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  1. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I am rewatching the seasons I had watched and hoping to finish the series and because I am binging, I can see that they got better as the seasons progressed. In the first seasons the ones giving compressions was sometimes in a position that the arms would be almost parallel to the ones receiving CPR. It was also way too slow for CPR. And no, they still didn't get it but at least they got a little better, to a point where I can not be annoyed by it.
  2. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I started watching this show again, from the first season. It is still a very good show. When it first aired I stopped watching after season 6, although I caught a few scattered chapters in the following seasons. Interesting to watch: the growing use of cell phones and the need to show the characters speaking on them when it wasn't really necessary for the plot. The novelty of things, it is kind of amusing. Big fail concerning DVD releases: In a show that has a character who is deaf, and where one of the main characters uses sign language and learn about Deaf culture, not all DVDs are captioned. This is unacceptable but sadly too late to complain and demand remediation.
  3. The Fosters in the Media

    Since I am already tired of this show and I can't stand either character - plus I can't stand Maia Mitchell - I won't even bother to check it out. Note: Spinoffs rarely work, especially drama shows. I don't expect this to be an exception. Maybe they will last one season.
  4. Speechless in the Media

    I apologize if this is not supposed to be here but since it is about one of the actors, I will post the link and just say this: Thank you Minnie Driver! As a survivor of assault, I appreciate that you said what many need to listen. Men cannot dictate how we are supposed to feel, and what is "worse". Bonus points for showing that Matt Damon is not only a racist, he is also sexist (but I knew that already). https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/dec/16/minnie-driver-matt-damon-men-cannot-understand-abuse
  5. S02.E10: S-I-- SILENT N-I-- NIGHT

    Service dogs do have a long waiting list and the places that train them, the ones I know, require a "camp", usually a two-week period, when the dogs choose their new owners and they start the process of matching. Sometimes the dog and the owner don't work well together and they need to try to find a different dog. Non-speaking people and people who don't have motor skills/coordination to instruct the dog can still apply in most places, but they apply as a team (the person and one or two support people). The dog will understand that it is working with one person while still responding to the other members of the team. Of course, it depends on which services the person needs. A while ago I made some inquiries and I have a close friend that is part of a team. That's the simple explanation. The places I inquire do work with teams but they do not have "seizure dogs". though. On the other hand, I have a personal experience where an adopted dog, formally abused, was a natural seizure dog.
  6. S02.E10: S-I-- SILENT N-I-- NIGHT

    Reading the synopsis didn't make me very hopeful for this episode. It sounded a lot like "A Very Special Episode". Pretending to have a disability for one day type of narrative is a peeve of mine. I could pretend to be disabled but I would know that after the pretending time was over, I would not face the same barriers. For people who already understand this, the project does not add up. For people who do this only for inspiration porn motives, will go back to being ableist, even if they don't realize that. Based on my experience as an observer, it fails every time. Reading the comments, it makes me hopeful that it was done in a new and honest way, with the input of the people who are supposed to have their input - disabled people themselves. I also hope that the focus on the speaking part was well done, with emphasis on how frustrating it is to deal with societal discrimination, instead of the supposed desire of non-speaking people have to be able to speak.
  7. S02.E09: S-T-- STAR W-- WARS W-- WARS

    Maybe it is just showing how he is working things out, learning how to manage such situations. Maybe the writers want to throw this there and not be more explicit about it. Maybe they will return to the theme. At least I hope so. I know people who also need someone to transfer them. They are adults and at some point in their lives, they developed? Created? Worked on? a metabolic rhythm that allows them to know almost exactly how much time they have before the next bathroom break. Some of the men use a urinal and don't really need transfers (at least not most times, because they also have a bowel rhythm). They still need someone to hold the urinal, which after a while is so not a big deal. In any case, I would also like to see the show go in the direction of yes, JJ will likely always need someone to help him with some things, even when he is on a date or even being more intimate. Someone he will call as he needs to. I don't think it is shameful, or horrible. It just is. Embracing everyone means with all parts of them. And it will be very different for many, so what? Or maybe - although I don't thing the show would go there because of all the stigma associated with it - make it ok to wear adult diapers. One thing I have a very hard time grasping is how afraid people are of even the word "diaper". It is like the whole worth of a person lies on how they go to the bathroom. I know way too many people who need adult diapers, for so many different reasons, and that's just how it is. Nothing more, nothing less than what they need to do whatever they want to do.

