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  1. I totes agree.
  2. This! Holy shit! He just said if you get sweaty after you wash your hair it's not dirty because it's your own sweat!! He was shilling that dry shampoo. What a dork!
  3. I noticed she didn't have them on the other night either.
  4. What he hell happened to his pants? Looks like he was attacked by wild dogs.
  5. Oh thank you! Then maybe I will be "drop dead" gorgeous!!
  6. If I hear "hyper pigmentation" one more time I'm going to run down the street screaming so if you see an "older" gray-haired lady running down the street don't be alarmed.
  7. I agree! I have them in red.
  8. That was my thought too.
  9. OMG! Those bewbs look different. Was that her medical thingy!
  10. Raising paw.
  11. No dresses for me since the '80's. Now that I'm retired I see no need for them. Love my casual clothes!!
  12. Hey! I wonder where Linebacker/lumberjackie has been all day? I'm so happy I didn't have to look at her in a too-small TSV shaking her shoulders and clomping around!! That was the BEST part of today's shows!!!
  13. Love it!!!!! I have my Bob Seger hoodie, but too warm to wear it today!!!
  14. Ooohhhhh! I HATE that. It makes me wanna barf 🤢!
  15. @zoemom, I cannot add anything to the great advice given here, but I personally know it helps to be able to discuss things with "friends" and I believe we are friends that care about each other when one is going through a difficult time. I've gotten support from cyber friends here when I was going through a difficult time. I'm just glad you shared your feelings here and I hope we can help in some way. ❤️❤️❤️