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  1. Really? Lol. I've always hated her crescent moon face and creepy eyebrows but her figure is super cute. It's Kailyn's body that gives me nightmares. She's 5'8" like me and so I understand we'll never look cute and petite but girlfriend is losing her femininity due to those implants. They just don't sit right on her boxy figure.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been said already but did anyone else notice that Kailyn's segment consisted mostly of Javi? Kailyn had a short meeting with Jo and Javi carried the whole segment due to his willingness to talk about what's going on and his love for the cameras. I wouldn't mind watching more of Javi (he'll give us the tea) as he's better to watch than sourpuss Kailyn. I hope they increase his salary and chops Kailyn's. That would be the sweet revenge for him. I know it's called Teen Mom but the premise of the show has been loooooong gone that we can focus on the dads a bit more if needed. I'd rather watch Gary than Amber (TMOG). Ambers salary get cut, too, so Gary can afford more spiteful chickens and goats.
  3. I agree!! If my husband said "she's a great mom!" I'd be sad. Not because he thinks that I'm a great mom but because that is something you save for Mother's Day not couples therapy. I would want something more personal. During couples therapy I would want him to compliment me for my prior and current accomplishments. There are things in my life that I'm currently doing that take a lot of motivation and ambition. I wanna be told that drive of mine sends shivers down to little calm81 (not that little - you know what I mean). 😍 I really don't see how Lincoln was conceived. Unless she did it like they do in medical procedures with an insemination kit while watching Netflix to lock those benefits. I can't see Kailyn being seductive towards Javi. Javi would lose any chance of a boner with the sourpuss she always sports while she berates him for each and every smooth move he tries on her. I'm thinking way too much about their sex life. Stopping. For now. πŸ™ƒ
  4. That would make her super skinny and gross looking. She's got a lot of muscle tone. I don't doubt she's on tons of shit but I think she is one of those types that muscles come easy for. Lol.
  5. I'm super happy that you've decided to go from lurker to contributor as I can tell you are going to be bringing some good insight and snark. I welcome you to the PTV family. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ And I agree with your entire post. Marisa and Jace look like petrified kids with no joy in their eyes. Emotionless. They don't act like happy young adolescents exploring the world around them, instead, exploited by the adults around them. Jace is lucky, he gets a break with Barbara, who isn't the most calm lady (she yells way too much, but probably only when around Jenelle the beast), but truly loves her grandson and wants what's best for him. I feel so much sadness for baby Kaiser. His mother should be engaging with him to keep his brain and curiosity stimulated in a healthy manner and not thrown into his crib to keep him out of his parents hair. That crib should only be for naps and bedtime - not a timeout. And he should be transitioning to a toddler bed. I guess they don't want to have to keep an eye on him if he has a choice to get in and out of bed. He should be put to bed with fresh water not milk. His teeth are going to be effected from milk sitting on his teeth all night, but it could be worst, I've seen parents give their kids juice and soda at bed. 😨 Everyone with children know that kids beeline to the ornaments when putting up a Christmas tree. There was no fun and joy when they did that tree. No including the kids - nothing. When my family trims the tree we play Christmas music, eat cookies and laugh as we toss the tinsel around while fantasizing about the gifts we want to get our loved ones. That scene with their tree was ice cold.
  6. I wanna know how the girl always looks so fit and toned with all of that pizza she eats. After each and every pregnancy she's back to looking toned and fit literally two weeks later. Lol. I know she has good genes and all but damn her. Even Maci and Leah can't touch Jenelle because Maci is skinny but you can tell she doesn't workout and Leah is too boney. I wanna go on the pizza diet. It took me two years to get my body looking close to Jenelle's after my third pregnancy and it took the keto diet and CrossFit...did you see her book cover? Such a nasty girl can be granted a nice body pisses me off. 🀣
  7. Hi, me again (I feel like I've been posting too much today). I have a curious question. Since Chris Lopez wants NOTHING to do with Kailyn, especially after she hulkified his dreads that most likely took years to grow, can he, or do you think he has told Kailyn she can't allow baby Lo to be filmed? Hypothetically speaking, If she's not allowed to show baby Lo on the show, how is she going to be able to film at all? I mean, I didn't fall off the parenting truck yesterday as a mom of three with the youngest being two it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to be in one room without my babies. The baby will be a newborn for next season and if Kail breastfeeds again, she will be constantly tied down to baby Lo. How is she going to be able to film any of her scenes. When she first had Isaac and Lincoln they were in every scene. Now she won't have a JO or Javi to take turns. Unless miss money bags will hire a nanny, IDK. Any thoughts? I can see Kailyn being replaced by Briana.
