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  1. I think Amber isn’t trying to get the money Matt stole from her because Matt’s probably thrown out the “Come after me for the money and I’ll have my publisher on speed dial for a ‘tell all’ book on your lazy ass.” It just seems odd that she will allow this man to play her on national television and not want some sort of revenge for it. Something tells me Matt is going to do this book as things may get desperate for him. Since he never shared a child with her he’s not being filmed anymore like Nathan, and Javi are for not being the original dads. MTV has made it look like he’s never existed to get their revenge on him for acting all high and mighty when using Ambers money and for how he talked to that one producer in Vegas. His “celebrity” vanished overnight and he’s BROKE! I want a tell all book. Even though it will put money in his pocket, I want to know how Amber was behind closed doors because then maybe that will get the remaining leg humpers off her leg and eventually the show will be canceled. ETA: I meant for this to be in the Amber thread. I’m sorry.
  2. Lmao!!! Growing up in Boston people would solely give directions based on “dunks” or “dunkies” ex: What you want to do is go down Adams st until you reach the dunks then make a left and you will see both a dunkies on the right and another dunkies on the opposite side of the street then keep going straight then will want to make a left yield once you reach the round a bout and make your next right at dunks you’ve gone too far if you see a honey do donut shop. If you still get lost go inside dunkies and ask the workers inside for directions. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 When I took my husband up there to visit family he was like “there are more Dunkin’ donuts here than there are gas stations!!” And my Uncle was like “Don’t call it that! It’s dunks!” 🤪 Anywho! I couldn’t find a Dunkies in Puerto Rico!!!! This was in 2005, so maybe they finally added one, as I remember getting super excited, way too excited perhaps, that the flight on JetBlue to go back home served Dunkies coffee - the designer cup and all.
  3. Wow! I don’t have a Twitter but was able to read some of the comments she’s been getting thanks to those of you who post the twitter links. They went from people kissing her ass to totally ripping her a new asshole for Briana to spit on. This one particular episode DESTROYED her positive fan base. People are not liking the fact that she used her breakup with Matt as a reason to not see Leah to then get pregnant so soon after the breakup while still not seeing Leah while vacationing in hawaii when she’s behind $9600 on child support and not bringing Leah on the trip. She must’ve gotten a gold plated shovel for the grave she dug herself into. No more “sending love” BS. The leg humpers are ANGRY with her money bragging while they struggle to pay rent. Wow. Just wow! I almost felt bad for Amber reading those comments, well, not really.
  4. You love to remind us ALL about that nasty tweet 🤢 LMAO!!!!!!
  5. If Gary were me I’d take little clips of Amber at Hawaii, sitting in her expensive Range Rover and showcase the Instagram rant of her with her safeful of money to the judge at the next child support hearing. That 1200.00 should be RAISED since she now makes a lot more since 2016 but I’m sure Gary never tried to get it increased in fear of pushing Amber into an episode of depression. ☹️ He needs screenshots of the “tweet and deletes” (obviously before she deletes lol) showing the judge how she’s braggjng about monies from MBC, and how she’s richer than all of us peons but won’t pay her child support!!! You see with Amber, she’s got selfish meningitis to where her brain tells her that buying ostentatious cars, furniture, jewelry and gettin her eyelashes done far exceed the importance of paying child support to help her daughter thrive since she is without her biological mother. How do you book a flight to HAWAII knowing that you haven’t seen your child or financially helped your child? If I were “rich” like her and hadn’t visited my child you bet your ass I would be “paid as agreed” on my child support just so that I could sleep better at night and at least have that to fall back on when people are telling me I’m a bad mother on Twitter “but I PAY my child support!!!! Men do it all of the time! They hardly see their kids but financially support them!” Then people would be less harsh. Stupid Amber.
  6. 🤯 Poor Greatgazu 😊 We need to ask the moderators to put that in his thread title - Gar Bear - the nondeadbeat father rental owner Boom.
  7. Hmmm, on “it’s a wrap” they were hinting about having a baby together. You see folks, holding out for a solid 6 months of dating before having a baby is the smart thing to do (in the TEEN MOM world - in OUR world you want to be with someone more than 6 months to plan for a baby) due to the revolving door of relationships these people have. I was seriously expecting some pregnancy news by now. I shocked and impressed that no babies or weddings came out of this 4 month relationship. Impressed. Sacrcasm. ETA: I forgot they have shared custody of the dog. See folks, this is why you should wait at least a year of dating before you get a pet together. They had the dog for what? Two weeks before splitting up?? Thank goodness we’re talking about a dog and not a pregnancy.
