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  1. @TexasGal Jenelle is so fuckin' high these days she forgets that everything about her daily life is up on the internet for viewers to investigate or already/will air eventually. How will she spin the fact Endtable tested positive for Marijuana? Blame it on Barb or Nathan? "Dustin you have to help me, Barb took advantage of me being pregnant and having cravings that she and Nathan put marijuana in some brownies so that me and Enlsey would test positive for weed. It's apart of their plan to gain custody!!!! Why are they sooooo meeeeeaaaaaan to me!" I also couldn't stand her eggplant outfit. Bring back courtroom white pants and eyeglasses.
  2. She almost cried in that scene in Lous' bedroom when he told her about the trucking school/job. Lol. She was doing her wiping eye thingy she does.
  3. Where to begin... I'm tired of Kailyn guilting the baby daddies with "why are you guys trying to take my kids from me?" Seriously, they're their fathers!!! Just because you're the mother doesn't mean they deserve less. How about Jo crying "why are you keeping Isaac from me?" He has every right to have it on paper that he's got 50/50. I think you just like the extra child support. I wanted Lincoln to knock her friends bagel from Dunkin' Donuts out of her mouth with his soccer ball. Mainly because that's my favorite breakfast and I'm craving one but that pesky thing called willpower, something these girls lack, is keeping me from eating it...500 calories. 😫#hangry I'm glad Jace doesn't have to live with UBT fulltime. Jace is so sad and seems worn out emotionally. He doesn't seem that happy at anyone's house, really. He looks checked out when people talk to him. Poor kid. Watson is so adorable and I loved the Father's Day foot print gift. I'm soooo stealing that idea. Leah's date looked awkward. The best part of watching that date was wondering when Leah would notice the crumb of bread she had stuck to her bottom lip. Checking out that dudes butt revealed he likes to chew dip. She also lied about the last time she dated. D.R. Tues ring a bell? Leah's sister is one of those former heavy girls that looked prettier heavy, you know? She just looks too blah. Maybe if she toned down the blonde a bit and gave it a more golden tone, or something, she would look better. Plus some eyebrow makeup. Her face looks washed out and pale. Brianna wants Louis to get a job but when he does she finds something else to bitch about. However, I would be annoyed a bit if a man told me not to put a baby up for adoption because he wanted to be there for the baby and then was not there for he birth or to help out during the bootcamp stage when the baby wakes up every two hours to be fed, burped and changed. He's becoming the child support dad like she thought he would be. I want to see a hands-on father, but at least he's trying to help financially - step up from devoid. But from what I read IRT Louis isn't around, period. I wanted devoid to tell Roxanne to shut the hell up. The dude showed up for Novas graduation like he said he would and Roxanne won't shut the H-E-double hockey sticks up! She either thought she was being funny or what but gawd. Let him enjoy the evening watching his daughter. Maybe if you coven ladies didn't helicopter him while tossing verbal jabs (and sometimes physical) maybe he would want to be around more. That's all I got for now.
  4. I wish I could get inside of Kailyn's head just to get a glimpse of her real feelings at this moment. You can't tell me that she's soooo happy being a young mother to three boys with no relationship with either father at 25. Even with a plethora of help from the prior two baby daddies and their families it's got to be overwhelming. I don't care if she makes 300k per season as that is temporary with maybe a few other special appearances on other crappy reality shows to supplement some income after the show ends that support three kids. Kids are even more expensive as they get older which is when her gravy train will make its last stop and she will only have child support to depend on. With her bachelor's degree I can see her maaaaybe eeking out a nice 60k a year salary but it will eat away at her pride to the point where she will get fired for being so rude to her boss and co-workers. I don't see good things for her future when she's so used to her new money. If she would've stayed humble coming from a poverty stricken upbringing she would have transitioned nicely but she's behaved too "rich" to go back to working jobs at target. A rude awakening is coming. I know everyone will say "but she has the hustle to get a great job after the show ends" but what you don't understand is that a "great job" to us normal folk is 60k a year. She's too used to making 300k that she will end up pissing off her boss or coworkers with her entitled ass or refuse to take a job making such "low wage" she's screwed.
  5. I guess I'm the only one not wanting a Javi and Brianna match up. Brianna is too da club for Javi who is so jealous. Brianna would intentionally hit da club up while he's deployed and have revenge sex for him leaving due to how needy she is. I see Brittany and Javi instead. I feel like Brittany keeps getting overshadowed by Brianna. Even after baby number two it looks like Brianna got her SnapBack with or without Dr. Miami. But then the other side of me wants to see Kailyn lose her shit over this reunion of Bri and Javi. Especially since Kailyn is now stuck home with three kids and no baby daddy while Javi is more of a free agent because when it's her turn to have Lincoln he gets to be out enjoying the night life with other Teen Mom recruits. This will probably play out on the next season. Javi looks more desirable since he just has one kid, Kailyn has three kids with three baby daddies and no redeeming qualities for a good decent man to see in order to overlook her "baggage" (I hate to refer kids as baggage because it's the parents that fuck up and kids are sweet little blessings) so she's sitting at home posting tons of pics of baby no name to hide the fact that she is raging right now with no man while Javi posts pictures of himself cozying up to her newest co-star. There's not enough laughing emojis to hide how much rage Kailyn probably has right now for Brianna (Kailyn goes after the women first, re: Vee). I'm wondering if Javi intentionally set his sights on brianna because it's a way to get back at Kailyn for how she's been playing him. Going after your ex wife's co-star is a good display of payback. What other reason could it be? Brianna JUST had baby number two from a different dude due to a one night stand at da club and you can see how the coven treats the men in their lives. I understand if they became friends first then eventually became lovers but at first sight Brianna is not someone desirable. That's when I think he's using her for revenge with Kailyn and to cement his place in the Teen Mom franchise.
