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  1. Amber

    From what I gather, we hate Andrew because what scum will feel so magnetically drawn to that screaming sloth while working behind the scenes of Marriage Bootcamp? She was on marriage bootcamp to save her relationship to Matt, she’s shown constantly screaming and bowing up to people, which tells us Andrew is with her for the wrong reasons. Money, and fame - like oldMatt...so we call him NuMatt. Andrew then sends her a friggin’ DM on Twitter to get a date, then knocks her up two weeks later and drops his entire life, career aspects (he’s a cinematographer/aspiring screenwriter) and everyone he knows to fly to Gary, Indiana to be with Amber in her rental home with no job and a baby on the way. Like Matt, he left everything and everyone behind and showed up to Ambers door with a hefty bag full of “art” and wooed her money Amber into being the sugar momma that will except “I’m a DJ or House Flippa”, “aspiring screenwriter” as concrete reasons why they don’t need to look for other forms of employment as long as they serve her and be her chauffeur and manage “booboo” when “the kid” makes her every 6 month weekend visitation. Hes also creepy looking and it takes me a while to trust a man with a beard. You can hide some shady secrets behind all of that gruff. Oh oh, and he’s got a history of domestic stalking and I think violence with former girlfriends..maybe the PTV sleuths can let you know the facts right @druzy and @GreatKazu?
  2. I believe that Amber is half telling the truth. I do believe that Matt has hit her - in a self defense way and probably out of desperation when having her in your face constantly screaming!!!! That doesn’t make it right to hit her, for the screaming part not the self defense part. But I’m not too sure I believe the part where he purposely cut his face and threw himself down the stairs threatening to call the police because Amber has a rap sheet for domestic abuse - filmed throwing a man nearly down the stairs. On the other hand, I have heard of true stories of pathetic men slapping them self so that their GF/Wife can go to jail, too, since nowadays the police have to arrest both parties if accusations of hitting are being made. I think I just confused myself. I don’t know what to believe because both assholes are lying con-artist that you can’t trust as far as you can spit!!!! We’ve caught Amber in a ton of lies and same with Matt. I don’t like domestic violence but in this case, they both suck and both have intentionally harmed other people - they got their justice desserts!!!!!!
  3. S07.E15: Keep Chugging Away

    Omg you guys!!!! I actually just had a dream about Tyler and NuCate!!!!!!! They’re entering my fuckin’ dreams now!!!!! In the dream Tyler was on the couch with NUCate talking about how he’s glad he’s telling Cate about their love and NuCate is constantly thanking him for financing her new coffee table from rent-a-center since Tyler is the Donald trump of Michigan (very poor areas Michigan - I lived there for 6 long months and a 26 year old with a 6 figure salary could get some loving attention). Latelg I’ve been having weird premonitions in my sleep ...so be expecting NuCate soon and a new coffee table - and they were making our hardcore on the couch. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Don’t ever appears back in my dreams TM franchise.
  4. S07.E15: Keep Chugging Away