  8. If building from the ground up is using everyone's help and benefits as the foundation then I guess you have that going for you. πŸ€” I will NEVER be able to eat a quesadilla without hearing Cates Michigan accent saying, "chicken and cheese quesadilla," in my head.
  9. I just Realized that adding the 5th girl made for extremely less time for each girls story and Kailyn is being so closed off. How is MTV justifying their salary? That's a lot of money they're receiving...and for what? So we can watch Leah's daughter wonder where her toothbrush is and for Kailyn to say she's not talking about anything and turn off the lights and go to bed. Since they're alreading filming the next season, there's no hope in a cancellation but viewers are going to get bored of watching mundane episodes aside from Jenelles crazy time. She's the only one bringing the drama as not too many people care about Briana just yet. I see salaries being chopped soon to accommodate the extra cast member/employee and the less footage the girls are providing.
  10. Good girl. 😊 I love graphs, pie charts and statistics. I'm a data nerd. I just wish it wasn't so hard to get assistance when needed. The government makes people jump through fire meanwhile people like Jenelle, Leah, Kailyn, Amber and Matt live uppa class lifestyles.
  11. Where did you read this? From what I read caucasians take 38% while blacks use 39%. I'm not trying to argue about the issue just curious about the actual statistics.
  12. I will NEVER understand why people are paying thousands of dollars to achieve this look. If this is her natural booty I don't want to body shame her but I definitely wouldn't go to a doctor with her photo and ask for a replica, nor would anyone be expected to bring in a photo of my ass (although now that I do CrossFit I'm finally losing the "mom butt" so maybe it will be replica worthy, soon). As big as Kailyn looks in her Ursala photo she's going to be PISSED one week postpartum when she sees what her body looks like once the cute baby bump is gone. Homegirl has gained too much weight for this pregnancy (I don't know exactly what she's gained but it looks more than the recommended amount for a woman her height). As she was finally getting a decent shape when she was working out a lot with Javi pre-doctor Miami. I said it before she got pregnant and I'll say it again, these implants may look nice when you get them on a body that's in a relatively decent shape but pile on some extra weight and it's not going to look good at all. Same goes for Farrah when she gets a lot older and her metabolism slows down (I never see her workout and she's always eating but never gains weight - then again she is ALWAYS moving and doing something) her body is going to look odd wrapped around all that fake stuff. Implants really help make weight gain more prominent.