  6. I may be the only one that feels this way but there is something about the tiny twins that irritate the crap out of me. Especially the one that ALWAYS dresses like a skank. There's a time and place for twerking and that one twin that always wears super SUPER short shorts is always twerking. She even wore a ripped up looking outfit to the vow renewals. Ugh. Give it a rest. That donut cake scene was staged just for Christy and Jaszmin to "take over" to carry it over into a storyline. Matt can spare me his born again persona. I do like this side of him but it's still not genuine. He's being OVERLY protective over Todd for appearance sake. One week he's calling him a mother bleeper then the next week he's getting anxiety over the fact that Todd has to walk on sand carrying his stool. #notbuyingtheact I'm not saying Poole can't change but he did a total 180 in one afternoon and went from a monster to a Mr. Rogers too quick. I don't understand the two married couples having vow renewals when one couple have only been married 3 years while the other have only been married for five. I get the sentiment of Todd wanting to have a "fresh start" or a "do-over" since most of their marriage he felt like a burden due to his weight but I don't think a vow renewal is necessary but hey - to each their own. I probably would have taken advantage of being remarried to my hubby if i was staying in a beautiful resort for free. I just thought (maybe I'm wrong so I will stand corrected if I am) vow renewals were mostly reserved for 10 year, 20 year or 50, etc.
  7. - If he does Crossfit with his new girl he's trying to replay back the quality fitness moments he shared with Kailyn - If he takes his girl and their future child to an afternoon at an aquarium then he's being obsessive to the point she freaks and files another PFA - If he dates another young mom that earned her bachelor's degree he's trying to find a girl to fill her hooves - If the girl has long blonde hair then he's just being plain sick and needs to seek therapy due to his obsession with Kailyn which also means he needs to lose his time with the boys due to being unstable - If he goes to the dentist to get a checkup he's only doing it because it will remind him of the time Kailyn wanted to be a dental hygienist - He's not allowed to have pizza with ranch because that shits beyond creepy obsession
  8. It doesn't matter that she is a young or old mother. It was just an adjective I like to throw in to describe someone. Had it been Roxanne he was roasting I would have said that crazy grandmother. Had it been Kailyn I would have said that Puta Bitch. Jenelle that Fake ass mother. Barbara that sweet old lady. I hope I made sense. 🙂
  9. I played that clip (I've never watched the show) and now I want to finish the episode. Damn. It's weird seeing News reporter Joanne Kerns outside of Growing Pains and a few Lifetime Movies. 🙂 I love Jane Curtain from coneheads. The next clip that shows after that is Kirstie Alley when she was gorgeous. I wonder what (I know what causes it) influenced her weight change so dramastically. She went from super model runner up to Jenny Craig commercials overnight (I'm not fat shaming as I could careless just curious if there was something traumatic that happened to her).
  10. Oooooooh thanks! Yeah, I'm that person where the occasional joke totally flys over my head. ☺️☺️ Thank goodness. I like Vee.
  11. What's going on with Vee? She was the one person defending him when Kailyn was trying to get everyone on the "Javi is crazy" train. I hope he's seriously not ASKING people to intentionally roast a young mother!!!!!! I'd lose all respect for him if this is the case. I don't have twitter, anyone know the details?
  12. Something tells me you're the same age as I am. I just turned, eeek, 36. Am I right? lol. I wanted to name my future son Macaulay and daughter Punky (Punky Power!!). You've got me itching to have an 80s/90s show marathon. Consisting of: - Saved by the bell - Growing pains - Original 90210 - Silver spoons - The Wonder Years - Salute your shorts - The Secret World of Alex Mack - Boy Meets World 🌍 - 3rd Rock from the Sun (I ❤️ Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - Family Matters (Any show apart of TGIF or SNICK) - Full house (see TGIF reference) - Blossom - Punky Brewster - The Facts of Life - Step by Step - Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Full House - Roseanne (I still watch that show religiously) - Dinosaurs ( I miss the Sinclairs 😞) That's it for now. I feel old. I really hope Javi isn't considering dating Briana. One side of me wants this to happen just to see Kailyn go bizerk and the awkward moments at the reunion couch (husband swap the new concept on TM), but the other side wants him to find a nice girl to be Lincolns stepmom. I don't want Lincoln surrounded by the coven. However, as witty as Lincoln is he may be ratings gold on the one liners he would have for the coven. Lincoln and Brittany would have a blast together.
  13. I just FINALLY got my power turned on. My kids have been throwing up due to the heat and lack of healthy food to eat. All stores still closed down and we had to eat canned soup every night on a sterno burner. My 2 year old is Autistic and stood by the fan giving me a look that basically said "why aren't you putting the fan on I'm so uncomfortable" (she doesn't talk yet) and it broke my heart. She doesn't understand that a storm shut off electricity. Cold showers are not her favorite, either. I hope you get your power turned on soon! I heard the latest is Sunday but that it could be MUCH sooner. I'll be thinking of you. None of my local shops had wifi and it was brutal.
  14. I might be alone in this but I think endtable is a pretty baby. Her parents don't deserve her. At least she appears to be happy, too. Let's hope they're treating her right. I hate worrying about how their kids are treated when the cameras are not rolling. Poor Kaiser seems to get the worst part of their anger. ☹️
  15. I'm thinking that he's waiting for her next season to air. When it's in "off season" the teen mom stars don't get nearly as much attention as they do when the new episodes are airing. If he would release a tell all right now the sales would be kinda sticky compared to releasing them during Amber's on season. Just my theory lol.