    What the hell did I just watch? And they get paid how much???? Did anyone else get pissed off when Shawn said (non verbatim)”Every guy Ambers been with has had a shady past and skeletons in their closet!”? Fuck you, Shawn!!! How about Gary??? Gary was her longest relationship and he’s the most NORMAL, especially compared to your train wreck sister. And Andrew clearly said he’s unemployed but that he’s an aspiring screenwriter. Shawn, you’re so dumb “as least this one has a job” with Amber keeping a straight face. I did chuckle at the fact that immediately after that first dose of exercise, the nerfball session, Amber quickly submerged her entire being to Bubby’s couch and brought Andre the Giant on rogaine with her. She seriously is the couch whisperer. Did she hangout with Leah at all on that trip? And I think she’s purposely calling Leah, booboo to piss us off. It worked. Catelynne is such a self absorbed bitch. Tyler just wanted a few minutes to vent to his life partner about his week without spending $60k at a not-a-spa and Catelynne shut that shit down STAT!! “Don’t stress, have your mom ship packages and put into mailbox ...easy peasy and do such and such! Problem solved and now back to me!” I do love that fact that Nova is only two months older than my sweet little girl and I keep catching the same outfits, toys and mannerisms of my child. My daughter is OBSESSED with horses right now and she was diagnosed with Autism so I’m scheduling a private session for her to see a horse trainer. I wonder if Nova is on the spectrum...as my daughter has serious speech delay and has this strong passion for horses (from what I read autistic children respond strongly to horses and vice versa - don’t quote me as I’m still learning about it). Anywho. I could sense some snarkinest with Cates Mom. April has LIVED A HARD LIFE and was probably thinking “nobody gave a flying fuck about me and my sadness etc and now I’m flown out to Arizona to apologize for everything my daughter has gone through..what about what caused me to be a horrible mother?” I think April and Tyler are going to start resenting Catelynn for all the high class therapy she’s receiving while they too are in serious need of it, too. I’m not saying someone should withhold getting good help because other people in their life need it too and can’t afford it, I’m just saying that I NOTICED some resentment and snarkinest from Cates family. Onay, gotta go. Ending the book. Lol.
  5. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    @charmed1 I read somewhere that she had her crescent moon looking chin shaved down. 🌙 I could be wrong but don’t want to be caught googling Jenelles plastic surgery lol.
  6. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    This would explain the incessant need for the feathers in her hair???!!!! *Runs and hides* 😬
  7. Unfortunately, they were number six in ratings. When I read your comment I got excited thinking that maaaaaybe the ratings had plummeted and MTV was going to pull the plug before it becomes embarrassingly low in ratings. 😦 I’m hoping that I looked at the wrong ratings. I will attach a screenshot. The challenge Vendettas got number 5. I didn’t know that show was so popular. Teen Mom will be these girls welfare check for a looooong time. They will never have to work a real job. I’m being a negative Nancy. I know where the exit is. 😑
  8. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I’m guilty of using the word seen.🤭 I used it in past tense, though. Have I been sounding like a bonehead all of this time? 😲
  9. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Complete utter bullshit. I’ve seen people get reprimanded at work for being a few minutes late and this entitled bitch can do and say whatever she wants and the court gods keep her floating. I want jenelles luck, seriously! I remember when I was 16 years old and I got reprimanded for not making eye contact with a customer at the Wendy’s drive thru (yes, a lady actually complained to my manager because I didn’t make eye contact when I asked if she wanted ketchup as I used to have social anxiety) and this b’yatch gets to call the shots. The world is backwards. Unless MTV is keeping her to avoid any legal trouble because they’re planning on canceling the show once “young and pregnant” start producing high ratings. They might be waiting to see how the new show works out before canceling it altogether because then none of the cast can sue for wrongful termination when they have the right to cancel a show. Except, then why would they bother hiring Mackenzie from TM3 if they were planning to off he show? I don’t fucking know. MTV, either merge the show and fire the impossible bitches or quit it altogether. I’m desperate to see these assholes in the real world avoiding eye contact while I wait for my ketchup!!!
  10. S07.E14: Choose Your Path

    I agree with above posters. MethAmberphetamine (credit: @pheebs) and billy the bracelet were just so awkwardly trying to become a new cast member to score some MTV cash before the well dries up - and the well is on drip mode right now because MTV is getting desperate for storylines and nothing is working. The show is NOTHING like it was before to the point that I’m actually forgetting when a new episode airs and I was a hardcore viewer. Tyler was like “Dude, don’t bro me, you and my sister will be divorced in a month - no you can’t borrow any money!” And Billy the bracelet just stands there with the floor creaking looking for a curtain to hide behind for his embarrassing exit hoping that scene reaches the cutting room floor but how else will he become an MTV star. He has DREAMS, Tyler!!! You CRUSHED it for the man! 😉
  11. Farrah

    What does the ekim stand for in Michael Abraham’s name?
  12. Maci

    @Cherry Cola why?????? 🤬 My gawd. Did Maci demand that MTV cut a deal with TJ to wear their stupid clothing? Does TM cast members really have this much pull? WTF?? Some knocked up teenager have my favorite show host sporting their dumb logo. Whatever. I guess.
  13. I just finished the episode. Really smart to give “former” addicts alcohol when they’re struggling with their family members. The last thing quarreling family members need is an all access to a liquor bar ON TV. Recipe for arguments and embarrassment. Amber is such a dumb sloth. “I wasn’t angry before you came around??” Helllooooo Amber! We have video footage of you throwing a large quarterback lookalike down a fight of stairs (exaggeration but whatever lol). When Matt entered your life you were just recently released from Gel and was trying to give people this born again Amber, but without proper therapy you weren’t able to shelter the beast inside you. Matt helped you unleash it because you have no control over your anger. Yes, Matt is a douchebag, but to blame him for your actions is being a pussy - the name you like to give him. At least Matt admits to being slime, you have to always have an excuse for your actions all of the time. And that moment she stood in front of the class with her head tilted, she gave that same annoying look she gave when her therapist at rehab (season two?) asked her if she was okay. The lazy mouth hanging open look lol. And take several seats when being picky about your sleeping quarters. We haven’t forgotten your early season apartments. You slept on Taco Bell wrappers instead of bedsheets...your daughter didn’t even get food wrappers for sheets, you dumb shit.
  14. Maci

    Please tell me you’re just being snarky. TJ Lavin was wearing Maci’s gawd awful TTM shirt?!?!? You are joking because I’m pretty gullible. 🤮 I will lose my respect for TJ if this is true. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  15. S07.E14: Choose Your Path

    Arby’s was my second job, LOL. That was the WORST of them all. Never eat an Arby-Q. I don’t think Tierra Reign is doing that well, all of these TM clothing business owners always have the camera crew watch them package up a couple shirts to appear successful (except Amber, she’s too slothful to even humor us with her “working” for her boutique) but they’re too proud to say it failed and take down their websites.