  8. Watching the scene with Crazy Debra and her mother I saw such a huge resemblance between the two. They looked like sisters. I don’t find Debra pretty so I’m glad Farrah took her dads looks. I don’t think Farrah’s dad is cute or anything but Debra always appeared creepy looking to me. It’s hard to explain, and it was before and after the surgery. Her mouth, the way she talks, her hips and thigh shape, all weird to me lol. I know she can’t help how her hips and thighs look but she can camouflage it with forgoing the tight leather pants with crop tops.
  9. Agreed! Owning rentals is a job. SAHM is a job! When Amber said “while I was working in boot camp for three weeks they sat on their asses doing nothing” I wanted to chuck my laptop. They take care of three kids (the camera crew aren’t there all the time so Kristina’s other daughter is there when the crew leaves) and I HIGHLY call that sitting on their ass doing nothing. Once Christmas break was over I was so happy to have the kids go back to school so I could work because they wore me out. We have to remember Amber has NEVER raised a child so she has no idea the amount of hard work that is involved in raising kids. Not just leaving them in their crib with a messy diaper, but to actually be an attentive parent who teaches, listens, guides their child. Leah’s entering that age when Math/Science homework etc is getting a bit harder than it was and she will need her parents Kristina and Gary to help her. There’s no clocking out for a real parent while maintaining the home with cleaning, laundry, paying bills, grocery shopping, feeding barn animals/ she can pound sand with the “they did nothing” statement. I have NEVER seen an episode with those two sitting on a couch or in their bed - and they are the ones with an excuse to be sitting or “relaxing” for a minute to catch their breath. GTFOH Amber! Oops. Went on another rant. I promise that was suppose to have been a short “I agree” comment @GreatKazu these people bring out the worst in me.
  10. Well, That was a heartracing kinda episode. Where to start... Oh, I’m usually a terrific judge of people and I can say with great certainty that Jen loves Maci like a daughter (she knows she wasn’t a good match for Ryan, due to Ryan’s faults) and could TELL that she looked like a turtle looking for its shell during that cackling scene about Maci. She didn’t want any part of that and Mackenzie could feel it. Which makes Mackenzie hate maci even MORE knowing the new mom in-law loves the “baby momma”. Amber is a lying liar that lies!!! How staged was that scene where they’re talking about how she never gets sick like that only when pregnant with Leah. Her producers are real dicks for showing happiness for this shit show. A baby is now involved in her delusional life. Leah has Gary and Kristina, this baby will only have sleeping nonbeauty and the unabomber to take care of him. Pfft. Oh don’t you worry Amber, you can use postpartum depression as your next reason for skipping out on this baby (I take postpartum very seriously but I see Amber milking it...) ...but who will take all of the Instagram photos? Hearing her say “I need time to relax so we’re going to Hawaii!” Relax from what??? Your vacation to the boot camp house? Vegas? Puerto Rico? As they zoom in on Gary and Kristina, real parents, feeding chickens looking like they don’t get more than two hours a week to watch a movie on netflix without having to have close captioning on in order to see what’s going on in the movie (with three kids in the house my husband and I always click “CC” otherwise the kids laughter from playing makes it hard to hear any program) that could really use the time to RELAX from real life!!!!!!! She’s got to see how she comes across?!?! They all do?? Knowing they all don’t work and some don’t parent their kids, they have got to know how annoying they sound when they complain about stress or needing a vacation?!?!? Ugh.
  11. I love stories about haunted boarding schools. I’ve seen some good documentaries on the subject. Please let us know when you release your book. I do kindle on Amazon all of the time!!!!
  12. This is a prime example of why I want to chuck my tv out the window when these idiots talk about how “stressed” they are! They wouldn’t know stress. Being paralyzed and needing an aide (that cost so much money) just to get ready for work sounds exhausting and that’s before he works his shift. A headache would make these fuckheads call in sick to work. Hugs to you and your family.
