you can create an account, where you can go through and favorite a bunch of dresses that you like. You also answer a questionnaire, and you have the option to link your pinterest board. It was evident that Shay had actually reviewed my account prior to him pulling dresses; he definitely had a sense of my style and there wasn't anything that he pulled that was awful or wrong. Honestly, he definitely knew how to dress a woman of my shape, which I appreciated. I had been to bridal salons where I could pull whatever I'd like, and it's overwhelming. You tend to get a bit lost. This streamlined everything. I would never recommend Kleinfeld as a first appointment; it's best to go to it after you've narrowed down which silhouettes flatter your shape/what you want. Kleinfeld has been around for ages prior to the show. My dad's first cousins all got their dresses there when they were in Brooklyn decades ago. It's a NY institution and has been for years. Shay was amazing, gave me his cell phone number, and personally attended my first fitting to make sure that I was fit in my dress properly. The TV persona was definitely BS in my experience.
  4. Jersey Shore

    I don't know what the legal situation is on that, but I feel like there's a difference between a home security camera that all parties know is constantly filming, and someone intentionally trying to film you when you have objected to being filmed. Not a lawyer, just married to one and sat on grand jury for four weeks.
  5. Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

    Haha, I got my dress at Kleinfeld. Shay was my consultant, and was nothing like he acts on the show. My request was "No Pnina Tornai fairy princess stripper dresses". That's what I said verbatim. He stuck to my budget and the overall experience was awesome. Nailed the appointment. Someone previously said that they weren't surprised that Larissa's wide hips had birthed children. I have wide hips, and I have yet to birth children (can't do anything about it, though).
  6. Jersey Shore

    If you have been following, apparently Jenni was the one pushing for an autism diagnosis and early intervention, but Roger wanted to brush it under the rug and insist that everything was fine. For a 40 ? year old man, Roger's instagram posts are EXTREMELY immature and drama filled. I get that JWoww isn't the picture of perfection here, but I really do think that a lot of her "persona" at this point is for show, same with Snooki. Apparently for that Mother's Day video that most of the cast declined to film, Roger was the one who approached everyone. I read somewhere months ago that the cast didn't respond because apparently, they aren't on good terms with Roger. While I think they should have done it for Jenni, it makes me wonder why the cast isn't on great terms with him and doesn't like him. I can very easily picture a scenario where they know something we all don't about their marriage/relationship. For the past couple of months, Roger has been making very public posts begging Jenni to work on their marriage. All of this just rubs me the wrong way. Jenni may be loud and abrasive on the show, but she doesn't really drag her REAL life into it, I feel. There's a line for her. If you really want to make amends with your spouse, is posting on instagram about it incessantly the right way to do it? I can't explain it, but something about Roger pings my womanly instinct, and not in a good way.
  7. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Long Islander here who worked at Disney World with all southern friends. Y'all is burned into my brain as well...sounded so much better than "you guys" and still does. Count me in as a member of the Uncle Marcus Appreciation Society.
  8. S12.E06: Behind the Scenes

    If we are to believe what has been circling around online for months now, Zach and Asia has a disagreement during the Hong Kong shoot, opened his mouth to Tony about her, and he was fired. Not sure how much of what I've read is true, but it seems incredibly plausible.
  9. Not a lot of experience taking pics of kids? I’m not one to defend Kim, and theoretically saying “cheese” is supposed to help a kid smile, but in reality...it doesn’t. Especially if it’s more than one kid and you’re trying to take a shot. Just going by my elementary teacher experience.
  10. Jersey Shore

    Yeah, I'm seriously not seeing the hate. A Kitchenaid Mixer is one of the most common registry items, and I regret not registering for a Le Cruset. I also registered for AllClad pots and pans, though... ...and they were worth it. I just got married at 33. By that time, you probably have had cheaper stuff and know it doesn't last. I know I did.
  11. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Yeah, the whole emphasis on NotCarly being SUCH A PRETTY LITTLE GIRL has been said and is jarring...but does anyone else find it incredibly strange that they wanted another one to be their world? Just the way that this is worded is very odd to me. I don't have children yet, but this reads as though Nova ISN'T their world, grammatically speaking. If you're going to refer to your offspring as "your world", BOTH should be your world, no? I see they tried to make sense with it with the whole "as our world gets a little bigger" BS, but I really cannot with Tyler's bad poetry. This shit just doesn't make sense on so many levels.
  12. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Just had to chime in because ahhh, your user name!!! <3 Fav episode. On the flip side, I knew at like 7 that I wanted kids more than anything. In life, sometimes experiences do change us once we have years under our belt and some life we've lived...but there are some things I think that are just innate wants and preferences. I hope that people have been respectful of your choice!
  13. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I have that picture hanging up in my classroom! ;)
  14. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It's not debatable, it literally is a lot. There's no debate here! I teach it to my third graders and tell them that it's something that adults get wrong ALLLLL the time to make them feel super smart. Still working on the contractions, though ;)
  15. Thanks, I appreciate your response! My biggest enemy is positive thinking, only because I suffer from anxiety. I was managing it with antidepressants with I wasn't thrilled with, and I've been off them since June. I started taking prenatals in June as well, since my doctor said it was a good idea to start prior to even trying to conceive. I have been slacking on the exercise, but normally I am in SoulCycle all the time. I'm starting up with the workout routine again tomorrow (Wedding/teaching/back to school knocked me off my track haha).