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  1. S13.E03: Aztec Aliens 2018.06.19

    I disagreed with the choices. Especially Kelly's Quezequatal; I liked her blue snakey god over generic Gorn dude. The brassy/golden sun god I liked more than the body painted guy; though the painted eye dude was good enough for a top look. Matt's aquatic dude was good. It looked alien and mezoamerican as well. Probably my own top 2. And the bottom 2 were not bottom for me; at worse they were middle of the pack. Most of them I was indifferent about, either both at the bottom or both on top.
  2. Doesn't look like there's a board for this. It does seem to be a spiritual successor to Kitchen Nightmares in any case. I agree I'm not sure if this is grabbing me much yet. I don't care for family drama, and prefer to see the renovations and the cooking improvements. As for the setup, they covered that in the first episode. They said the owners were told they were part of the pilot for a new show about restaurants, so that was the excuse for putting the cameras in and wiring the place up. The restaurant folk supposedly didn't know it was a Ramsey show until he revealed himself. Granted, this is all Hollywood manipulation, so it could be all faked just for the show. But at least they had an "In universe" explanation for how/why the restaurant was wired up before Ramsey shows up, and why the owners and workers don't know to expect Ramsey.
  3. Small Talk: General Gavelery

    I got a chip in my windshield this spring (literally an hour after I got off the phone to schedule to change insurance companies; the old policy was still active but in the process of being cancelled for the next month). Chip happened on a Thursday, and I took it in to a local auto glass place to fix on Saturday. Guy made sure I was aware that they would attempt to repair the chip, but that there IS a chance that it will crack instead of repairing, and they would not be responsible if it did crack and blah blah blah. Thankfully it repaired beautifully (you would have to know where the chip happened and look really close to see it). There was a slight hassle with the insurance getting it sorted out, but after getting on the horn, it was all sorted out and I was good to go.
  4. As noted, it looks like the Pom sponsorship wasn't renewed; though you think someone would have picked up the Wonderful run of the night sponsorship. Though with the shooting survivor run happening, he would have gotten the Wonderful Run of the night unless Jessie made it up the Megawall.
  5. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    Not the best of makeups but the Rabbit did work the best. I think the contestants don't really 'get' whimsy as pointed out. The rabbit guy was worried that he'd be docked on the Whimsy aspect because he made a rabbit, when 'cute furry creatures' is probably one of the best ways to make a whimsy. I do wish he came up with a different gimmick than the hat reveal. Overall I didn't mind the look and liked it; as the judges pointed out, with the hat he was on the edge of the whimsy/scary line, but without the hat, the design choices flipped the gimmick and made it legit scarier. If he had ditched the ooze and maybe did something else on the scalp it might have been better. The other officer, that was Rhino-inspired might have been stronger if she had gone full Furry on it and made him a legit rhino creature. It would have fit the whimsy aspect fine that way. The challenge then becomes creating the scary reveal which I admit stumps me a bit. Maybe an exploding horn or something with red lenses added to the eyes. Sasha's hairdresser might have survived if she had been a bit more creative with how the gimmick activates. Attach a pullrod to the top of the mohawk so the model could activate it by pulling something behind her back, and she would probably have been safe. All in all, a bunch of meh designs and a fairly disappointing round. Oh well things usually start improving as the show goes on and the contestants whittle down.
