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  1. S03.E01: L-O-N--LONDON (Part One)

    I wish they had spent more than one line on the "airlines always mess up your wheelchair". That's such a big problem with traveling, so many wheelchairs broken and lost. It is the activist in me, I know. Not ver funny for a sitcom.
  2. S04.E02: When To Let Go (2)

    That's the extremely bad writing. They write the episodes not to tell a good story but, knowing that everything will end up well, to show heroism and going for the "wow, wish I had a doctor like this! So brave!" If a doctor did this experiment on me, I would sue his ass. survival as a fluke is not acceptable and experiment in human beings is a very nazi thing to do. Besides, listening to a group of people because "they are family, sniff, sniff" and risking a life because "she is brave, how can she live without being a firefighter" is malpractice. A good writing team would come back to this in a near episode. Not holding my breath tough. Two points: I can't stand the character mostly because I can't stand the actor. It is like watching a doll. Same tone, same posture, same facial expressions for all emotions. Add to that the fact that what a utopian life this nurse has! In a hospital, in the midst of a deluge of patients with serious injuries, a nurse can take the time to watch a surgery? Do these writers have any link to reality at all? They could at least added a couple of lines to indicate that she stopped by for just a second, so busy she was. But then again, how can an expressionless person convey the urgency of saving lives? As for Ava, I wish she had been tougher. She gave the strange look but she also seemed infatuated by the actions of a super doctor. Writers cannot really write medical dramas anymore. All the current ones only show the type of hospitals I would never wanted to be treated in.
  3. The Eyes: News and Media

    Fair. I didn't say that because I think it is a fact. I just happen to agree with them. I do agree with you that each person will have a favorite/better medium. I didn't mean to imply that an actor needs to be a theater actor to be considered good. I just meant to say that an actor can show their craft more broadly on a stage, while a director can do that on TV. Historically, if I am not messing up my history, acting didn't used directors because obviously there was no TV them (middle ages/renaissance). I know that villagers would perform in a very improvised way.
  4. The Eyes: News and Media

    I don't understand "two entirely different mediums". How do you see them as entirely different? My statement wasn't really my opinion, but something I have heard from actors, that made me think and I agree. They were referring to the pace of TV, how things are shot several times and out of order, then put together in the editing room. There needs to be a vision that comes from the director. They are the ones who will piece things together to make the whole we see. In theater, the actor needs to be "in the moment" and the interaction with the audience is in real time. There is no piecing together or a do-over - not with the same audience.
  5. The Eyes: News and Media

    Television is not the main medium for actors to show their talent. That would be the theater. A good writing and a good direction can make a near mediocre actor shine, even if it only for a scene or two. Some actors are really great, some are better on TV, and some are not only "better" on TV but also lucky (or well connected enough) to have a decent career, sometimes a great one. But they are not, on itself, great actors. Now, as for award shows, I don't think they are usually fair anyway. There is a lot to lobbying and depending on who is backing which actor, said actor will get more voters. Remember, Hollywood is just like politics: it is all about money and connections. Sometimes the choices match the popular favorite, or the actual best actor (if you look at the whole body of work) but it is mostly a big PR party. And since they have to submit a certain episode, it is easy to dismiss big failures and rely on that ONE scene from ONE episode. Not a very popular opinion but I have seen this happening a lot, when I used to watch TV more regularly.
  6. Speechless in the Media

    I stopped watching the show but how they talk about disabilities and disabled people matters to me, so I come here. If I understand what you guys are posting, it seems to me that JJ and the disabilities theme has become a major marketing tool but not so much part of the whole show. For what I remember of the character, JJ would be looking for other disabled people to interact, advocate - and boy will he have to advocate for himself as an adult. I was hoping that the show would be able to keep up, and hopefully employ some other disabled actors. It looks like they just want to keep the minimum to please the larger audience, not getting too deep into the real stigma. If writers cannot do that, they are not good writers, in my opinion.
  7. The Eyes: News and Media

    A little exercise in shallowness: Samira Wiley looked absolutely fantastic at the Emmy's.
  8. The Resistance: Theories for Season 3

    I think the writers did a poor job on the storyline because they wanted to overdramatize a escape, just to have the escapee throw it all out. They need June to stay in Gilead because they are not good enough to imagine stories that do not center on June, Gilead and the Waterfords. In their minds, EM is the only actor that can lead them all, so the character needs to be where things are going to happen. Again, no imagination.
  9. Speechless in the Media

    This article just mentions Speechless ("huge success") but it is about disabilities and representation, so probably of interest of many here. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/aug/10/kurt-yaeger-sons-of-anarchy-ncis-disabled-actor-hollywood
  10. The Eyes: News and Media

    I just want to quote the whole thing because it is perfect. That's all.
  11. The Fosters in the Media

    I didn't see it either, just posted here as a curiosity. The trailer is really silly and I am not interested in the story.
  12. The Eyes: News and Media

    I don't agree with everything in this article. One of the top pick commenter makes a better case regarding THT season 2. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2018/aug/02/tvs-boom-and-bust-cycle-why-shows-are-hot-and-then-suddenly-not#comment-119023506
  13. The Fosters in the Media

    Maia Mitchell's film review - with clip https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/aug/01/never-goin-back-review-augustin-frizzell
  14. Not a fan of Elisabeth Moss either but I thought she played a convincing teenager in TWW, in the first couple of seasons. After that the writing for the character was all over the place, there wasn't much she could do with it. On Top of The Lake she was terrible. I had a very hard time watching that show. Some say that her accent was one of the worst ever attempted by an American actor. I liked Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls but I only watched the first two seasons. And I don't really remember Traveling Pants. Never saw Joseph Fiennes in anything other than Shakespeare in Love. Didn't like him then, don't like him now.
  15. Marcella Season 2: All Episodes Talk

    I like this show. Or liked it. I hope there is no season 3 because it delved into Marvel/DC Comic land and I don't really like that stuff. Marcella was an interesting enough character to me. Even if the show had all these plots to confuse us, I still liked it. Maybe because it is very different from the soap operas and completely off the mark American cop shows turn into. But the show lost me at the end. I can't stand the husband and felt like they want to shove him down our throats. Edward is a sociopath. Torturing and killing animals is the first red flag. Like others said, the "suicide" was never really resolved. I don't know anything about hypnosis but I do know that it is not done that way. It can't be. "Relax, breath, remember, wake up". Seriously, show? And then there is the "Super!Villain! The woman did it all, got away with it all, for years. What an infinite pool of resources she had.