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  1. Dave testing bug report.
  2. test 123
  3. Damn, Javi. I'm also throwing tons of side-eye at the "it seems fine with Lowry" as we knowwwwww that beast has her head spinning like the exorcist. Even though I hate Kailyn, Javi shouldn't have gone for her co-star. There's enough silly women that want to trap a military man, he could've found someone outside of the Teen Mom gene pool. The show is turning into a soap opera among cast mates (I hate calling them cast mates, btw, they aren't actors). Nice way for Bri to try and fit in with her new co-workers, lol, collecting ex-husbands. ๐Ÿคฃ Bri, you sure are an ambitious person. You go get you yours!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. If this was filmed before the wedding, why would Jenelle marry that creep if he's that controlling, that angry, and puts his hands on her? I loathe Jenelle but the girl is only 5'1" and UBT is VERY tall. He could do some damage to her giving her not a fair chance to defend herself. Gawd, if it's because "nobody will want a girl with three kids by three baby daddies" then I have no sympathy. Didn't she say "nobody will want someone that has two kids by two different dads" when she was talking about breaking up with Nathan? Obviously you can find another loser Jenelle, but next time, find one that won't be abusive to you or your kids. Better yet, stay single. Those kids are the ones I sympathize over.
  5. IMO, Amber is worst than Jenelle. Amber has violently attacked her child's father. Tried to attack both Farrah and Simon. Threatens bodily harm to people that disagree with her. Never parented Leah. Chose men over visits with Leah. Never cleans her home. Constantly screams at people or tries to intimidate them. Amber is always saying how she wants to open up rehab facilities and that's partial reason why she started beforeverhautenomore for the proceeds but I don't believe one stinkin' word of it. I wonder if someone has asked if any of her earnings from her boutique has gone towards a separate account for saving towards those rehabs?? Amber and Jenelle are creepishly similiar (even though Amber thinks she's sooooo much better and classier than Jenelle) but Amber's the one to quickly resort to violence. Jenelle's more of the socio path that enjoys manipulating people to fight her battles for her. Actually, I'm not sure who is worst because they both are people you can't trust, awful mothers, abandoned their kids so they could get high. They both have resorted to physical attacks. I think I just confused myself lol. Um, I still think Amber is worst.
  6. Really?? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I'm in the middle of staging my house for pictures for our realtor and I was trying to find a good way of making our stainless steel appliances look better in the photos. Thanks for the tip! FYI, I wish I didn't get all stainless still either, which is why we are happy to roll the brand new (6 months old) appliances in the sale of the home. Any tips on cleaning a glass top oven? Lol. I will never again buy one. Back to the show. I don't think Chelsea's house is filthy at all, however I'm just confused on why these girls and their significant others don't take the time out to make the home look great for ONLY 1-2 weeks of filming. Lol. I love having my home looked lived in but if I were getting paid 300k for camera people to be in my house for 1-2 weeks I will do my best to have it looking the best it's ever looked. But that's just me. I don't care if people have clutter, as long as it's not DIRTY with old food and cat poop (Nova's bedroom) and dirty tampons lying around (Leah TM2) then enjoy your cluttered home.
  7. Any word on what Matt's up to? Are they still filming him after the breakup? Just trying to figure out if Matt is still getting an MTV paycheck or if he's couch hopping due to being broke. Hoping for the latter.