  6. I admit, I was worried for both Drew and Jessie. They were getting so much buildups before their runs, I was sure at least one of them was going to flame out on something trivial. Especially Drew when he set his personal challenge to be fastest. (And then doing the 5th obstacle backwards on top of that). I admit I was glad to see both of them succeed in the end. This course did favour upper body/lighter contestants, as shown by 3 women making the Top 30; not that I mind. It was a good challenge, with some unexpected wipeout spots. I do wonder if they'll adjust the big rings rules to have a no-legs qualifier. I was sure they would be arms only and when the first guy hooked his legs he'd be buzzed out, but no, that was allowed. The more successful ninjas probably submit their preferred cities and dates to production ahead of time so production can make sure each course has enough 'names' to make it interesting, and to make sure one course doesn't have too many names competing on it. The famous Ninjas also likely have contracts with the production company to show up at the filming of other courses; but that scheduling is easier to fit in than actual competition runs. (Jet lag is less of a factor when you're just a spectator for example). For the no-name ninjas, I assume it is a combination of how easily they can reach a course, and how their personal schedules work out, to arrange for time off their jobs or maybe they have a friend/family member they can crash at in the further away city. Remember, the Qualifier and City Finals are filmed back to back over a 3-4 night period. So when they say something about "SoAndSo made it up the Megawall last week.", SoAndSo already knows if they are going to Vegas or not, and probably actually went up the Megawall a month ago. Or they may not actually go up the Megawall until the course a month later, depending on what the filming schedule works out. That's the main reason the show brings the Named Ninjas to other courses as spectators; it lets them build their own timeline with the voiceovers. I'm sure if a no-name Ninja does really well on an early course, they'll pay (or otherwise make sure he shows up) at later courses just for the timeline.
  7. The movie will be out, but it should still be in theaters. The actual runs are filmed back to back over 2-3 days, so the basics of the set will probably still be in place. Not sure if Rexy is a permanant statue at Universal Studios or just brought in for the movie, but it'll probably still be dominant in the background finals, and I could see the gate staying put too. They may not push the movie quite as much for the finals, but it will probably still be mentioned and used.
  8. I think the pivot points on the doorknobs are actually triggered by a Ninja Minion. You need to have a solid grip on the uppermost knob and THEN it would drop; it was clearly a released event and not just a weighted event, otherwise we would see it bouncing as they worked their way up. Plus we saw it drop when the Ninjas had the last 2 gripped and we saw it drop when they had the 3rd from the end and last one gripped. The criteria was clearly "Have the last knob gripped" and they would release it. Maybe it isn't a minion, but actually a button or pressure switch released when they grip that knob. I did notice that locking it in place did make it harder. If it was bouncing, when they swung to reach for the last knob it would come down to meet them making it easier to reach. Anyways, count me surprised when both Bull and Flip fell on the last obstacles. I was surprised Bull was showing up so early in the competition, and then to see him splash down was an honest surprise; especially when the first woman made it that far. (She made it seem like LA was an 'easy' course and the experienced Ninjas would eat it up.) I'm not sure Bull would have made it up the Mega wall, but I'm pretty sure Flip would have. Speaking of Flip, I was surprised at how little discussion he got considering his legacy as well. It wasn't a WWWA, but it was just a step above it. Maybe if he had made it up the Megawall they would have done more on him. Still, he seemed to take this course more cautiously than usual, not sure if he was less sure of himself, or he saw how it was eating the other ninjas and decided to be more cautious. As for the Dinos, I didn't mind them at all, and liked the little changes (like the JP gate the Ninjas walked through) they added. It certainly seemed to be a bigger theme than the one they did last year (which I'm already forgetting.... Or was there a Lego Movie themed obstacle a couple years back?). I wonder if they'll keep the Jurassic Park theme for the Finals? Speaking of the finals, will they keep the megawall in place for another chance to get the 10Gs? Or will they just send everyone up the 14fter to keep things moving? Finally, count me as another who was loling when the Alaskan Ninja made it up the Mega wall and Akbar nearly sent Matt flying out of the booth.
  9. S13.E01: Face Your Fears 2018.06.05

