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  1. S06.E07: Poodle Time

    They had a TBC leg a few eps ago, not an NEL leg. So they get the downtime between legs to rest and recover somewhat. TBC legs mean they just keep racing with no breaks. I didn't see the NEL leg coming, but as soon as John didn't say "You've been eliminated" after telling their position, I knew it was a NEL leg.
  2. I think the Top 5/Top 2 rule was a great addition to 'prime the pump' so to speak. It makes sure women make it to Vegas, which gives them a chance to experience the Vegas course and just build confidence. And more women in general across all the stages of the show will encourage more women to show up. I firmly believe we're seeing it pay off this season with 5+ women legit making it to Vegas, and nearly had a case of 3 women making it from a city course. (Philly most recently) In a few more years, the Top 5/Top2 rule probably be a moot point, because we'll have enough women ninjas naturally making it through the course to make it irrelevant. I do hope they try to come up with a bit more variety in the course so it isn't so much tarzan swinging upper body obstacles. I know the swings and leaps tend to make for good TV, but let's start seeing more obstacles where legs matter too. Crawls are often good for this, as well as the set of vertical poles (can't recall waht it was, but it was one where a woman did excellent on a few years ago).
  3. S06.E07: Poodle Time

    I liked this leg. Sure it had another dance challenge (and PEI next week doesn't have one? :) ), but it was done fairly early and the teams didn't have much trouble with it. Watching the magic trick, all I could think of is how Penn and Teller do it. They do it with the regular cup and balls, and then they do the Penn and Teller version of it, where they break a few rules, like "never do the same trick twice", "you never tell an audience how a trick is done", "you never show the audience your secret preparation", and of course, the unwritten rule... "You never ever do the cup and balls with clear plastic cups." Loved the kids at the magic act too, how some where into it and some where done with it, and everyone knew that. :) The Human rights museum looks incredible, and what a distinctive building. I went to the Civilization Museum and War Museums in Ottawa last winter, and I was blown away by both. This one looks similarly impressive. The Darts face off was surprisingly interesting, but I still don't like faceoffs. If the Faceoff is at the start so the teams have lots of time to mix up after, then it wouldn't be so bad. At least this was a NEL so the faceoff had less of an effect.
  4. Anyone else wincing when James (I think it was him) pinched his fingers on the doors on the spider climb? Yeouch! Looked like the panels are just wide enough for the hands normally, but it did look like it hurt. While it is a great 9th Obstacle, it'll probably be changed again next year. Even if it comes back it'll probably get some tweeks to make it safer.
  5. I was surprised they didn't change up the first half of the course beyond the Arrow steps. And equally surprised to see one of the women go out on the first obstacle. *ouch* I suspect her head was already thinking of the next obstacles and she didn't quite set her landing on the 'trivial' first obstacle. The lightning bolts were a surprising killer still; I didn't remember them being that bad the first time but this time they took out more than half the competition; the 14th or 15th that got in went out on the lightning bolts. The Captain's wheel felt like a great new challenge, and in the right spot. I probably wouldn't have put the knob grabber obstacle after it; that's a lot of hand strength for 2-3 obstacles in a row. Gratz on the two women making it through, and doing better than at least 5+ other guys IIRC. (Sorry, the Wiki isn't updated yet with the standings). They did a great showing on the Captains Wheel too. Considering the 3rd women went out on the Lightning bolts, we damn near had 3 women make it in the Top 15 this time; I hope they have the fire hoses ready to hose off Matt and Ackbar when that eventually happens. :)
  6. I agree, this was the 4th? Dance challenge so far, and another next week it seems. TARCAN has been known for good but doable and fun tasks, but all these dance tasks are becoming monotonous. Hopefully next time will have more variety again. Then again, next week they are going to Winterpeg so a Ballet Dance challenge is a bit of a given there. Lots of product placements too, but I don't mind, the Dempsters part was surprisingly challenging when combined with fatigue. THe coffee task was interesting to some extent, but I'm glad more teams didn't do it.
  7. I think you're onto something there. If you pause the Youtube video at 39:55 or so, when she takes her hand off the end of the rod which she's been hiding so carefully up to that point, you can see there is a cap on the rod. A cap that disappears after she pulls it out completely. The rod is dry, so I don't think anything is drying it off as it goes through. I think there's something like you suspect. The glass is rigged (of course) with a metallic floater and an inner tube that is probably sealed with a thin piece of plastic so it doesn't leak early. The lid of the tube has a magnet that can pull the floater and the tube up out of the milk and hold it in place. The rod goes through the tube (breaking the seal) and its cap pulls the tube back down and seals the glass again. The bottom lid is likely not gimmicked at all.
  8. I was forewarned to watch for it... and yes I laughed about it too. I think the reaction was real, though maybe it was retaken after. I assume any commentary we see from the booth is recorded that night; maybe retaken that nite if needed. Anything voice overed (like the majority of their colour commentary) is recorded after the fact. Especially if they give any comments on "So and So ran the City Finals.." since often time they don't know who runs when during filming. Once again the second obstacle was replaced; I suspect we'll see half the courses swapped the 4th and half swapped the 2nd. This time it wasn't as deadly as last time. Cane Lane more than made up for it of course. That one is going to need more tuning; maybe more of a hook on the cane will work, Nice that Jesse made it legit into the finals too. 3 finishers, 10 more wiped on the cane.
  9. A week gone by and no comments on this ep? I'm just watching it now myself. Taijyi put in a really nice show, a quick change/swap artist with masks. All the aspects are things we've seen before, but a nice presentation in a different style. Penn and Teller were certainly not fooled but seemed to enjoy it. Pit put on a good show. Clearly some deck swapping going on, but I didn't catch where it happened and haven't looked back to see it. Still, I was impressed even if our magicians have seen it before. :) I get the feeling Helen got (or bought) the racket trick at the request of the producers just to pad out her act time. The real trick was the milk glass and rod trick and that was certainly a puzzler. I noticed she was careful not to show the bottom of the glass and the back of the bottom disk. The overhead view was also carefully timed to show the glass after the milk had mostly filled it and milk is opaque so it doesn't show anything on the bottom. Still as the milk fills it from the side it looks like it is filling naturally. Plus, the big puzzler as Penn mentioned, the rod comes through dry. I have to think there is a tube that somehow comes up and drops back. Or some other easy way to do it. :) Menny did some standard spoon bending tricks with other props. Considering that seemed to be his entire set of tricks I'm not surprised they weren't fooled, but they seemed impressed since he used multiple techniques apparently.
  10. As has been said many times before, the Vegas portion of the prize is to "Headline a Las Vegas show". So it isn't an entire show of JUST the winner. It is the winner + the Top 10 and/or a selection of other popular contestants from the previous season. Basically, they put on 1 or 2 weeks worth of 2 hour shows, each act gets 2 slots, the headliner might get a 3rd slot and that's about it. So the "I wouldn't watch a full show of just *act*" is a non issue because that isn't what is going to happen, and hasn't happened for a long long time now.
  11. S10.E09: Miami City Finals

