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  1. Is it still 5 days of the week? Or was that just temporarily at the beginning when Cate had undiagnosed postpartum depression? I can't believe she'd have Nova at Aprils hat much without having a job - especially when she knows April is a terrible caretaker judging by her own childhood. I don't understand these people.
  2. Awesome detective work. I wonder what's going on inside the Amber home right now with all of this new drama unfolding. Amber is still wanting to marry this user?
  3. 1981. I heard about them but everyone in my circle were listening to U2, Alanis Morrisette, Nirvana, and the rest of the grunge/alternative music. The rap lovers, or r&b lovers were blasting Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Cypress Hill. My brother had a Wu Tang poster on his bedroom wall and I called him a poser in front of his friends (he deserved it at the time) when as soon as his friends would leave he'd be busting out in "Mmm Bop" with me on the way to school. Amber can sit her ass down with the Wu Tang reference. She went for the first artist she could think of to show off her "street cred" but I would've went for Tupac because everyone knows at least ONE of his songs/w lyrics to back up any claim if put into a corner after sharing the "love" for the artist Lol. Kids born around 1992 didn't start paying attention to music (I didn't pay attention to bands until I was 8-10 when the new kids on the block became hugely famous - I collected the large pins of their faces and collected their trading cards - I 💜Joey McIntrye) until 2002 when smash mouth and Britney Spears were at their prime and Wu Tang was fading. I'll give her Eminem as her biggest ticket to "street cred" and I still love him to this day. Haha. Thanks for the trip on memory lane. Where were YOU when you first heard the artist aforementioned? Lol. 🤣
  4. I watched the After show and Nessa showed the clip but never asked Maci about it. I think she was saying they get drunk and have terrible fights. She's just skinny. I hate the weird way to walks and can't stand how she dresses her body. lol. But this picture should have NEVER surfaced. Yikes. That's what T-Money has to look at when he's sliding in third base. 😝
  5. I'm trying to read through the twitter comments to see what was with that crazy phone call that was recorded by Tiffany and I'm not seeing anything - im not the greatest with Twitter. What's going on? Lol.
  6. Yeah, I finally watched the episode and after show...this is what happens when you try to boycott the new season. You're left leaving bonehead posts on a forum. 🤣🤣 I'm all caught up now. Thanks! 🤗
  7. I tried my hardest not to watch this season because I want the ratings to plummet but after reading all the snark here, I chose to watch while I folded laundry for a family of five (tons of clothes). I felt so bad for Tyler because he opened up to Catelynn about how he's feeling and she just made strange faces and turned the topic to her thinking it's about what she's done wrong and offered nothing to the conversation as she stared at her fingers making the toughest decision to her in her life, which nail to bite next and which one will turn into a hangnail if bitten too far down causing blood. Tyler gave her so much support when she was struggling, and all she could do is say "I thought you were happy when you acted happily." Every time I watch these two I always see a one-sided conversation because talking requires too much effort on Cate's part and she rather play candy crush or watches her twitter followers for 5-hours. Tyler is definitely jerking off to some porn when she peels herself off the couch and goes to bed. Take a shower and use eye makeup remover. Farrah - She actually seemed a bit normal in this episode. Normal for Farrah, aside from the bitchy scene with her mom, she seemed normal at her store talking to employees, as I hope that is how she really is and the rest is an act for the ratings. Her mom is super annoying and I'd probably talk to her that way if I was around her more than a few hours (No I wouldn't, I don't like being mean to people but I'm in a bitchy mood - I hate folding clothes) because she acts so fake. I can't stand her whiny sounding voice and her overly neediness to Sophia's attention and hugs. Creepy grandma. Grandmothers are supposed to be so cute and loving while making apple pie and giving those awesome grandma snuggles, not walking around in leather pants and rapping with her "crew" or "rap "entourage" for music videos. While I'm really feeling bitchy, which I am, I think that Debra has the WEIRDEST BODY SHAPE, very wide thighs and shouldn't wear form fitting clothing. I feel like I'm going to go to hell for commenting on something that a person can't control, but I'm typing it anyway. You don't have to dress like a Grandma but - yeah. Farrah's blonde hair doesn't look right, she can be a pretty girl when she wants to be but I think the color brunette is for her not blonde. Amber - Dang, you always sound so annoyed and bitchy. When she was in the car complaining about her tooth she sounds so whiny when talking to people. And If you can make fun of Gary and his favorite Dadbod shirt then you can sit still and hear when he dishes it back. I hated when Amber was talking about how far she's come. These girls haven't done anything (accept Farrah) to claim they've come a long way. Go to bed and shit up about your woman boss crap. You're a boss of a crappy online clothing store that anyone can do, really. You buy that crap in bulk and start a website easy peasy. The after show pissed me off. I hated Amber's hairstyle and how she gets super cocky when on stage with Catelynn and Maci. Catelynn can shut up about dissing Farrah, she only says that crap behind the scenes, but never to Farrah's face Mrs. "Trashy Bitch". I like how Farrah didn't give hardly any attention to the fight after the three stooges focused on it for most of their stage time. I hate Farrah but damn, I'd be saying the same shit she is saying about not wanting toxic people in my life even if she instigated the fight. I really don't understand the 95% team amber. Are there really that many people that think violence is okay?? Scary thought. Well, I'm done being bitchy, most of you know how I usually post, happy and upbeat, but today I'm so annoyed and need to vent so I took my anger out on the Teen mom girls. Haha. I feel much better!!! I love this site. :-)
  8. I saw the clip, and quite frankly, I'm exhausted listening to Butch blabber on about his self-awareness just to fail all over again. I'm no fan of Tyler but between Butch and Catelynn, I'm surprised he's not a raging alcoholic. Butch was all happy because his son is the only person giving him some unconditional love and is always there for him, meanwhile, Tyler doesn't get the same feeling of unconditional love in return. This man said he had chosen choke over his son and now he's living in his son's old house. I have to give Tyler kudos for how he's handling his wife and father being life suckers.