    I don't mind the face to face competition style because everyone on the show is doing it. So when you have 2 great makeups face to face, or two horrible makeups face to face, it wouldn't make a difference in the end; the better of the two good ones might have a slightly better chance at winning the round, and the worst of the two bad ones will still be up for elimination. Plus the advice from the judges is usually very spot on; if they really like a makeup they let you know even if they have to put you in the 'loser' bracket. Ditto if they really don't like the makeup, you'll also know even if you end up in the 'winner' bracket. I suspect if a pair was really that good or that bad, they might come right out and say there is no winner or no loser. Really I don't think I have a problem with this style, even if it does mean double eliminations every two weeks. As for the makeups, none were particularly wowing to me, but I might be getting more immune to them as time goes by. Great to see the models back, and hopefully they'll have more to work with coming forward.
  10. S09.E20: S09. E21 01.28.18

    The Sap beverages, I'm a bit surprised Robert went in for it (even if he was ultimately rejected), considering he has seen this before... twice. I wonder how many references to Birch Wine had to be left on the cutting room floor.
  11. Season 12: All Episodes Talk

    Rolled Ice Cream is the latest fad, but I think a lot of its appeal is watching it being made and/or watching someone else making it. Doing it at home, I'm not sure will have much appeal, but maybe a few will want to do it. Most places you see it use an Antigriddle, this lets you do a few batches at home basically if you want. Still, like all fads, I'm sure it will do well for the next season, then disappear into people's cupboards.
  12. Season 12: All Episodes Talk

    If they had an actual explanation for how their products worked, then maybe their pitch would have deserved more weight. But they just threw down Scientific buzzwords like "Quantum Entanglement" which is complete bullshit, and the dragons bought it hook line and sinker apparently. The 'tricks' they used are well known flimflamory too. Basically when they are pushing against someone they are either pushing into the person or pushing away, and that will affect whether they stay balanced or will go off balance. These clips and bracelets and what not have been sold for decades, debunked and resold again with the latest buzzwords.
  13. Season 12: All Episodes Talk

    But the due diligence phase isn't really publicized, so if they want to expose, that isn't the time to do it. Hell, the pitchers could just take the publicity and run and not even provide anything for the due diligence phase. If they want to expose the Flim Flamery, it should have been right then and there in the Den, like they've done before ( with "Healing Waters" and Crystals IIRC; though the Crystals did get a deal because it was basically a cheap deal) I think for the Jeans hanger, the big advantage to it, is that it hangs the jeans up by the belt loops, so that is the only point of contact between the hanger and the jeans, letting them hang freely, with no creases or other marks from the folds or hanger. I haven't worn jeans in decades, and I'm not fashion conscious at all, so I have no idea how big a difference that makes, but apparently it's enough to make a dragon deal.
  14. Season 12: All Episodes Talk

    Woot! The Gong show is back! And very worthy gongs indeed. The rescue kit, I think we saw one earlier on DD or Shark Tank that was much better setup and prepared. This was a cheap backpack filled with possibly perishable stuff. The bottle toss... WTF was that? Other than a continuation of games failing in the den. And the Shoulder-ie stick, yeah maybe if it had better ways to control it and to stabilize it there might have been something, but what was presented... yeah that isn't going to work. The last pitch... ugh that should've been in the gong shows. What a snake oil presentation. I'm really disappointed that the dragons bought in on that. I was really expecting Jim to chew them up since he seemed to be biting his lip. Really I expected them to chew them up and spit them up. I think the producers may have expected that too. I miss one of the older dragons. I can't remember which, Brett or Bruce I think, had a nose for snake oil like that and tore up a few pitchers like that. Thankfully the rest of the pitches were solid. The baby monitor is a good idea, just taking some existing tech and putting the pieces together, but seems very valid. The Jeans hanger also seems like a good idea. It's a unitasker device, but if you want to hang up your pants, it should do well. The Selfie swivle stick is a solid good idea. They should do well enough. Twitch Plays Football seems interesting. Not my sort of thing. They royally messed up the valuation; if they had started lower they probably would have had a deal. Though I'm not sure if they'll have the endurance to really last once the Twitch fad fades.
  15. S13.E05: All Wet!

    Agreed about Melanie, which is scary... She's from my neck of the woods and drives in my area (theoretically). Maybe the show will give her an epiphany, but I'm not holding my breath about it.