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  1. MLB Thread

    I think the Dodgers could use one, with Seager out for the year, but I'm not sure they want to part with much in a trade and I assume Machado is worth a lot. I really like Machado, I hope if he doesn't stay he goes somewhere with a good organization. Which means a team I can root for lol. I think the Brewers might also need a shortstop, but I'm less familiar with them, so not as sure. I just watched a few games, and the guy they had (Arcia, at the time) was not very good. They might be willing to go for another big trade.
  2. S06 Amazon

    I'm watching or rewatching this now. I can't recall if I ever saw it. I started watching Survivor in real time from season 1, but I periodically got disgusted by the awful people and skipped seasons randomly. Spoiled about Jenna winning, which surprised me bc she seems like a bitch in the first ep. Got a vibe from Heidi too. Rob is entertaining. I have not listened to a single one of his podcasts. Just don't like podcasts. Most of all- this one ep was better than the entire last season. It's great watching them struggle with the environment. The ep was just a complete story in itself, not just- welp, one hour closer to deciding if Dom or Wendell wins. The show's scope has just narrowed so much.
  3. Yeah I like Bennett. Decided I like Jason's character, don't really like his partner, not sure why. Plot holes you can drive a truck through, but enjoyable. I liked the guy being framed, and the interaction bw him and Shade throughout the show.
  4. MLB Thread

    Yeah they do some neat stuff. They play a lot of Doors I noticed, just a few bars, then switch. I'm a big Doors fan, so I noticed right away.
  5. Horse Racing: The Sport of Kings

    He made it look easy. I was really impressed. I also like to hear more about the other horses running. It would also be neat to spend time learning about the other Triple Crown winners, I like the history, but I suppose some of it is probably on Youtube.
  6. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    I've thought about this further, and ultimately, my reaction isn't really about winning, or how to win, though I was annoyed about Dominick losing. And yes, given that he lost, he obviously should have done something different to win. But regardless of that, regardless of whether Dominick or Wendell won, to me a lot of people this season overreacted to very little. I still haven't seen or read anything that convinced me otherwise, but it's definitely up for debate as none of us were there. But for me, I didn't really respect most of the others this season, how they played their individual games, including how they managed their task on the jury. It's also funny- it seems like a season of newbies should be good, but more often than not it ends up a dud, or that may be the show overall at this point.
  7. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    The act may be the result of a disease, I'm not weighing in on that, but the way she did it- the timing if her husband was getting a divorce, with her husband home, and then leaving that letter that may point to him- seems a little deliberately cruel, and will add to the devastation both for him and her daughter.
  8. MLB Thread

    I think it was around 95. I wasn't watching that closely, but weren't there two guys on base? That being said, Gibbons is sometimes too quick to pull hitters imo. I'm pretty sure Estrada would have given up a run at that point anyway. The Jays are just a trainwreck. I think it's about half the players and half poor management. Management more in the sense of the revolving door of players. Really glad Yankees made a fuss about the Sunday night game. I've been watching other baseball for the most part. Sigh.
  9. Thanks for the background, Trey. I didn't know anything about the backstory.
  10. S02.E02: 202

    I'm watching this very late, enjoying reading the comments. I'm not spoiled on anything. I never would have thought Cole may have been responsible before coming here. Still don't. Normally when someone dies on tv and there is a trial, there is some feeling about the victim. Hard to connect here bc Scotty has just not been a big part of the show. Like many, I just think Noah is the worst asshole. After getting angry about her job, and then asing if she was going to sell her house, I would have rethought the relationship. I don't hate Alison, I relate more to her than Noah, for some reason, though my life has not been very similar. Finally, I have never seen so much unsexy sex on a show in my life. I wouldn't have thought it possible.
  11. I just caught this show for the first time. It is nice, light, pre-sleep entertainment. Jason Priestley looks like he is aging naturally, which is a shocker for an actor. I guessed someone stole his toy idea early on, but I wasn't sure who. I also guessed the daughter was scared. Is she blind? Triangle- snooze. Not as good as Motive overall. Very predictable, but I need something light and thoughtless at the end of the night. The only thing is they make Jason seem kind of dumb. He asks a lot of questions to his partner. Like Do you think the apple juice was poisoned? Hey do you think Wendell had aomething to do with it? Not sure if is just my impression or what. Kind of curious they dedicated it to the horses that died in the Sunnybrook fire. I mean, yes that was sad, but why that over something else? Shade is both a cheesy and dumb name, but whatever.
  12. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    I have no way of knowing if anything Seb said was true, or how bad or not it was, but i do think he was pissed his little plan was blown and the way it was blown. Which again to me is just the game.
  13. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    Well that would be different, but I'm a little skeptical tbh. But I don't read the exit interviews etc., so I can only go by what is on the screen. But if in fact Dom was an abusive asshole off camera I stand corrected.
  14. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    Well outright abuse is not ok, and iirc Dan Foley crossed that line, but I guess it's subjective what is and isn't acceptable. But that's what bothers me- Dom may have been abrasive or agressive at times, but he was not an abusive asshole as far as I could see, he was playing the game and he owned it completely. I like Wendell, he played a good game, but I will always vote Dom. The jury, that sucked playing since Day 1 just kept sucking right til the end. Anyway Dom will likely get at least 2 do overs lol.
  15. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    I honestly don't know what Dom did to hurt anyone. It seems a little exagerrated. If people are this sensitive irl, I don't know how they make it through each day.