    That is a "theme" this year, to replace 2 obstacles from the first run with new ones. Miami was the first time the 2nd obstacle was replaced; LA and Dallas replaced the 4th obstacle. So I'm not sure if that was a factor as much as the actual state of the course itself. Generally speaking, they have always tweaked the first half of the course after the qualifiers depending on how the Ninjas perform. Usually the tweaks aren't too noticeable; moving the landing pads, or making the obstacle stiffer. Sometimes the changes are very noticeable, like how they slowed the doorknob drop in LA. Most of the time they actually make the obstacles a bit easier (like the doorknob drop), especially if a lot of ninjas wipe out on it. Occasionally they make it harder, especially if the course was obviously undertuned and they got a lot of Ninjas finishing it or doing well on it. (A couple of years ago that happened)
  12. S10.E09: Miami City Finals

    Hmm, according to Wiki, Miami was filmed on April 29-30 of this year. Looking at the weather reports for the time, it didn't seem that wet. Clear skies, no precipitation, and humidity was around 50%-60% in the evening. It was filmed on the coast so the ocean may have made the course damper than expected. It seemed many people slipped off the landing, which could be explained by a damp/slippery course as well. They just couldn't get any purchase on the padding to save themselves, or their feet literally slipped out from under them sending them back into the water.
  13. S05,E05: Psych!! 2018.07.23

    Good catch. The video of the episode is on Youtube here:
  14. S10.E09: Miami City Finals

    Very impressive that both women legit made it into the final. I have the feeling that that course was a lot wetter than it might look. The way every slipped on the mats after the razors edge, and the few that made it to the stairs slipped a lot more than expected. That may have been a factor in how many lost it on Cannon ball drop too. Jessie gave everyone a heart attack with the save she made there. The clock was a good challenge; I look forward to seeing it again in the future with some more refinements. I get the feeling they moved the landing pads inward for slippery summit; the landings seemed easier for those who made it.
  15. S05,E05: Psych!! 2018.07.23

    Patrick had a really nice trick. To figure out how it is done, you need a really good memory to notice something, which is just the sort of thing Penn and Teller are watching for. I agree Migz's execution was poor. The force was obvious as pointed out, and some of the proofs were weak. (he rotated the 'blank' card, never flipped it for example). Still, given more practice and refinement there is a lot of potential there. Seth's trick was meh mainly because it has a lot of camera angles moving around and what not; and lots of opportunities to slip out. Maybe if they had done like AGT does and filmed it with P&T outside and watching it might have been a little better. But this was obviously just a chance for Seth to show off his act with no real intention to try and fool them. They didn't even go for the fake flames for him to put out. Mentalism can be hit or miss but I was impressed by it. She did seem very legit and amazed to fool them. Could you give more details on the flash and other issues? (Spoilered or in the spoiler thread if you want).