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  1. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    Good points. Maybe I am just willing to give more credit to the writers and see the character as I wish they were writing him, a little more torn by all that happens in Gilead than he actually is. I also don't really understand Eden's character. I really didn't care about her at first. I should go back and see if I can get an idea of the purpose of the character.
  2. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    I guess I did, haha. It also means that I didn't really pay attention to what I read.
  3. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    I thought it was more than a tale but I did some superficial research and while orgasm does release oxycontin, which is the chemical doctors give women who need inducing (I think), What is released in an orgasm is not enough to induce labor.
  4. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    What I was trying to say is that the acting was bad, whatever the outcome of the story.
  5. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    So, the writers say that Fred's "gift" to June is because he feels guilty? If that's so, Joseph Fiennes' acting was terrible because the delivery was all sociopath Fred to me. I can see how he, after denying June her request to be moved closer to Hannah, and after raping her, would give her what he assumes is the ultimate gift, not because he regrets it in any form, but because he wants to show her who is in charge, and that he has total control over what happens to her. But guilty? I didn't see that at all.
  6. It could be. Or it could be a director's choice. I just think it is too much, either way.
  7. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    I actually like that he is not willing to do anything anymore. It gives the character some humanity. He sees her as a child, and he doesn't want to have sex with a child. Even a kiss. I like that he seems to understand how hard it is. He is supposed to help populate Gilead, but he doesn't want to have sex with someone so young. And Eden knows that she is supposed to get pregnant. She was brainwashed into serving, and she believes sex with her husband, and getting pregnant, is her duty.
  8. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    Agreed. The handmaids are only vessels, their only purpose is to procreate. They would call it a "poor judgement with good intentions". I don't think Eden has anything to do with it. She believes she needs to respect and serve her husband. Even if she told Isaac, and even if he had the resources to do what he did, it would be a very bad piece of writing to have him knowing where they are, since Fred personally sent Nick there. And the consequences for him would be deadly, he must know that. Even if Nick was followed - since Fred said "be sure you are not followed", so maybe the writers set this up, it would still be a very bad piece of writing. The shots of the road showed a very open area. Nick would have noticed being tagged. On the other hand, we might be heading to a very bad piece of writing.
  9. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    Yes, that's what I thought. Before that, a very unscientific thought crossed my mind: the baby is stillborn and Serena and Fred get blamed for it. But I don't need a dead baby in the show.
  10. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    Holy shit, that was intense! Heartbroken at the "gift" to June: "I raped you now I am going to give you a gift you want but just to take it away again. You need to show your gratitude to me". How does one describe the kind of feelings June might have felt? The cruelty of the fundamentalist has no bounds. I am an atheist but they (Gilead rulers) are supposed "good Christians", and reciting passages of the bible (I think Fred was reciting the bible?) while raping someone is beyond any hint of humanity. The worst part is, I am sure it happens in certain circles in real life. The kid yelling "mommy" as they rip her from her mothers arms... This kind of thing haunted me all day yesterday then I see that. Just saying. And that mass hysteria, the wives, the white dress, holding the "belly", gee. I am not sure what we are supposed to think what the objective of the rape was though. I understand that orgasm can induce labor, and that some rape victims can experience orgasm. But it doesn't look like June did. Are we supposed to read this as: they truly believe the handmaids experience orgasm every time they are raped, so they tried and failed, or they are just too ignorant and that's why it cannot work, or they are simply cruel and wanted to inflict as much pain as possible, using the excuse as a mix of despair and cruelty?
  11. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    What are they excavating all day? Why is that whatever-it-is thing so important?
  12. Elisabeth Moss and the long pauses before answering a question, usually a "Yes, Mr(s)..." "Yes, aunt Lydia"... and then the answer coming with a kind of smirk and disdain that could be perceived as defiance - at least that's what I see. I never know if it is actually supposed to be defiant and June is getting away with that, or if it is the director, or if it is Moss. That's annoying. It seems like inconsistency to me: is June really being defiant and planning something, or is just resigned and that's what we are supposed to believe?
  13. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I agree that most shows take a dive after season 4/5 and I usually cannot watch show that lasts more than that, which maybe one exception. But If it will keep going depends on how much money s being made, how much money the main actors will be offered. Some actors prefer to keep a day job and a paycheck than actually have more acting experience. Just see how many shows are in their 12th year, or longer, even though the writing sucks, the actors seem bored and tired. I think it is a little different with HULU and Netflix produced shows but I disagree that actors just refuse to go on because they get bored. To many of them the security of paycheck might speak louder. On the other hand, if Margaret Atwood has any saying on the direction of the story, or how much the writers can speculate, she might just end the whole thing if she thinks it is getting out of hand.
  14. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    This. I was all mushy seeing everyone helping and jumping in, no questions asked (well, lots of questions but no judgement). I would like a little more Lido, though Loved the little message to the fans at the end.
  15. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Refer to what happened in Germany. Gilead would have a policy of euthanizing disabled babies - or not "perfect" babies. It would all have started with the fundamentalist parents and their need to grow a society based on their idea of perfection asking the ones in power to "let that beautiful baby go to his maker" or whatever BS they would say to excuse themselves from the cruelty and murder. Gilead is a supremacist society. Even if the show doesn't follow the book concerning the racism, I am pretty sure they would not allow "defective" citizens (since they would consider people of color defective, as eugenicists do) - unless is someone like Janine who lost her eye due for breaking the rules, and because she is a fertile vessel.