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  1. try being secluded in the wild for weeks with no food and water. by day 7, i assure you, in that same environment, you will be "murdering" anything you see, including the ticks. hunger changes people in more ways than you can imagine.
  2. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    tiff and a captain's license. wow. great job. not surprised that jen and danny keeps in touch......
  3. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    but here's the issue with that, along with the poster who said one accusation of rape away from ruining their lives...... to condemn someone based on 1+1 "must" equal 3. which it's not. to say that bobby must be an abuser because this is how abusers act.....ok then. second issue with the arguments here. seems like the women "are" getting a free pass from the same disgraceful behavior. yes, bryan is a douche.....but that gang up was not warranted and for bobby not to be there seems wrong. the guy who used the word cunt is not there for the "treat women" properly speeches. jenn. she was quite possibly the most disrespectful and insubordinate. by every definition, as much a bad boss bryan was to her is that much more of a bad employee she was to bryan....and she really was. but, she gets a pass and goes below the radar. and hannah and julia...well, i'm just tired or repeating it, but though the gender reaction is not as extreme as a male counterpart. the different way a gender reacts to specific scenarios does not excuse one over another.......but it is a standard that was instilled....a double standard. a woman can yell her heart out at a man, and that's acceptable, but a man yelling at a woman is not, regardless of any situation.
  4. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    yup.. exactly my point. she moved on and didn't create drama.
  5. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    got it, thanks. my mistake. so basically, the inference was bobby is an abuser. got it.
  6. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    actually, i didn't misquote you. read your quote. you generalized men (all men) with that quote. how else can anyone interpret that quote? had your quote included "some", it would be my misquote.....but you didn't have that.
  7. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    so men act abusive? lol. so i can make general statements too like "women are manipulative"? in any case, both are of course wrong and naive generalizations.
  8. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    no, you're just twisting the meaning to your interpretation because you have no real retort. she knew the situation of being in a boat with both men and women and alcohol. you all are making it seem like bryan was ready to rape tiff......nope, he was reacting (though badly) but you guys already went to the worse case scenario even though it never happened. tiif understood the situation and DIDN'T make a big deal with it because she knew what was involved...a horny man and alchohol jsut got shot down. disrespect? please? you talk of this like the women are not guilty of this....like i said before...refer to jenn.
  9. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    yes, the same type of behavior you are condemning the guys for..being all tarzan. so she gets a pass for the same behavior you are dondemning the guys for...makes sense. and why it even got to that point? because the three women got into bobby's business that they have no business being in......so yeah, his reaction is fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. did you see tiff go apeshit or even get nasty enough? if the issue was with bobby in the first place, how is it that bryan was the only one hijacked? ooooops, lol. and back to julia...why was she even involved again in tha tboat fight? oh right, she shouldn;t be. and anyone with half a brain knows that line of "her fault for making him fall in love" was a half ass joke meant to be sweet comic relief for teh cameras. the main issue of that blow up was the three women cock blocking bobby, which they had no business being in, especailly after bryan took the idiotic responsibility for.
  10. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    and there in lies the problem. i'm guessing you're not a guy. and i revert back to hannah's behavior with ben. two different animals with 2 different reactions....both disgraceful, but both will rub the opposite sex the wrong way. if a woman has his man stolen, or gets her louis vuitton bag destroyed, guess what the reaction would be. ad reading one comment here that wishing julia's bf was there to clock bobby...and i suppose that is acceptable behavior also as opposed to "anything not happening" from bobby's and bryan's behavior other than foul language. yup, it all comes down to that, that was their behavior. did fould language and name calling comeout of the women's mouths regarding the two douches? yes. did the women also yell at the men like the men? yes. s tell me, is there a double standard here? yes. they are not "acceptable" reaction as you say, but they are understandable reactions from both the men and women. my deal is not admitting that despite them wanting "to be treated as equals", they are in essence wanting special treatment, which contradicts. truth is, men and women are not equals. men are generally superior to in some aspects just as women are superior to men in others. to shoe in both sexes to one perspective is silly and to bo them in to what we think they should react is just not right. fact is, bryan reacted badly (drunk) to a turn down from tiff......it wasn't "borderline rape" as you dubbed it. tiff dealt with it and she "got it". it was a drunken scenario and moved on.....not dragged it out like hannah and julia would have...those girls need to grow the fuck up and understand the situation they are in also. bobby's mid fuck? or julia's mind fuck? trying to make her feel guilty? she should. she proclaims i'm not going to jeopardize her bf relationship...so should that equate not returning the flirts or touching anyone's ass or getting in their faces about bringing someone on board? and what of hannah's mind fuck? again, does she get a pass? not having fit about it? she was teary eyed and doing the whole "woe is me" and "notice me i'm ignoring you, ben". you are giving her a pass. that whole season was borderline glenn close attraction. like i said before, tiff is the only sane one who acclimated and knows what's up in that scenario fobeing in a boat full of men and women. hannah got on her face, she dealt with it and moved on. bryan got on her face, she dealt with it and moved on. yeah, the guys do need to grow up like tiff....so so do the three women, jenn, hannah, and julia. they are not the angels you proclaim them to be.