  8. I THOUGHT I saw her slap Ali first!! I was like "Ali girl, tell your momma Gracie HIT you first!" I'm wondering if she's scared of Gracie and has been worned by her sister not to tattle on her or else?!? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Gah, it's like watching Leah and Corey fight. Ali and Gracie are adorable but they BOTH resemble their parents. Ali is all Corey and Gracie is all Leah. It's funny how that works with twins. With my son, he has my hair color and eye color but my husband strong facial features. Our daughter has my husband's hair and eye color but my mothers strong facial features. Genetics is an amazing thing. I just wish I didn't get my dads large head and creepy feet. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
  9. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I actually enjoyed this episode. I saw a new side to Farrah and Simon and I'm starting to wonder if their fighting was for show and if Farrah acts like a super b'yatch for the cameras. Farrah was rude to that Alex dude but I guess many people don't like giving hugs to random people and Farrah is just one of those types to not be fake and suck it up buttercup - she directly says "I don't do hugs" versus someone that does it hesitantly or complains behinds the huggers back. Lol. I have got to throw in a complaint somewhere so I will start with the outfit she was wearing to look at the property. It was ugly!! Not a flattering outfit at all. I just don't like stretchy pants on anyone unless they wear a long shirt with it. I honestly think Simon and Farrah go well together and do see them eventually getting married regardless of how they deny the hope of their future together. Farrah is socially awkward. The way she talks to people is weird. Like how she talked to that young kid during the last scene at the families home. The weird over-the-top laugh with the huuuuge grin is creepy lol. Other than that, she was tolerable in this "being Farrah/Simon?" It was more a show about the both of them whereas others doing these "being..." specials get sole attention without sharing the spotlight. It was refreshing to watch a "Being..." special where people were actually doing real work. No couch sitting aside from when Simon was talking about his radio shack days. I can't stand Farrah, but when she's not with her family she's actually decent towards other people and has great work ethic. I think maybe therapy is helping her. Let's hope this side of her continues onto the next season. I would really like to see Farrah turn into the fan favorite if she continues to be nice to people and stay professional. She still has her bitchy moments but I like her better than Amber, Kailyn, Catelynn and Jenelle so I'm going to hope she's off on the right start. Please, please MTV, tell us she was just being cruel for the cameras and because her mom is annoying and this is her true personality - tell her to keep showing us this side. I can't believe I said so many nice things about her. I'm pinching myself and it hurts. I'm not dreaming. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
  10. In response the clutter. I could NOT have agreed more. I used to go in panic attack mode when I'd get a phone call from someone saying "Oh hey! I'm in the area and want to stop by - 15 minutes coffee?" Oooooooooooh hell naw! Girlfriend knows I have three kids two of them in diapers! I nearly broke my neck one time rushing piles of laundry upstairs to my bedroom where they would stay in shame until my AWESOMELY unpredictable friend leaves after coffee. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ My house isn't DIRTY, it's lived in with a few "I'll get it tomorrow I'm off to bed" thrown into the mix. How I see it is, as long as your bathrooms are clean, the kitchen is free of dishes and crumbs on the counter the home can be in somewhat a disarray. There's a huge difference between clutter and dirty.
  11. One more thing. I think this is the first time an episode thread has reached 7-pages in only two days since it aired. The view count and comment count has surpassed Brianna's thread. I missed my entire lunch because I was trying to get caught up on the snark that my tuna fish sandwich has to be eaten tonight. Sadly, is not because it was an entertaining episode. It was due to the sadness and horror we witnessed in the eyes of beautiful children. Seeing Kaiser's "oh shit! I'm in for it now!" look on his face before UBT frighteningly grabbed him by his young arm sent chills down my spine and my own maternal extincts had my body jolting after the screen as if I just witnessed someone hurt my own child. ๐Ÿ˜“ My youngest is 2 years and 8 months old and I could NEVER imagine swearing at her, yanking her arm that is still DEVELOPING because she sparked a natural interest in looking at a cool camera. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh man, I'm about to tear up just typing this. I sing and read to my beautiful children every night and it pains me to know that Kaiser will only get read or sang to if a camera is on him or for social media. This show is becoming too SICK for viewers to watch. Those poor kids. I hate UBT!!!!
