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  1. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Good for Jenna for getting that MRS degree, even though she and Val have zero chemistry, much like Maks and Peta, Emma and Sasha, or Derek and Hayley. The people who have to flaunt their relationships in public also seem the most desperate. By the way, did anyone catch Rashad, Jennie and Johnnie the baseball player on Family Feud yesterday? I guess they are recycling the cast of Dancing with the stars. It looks like Laurie Hernandez and Shaun Johnson are on next week.
  2. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Well they are d-listers, so they periodically need to do something to get the tabloids to talk about them. Maks should be announcing a second baby soon.
  3. How did the Italian couple do? Did they win?
  4. S26: Tonya Harding: Whyyyyyy!?

    Roseanne is in need of a redemption angle like Harding. TPTB must be foaming at the mouth!
  5. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Val and Maks and the Houghs all come across as d-bags, so they have no one but themselves to blame for the public judging them. Maybe they are sweet as pie and fans have said all of them were nice when they met them, but if they want people to think they are a gentleman than act like one in public.
  6. General Gabbery: DWTS

    People shipped Maks and Kirstie? Oh, how gross. Why are Normani's fans pissed at Val? Did he do something to her? I hadn't heard. As for Zendaya, she's a FAR bigger star than Val these days. She has no need to mention him at all.
  7. S26.E04: Finale

    What was with their makeup and wigs, though? They were definitely going for something. What, I'm not sure. I don't think they meant to be offensive. I just think they should have been more careful with millions of people watching the show. It's fine to be innovative, but there is a fine line between cultural appreciation and appropriation, and the pros surely know not to do anything that might be taken as offensive.
  8. General Gabbery: DWTS

    That's true that Amber probably wouldn't shill for the fam, and besides, she's a feminist who probably wouldn't put up with their sexist shit. I don't really have anything against Jenna or Peta. I like them on dwts, and they have talent on their own without having to do everything for their men. I feel sort of sorry for them, having to put up with Maks and Val. But then again, that's their choice, I guess.
  9. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Derek and Julianne are more famous than the C brothers, though. They are the only ones from dwts who actually did make a name for themselves out of the show. Isn't he dating that Hayley girl from the troupe? She certainly is pretty, and she is a good dancer. I'd like to see her get a shot next season.
  10. Thanks for the info. I never notice his hands, really. I just notice his gorgeous lines and posture. I took ballet when I was a kid, but quit because it was sooo difficult!
  11. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Well I thought the same thing. He totally seems into black women, and I'm surprised he didn't try to date Normani. Maybe she was smart enough to avoid him. Jenna is about as white as you can get and totally doesn't seem his type. I'm surprised he dumped Amber, or maybe she dumped him. I guess the C brothers didn't get the memo that no one cares about their romances with Peta/Jenna except a couple of lonely shippers. I don't see a relationship with Jenna generating any real interest in their tour.
  12. S26.E04: Finale

    Do you think Val is ever going to get married? If he wanted to, he could have by now. If he does get married, it probably won't be Jenna he marries. She doesn't seem like his type. Then again, Peta doesn't seem like Maks's type either, so who knows.
  13. S26.E04: Finale

    Apolo was the best!!!
  14. S26.E04: Finale

    I'm Tonya's age and can do cartwheels in a clunky manner like she did. It really isn't that amazing. Still, hers was probably the best out of the three. Josh's was weird, and Adam's was just, no. Josh's song was cool, though. I didn't realize that was Thirty Seconds to Mars. All my fantasies would come true if Jared Leto was on this show. LOL
  15. S26.E04: Finale

    Yikes! It sounds like she needs to get away from Val, pronto. Who knows if she will, though. Hasn't he dated and dumped her several times already? I remember when he fat-shamed a little girl, and when he got called out, he got defensive instead of apologizing. Who would want to date that?