  13. Unfortunately, I don’t EVER see this snow canceling. I see it turning into a Kardashian/real word/ type of show that is continuous. MTV knows that these “teen” moms children are getting close to the ages where they will rebel against their parents to create more drama. Plus, they may incorporate the kids (when they become teens themselves) very own drama when they begin dating at 15/16 with the strong possibility of an “oopsie” 16 and pregnant baby. The world will want to see Gracie’s baby being born while watching Leah and Corey as young grandparents. You see, MTV knows we are invested in these girls and their families and will keep it going just as long as there are snark boards , much like this one, and leg humpers on social media hanging on their every word. I want it canceled, except that I will miss snarking with you all funny ass people, but it ain’t going to happen. I want to see them suffer by losing all of that easy money and to work real 9-5 jobs but it ain’t happening. They may even bring Farrah back. 😔
  14. I only watched this show because I was bored and wanted a laugh and I ended up watching the entire season in one week while I packed my house to sell. The people I thought were going to be the train wrecks ended up being the least crazy towards the end. I seriously thought Kortni was going to entertain us with tons of drunken shenanigans throughout but her energy fizzled out by episode 3. I don’t like how Nilsa had a claim on two of the most attractive guys in the house and got all immature when Jeremiah asked Kortni on that weird #notadate. At first I thought Aimee was so adorable and sweet but as the episodes went on she jumped into my shit list bucket where Nilsa was hanging out. I don’t like it when women cuss and yell into men’s faces but cry “you don’t talk to a woman like that” when the guys defend themselves. I most certainly don’t think it’s fair that Aimee physically assaulted Kirk and everyone was basically telling Kirk to calm down and apologize. Wtf??? If that shit was reversed Kirk would be scrutinized, arrested or attacked by the men of the house if he’d be the one to push Aimee. I don’t like the double standards. She hurt Kirk and she should have been the one to apologize. FFS. Aimee and Nilsa spent the entire summer living in a world of double standards and hypocrisy. They did nothing but harass, bully and hurt the feelings of the male cast members but cried “don’t treat women like that” when the men defended themselves. In that cab ride Aimee was the one to say she wouldn’t have sex with any of the men in the house and that she wasn’t attracted to them, but that was ok, when the men said the exact same thing everyone went on a “she doesn’t deserve to be told she’s not good enough” so they gave her a special mermaid day...fuckin forget that Kirk and Codi’s Feelings were hurt when she said the same to them, and she started that whole BS. Also part of their hypocrisy was their “you don’t disrespect women” but the girls were quick to disrespect Kayla Jo and any other women they decided to talk to at the bars. Fuck that! Where was the sisterhood when Nilsa and Kortni ganged up on Kayla Jo? Josh was a douche bag...he’s creepy looking. I don’t care how pumped up they look, those two Freedom Fighters are compensating for something with all of that muscle...some crazy is buried under the rug with those two brothers. And holy fucking emotions. The men of he house were more feminine than the ladies (nothing wrong with that) I’ve never seen so many men on one show so open with their emotions and feeling self aware and able to cry on television...again, nothing wrong with that it’s just different from what I’m use to seeing on these shows. Even though I can’t stand it when people go on and on about their ex to a potential new mate, but Josh really overreacted over Nilsa mentioning her drunken phone calls. Methinks that Jeremiah told Josh about how Nilsa kept cock blocking him with Kayla Jo and with her friend Katrina and wanted revenge so Josh thought to himself “I don’t see this going anywhere past a quick hookup so let me help my brother out and get revenge on this girl!” They wanted to embarrass her and cock block. No sympathy from me...Nilsa deserved it after all of her shit stirring. I’m over the idea that the women can do as they please and the men have to always respect them. I’m a female and proud feminist...women are working too hard to get the respect that they deserve but we also need to give respect in return. Woah! I wrote too much. P.S. Kortni is going to regret that peeing on someone’s bed scene and the beach scene where she went nutzo. She can pretend that it doesn’t bother her but that shit will haunt her when she starts looking for a career where background investigations are part of the hiring process or to be respected...these fools don’t understand that they gave away privacy for some 15 minutes of fame and quick cash. I’m not jealous one bit.
  15. I’m not one to judge a woman that is in her aging process but daaaaaamn. I’m 36 and look hellava lot younger than this 46 year old pretending to be 25 on television. The jig is up MTV! You hired all these girls to act 16 just for the ratings because they all look too busted for their twenties. She seriously needs to stop scrunching her face the way she does. It may have been cute at 13 but those lines ...