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  1. Season 17 Discussion

    I haven't fully watched the ep yet, but I saw the eulogy at the start and loved it in a heartfelt way. One thing Seth loves is his sci fi, and he clearly loves working with the sci fi actors (Star Trek and Star Wars). That eulogy, even with the Family Guy jokes, was probably one of the most heart felt things he's done on that show. As for the photo, IIRC the setup of the eulogy had Peter setting up the photo before speaking, so that's why the photo was there.
  2. S30.E010: 'Tis The 30th Season

    I really enjoyed this ep, and found it flowed quite well all things considered. Looks like Seth and Matt (or the show producers at least) coordinated the gags, as Family Guy also had a Simpsons cutaway joke this week (To Burns and Smithers watching Peter at the brewery). I was fully expecting Homer to miss the swap by sleeping in, so I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much effort he went in to make sure he didn't oversleep. Sadly fate made sure he missed the swap anyway, but I liked that method. I think one of the best things I liked about the episode is that no one was particularly mean. The kids were kids of course, but everyone was doing their best to be nice to everyone else. Even Bart's prank that ultimately got them the money to go home and get the TV wasn't particularly mean spirited; but a classic Bartism. So Springfield is 2000 miles away from Florida, and goes through Georgia and Tennesee to get there. That puts it east of Salt Lake City and in the snow belt. But we already knew all that. :)
  3. So close. But I think the show had done all it could do. She did improve, but she wouldn't recognize it. I'm no expert, but she may have some elements of bipolarism as well, considering how much she flipped from the road test and J-Turn to the water tank challenge. The other drivers are starting to show improvement; I think Brandon might actually pull through a graduation next week, though I can also see him staying.
  4. S30.E09: Daddicus Finch

    For what it's worth, ToysRUs is surviving up in Canada and doing quite well. They even brought back the "I want to be a ToysRUs kid" advertising campaign for this season. :) So if you want a yearly visit, head North. As for the ep itself, one of the stronger ones recently IMO, but still felt a bit off. The gags were fun, and I did like it, so it's about on par for recent Simpsons in general. :)
  5. For what it is worth, I don't really hold her overseas vacation against her. It could have been a trip arranged by family or friends to a cheap location in Europe or Africa or similar, taken on a cheap cattlecar flight across the Atlantic. Sure her priorities are more than a bit twisted, but it may not have been as expensive for her as "overseas vacation" might seem. Basically, the "overseas vacation" is extra noise in the case, meant to set a particular view of her. now other aspects of her story certainly make her appear more scammy, and she certainly needs some hard lessons on budgeting. But without more information that isn't really relevant to her case; the vacation comment was irrelevant noise IMO.
  6. Season 13: All Episodes Talk

    I'm glad the snow guy got a deal. His demo wasn't really set up well at all, but the video helped sell it. I suspect the live demo was something the producers foisted onto him as a space filler, since everyone went along with it. The snowbrush guy was probably roasted a bit too much, but I agree, it's a solution looking for a problem. When I brush my car off, I just use my hand to clear the door jamb basically so no snow will fall in, then get my brush and finish off the rest of the car. If the brush is hanging out the back of the trunk, it's still going to have to be handbrushed away to access it; and then it's going to be dirty snowy most of the rest of the time from the splash and roadspray. Glad we had another gong show segment. I think the producers are starting to realize we like the Gong show parts, but may not always have enough pitches to cover it.
  7. It is Saint John. Saint John's is out on a rock in the Atlantic. :) And yes, SJ does have taxis, they just shifted from zone to time based billing a few years back but they are available. Uber and similar services are not available anywhere in the province; we're just too small for it, but we might be on Uber's radar for Soon(tm). That said, SJ does have a decent enough transit system and not too bad of a highway system. The buses should be able to handle most of their transportation needs, and even if he does have to drive, there isn't too much hard driving to do in the city, as long as you stay out of the downtown. Uptown Saint John (as it is called) is classic pre-automobile city, with lots of hills, narrow roads and other tricky corners. But outside of that area, it's standard neighbourhood grids. There is certainly a lot of emotional baggage this season; I think Shyamala Kiru has her work cut out for her this season. Darris does feel like he'll get graduated soon. His driving skills are fine, and I don't think the show is properly equiped to help him mentally. Hopefully they'll let him go next week with a promise to continue seeking help.
  8. Season 13: All Episodes Talk

