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  1. Can't be humblebrag because he's not breathing through his mouth.
  2. Also look at the end of it where she says the next show is coming and raises her arm. It's very apparent that she hasn't used her razor or whatever she uses on her armpit hair. If I knew how to do pictures I would post it. Yuck!!!!
  3. It also looked like he had a dark blue spanks top underneath the horrid sweater vest that he kept pulling down. Mr. Booney-to-be has a good eye. Wash tub abs - hahaha.
  4. Cannot stand her voice. No, we're not gonna kill you now! You're much too loved ❤️
  5. Oh I vote for the schnauz (sp). That's gotta be first on the list.
  6. Wow!!! I'm glad you caught that! She's sooo stupid and thinks we are too!! A double welcome to you, Peacock!
  7. It's too code for crows.
  8. Looks like she just crawled out of bed.
  9. Yeah and it's a good picture, goooooood picture.
  10. I can't stand her either! Why do we have to see pictures of her standing on one foot? Who gives a shit? Her laugh drives me nuts too. Okay, I'm done. On a different note - Spring is here - YAY!!!
  11. I can't stand him either, Jules 08. I know we're in the minority, but his happy dance and always staring into the camera before he takes a bite are only two of the many things I can't stand about him.
  12. We've seen the places she scratches unfortunately.
  13. Oh I know. I didn't take it that way. I just had to clarify what I meant. Also, welcome!
  14. I Was being sarcastic about the sexist remarks. I just hate them calling a bag "her" or "she". I also hate it when they call Logo rags "she". Isaac does it too. Irritates the shit outa me.
  15. I hate it when they call the bags her and she. Isn't that being sexist? A bag can be a he, can't it? Tell me why a bag can't be a him. Yeah, tell me, Skunks. Men carry bags too.