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  1. I can’t either. I tried. Usually about the tenth “cawed” in the first five minutes I just have to save my sanity and “click”.
  2. I’m sure we all remember this “dress” 🤮
  3. Just coming here to say the same thing. Yep. No size 2.
  4. He creeps me out. I can’t watch him.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Wow! I couldn’t agree more!! I came here to see if anyone else felt the same way. I was getting ready to just fast-forward to the end because of the things she was saying about both the plaintiffs and the defendants. I know it’s sweeps, but she’s over the top rude. I guess that’s what makes people watch, but I’m almost ready to take a vacation from my favorite courtroom .
  6. Perfect screen shots. That is exactly what I was trying to say!
  7. Yes. This. Yes. I absolutely cannot listen to her. Even on mute I can’t not watch her mouth - the way she pronounces words - if that makes any sense. Also, she’s in CaCa territory today with that too small jacket/top whatever that is. I used to like UnMary, but not since she’s become Diva, Jr.
  8. Add me to the list. I was just about to post my concerns. Please know that we are here for you and Joe ❤️
  9. Her feet!!! How disgusting!
  10. Ant!!!!! Stop YELLING and cackling at me! I’ve had a hard day!!!!!!!
  11. Fast Food Ads

    I kinda liked that!!!
  12. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yeah, it’s on now. I read the synopsis “Two chihuahuas are found dead ...” and that’s all I needed to read. Won’t be watching this either. I rescued 6 chihuahuas - still lucky enough to have 4 left.
  13. THIS! One billion times!❤️❤️
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    You’re welcome. Glad to help. I couldn’t believe my eyes on that one!!