  11. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    she pulls him and says are we friends or just employees.....ben replies, whatever's easier on me. on would think that was that....nope. she does still throw herself at him.....and that i love you bit at the season finale. i'd do anything spiehl or something to that effect, and i'll be waiting. these types of traits? like jenn getting on bobby's face to clock him? so i suppose jenn gets a pass for that too...as to why she was even involved is ridiculous. as to why julia became the focal point and victim of that whole scene eludes me as much as that crosissant fiasco. to insinuate rape from that behavior? really? that's just digging. julia wasn't even the focus of his horniness at that time, the other woman was. julia was not uncomfortable with the advances until the drunk scenario...and i don't even understand how she got involved in it (which again, gives bobby argument oints for asking....she had no business in that exchange). why were they even on their cases of bringing aboard a guest when bryan the douche cleared it and takes responsibility for it. and for hannah to even say "i don't rat out co workers".....well, so why not let him bring the guest and not rat him out? but no, let's make a big issue about it...BECAUSE nobody was thinking clearly, obviously.
  12. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    he has no idea what went on in the boat. but he will as soon as he sees the season eps. and i doubt julia even brought up bobby's flirtings and drama with her so called one and only .
  13. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    really? and you give hannah a pass on that same scenario because why? she's a woman? that was borderline fatal attraction pschotic behavior by hannah. did you selectively miss all the yellings on that boat that it was not just bobby who was yelling? julia saying "i signed up for this and not my boyfriend", so why bring him up on that yelling fiasco? not gonna do anything to jeopardize her relationship? like flirting? touching bobby's ass (i think that was her, lol), long hugs.....no, she absolutely never did anything to imply that at all, lol. and bobby never really acted psychotic about it.......until the alcohol (not an excuse but alcohol affects everyone differently and that's a fact) the only one who handled themselves properly regarding this same scenario was tiff. after that fiasco with bryan, it was done. she knew the situation. she moved on....but with julia and hannah...they dragged that shit. with hannah.....ok, we're just employees from now on....and then "i love you, ben"...wtf. and julia, really, why was she getting in the middle of that shouting match at all? if bobby breaks the rules so what? not her place to be involved, was it? bobby's idiot boss already vouched for him, and hannah thought she had a right to interfere, as chief stew, perhaps. but not her department and bobby's idiot boss already had a final say......but they dragged it on and on and dismissed what the two dufus' wanted? why? why are they even involved......so yeah, these two do like to create their own drama.
  14. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    to rat out workers on what they did off duty and the fact that the woman was not brought on board? that was a cop out quote fro holier than thou hannah when she knew full well it won't hold any water because the woman never was brought on board and what went on with them on the mini boat was off duty and personal. what hannah got was hearsay from jenn...from a personal hardly reliable since we already saw that she was clearly insubordinate. and hannah is hardly one to give tips on work habits after that hellish crew fiasco she demonstrated and her interactions with ben.........miss hannah who also is not open to inputs and advice. she should be second stew, at best, not chief stew.
  15. S01.E13: That Was Very Greek of Us

    right, it was never about that. it was a personal attack that jenn instigated. it wasn't abut being treated fairly. if jenn just did what was asked of her...tie a freaking knot the way she was told to instead of having a crude remark then there would have been no issue, would there? jenn was trying to justify that. she was a bad employee, woman or man. talking to his superiors like that regardless of how bad that superior might be. even on duty bobby never did any of that. he never went to bryan and say i tie my own kind of knots. it was bobby's attitude that got him to that level with bryan.....just as it was jenn's attitude and danny's attitude that got them to where they were at with bryan. bryan tried to be civil at the farewell, but jenn just went shallow and pointed out the sex and the alcohol........yeah, why would anyone like that even deserve respect? she was treated fairly, actually, even better. when she refused to tie a knot, bryan did not yell at him like a whacko the way he yelled at danny when he fucks up......if fair treatment was what she was looking for, she would have been yelled at like danny would have been. as much as bryan failed massive at being a boss, jenn failed just as much. and to bring "women" from a different department to gang up on him who KNEW NOTHING of what went on with her work habits, that is SHADY at best. and for julia to take the lead and bring up and i quote, "treat women as equals" is laughable. had bryan treated jenn equally, she would have been yelled at and scolded like danny...but as jenn admitted, she flew under the radar because of danny (who got the full force of bryan's frustration). now ask yourself, had jenn been a guy and refused to tie that know the way she was asked to, you think bryan would not have fired his ass on gotten a yelling for it? had jenn been a guy and brought up that farewell low blow of tiff/ben sex and alcohol issue, that bryan would have just let it be and not clunked a guy for being that douchey? jenn pulled many douche moves that got a pass "because" she was a woman....and yet whined that she didn't get fair treatment? she got better treatment because she was a woman. bringing bobby up as an example is horrible because anytime bobby was on the clock, he actually DID do a good job. he never complained. he did what he was told. had jenn had the same ATTITUDE bobby had, do you think maybe bryan would be thick as thieves too? absolutely. jenn poisoned her own drink with bryan but she just doesn't want to take responsibility. and for bryan to be blamed for the "cunt" word when i think it was bobby who said it was just sad. and for them to ambush the gy instead of going through the proper channels....it seems rather obvious that jenn already thought that through and her "accusations" of being unfairly treated won't hold water because she never followed orders half the time...even the simplest ones. she always had an off hand remark.