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  1. If you scroll down to Kailyns section it reads that they’re struggling with funding due to the drama. I may have misread but that’s what I interpreted it as. https://us.blastingnews.com/showbiz-tv/2018/05/chelsea-houska-fed-up-with-teen-mom-2-drama-walks-out-on-reunion-filming-002586093.html
  2. Apparently another alleged smack down between Kailyn and Briana took place over the weekend during THIS seasons reunion lol and MTV is losing more sponsors for funding due to the level of drama and violent antics. We May be finally our wish for a cancellation. From what I read, Chelsea didn’t finish filming on Sunday after the attack on stage during the taping of “unseen moments”. I may have my facts a little shifty as I’m still reading all of the articles lol. I really should be doing my laundry on my day off buttttttttt, I’m procrastinating.
  3. @ghoulina Brittany said it after she noticed the reunion sign was spelled “renuion” 🤣
  4. I feel like I’m watching Groundhog Day. Didn’t these divas watch the teen mom OG where the lame Maci, Cate and Amber walked off the stage to boycott Farrah coming and going as she pleases? Nothing came of it except they looked stupid. Put your money where your mouth is and quit. Threatening to quit is overdone with these ladies and MTV knows they won’t actually quit. Favorite Line so far “hooked on phonics is still on sale” 🤣
  5. I wonder if MTV gave David the 1, 2, 3...before firing his ass. Showing him they back their shit up when they start the countdown.
  6. Omg!!! I fucking get it already!!!! It’s filmed by Crimson productions studio - enough with the ad placement!!!
  7. I’m finally watching the shit show and I’m going to be commenting as I watch. I find it HILARIOUS that Badass Brittany can yell out “have Kailyn handle her own” to bone but she’s doing th exact same thing bone is doing ...I would have loved for bone to turn around and say “then why can’t Briana handle this on her own???” So Briana can have a mob squad but Kailyn can’t???? Anyone have a screen grab or Chelsea’s face during the “wtf did I just open the door to?” Expression? It went too fast lol. Im team bone on this one. She went in their room (she should have waited to be invited to the room) quietly asking “why is everyone ganging up on Kailyn because she’s in her dressing room crying?” Which is a legit and fair question to ask and she wasn’t being snotty about it until Brittany got loud. Fuck the coven!! Don’t MAKE me side with Kailyn.
  8. If Lindsay would just use the useless boob job money on getting a large custom made wardrobe tailored to her specific body frame and got her roots professionally done and maybe straightened or loose curls it would do amazing WONDERS for her self esteem. Look at the beautiful Alicia. Her clothing cover the right areas and her hair looks so beautiful. Lindsay seems to think the road to self confidence is by dressing slutty to get men’s attention but it’s not the sexy attention she thinks she’s getting. She looks like a dirty slob. Get some tailored clothing with the money being spent on more boob jobs and keep your hair the same shade. She also has a new baby so I hope she toned down the sexiness a bit now that she has a newborn on her hip. ETA: Did anyone want to slap the mattress employee? I mean, quit telling Lindsay how big she is and going on and on about her stature. If it were me and I seen a tall lady like her I’d be smart enough to know that I’m pretty sure someone that tall has heard the “wow! You’re so tall”, “wow! You’re a big girl!”, “I never seen someone so big like you!”, “You’re huge!!!” enough in their lifetime so not be the 1,000,000,000+ 1 more to say the same shit. I’m sure they would like one fucking day to go by where they don’t have to deal with the captain fucking obvious types of the world. Rant over.
  9. I haven’t watched yet but based on reading the comments it seems that a lot of viewers tuned in just to quickly tune out. Does that she effect the ratings when the episode is barely watched or does it count when people put on the episode regardless if it was watched fully? I’m only asking because I hope MTV sees how many ratings they lost due to the child abuse that was apparently in this episode letting them know that they have gone too far with the amount of trash they watch when kids are involved. I’m seriously debating if I should even watch this episode. ETA: I can’t take brittany seriously as a badass anymore after watching her “Being Brittany” episode as I got to see how she really is - nerdy lol. Her and her friends were a cute nerdy bunch - not gangstas like she likes to portray on the show lol.
  10. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It looks like he has a slight but very mild lazy eye. I get that look sometimes in my photos and my husband madeeeee sure to tell me about my favorite wedding photo where I’m sporting one. Now that’s all I see when I look at the photo. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  11. Amber's thread needs a new title!

    Congratulations @SPLAIN!!!!!!! I will think of you each time I click on the Amber thread. I love the snark that comes out of you guy’s typing fingers. 🤣
  12. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I like Bob. We need Bob to sign up for an account on PTV and give us the tea ☕️ He and Grace can really shed some light to Dr. Drew about Ambers “recovery” seeing as how he only watches brief clips and believes people are allowed to be so incredibly hostile if they tell people it’s a “syndrome” per Dr. Quack.
  13. Farrah

    This crazy ass chic is going to discover real quick, I mean, indy500 quick how “famous” she really is after her daughter got fired from the show. She considers this a “first movie role”? Then it’s only gonna get worst from here. Back to using your emba there Debbie does business.
  14. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I have had braces twice in my life. Had them at 13 and got the braces off at 15 and was told to wear my top retainer for life. Well, in my early twenties I lost my retainer during a last minute move and couldn’t find it anywhere. My teeth started shifting quick and eventually formed a little gap in the front of my teeth. I lived 1200 miles away from my original orthodontist and had no money or insurance to get a new retainer made ...when I saved up enough money for the full cost of the retainer my teeth shifted too much and I had to get braces AGAIN in my mid twenties when it’s not so cute to go down on a man with wires. 😣 Fast forward to present time and I was smart enough to have them cement a permanent retainer to the back of my teeth but a few weeks ago the wire detached after eating an apple. Had to call every local orthodontist in the area to get an appointment ASAP which wasn’t easy when you weren’t a patient of theirs needing a corrective appointment. And If I did score an orthodontist willing to repair my retainer as a non patient the next available appointment wasn’t until two weeks later and by that time I might have been a 36 year old women with braces. 😡 I snagged me an awesome and reputable orthodontist that took me the VERY NEXT DAY and didn’t even want to charge me for the repair but had no choice but to charge me for the new patient x-rays. I will forever be appreciative of his help and my three kids will go see him when they need orthodontic work done. Moral of the story, orthodontic aftercare is muey importante. Cate must’ve stopped wearing her retainer. I’m still shocked that her drug addicted and drunk mother at the time took the time and money to get neglected Cate some braces just for her to be too lazy to slap on that retainer at night time. I know she can afford a repaired retainer if it was lost or broken. I can’t believe I just wrote a wall of text about braces lol. Sorry guys.
  15. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I’d love to be sitcom writers with all of you snarky ass people - I would have the time of my life. If MTV gets even more desperate for storylines maybe they’d let us write some scripts? 🤣