  12. Yes!!!!! I completely forgot to mention this in my previous post. When my husband and I were going through newborn bootcamp (3 babies - not at the same time lol) one would wake up to feed and change the baby while the other one slept to get rest for the very next feeding/changing. We would alternate between each feeding. Unless of course Roxanne and Brittany all have jobs and can't be THAT involved which makes Brianna look even more insensitive because she's keeping EVERYONE awake when she should be handling it then rest when they get home from work. There's no reason for all of the ladies (including sweet nova) to be awake all hours while Brianna tends to Stella. Methinks, the coven are so excited about filming that they want to make sure they are all IN EVERY SCENE!! They are all THIRSTY for the MTV paycheck. If there were no camera around I highly doubt that they would be sitting in every room together at every minute on the hour. Even Brittany said in an interview that she hardly hung around Brianna and Roxanne and now she's constantly with them??? They are thirsty for the reality show cameras!!! I hope when they start cashing those large MTV checks (I really hope they won't last long enough to see the 300k per season salary as Brianna doesn't deserve it since she offers NOTHING to society) they agree to get a bigger home so Nova can have her VERY OWN room!!!!!!
  13. @JuliesMommy I've been wondering about the late night scenes, too. Like, do they sleep over when filming (they were at Farrah's late, late at night when she went into labor.) or are they told to call up the camera crew and reenact part of what was missed? Eitherway, I'm sooooo over Brianna and her mother. It's not even snark worthy, as I just want them dumb women off my screen and to not get rich for being lazy and stupid. When I see poor Nova lose sleep because Brianna has to make sure the entire coven is awake while she burps the baby is very insensitive. Nova needs her OWN sleeping space with a newborn in the house. They could've bitched about Louis in the kitchen so Nova could sleep. It was sad when they zoomed in on Nova and she's got the "trying to keep my eyes open" look on her face. Or the look on her face that new parents of a newborn have. When Brianna said "I should be sleeping right now" I hollered at the screen "No!!! Your daughter, NOVA should be asleep right now as your ass is the mother of a newborn baby and is responsible for being up late to tend to Stella while your growing, innocent in this mess, child gets her proper amount of sleep to grow healthy!!!" You can't expect Louis to feel comfortable sleeping on the couch with women calling him a loser constantly. I think he would rather bond and care for Stella in the comfort of his own home. I'd be damned if I'm going to sit and care for my new baby while someone constantly yells and degrades me. Even if Louis is a loser, the dude showed up to make an attempt and they squashed all of his attempts of being involved. MTV, you're NOT adding ANYTHING to this show by adding Brianna. We don't like her and it's not because she wasn't there from the beginning, viewers just don't want to watch her!!!! We don't like Jenelle either but we watch her to keep an eye out on her kids wellbeing. I don't like Jenelle's producer Kristen. She is one of those people that acts sweet and innocent but is a shit stirrer. She was playing dumb with her "oh, I could've sworn you guys were fighting" crap!! Poor Maryssa had a look on her face that read "Kristen, you bitch!! They finally calmed down from that fight at 4:30am and now your dumbass has to bring attention back to it and I'll have to hear it all over again when your dumbass leaves after filming!!!!". Normally I wouldn't think an 8 year old girl (I think she's 8?) would think or talk like that but after the shit Maryssa has seen I wouldn't be shocked if she did. Poor girl has witnessed life of a 40 year old woman in an 8 year olds body. ๐Ÿ˜“ I felt bad for Ali. It's almost like she's becoming angry and bitter due to her limitations. When she was sitting there on her wheel chair bitching about everything from being sweaty, bored and wanting to leave I felt sadness for her and I wanted to hug her. She's at the age where shes understanding her condition much more and it's effecting her mood (just guessing). She needs extensive therapy with a reputable therapist to answer any question Ali has about muscular dystrophy and to express her honest feelings. I can't expect Corey or Leah to be perfect but Ali would have been less irritated and impatient during the fishing trip had she had a nice outdoor canopy tent over her while she played with her iPad, colored, or played with play dough - SOMETHING!!! Those canopy tents don't cost too much and are easy to setup and take down. I'd HATE to sit and watch people fishing let alone be stuck on a chair with the sun beating down on me. That sweet little girl.
  14. Kailyn is just using Jenelle to deflect people from her shitshow.
  15. I didn't do any dress changes for mine. If I allowed myself into my dressing room I would have found a way to my vintage Nike joggings and t-shirt STAT! Lol. Wedding dresses are not the most comfortable. But dammmmmn, it was a day to remember (memory lane). ๐Ÿค—