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  1. S01.E09: Perspective

    I still like the show, or maybe I am still intrigued by it, wanting to know where they are going. There are good themes that can be explored and I hope they do that. I am disappointed with how they turn Maggie into getting chemo. I wish they had focused more on her own feelings about mortality instead of just reacting to a tearful story of friendship. Depression is a hard theme and even harder to be dealt with in shows (like all disabilities) so I am half hoping they will leave it mostly alone. Contrary to (what seems) most of people here I have no idea of who those actors are. The only one i recognize is Grace Park from the very good, very unwatched The Cleaner. So I don't watch the show because of any actor, or think the characters only somehow work because of certain actor. I am still forming my opinion on the actors/character but mostly I blame the writing for the lack of personality on Delilah and Regina. The writers must be all male.
  2. S04.E09: Death Do Us Part

    This episode was so bad I cannot say which part was worse. Or who was the worst actor. I will say this though: they are almost right on how they portray Chicago police. The super authoritarian way of dealing with people. That detective (?) was seriously breaking laws (which apparently is rampant in real life Chicago). Is the brother cop part of the other show? I never watch that. They force a civilian to break all the laws and now he is marked for death (ignoring that protective custody does not work like that). The woman who stabbed her husband asked Maggie to contact him but she was conscious so Maggie looking on her phone was invasion of privacy. She should have asked first. Connor cried after he killed the patient to comply with authoritarian "friend". Fuck all of them.
  3. S01.E09: Perspective

    I do get your point but hot? Nah, I thought he was pretty disgusting.
  4. S01.E09: Perspective

    Right about the pipes. The water is already there, you just don't put your face under it. Also agree about Delilah admission and hoping that the writers will make Eddie become an adult soon. If this is well written, it is valid. Even in long marriages, when something happens, it is not a given that one of them will do something. Human emotions are complicated. We see things falling apart and just go on living either by making ourselves believe everything will be fine, or by resenting the other and waiting for them to do something. I think Delilah's excuse is hindsight and that part didn't really bother me. I was annoyed that they didn't pick up where they left with Maggie. I was hoping that she decided to have chemo because she got scared after that moment, being alone. It would have been much better for the story, to show her conflict, the fear of seeing death approaching, the conflict of having her new friends close, known that somehow she is disappointing them, at the same time trying to have some control over her life. Instead, the writers decided to do the inspirational thing, Maggie will have chemo because poor Gary missed her unwavering supportive friend. For the first time Ashley didn't annoy me. I realized she is not a robot faking emotions.
  5. Speechless in the Media

    Apologies if this has been posted here already but I only saw this today. Interesting, even though it doesn't look like it will be as radical and unapologetic as the Sins Invalid. https://www.nationaldisabilitytheatre.org/?fbclid=IwAR2VlvBz0MAxRmpqHSf8vbP3fnVwQHnUqDDG2cJg8Qb0eDAMyrvdEWjQciM
  6. I stopped watching the show on season 4. I always liked the concept of having *real* time events, even with the absurdities of crossing LA in 10 minutes, never charging cell phones or eating... It was fun and fast. But I got tired of it. I am finishing watching season 5 now. Still fun and a new perspective of State sponsored violence, surveillance, abuses. But I came here to snark a bit. One thought: For a place supposedly gathering intelligence and fighting terrorism, CTU is amazingly easy to be infiltrated and to produce traitors.
  7. The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    Should we expect that these will not be the reasons than? Because making sense is not the writers' main feature.
  8. S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    ...but because we are talking about a TV show made for the upper middle class, she will not have a moment's worry about her insurance, or denied treatment, and will continue to eat well, dress amazingly - without even wearing the same clothes twice in a month, taking cabs to go everywhere, all her bills will be paid on time...
  9. S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    I agree that Gary is a good friend and that he is the one who can keep secrets. But his "pushy" part is selfish. He is doing this because he sees his loss, not what Maggie wants. It is what most of us feel, but something I believe we need to be conscious about if/when dealing with similar situations. This constant push for treatment and cures, for the heroism, is all fun of inspiration but if it goes against what the person wants, it is just selfish. Ideally, Gary would give Maggie some space and not engage in bets or deals to get her to do what she has decided based on what the doctor told her. She is terminal, she will die in less than a year or in less than five, the treatment might not work. It is not like she will live as a disabled person, which is something that people are afraid of but in some/many/most cases is not terminal, or no one can give an actual life expectancy. If I remember well, it is a matter of time for her (of course, the writers can just forget all this and cure her). One thing I like about the show is this nuanced approach, sometimes the possibility of a nuanced approach, to themes like this one. I do like the character but I don't want them to convince her to seek treatment for the sake of making others comfortable.
  10. S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    I choose to have compassion for people who commit suicide. The person is already empty of hope, probably believing they don't deserve anything and that no one will care if they die. I refuse to allow myself to think that they should have found a "better way" to end their own lives. The burden someone who is bout to end all might carry gives me pause to blame them for the feelings of people who are left. I do feel for those people but cannot fathom the loneliness of someone taking their own life. It is a lose-lose situation. Can's stand Ashley. I think it is the actress I cannot stand but still. It is an unnecessary character, in my view. True, I didn't think about that. I guess I will have to settle for the miracle recovery then. Ugh.
  11. S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    Likely. The timeline in the show seems to be moving slower than most shows do, so maybe the writers will extend the seasons and just pick up where it was left the next season (assuming the show gets renewed). The year Maggie has could extend to three seasons easily if they go this direction. That would be interesting and very different from what I am used to, where each episode happens one week after the last, then there are the holiday episodes - which I find boring as fuck. I would like to see something different.
  12. S01.E08: Fight or Flight

    Reading some of these comments I think I am in the minority here. I do like the show. I can pretend I don't see some inconsistencies (like Maggie packing what she never unpacked) but I like how they deal with depression and Maggie's decision to not have another round of chemo. The depression theme is a difficult one to write, I think, and I like that they didn't went the overly dramatic way. Some people who have depression do manage to live day-to-day without letting anyone know. I see Rome as one of the people who can fake until he brakes. As for Maggie, I think I would do the same thing, so I am sympathetic to her. I like that she is putting her own self care above the emotional appeals of the others. We still don't know much about it but it is her decision. The silly part was the friends showing up and dragging her to the party. That was inconsistent with the character, or at least the writers could have shown some more conflict on her part. She wants to be left alone, but she wants to be part of the circle of friends.
  13. S01.E01: Pilot

    I am stopping by just to say that I just found this forum (after requesting that we have one since my index doesn't show it and search comes up empty. I do like this show.
  14. S01.E09: As Long As It Takes

    My husband's ashes came on a ziplock bag inside of a cardboard box.
  15. S02.E09: The Dance

    So, we had a surveillance, super evil corporate mob, government employee bought by super evil corporate mob with target assassination and "accident". We have love drama, last minute I CAN'T MARRY YOU, guests still drinking and dancing after the drama. We have evil bitch controlling everyone from behind bars because of a sex tape that seriously, who cares about a sex tape of those two? We have reconciliation at death bed. The show is called "The Resident" - a medical show. The only medicine is a surgery performed by a doctor who miraculously cured his tremors, even though there wasn't even a diagnosis.