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  1. S01.E08: 40 Days Falling Apart

    The group of seven are absolutely pathetic. They seriously need to come to reality and face the fact that they would have already been gone if not for the constant help from Jeff and EJ. They had the nerve to (mainly Chris) comment on Jeff making an "a$$hole move" by not sharing his eel (which he did) after they had JUST flat out ate their Ray and refused to share..... After EJ and Jeff had already shared plenty of food in the past?!?! Unreal!! Chris is a coward that tries to act tough as though he speaks his mind etc. when he does nothing of the sort. He basically tells Dani that everyone else wants her to do more and he's not much more than a messenger and then in front of the group he says "I already said what I needed to say to her". I realize that it may be easy to sit from your couch and say that you are unimpressed but seriously...... These people in this group are "survivalists"? They do absolutely nothing that shows any skill whatsoever. They find grasshoppers and spiders to eat and sleep by a fire and have this ego that they are doing something impossible. I know that I would spend 80 days out there before I spent a week with Honora, Alana or Chris. Bottom line is that if EJ and Jeff weren't willing to support them they would have already been gone. Survivalists my a$$