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  1. If Shawn and his wife are so anti-Matt then why did Shawn act so buddy buddy with Matt on the After show? To keep Amber happy? I'm so confused but it's about to get real interesting up in here. My popcorn maker is getting warmed up 🍿 What call? Did I miss something? Is there a link on here to the phone call - I wanna hear it (in the voice of a whiny four year old) 🤣
  2. I really hope Matt's "book" flops so badly that he has another angry "relapse" due to the embarrassment of having zilch sales. Please, oh mighty gods, don't let people be stupid enough to buy his memoir to inflate his already disgustingly inflated ego - please!!! I'm expecting him to sell at least a couple thousand copies due to curious folks that can't help but be curious but other than that I really hope it bombs - like his special "being Matt" bombed but to the 10th degree.
  3. I can't stand Paula!!!!! I know everyone hates Farrah but Paula is obsessed with Farrah and kept picking on her during the jersey segment. Paula, you're calling Farrah a disrespectful kid yet YOU'RE acting like a pouty kid while picking Jersey's. I actually felt bad for Farrah. I never really get upset when I watch tv however I got fuming mad listening to Paula spout off the mouth at everyone. I'm finding it hard to believe that a lady like her hasn't ended up in prison for how she talks to people or goes from 0-100 in seconds. I'm trying to picture how she would handle a police officer if she were pulled over for drinking and driving. Raging alcoholic telling her son ( the one SHE DITCHED AS A CHILD) that SHE should be placed BEFORE chads own kids is disgusting. I'm angry as I type this and I hardly EVER get mad. I feel so bad for Chad. I know Chad isn't Innocent as he lost his career for physically harming someone however I can feel LESS hate knowing some of his upbringing was by a woman we're witnessing on this show. Scary. Anyone chuckle when Farrah landing on her fake ass? Lol. That hot tub scene was not something my eyes wanted to see. I don't like her fake body. When she got the c cup implants (her very first surgery) that's when I thought she was her prettiest...she had a great figure but the fake ass makes her look huge and oddly proportioned. It's made her stomach look a lot bigger than it used to as she used to have a flat stomach but her stomach had to accommodate a larger ass. Wow, if a family member could read what I just typed I'd be embarrassed....totally the opposite of how I conduct myself, the Teen Mom show and marriage boot camp is making me go loony watching all of these crazy asshats. Again, I hate Paula. #freechad
  4. Yeah, I agree. The girl has never gotten over the fact that she couldn't control him and that he played her on national television. Maci wasn't over the top with her nagging while dating Rhine as that started when her ego was inflated by fans saying, "what would Maci do?" Now she thinks she's a walking words of wisdom. I don't know if it's producer driven but she is obsessed with the Rhine topic. She's placing way too much importance on her role in life as she's always the one that is doing more than everyone else and doing it better. She's constantly telling Taylor how "The house would turn upside down if I stop and sit down for a minute" implying he doesn't do anything (he probably doesn't but still lol). I lost my point ...🤣
  5. I haven't seen a reaction to the revealing of the side chic and d*ck pic. Has Amber forgiven him already? I was looking at the timeline of those sexting messages and it was around Christmas. Which was the time Amber was in that weird Reindeer costume and Matt was in the grinch (rightfully). It was also during the being Matt show when Amber and the production was trying to show the viewers how great he really is lol. This asshat actually had his side chic at the dinner table at the restaurant as his family and friends saluted how great he and Amber are for each other. I feel sick. To watch the deceit play out and to see someone put on a strong act is creepy. Then we have him on video saying "I will fake my love for her today but I'm done with that fucking psycho ass" (not verbatim) gives me chills up my spine. This dude has got to be the luckiest person to get away with the things he gets away with...I'm not even allowed to be in a bad mood without people getting on my ass because it's not my normal demeanor...not expected. Amber...c'mom you've got to be serious. This will be the second cheating he's done to you (that you know about) and look at what he says behind your back. You have been played by Matt, side chick and Jeff all along (Jeff has been covering up for Matt whenever he wanted to cheat on Amber - I read it on some article not sure about the validity) you can't be this forgiving....and now a porn????
  6. Is it just me or is Catelynn trying to look more presentable these past episodes? She's wearing nicer tops and during that dinner with Tyler's mom she had her hair in a nice bun. Idk, maybe I'm trying too hard to say something nice about these asshats but I haven't seen the ugly zebra hoody and she's brushing her hair and wearing makeup. She just needs to STOP with the sideswept bangs.
  7. Amber actually looked very pretty at her friends wedding. That's all. 🙂 Now back to the snarking... I hate how the video microphone kept catching the sounds of Matts noise booger breathing sound thingy he was doing. Like he had a booger caught inside his nose hairs. Am I the only one that heard it? It was when he was asking what Bubby said on her phone.
  8. This!!! My husband and I have had the life SUCKED out of us due to the constant wants and needs from our three young children and furr babies plus work schedule. However, we are eachothers best friend and we find each other still incredibly attractive.
  9. I don't know if this has been asked yet, but was he after show filmed in real time??? I know some of the shows are raped (oops - taped, but leaving rape there for @ghoulina) live because if it was in real time then I guess she forgave Matt for the lie detector thingy. Or was this filmed BEFORE the news broke about the lie detector test where Amber sent Matt home while she stayed where ever she was staying at Haha. I'm so loss, I've had the busiest week of my life.
  10. Ugh, the friend defending Chris said they'll be a season 9 when we haven't gotten to the season 8b, yet! Kail will never be getting off of the gravy train - I so badly want to see her have a regular 9-5 and clip coupons for Starbucks. Boo. :-(
  11. Thanks for the links but my gawd I hate radar. I spend most of my time trying to X out the ads to avoid clicking the advertisements. I will click previously TVs ads once and a while to give them income for this site but radar is ridiculous with it - rant over. Maci can tell us until she's blue in the face but she always has a beer nearby, decorations in her house proclaiming their love for beer or makes comments like "Alright now I need 14 beers" after doing that escape room thing, which btw looks super fun so now I'm asking my hubby to go with me. 😊
  12. Amber and Matt share a bank account, can anyone tell me what would happen to all of ambers money if they break up? What's the process...I would research it myself but you sleuths are untouchable on here lol. I mean, will she have to split the money in half along with her assets?
  13. I hope she sees what he said about her precious "Bubby" and kicks his ass to the curb so fast ( if she hasn't already with what all the drama that has gone down over the last few days with the lie detector) as that was rude and creepy - How does her saying she wanted to be married in front of her family humiliating him on national tv? He's got an agenda and Amber saying no to the vegas nuptials ruined his plans and his true colors came out. I had chills when I saw his reaction - he's nasty. He's worst than Jenelle's ID fiance. If I were Bubby I would have a loooooong talk with amber to shut that shit train down.
  14. That video was borderline creepy. The way the camera avoided Cate and all you can hear is Cate growling something. The open fan. Messy floor. Nova disoriented about where "Mommys room" was compared to the couch. This was done just for the "fans" and it was pathetic. They have so much time on their hands and could've produced something better. Nova was cute. I'm not going to begrudge a sweet child.
  15. Translate "To ALL of the mamas I've abandoned out there and to my sugar mama, I wish you a happy Mother's Day! Without you mothers I wouldn't be able to afford the things that I want - thank you! - Matt"