  13. Interesting part two. How dare that chic, Stephanie? to blame Bri for her hubby cheating after only hearing Matts side. Clearly a woman is going to be texting her husband a thousand times if he's been spotted with another woman. I'm not putting the blame on the other woman like many people like to do as it's Matt's fault for letting someone come inside his marriage (no pun intended that was on accident and I left it there) but to go ahead and bring a man that you know is married back to your home is just trifling. And who in their right mind would feel safe bringing a man they JUST met into their home? He could have been a serial killer. "I brought him back to my place and he kissed me even though I felt uncomfortable." Why didn't you stop him if you're uncomfortable? And why bring him home if you just wanted to talk? Terror is getting karma. Elena is fed up with Terror and not holding back punches. Terror is missing the point that Elena made. Elena was basically saying, "even if we make up I still don't want to be friends with you because of the way you treat OTHER people". It's at the point where she doesn't care how Terror treats her she just doesn't like how she is as a person. I certainly don't want to be friends with someone in their 30s that thinks it's okay to tell people about someone else's body odor (I know tonya started it but terror passed the news on to everyone) or that posts embarrassing videos to their social media that has an impressive following. Or someone that throws a glass at someone's head and doesn't expect to be punished for it and when charges get dropped cry the story "you tried to take me from my family" spiel in every fight. Or uses a minor breast cancer diagnosis as a reason to get out of owning up to problems she's caused. Many women are truly suffering with breast cancer and she used her doctors minor findings as a reason to get sympathy from people and that makes me sad. Elena has zero fucks to give whether Terror is executive producer or not. Get your alligator tears out of my face. I loved the look of joy on Christy's face when everyone was calling Terror out on her BS. Christy deserves that after the rough couple of seasons she's had. I did side with Terror a little about the DWTS. Why is it okay for a father to fulfill all of his dreams when babies come into the picture and be known as a wonderful provider but if a mother does it she's neglecting her children? Her kids were with their father, Joe, and attentive nannies, no difference than working mothers taking kids to daycare or men leaving their kids with the mom. Joe wasn't working at the time so he was a stay at home dad while Terror was out making some very good money to support her family. Elena WAS just jealous and using the neglecting babies as an excuse. Elena was upset that Terror was getting these roles and got her SnapBack quick. I love you Elena, you're beautiful and you put people in their place and I hate defending Terror, but you had the case of the green eyed monster on that one aspect. Other than that, team Elena. I still think the only non-fake one is Jasmine. I'd totally love to have her as a friend. She really does genuinely care for the people she keeps in her company and I truly respect her. Tonya is annoying as always. Her dramatic pauses after each question about the wedding was so annoying and fake. Why go ring shopping and bring up marriage over and over again to just be so blasé about it at the reunion? To spark interest for the next season filled with "are they going to get married or aren't they?" Because I don't care. Kerwin, you can save it with the "I'm southern" crap about cooking for your lady. If you don't work and have nothing to bring to the table (still confused on how you bought that engagement ring (probably tonya paid)) you can at least cook the meals. None of this "men don't belong in the kitchen" BS from the 1950s. If Tonya is bringing home the bacon, you are capable of throwing it on the frying pan to make some BLTs. ETA: I really didn't mean to type up a novel...I just realized how much I typed. And I'm still typing...😲
  14. You know you fucked up when you have to search for "likes" on social media to make sure your baby daddy isn't "liking" so and so's bikini closeup. Thankfully my husband and I never got into social media. I have social media accounts for my "brand" lol. It's not really a brand but a hobby of mine that some would think was a "brand." Kids these days (I'm 35) take for granted the digital era. When I was in middle school and high school I'd have to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR for the school class photos or yearbooks to come out to get a picture of my school crush, so I could draw hearts around his face and stare at it while listening to love songs. Or when I had to ask my friends if I could take their picture knowing my crush was standing 10 feet behind them in order to get his picture in the shot, to then run to the nearest cvs or Walgreens and get 24 hour photo delevoping for my throw away camera. Ah yes, the good 'ole days. Nobody appreciates the effort we had to make to get a picture yet alone take a gazillion selfies to get insta likes. No! We had to wait for the yearbook to come around and awkwardly ask people to acknowledge our existence with a generic "it's been fun hope you have a nice summer and see you next year" with terrible grammar on the pages of a yearbook. WOW! I went down on memory lane. What were we talking about, again? 😧
  15. Man, I miss the days where the most drama came from Puck eating peanut butter out of the jar with his double dipping finger with Pedro (R.I.P) having a panic attack over it. Now it's turned into something I can't snark and watch with my family around me. There always has to be the mandatory "running through the house naked" scenes and threesomes in the shower. I'm no prude but if I want to watch that stuff I'd google "naughty stuff to watch with hubby with no relatives around me . com". I would also watch because they would play indie type of music, stuff you don't hear on mainstream radio.