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  1. As of today 11-13-2017 per IMDB: Hidden Figures Opening Weekend: 22.8 m Gross: 169.3 m Rogue One Opening Weekend: 22.6 m Gross: 532.2 m I loved Hidden Figures. Not a fan of military movies but they do make moolah.
  2. Well, the show is called "Mom". Christy's kids are non existent now so that leaves her mom, Allison Jannney, to be the mom in "Mom". Besides, Allison Janney is carrying this show, but I love them all...except Adam.
  3. Just a little reminder here that in the very early seasons, Sue had a big crush on Sean. Every time he came into their house with Axl, Sue gushed. Sean was always oblivious to the attention.
  4. Loved Axl's "knock it off up there" "I know what you're up to" to the kids on the overhead bed.
  5. I think the "pixie" cut is adorable on petite women and children. Not so much on larger.
  6. The number one sh!tty thing that the CO$ does to people who leave, IMO, is to release that terribly personal and private info that you confess under "auditing". She was a mess at 20 and knew it. She gave her baby to the father and stepmother to raise. She goes to Scientology to clean up her life and get her head straight. She decides it's not for her and chooses to leave. Scientology tells the world her most embarrassing secrets which she revealed under "auditing". Secrets that just happen to be why she wound up in the cult in the first place. BRING. THEM. DOWN. LEAH!
  7. The former stripper that Christy was helping was trying to get her child back. Not Christy.
  8. The stripper, Natasha?...Natalie? was the mother of Jill's foster child? Wow! I didn't get that.
  9. I say it all the time when we are out somewhere. Just the other day I was trying to jostle my sister into us taking her grandchildren to a museum. I actually said, "C'mon. We'll make a memory".
  10. Trick or treat in my city is from 6pm to 8pm so kids running around in bright daylight isn't odd around here. It helps to get the wee ones off the streets as it turns dusky. Then we see more of the older kids.
  11. No one should be clueless about Mike or Leah's involvement in anything re belonging to Scientology. Everyone knows by now that despicable things happened. It's all about former indoctrination and being forgiven.
  12. Velour towels just suck. I'm a 66 year old curmudgeon-ess.
  13. I can so identify with this. I work in a building with two elevators and the lobby has a very wide all-seeing window. I arrive very early and as it happens, almost exactly at the same time every morning as another woman. Sometimes she has entered the elevator and can see me outside walking to the door. She knows I can also see her and she will hold the elevator door making me feel obligated to hurry. I have a very casual walk and I just don't appreciate being hurried. I also don't appreciate the feeling of having to return the favor. I have tried waving her off but she just stands there with her hand on the button waiting. I mean, gee whiz, there is another elevator and the building is only 5 floors. After a few times of this happening, if we happen to arrive at the same time now, I just sit in my car and give it a few minutes. Honestly, I agree with character Larry on many social "rules". I also never, ever, push my perfectly wrist-fitting long sleeves up.
  14. He did acknowledge Steenbergen's work in "Justified" Don't know why they didn't mention current work..
  15. OK. Not 5 minutes into the hour and Jen says, "My brother has asked Bill and I to be Godparents." C'mon, Jen. You're educated and a professional who gets paid for speaking engagements. Don't be afraid to say "Bill and me". It's not dumb. It's correct. Geeze! That gets on my last nerve. There is no way in hello that I would eat anything from a kitchen that Will and Zoe have participated in making. I think the reason NaiNai appeared to be correcting Will more than Zoe was because Will was the real leader. Zoe was watching his behavior and imitating it. Will was the problem. Zoe was actually trying to listen. If that cake had been made in their own kitchen and just for the immediate family of four, that's different. Just don't ask me to eat it. That said, look at the picture at the end. Will's big smile is so endearing.