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    Currently watching: The Good Place and Superstore, Brooklyn 99, VEEP. Angel (a rewatch), Fargo, the Affair, Justified, Bojack Horseman. Have also been watching old soaps from their start to the end of the 80s inc GH, Guiding Light, and Santa Barbara. I find soaps a stress reliever.

    Most loved shows: Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights.

    Sports: obsessed with baseball. Blue Jays and Dodgers fan. Yanks over Sox. Mild interest in basketball, soccer, and rugby.
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  1. Julia & Mason

    @bagger you can try this site- http://cruzedendvd.com/ It is a cruz and eden site, but they are also posting full episodes. According to the site, they say they are posting 5 each week and then updating with the next 5. I guess they can't leave them all up bc of the size. On this page, you can access the full eps. http://cruzedendvd.com/cinema-rooms/ If you look at the eps 1201-1400 they are showing eps where Sashai is still alive. If it keeps going I guess eventually it will get to her death. Not sure how long the site will last though. I just found it, I was looking for something else yesterday.
  2. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Well doublepost but it's been a while. I've been watching eps from 1985, the whole Kirk storyline and Mason and Mary. It is really dumb that Mason didn't just tell Gina about Mary, especially in the ep where he starts to and she assumes he is trying to say he loves her. He should have corrected her. It just seems like a contrivance for the plot that he didn't. As for the actor playing Kirk. I wish Robert Newman had been Kirk all along. I think he's a better actor, and better looking. He would have been able to convey charm, menace, and power, in a better way than original recipe Kirk, who just always seemed slimy and whiny. I don't mind original Gina but around this time I'm tired of her, the actress, and look forward to the other Gina.
  3. MLB Thread

    I saw that guy, why are you wearing an M&Ms jacket to this game? On topic: I like the Dodgers and Puig. So woot Dodgers!
  4. S03.E05: Jeremy Bearimy

    Me too, I thought of it immediately. I've watched a lot of tv in my life but that dialogue from Angel has always stayed with me. This is the first time something reminded me of it. Anyway last week I was complaining about not enjoying the show much this season, but this week- I'm all in. I should have had more faith. Love Jason calling a violin a chin guitar.
  5. S04.E03: Toxic Workplace

    I can't express how much I hate this bullshit of Sandra breaking up with her boyfriend because they flipped a coin. I get too invested in these characters to watch them suffer lol.
  6. MLB Thread

    Yeah I saw this too. Now I think it says October, one of the post-season shirts. I guess I'm not that into the game anymore if I'm reading Manny's shirt lol.
  7. MLB Thread

    Yeah it's kind of weird, I see the O but it's a blue shirt. I suppose MLB wouldnt let him wear an off colour shirt as the neck shows. He won't be a Dodger next yr, I think they prefer Seager. ETA now I'm not sure whether it's an Oriole O or the D or O from the Dodgers logo. I think the latter.
  8. Season 2

    This is really a Rory is irritating post, but I agree with all of the comments re: Lorelai. Lorelai is my favourite character but she is immature. I think partly she reacted so strongly to Jess because of his comment about her sleeping with Luke- it hit a little too close to home. But she is the adult and she should have realized that in that moment Jess was angry and he wanted to push her away and he did what teenagers do. They are obnoxious and they will say anything to get a reaction, and can have a sixth sense about just what to say to push buttons. An adult would have just sucked that up and tried to have perspective on Jess as a troubled kid. Honestly it was a snarky comment, he didn't attack her or set her house on fire. Anyway, back to Rory is irritating lol. I hate this fixation she has with trying to convince her mother to feel/do things that her mother doesn't want to and not respecting that Lorelai's relationship with R/E and with Jess is different than Rory's. So the ep where they need an exterminator and Rory refuses to listen to her mother saying she doesn;t want to ask R/E, and Rory saying Lorelai is just being stubborn. Her actions are all very dismissive. Similarly Rory hounding her to try to give Jess a chance, and Lorelai saying quite clearly - just because you like him, doesn't mean I have to, which is true and it would be much healthier if they allowed one another to have different feelings about people. Also, I love the scene of Luke knocking out the wall in his apt and telling Jess that's his room.
  9. The Attic: Small Talk for Actives

  10. All Episodes Talk

    What is Janet's story background? Who did she kill? I never watched amc but have caught the odd youtube clip over the last while. The time period is when she was with Trevor? But she killed someone? Just wonder what the story is.
  11. The Attic: Small Talk for Actives

    Does anyone remember which episode they acted stoned? I remember Topher and what's her name jumping on the couch, it was one of the more comical episodes. I'm clearing out some of my old video files and want to keep a couple of the Dollhouse episodes.
  12. MLB Thread

    I wish Brock Holt's first name was Steve so he could yell 'Steve Holt!' randomly while playing.
  13. S04.E02: Baby Shower

    I really dislike Glenn muscling in, like dislike as I do not want to watch this. It's because he's their boss, and it is coercion, and I just dont find it funny. I know they did an episode on this, but I just dont like watching it. The rest was good. Beau (Bo?) is awesome. I love he got a stripper for Cheyenne.
  14. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    Yeah I'm not feeling this season. The basic characters are starting not to mske sense to me. What is the point Michael is trying to achieve? They get enough points to get into the good place? And then they can die? I've totally lost track why this matters so much to him. I think bc it has always seemed strange to me that Michael flipped, they didnt show me enough to justify that change. I thought it was interesting this season they all reverted back except for Michael. Why not? At the end, when he was like- this is all we have! It just sounded so desperate and I was like why does this matter to you so much? So I feel like I'm in the minority with this one, but the overall motivation/point of what he and Janet are doing seem thin to me, so the rest falls kind of flat.
  15. MLB Thread

    What's wrong with Braun? I dont know any of the players well on that team. ETA nevermind I assume you mean the PED thing.