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  1. Holy shit! I just almost choked on my coffee!! That is sooooo funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!!
  2. Wow, Redrose! How did you do this?!? I'm always amazed when someone actually finds a piece of clothing just by looking at it! I wouldn't know how to even start the search!
  3. Exactly.
  4. This!!! Finally!!!
  5. This x 1000! I absolutely hate it when she acts like she's laughing at something and always stares at the camera! I cannot stand even looking at her! And why don't you GO UP A SIZE so the shit fits you!! Okay, I'm done.
  6. Thank you! Now I remember.
  7. Wasn't there something unusual about the way Dave James was hired? Like he won some contest or something? I can't recall exactly, but I know there was something different about it. I always liked him too.
  8. Yeah and how much do you wanna bet she wasn't watching TLC. Another big lie. She was probably watching porn.
  9. Yeah I just saw that. I probably went to school with him although I sure wouldn't be able to recognize him from that picture. I can't believe that that's his actual mug shot!!
  10. I saw him when I was in St. Augustine on vacation years ago. I was standing in front of a restaurant we were going to go to when he walked by and into the restaurant. I just stared at him not believing my eyes and he winked at me. What a cutie he was/is!
  11. 😱😱😱 but I guess I've seen worse. Not gonna throw anything because we all have different tastes.
  12. I totes agree! Yep, I totes agree.
  13. Yes. This.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Look at the under-eye weirdness. Black and just weird looking. I remember years ago when she had something done to her lips and it didn't work out too well. She would hold the products up covering the bottom half of her face during close-ups. You can still see how crooked her lips are.
  15. But you know what? They will never do anything about her because she apparently sells and has many minions that just love her ans everything she does. And then there's us 😂