    Woot! Gong show segment! Loved the craziness. Hope the producers will do more. :)
  9. I suspect their "Modern Technology" theme this year may have crimped the budget a bit; they can't use as many old clunkers for the tests as they used to since the cars will need Rear cameras and other 'modern' quirks. That said I'm glad they are doing that theme now; tech has certainly changed how driving is done in many ways now. Also their recruiting team may have flubbed up a bit as well. The guy who broke his arm was an unforeseen circumstance, so I'm glad they're trying to roll with it (but I suspect he'll get a medical boot in the next ep or two). The real flub was the Episode 1 graduation. When filming the profile footage, they should've seen he was changed enough to not need to be on the show and swapped him out (maybe for someone from Edmonton :) ), but they let him go through anyway. I don't have any problem with him graduating in the first ep; I only wish they'd graduated him right off the bat and gotten someone else who would learn more from the show. As for how most of these people stay on the road? I suspect many legally shouldn't be on the road, but they turn on the waterworks, and beg and plead for "one more chance". That or they have family who pays the insurance, probably complaining about how high the insurance is, but who also refuse to do anything about it.
  10. Season 13: All Episodes Talk

    The Playhouses were offering way too early. I got the feeling they might have been piggy backing off some HGTV success maybe and either were just looking for more publicity or just didn't realize how much they had to prepare to show up. The lube product also seemed like it showed up too early, but they were lucky. I do wonder how, even with a fast food chain backing, how scaleable their product is. Shrinking the container is a no brainer; most people will use it once or twice, then forget about it until they need it again a year later. At which point you want them to come back to buy more, not use a year old product that may have settled/gone bad/clogged up devices/etc... I'm not really interested in the "plant music" beyond simple curiousity; but 90$/device does feel quite high. Knock it down to 50$/device (per plant) and maybe a 10$/instrument supplement might work. Then again the people who might be looking for that are also the type who may not balk at 100$/devices too.
  11. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Higher up someone mentioned that when Pat got to the hospital they discovered he had a weak disc in his back or something like that, which the boat crashing through the waves aggravated and ultimately injured him. So while it probably could happen again, and it isn't exactly preventable, it isn't likely to happen again. A perfect storm of events (including an actual storm) combined to make this happen. Likely in the future they'll just have the boat pilots go slower between islands, especially in choppy water. As for if they have to medivac multiple contestants out at once, it could happen and I'm sure they have contingency plans to handle it. IIRC a few years back they had 2 or 3 contestants need medical attention at once due to how hot and dehydrated they were after a challenge. I think one was medically pulled, but the others recovered enough to continue. As for Jeff's actions, he is a showman, so I can understand him keeping the show going and the drama going. But I doubt he was the one to make the chopper call. The chopper was likely enroute by the time the boat reached the shore; or at least by the time the Aussie(?) doc had done his assessment. Everything after that point was Jeff keeping the show going, and helping keep the injured contestant focused and awake until the chopper could get there. At one point the doc was trying his best to keep Pat awake and coherent; Jeff's prattle likely helped keep Pat awake while the assessment was happening.
  12. People's Court is now on Facebook and other social media sites; I wonder if they would respond if people started writing out complaining about that insulting unjoke on their FB page?
  13. Season 13: All Episodes Talk

    The Gong show segments have been gone for a few seasons now, so other than special eps when they need filler (like the XMas and Returner eps), I doubt we'll see Gong segments again sadly. :( Maybe we should start writing the CBC and seeing if we can get them brought back?
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Wow... I don't know if someone is a fan of the forums or what... But the Sunday Late Night Judy ep I just watched this morning (CBS station I get shows a classic Judy ep at 2AM on Sundays, usually time adjusted due to sports overruns; I PVR at every week) was this ep exactly. For a change the episode started early so I was about 5 minutes in, and damn, yeah I can see why it's a classic episode. The story changed more often than a Choose Your Own Adventure book.
  15. Season 13: All Episodes Talk

    I'll give them some more time to get settled and see how the new dragons work in. We now basically have 2 Elder dragons (Jim and Arlene) and 4 younger ones. The Elder ones have the money depths to back a lot, but the younger ones seem more willing to team up to snipe some good deals. For the frozen pops I knew she was going to go with Arlene as soon as she made an offer; her comment about loving Arlene from the beginning was prime fishing material and hooked Arlene right away. The rest of the pitches I missed (was doing other things).