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  1. The Affair in the Media

    Well I recall her saying around season 2 that the show was hard due to long hours, and the depressing nature of the character, not in those words. So I could see her still feeling that way, but I don't know why Treem or Showcase would get bent out of shape over that. Maybe Ruth was tired of it, and the storylines. All I know is Treem's comments about the show always seem bizarre to me. I tried to watch In Treatment when it was on and couldn't get through it. I started with this because of Ruth- I think she's a fantastic actress. If you haven't wathed Luther, I highly recommend it.
  2. The Affair in the Media

    Does anyone know when they finished filming season 4? I would assume by Feb they were done.
  3. This show is just insane and brilliant simultaneously. If it doesn't get picked up I give up on humanity.
  4. MLB Thread

    Puig overreacted but Hundley actually started it.
  5. Preface: I haven't seen all of GH, I only started watching old eps a couple years ago. So I haven't seen 1982-95 ish, I'm slowly working my way through it. I'm watching the Luke and Laura story, where she leaves Scotty and goes on the run with Luke. I also watched the story when Nicholas showed up in the 90s. Anyway- I've always thought Luke was an asshole. He is entertaining, like an interesting character, but an asshole, imo. So watching the beginning of him and Laura- so he rapes her, then slaps her (not when he raped her, later in this story) So the story is interesting, but this idea that they're this great couple just seems like garbage to me, I think Luke treats her awful half the time, and it's not just the violence, he is controlling and witholds info, etc. On Youtube the number of comments from shippers excusing this stuff, and/or essentially saying Laura had it all coming for one reason or another is really something. One of the excuses for it is like- how Laura is immature and acting like a child, she was a child when she met Luke etc. To me, that is even more squicky, this idea that Luke is attracted to someone who was like a child. Anyway, I know soaps play fast and loose with the whole violence/aggression = love and attraction, but I don't know. I just can't fathom the mass appeal and devotion to them as this great couple with this great love story. It just seems disturbing to me, or maybe it is just Luke that rubs me the wrong way.
  6. This is not something I would typically watch, but I will try anything Vera Farmiga is in. Other cast also looks good.
  7. Trial & Error in the Media

    This may be cancelled, but something like 2 Broke Girls- how many seasons did that get? Ridiculous. Hopefully someone picks it up. What are the ratings like? I also wonder if it would do better during the regular season.
  8. Loved it, I love Carol Anne Keane. I liked her expression everytime Josh was between her the podcast woman. And I like Anne's inappropriate laughing. I figured Lavinia had to be guilty or they would have to do something to switch the story up and not follow a formula. I like psycho Lavinia much more but I wish they had stuck with Carol Anne and Josh on one side and Urkel on the other. Changing the dynamic and dealing with another lawyer would be interesting. I missed the first 15 mins of the first episode so I'm looking forward to going back and getting caught up!
  9. I haven't seen season 4 or 5. I just started and watched 4.1. I know about the structure, and it was hard to watch. A few funny jokes in the beginning, I like Rogen and Young Lucille, but it quickly bcame chaotic and hard to follow. Is it correct there are 22 episodes? That would be a slog. I also dont believe Michael would sleep with Lucille 2. Also hard to watch Tambor scenes with JW after that stuff came to light. I almost bailed on finishing the last 2 seasons, and finally decided to give it a try but not sure I can stick it out.
  10. S06 Amazon

    I'm continuing with my Amazon watch. Heidi is obnoxious, much more so than Jenna a few eps in. She also keeps commenting about how others see her body, and how much it bugs them. Reality is she seems to be the one obsessed with it. Dave to Heidi- vote with us Heidi- what would you do if you were me? Dave- vote with us. Heidi- well that is clearly a neutral and unbiased opinion, plus it came from a man so okey dokey! Okay, the last one I paraphrased. Rob's ongoing comments about the women are making him seem like a gross guy that has never had a date and watches a lot of porn wishing it was his life. Edited 3 minutes ago by cleo.
  11. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    That's amazing, and still one of my favourite shows. I wish there was more effort to preserve soaps and make them available. They really are a product of a cultural time, the last half of the 20th century. It's also amazing to see the evolution of shows over 50 years, including seeing children grow and age on screen. I've only recently gotten into other soaps- old GH , GL, and they are really entertaining. SB is the best though!
  12. MLB Thread

    Yeah I feel bad for Happ, that sucks. Well better now than later in the season I guess.
  13. MLB Thread

    I figured. I hope you enjoy the World Series this year @kariyaki! I thought the Astros would take it again, even before this, but this deal seals it for me. I don't think the NL can compete.
  14. MLB Thread

    The Jays are trying to trade Osuna while simultaneously saying they're not trying to trade him every chance they get. I would respect honesty a lot more. I'm wondering if the Astros would take him. The Jays will likely be dumb and give him away bc Rogers does not want the controversy. I also figure court will end with a peace bond (no criminal conviction) so it doesn't affect his career. We still don't know what happened. Other than Astros I'm not sure who else is looking for a closer. I'm not really on board with a trade. ETA- it will be quite the thing if they trade him to a contending team- hey commit DV and your punishment is to go to a better team where you might win the world series!