  9. I haven't seen the after show, but they DID film a separate show for Farrah? That's too funny if Farrah brought in more ratings by herself than her three nemesis. I don't like Farrah but I can't stand the way those three gang up on her so this would be sweet revenge for Farrah, especially since Amber said she herself is the reason the show got cancelled and brought back due to her time in prison when in fact it IS Farrah that revived the show and kept it affloat. Again, I hate Farrah but not as much as the other three. Also, I don't get why a lot of you say "Catelynn is trying to get in with the cool kids" being Maci. I don't see why everyone thinks Maci is the cool one or would be the popular one in school. Enlighten me? Because when I watched her 16&pregnant episode she seems like the emo type with the piercings and whatnot. I have no idea lol. I just don't see her as the "everyone wants to be friends with" type. I can't stand how slow she talks. 😕
  10. I'm team Gary but I can't forget when he spent $20 on a crib for Leah from a yard sale, a $20 engagement ring for Amber followed by a $400 PlayStation for himself that he later returned to redeem himself. Lol. Point being he is cheap and "on a budget" when buying for others and is currently playing monopoly with his neighborhood. 🤣🤣 Again, I'm team Gary and I love that he's a coupon clipper.
  11. Nova is 3 months older than my daughter, so 2 years and 3 months. Do kids start school this early??? Am I behind? 😧😧I'm a work from home mom and I'm not ready to send her off to school at two years old. 😩
  12. What happened? Was this done by Amber, recently? Uh, the dregs of society. 😐
  13. The Ashley confirmed the phone number as being Matts but I haven't seen anything from Amber about it. Usually when something like this comes out she's out full force defending Gnat. The texts were so immature and 40 something year olds speak so vaguely on text? Neither one of them would get to the point. Any idea on who the mystery woman is? The Ashley says she's got a juicy story in works centered around a cast member of teen mom and I'm wondering if this is it because that should be a deal breaker for Mamber...
  14. I watched the "Being Matt" just so that I could "take one for the team." It was awful. And when the producer interrupted Matt's spiel at the golf place I thought he was going to go nuts. He literally snapped when she dared to interrupt his majesty while he spoke his cigarette ridden tale of being deadbeatdaddy-notdeadbeatdaddy. Then Amber getting all pissy because Matt said the corvette was "their car" and she was all "the corvette is MY car, our money is our money but he shouldn't forget I make more than he does!" Wow! The whole episode was awkward especially when they picked up the kids from the airport. Awkward. They must've filmed in like four separate cars that are super expensive then Matt buys his daughter something off a used car lot. Nothing wrong with a used car lot but he was bragging about the corvette, rover and the other cars and he picks his baby girl out an old car. Nice. Again, nothing wrong with a used car especially for a 19-year-old but the way Matt and Amber are throwing thousands at guitars, cars, and memorabilia you'd think the daughter would get something better. I hate Matt even more. Amber was getting pissed when Matt threw $200 Christopher's way for a phone bill when his phone DID work but Chris was just avoiding them. Amber, newsflash, Matt's spending your money on all of his kids and his hobbies and you'll be penniless when the show is over. The dude "bought" you a corvette that he claims as his own - sureeeeee you were the sole reason for the "gift". Just when my ex-boyfriend bought me drum sticks to go with HIS drum set for my birthday - Read: ex. I'm sorry if this post is filled with grammar errors, I'm using my phone and the autocorrect blows.
  15. She's sooooo trying hard to laugh at herself. #tryhard #youarenotfoolinganyone #cryinyourpillow #cantbeatthemjointhemdoesntapply She's definitely trolling this site to know we nicknamed her Karl lol.