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    Currently watching: The Good Place and Superstore, Brooklyn 99, VEEP. Angel (a rewatch), Fargo, the Affair, Justified, Bojack Horseman. Have also been watching old soaps from their start to the end of the 80s inc GH, Guiding Light, and Santa Barbara. I find soaps a stress reliever.

    Most loved shows: Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights.

    Sports: obsessed with baseball. Blue Jays and Dodgers fan.
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  1. S01.E10 Mailbox

    So I think the reason Frank is my favourite is he's not just a brown noser, he's genuinely a nerd, and I guess I can relate to geekiness, lol. He also seems genuinely good which is kind of refreshing. The thing with Wendy (Wendi?) this week- he would never have thought of that if Joey hadn't pushed him. The only kids that are really kind of off putting to me are William- I just don't like overly precocious/wise/kids acting like adults (I don't know how anyone can bear watching Singe Parents but that is OT lol) and that is how William comes across to me. It just seems unrealistic.
  2. S01.E10 Mailbox

    Frank is my favourite at this point. Agree on joey being one dimensional, getting kind of boring.
  3. Angel

    So I finally the next ep in my rewatch, Shiny Happy People. The relief- Cordelia and Connor are over, and with everyone bedazzled Connor is less annoying. Jasmine- it's a different take on a god after Glory, mildly interesting. I just reject the stuff about how she manouevered everyone from way back, so to me it just never happened, I can blot out this storyline lol. I find it offensive to think about how Cordelia/CC was treated. People rant about how awful Dawn and season 6 of Btvs is. This is how I feel about season 4 of angel. Every time I saw Angel in this striped yellow shirt it was a wtf moment lol.
  4. So I totally thought they were twins. Yeah what is the point? One thing I find mildly interesting is how the doors won't open for the cop, I don't know her name.
  5. So nothing could beat the perfection of season 2 but I'm having a hard time getting into this. Obviously I'm slow to get to it. The characters seem old/done before not that interesting except the girlfriend. Parking lot business is just a boring context and Vargas is unpleasant to watch. I get that he's supposed to be, but it just makes me want to ff through his scenes. Only ep 2 so I'm hanging in, but I recall alot of complaints when this first came out. We'll see how it goes.
  6. S05.E02: Love Letters

    I didn't like the Alexis plot at all, I just react to manipulation and lying, just be honest....oh, then there would be no plot. It always just seems not only irritating of the character but also of the writers doing it just for the drama! In general the relationship between Alexis and the doctor jut doesn't work for me. I mean, I like Alexis but I don't get why he is with her, she is a terrible girlfriend. Self-centred, forgetting about dates they made, etc. I thought her dynamic was much better with the other guy, bc he actually called her on her bullshit and challenged her in different ways. Anyway I really enjoyed the rest of the ep.
  7. I've been doing a slow rewatch, I just finished season 3. I love Wanda Sykes on this show. But everyone is very good.
  8. S03.E09: Episode 9

    Well this is as far as I made it with this show, and I'm out. I'm fully spoiled and nothing much else interests me- I skipped half of this season, mostly Noah. I liked seeing Helen come clean this ep. I thought MT did a good job. Overall, I enjoyed all the actors and characters except Noah/DW. (I didn't like DW in The Wire either, but it was a much better show overall.) At this point, I feel like the show has lost its purpose and I'm not interested in random new characters. Have zero interest in watching Alison's fate, it kind of feels like a slap in the face after investing this much time and energy on the character. I don't know what RW did to piss Treem off, but it must have been something for her to leave the way she did amd for the character to be treated like this (in s. 4). Not saying I think Treem is justified in whatever it was- clearly something happened in set based on Ruth's comments. Anyway. What's next...hmm...new season of Luther is coming....☺
  9. Angel

    Yeah maybe in regards to Angel. But kidnapping a girl and helping Cordelia kill her? Connor has fought evil his entire life. I'm pretty sure killing an innocent girl with a butchers knife or whatever Cordelia had would ping something inside him that something is not quite right. I feel like killing an innocent and in some ways becoming more like his father would be Connor's worst fear. Anyway the whole storyline fails for me on every level, from the time Connor comes back. It will take a long time for me to get to season 5, I'm very slow.
  10. Angel

    I don't like Connor but I don't think he's stupid enough to fall for Cordelia's act, saying Angel was going to kill her out of jealousy/hatred for Connor. Nor do i believe he would kill a girl. This is right up there with the Magic!Crack story. And just like that story, one I wont watch again.
  11. I knew when I saw him on FNL he was going to go places. He can make me cry like no one else lol.
  12. Sandra Oh is great, she is much better than Grey's. I havent seen her new show.
  13. I'm from Toronto but I never liked Drake. His entire persona in the media seems fake to me. I don't think I've listened to his music, so its purely a reaction to him.
  14. Luther

    Woot! Sounds good.
  15. Luther

    I'm super excited about S.5 but I've never seen S.4. Is Ruth Wilson in it? I suppose I should watch it before season 5. I just didnt enjoy s. 3 as much as 1 and 2, so I pulled away for a while. ETA nm. I see she isn't in 4, not really into seeing it then. I love Idris, but I like RW as well, and Luther and Alice are the reason I watch. Nit in a shippy way, I just like them.