    Have not seen the episode, did the people complaining about the theme find it racy? If so, that's the usual infantilization and desexualization of disabled people. If this is the case, I think the producers and writers should actually double down on this and keep pushing those imposed ableist boundaries.
  9. In the Media: Faux News

    Not pedophilia. Disgusting but not pedophilia. The victim was a teenager, not a pre-pubescent child. Maybe this time we will see some sexual predators getting what they deserve. The list is growing and as much as I feel sorry for the victims having to talk about it (as a survivor, I know it is hard) I am also glad that they are coming forward. If only we could clean up the long list of politicians too.
  10. S02.E04: T-R-- TRAINING D-A-- DAY

    True in Florida. You cannot choose your school even if live literally in the same block of our neighborhood school. See "I Stand With Henry" about a - at the time - 12 year-old boy who had to fight for months for the right to receive an education in the school he wanted
  11. S02.E04: T-R-- TRAINING D-A-- DAY

    The consultant for the show uses some similar AAC and has an aide who reads her words. I don't know if she has a more "ordinary " type of job though. JJ can work and have PCA's with him for many hours, so in theory he could do whatever he decides and is qualified for. Of course, that's the theory. Most disabled people who need PCA's live in a constant fight to keep their right to live in their own homes and not be institutionalized, and PCA hours are often cut. Many end up having friends who help out to cover the hours. As for JJ's wheelchair, I know someone who had one running for about 21 hours without recharging and for people who like to go camping, portable generators are a good solution (although pretty expensive, I think)
  12. S05.E07: Chasing Waterfalls

    I don't know where to put this, so it will go here. I am watching the season on Netflix and I was spoiled but I could not have anticipated the awfulness of some of the things I am seeing. What happened to the show and what happened to acting? There is a lot to dislike and even to hate but it is really sad t see how bad the writing has become and how much worse the acting has become. It is like the actors just gave up trying. My - incomplete - list includes: Too much focus on the peripheral characters. Not enough Mike and AJ, too much little annoying Mason. Whoever cast that kid needs to be fired. Jude: the actor is terrible. He was a cute kid but sucks as a teenager. The character sucks even more. Little entitled brat. Callie: never liked her, can't stand the actress, her story does not have a thread, she is all over the place and there are too many holes in her personality. Mariana has become too insufferable Jesus and Brandon are still ok, bearable. Jesus is being gaslighted (gaslit?) by everyone and, as already pointed out, the disability part of the writing is losing all the marks and spreading ableism. When did Emma become so whiny? Stef seems tired. Lena is the one I hate the most. Terrible parent. She makes everything about her. Her kid gets maced by a security guard and she makes a half-assed complaint? Threatens to use electric shock on her child because SHE cannot take it anymore? Threatens to send him away because SHE cannot take it anymore? Gluten-free diet for brain inflammation? By the way, TBI is not brain inflammation as far as I know (I might be wrong). Lena is like those parents who say that they love their disabled kid but only if they are what the parent wants them to be. If the disability manifests in a way the parent finds hard of unpleasant, they blame the child and whine about how hard life is. I could go on and on about this but I just want the woman to be gone, Seriously. I would never tell a disabled person who has CPTSD due to parent decision/inaction/hate to watch this show. It would be extremely triggering. Now, the writing: Stories that go incomplete: The school business seem so far-fetched to me, I don't even care what happens next. A rich guy wants something, it gets. It is a charter school, and I think it requires more than the school board to weigh in. I believe it would require the whole state legislature to approve changes since there is public funding involved. The whole DACA thing seemed a little rushed (so far at least) but it seems accurate. The fear Ximena shows when asked why she didn't re-apply is something that I see happening at this exact moment - just read about it actually. Funny enough, I don't think Aaron is terrible. I like how his lines make me feel like I am learning something about how trans people deal with privacy and having a (new?) sex partner. What I cannot stand is Callie's reaction to everything. The protest meeting, when they are training to peacefully disobey had a big flaw. The guy speaking seemed to be saying that if a person is not willing to be arrested, they should just leave. That's not how a serious, engaged group of protesters would do. They want many people but they also know that not everybody can afford to be arrested. Some people will protest and as soon as the police tells them to disperse they will. Depends on their status: disabled people that might break bones, or have seizures, or suffocate; black people in some communities where there is tension between the police and PoC; undocumented immigrants that might be deported. Serious protests take all this in consideration. They want volume, but they want people to be safe. This is all for now. Big rant because this show became a big bore. Will finish the season on hate-watch mode.
  13. The Fosters in the Media

    Thank you for that. I am not on any social media but I know a few names of very active people who call out TV and film portrayal of disabled people. I would encourage you to contact Dominick Evans on twitter, and Disability Visibility Project - Twitter and Facebook, not sure about Tumblr.
  14. S05.E09: Prom

    ICE cannot arrest American citizens that help immigrants. They do arrest American citizens and documented immigrants because they are a bunch of authoritarians who think they can do whatever but it is unconstitutional for them to do that. They are not law enforcement, they are immigration enforcement.
  15. S02.E11: You Want a War?

    I finished watching and I am a little confused because there was so much happening in the last episode but they spent too much time in the Sun/brother chase. So, where is Wolfgang? Was he rescued? Lila is still out there (on in there) so he is not really safe is he? Ans I thought that the interrogation room where Whispers and Will meet was a place they created for that purpose but somehow Will manage to trick Whispers to go to a physical place? How is that possible? I know I have to watch at least the last two episodes again because there are more holes than the usual not-completely-possible-but-I'll-go-with-it plots and sequences. Maybe they intended for another episode and edited too much when decided to stick with the 11 episodes (one of them was a 2-hour). I wonder if there are deleted scenes.