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  1. I'm with you.
  2. Lot's of people have dentist phobia, as do I. I get heart palpitations and sweat like a pig. I was a kid in the 50s. It could be really painful and especially bad if you had a dentist with a terrible bedside manner. Although I don't really remember a specific time, he probably hurt me pretty badly and made me phobic.
  3. I seem to remember a scene where Jeremy mentioned that they chose Bend because it is approximately the middle between in laws.
  4. I guess people could feel that way if they hadn't lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. The ones who were deported in 2010 almost got a ticker tape parade. They were heroes.
  5. Put me in the not a lot of redeeming qualities in Matt or Amy team, but I agree. All of them have shown anger at different points, but none out of the ordinary. The one time you could say she was displaying a lot of anger was when she was trying to keep the inspector off the property, but even then it was measured and more determined. My dad would have clocked the guy. Now, he had anger issues. Hear! Hear!
  6. I think it is just showing Barbara's life as a stand in for her mother as a minister's wife. Weren't we told at some point (I think during one of the drinking scenes in Trixie's room) that she often helped her father in his ministerial duties as a wife would?
  7. Thank you.
  8. Can someone tell me which Lorca poem Phylis quoted?
  9. I applaud you for working on acceptable behavior. I could enjoy being around all of them except Sean and Meghan. You are absolutely correct. Sean's parents seem to think his "ladies man" behavior is cute. It isn't. Meghan seems to have been over pumped up with self esteem and is much too aggressive about everything. Clearly, Sean has been taught and is able to learn other things. This one hasn't been enforced but, unfortunately, encouraged by their laughter. That said, I appreciate the daily struggles of all these parents. My brother-in-law's brother is DS so I have some familiarity with the behavior. One thing I do know is that they are just naturally affectionate. The first time I met him he was 22 and before being introduced he was all over me with a big bear hug.
  10. You are correct. I stated myself wrong. I was talking exclusively of Tim and Alex Foley. While the US, Canada and the UK have denied them entrance, they are free to come and go in many countries, mainly Asian. The younger one is fighting with the west to go back to university. However, my point remains, their parents were captured and they were deported in a prisoner exchange. Tim and Alex live and travel to Asian countries and are comfortable. I'm just saying were it 2010 this is what could have happened to the Jennings. As I stated, the US was in a different mood towards spying in the 80's so it is more dangerous for P and E and the kids. An interview with Tim and Alex Foley, sons of "sleeper cell" parents caught in 2010. While the truth is not certain about Tim, I feel he was like Paige and had been told possibly agreed to train. I think Alex was in the dark.
  11. The post was a bit smug.
  12. I noticed the "family dinner" remark also but for another reason. I don't like Matt but he was correct. If she wanted a "family dinner" and it was to include him, it should have been planned as "to talk business". Maybe some family chit-chat but planned for business. This is not an intact family anymore. They have boyfriends and girlfriends and the kids are still having trouble with that. Then when Jeremy announced their plans to move back, Amy was all, "family dinners every Sunday". Clearly, these people are just not thinking. It ain't gonna work. Amy needs to think a little. Yes, it's true. Some people can be very amicable as time goes on. But the resentment in these two is simmering just below the surface and ready to blow.
  13. But, then again, a nice twist would be if PT goes right to the FBI.