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  1. I just finished Series 7 Episode 1 "the Green Man". Troy was promoted and this is his last episode. A nomad, woodsy man is accused of murder. Friends of the murdered boy find his camp in the woods and wind up shooting his pet fox. He didn't do it, of course. Long story short, after all is said and done he is cleared and in the next to last scene he is back in the woods falling asleep by the campfire. Out from the trees come a mommy fox with her two babies and they curl up around the campfire with him. Loved it. And the last scene is Troy's farewell to Barnaby.
  2. I am binge watching on Netflix. I'm on series 6, I think and the new guy replacing Troy has just been introduced. I loved Troy. I also wondered about Cully's theatrical career turned into mobile librarian. I guess it allows her to move around and happen to be where they are investigating a murder. Either she "happens" to be in the neighborhood or she must be a suspect. LOL. When I started this binge, I did not notice how long it has lasted. I have a ways to go. By the way...I have this awful habit of watching late at night in bed and I often fall asleep. A few nights ago I awakened to the bell ringer episode mentioned above. Needless to say, it was quite an awakening. Can we say LOUD. The bell ringing went on and on. I never finished the episode because it was so annoying. (Injecting some movement into the thread).
  3. Poor neighbors everywhere when there is a reno. My neighbor was just renovating his bathroom. It was constant noise for 2 months in evenings and weekends I went batty and he's 100 ft. from me.
  4. S07.E03: Standoff

    Have to wait and see but looks like they are going the crazy Carrie route. Ugh.
  5. Twice last night the accused invoked the "I pay your salary", "you work for me" crap. The black kid did it and Tom Morris mentioned it. Ham sandwich/trespassing guy did it too. Not a good opening when they put cuffs on you.
  6. S02.E08: The Luxury of Conscience

    I agree. But there's almost 70 years between V and DA. It's a world of difference and Victoria requires a lot more restraint. A LOT changed in those 70 years. Much of DA would have been scandalous 70 years before. Prudishness is not called "Victorian" for no reason.
  7. S02.E08: The Luxury of Conscience

    Agreed. It's a shame there wasn't a good shot of the mane.
  8. S07.E02: Rebel Rebel

    I'm so confused about the therapist. She knows things you don't think Carrie told her and she seems hostile toward Carrie. Was this something mandated? Did her Dr. Sister demand it for her to live with her? Maybe it was mandated from when Franny was taken away by children's services? But that was found to be fraudulent,wasn't it?Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. S07.E02: Rebel Rebel

    The location of the country yahoos hiding the useless Alex Jones character is supposedly Philippi, WV. Note one of the young men mentioned it being the spot of the first land battle of the Civil War. It was more like a skirmish. The Confederates high tailed out, McClellan made a name for himself and the idea of West Virginia separating from Virginia began. I'm from the area.
  10. S07.E02: Rebel Rebel

    I hate hackers. It's B&E. They all should be tracked down and prosecuted.
  11. S07.E02: Rebel Rebel

    Why is Carrie staying with her sister? Is she under some requirement to see that shrink. The shrink seemed hostile toward Carrie.
  12. S07.E01: Enemy of the State

    From Twitter. LMAO.
  13. S07.E01: Enemy of the State

    But necessary, apparently, for plot development. There's a reason the niece had to see it and we'll find out in future episodes. The show must go on.
  14. S07.E01: Enemy of the State

    It's terrible and makes me wince it's so bad. It detracts from every scene he is in.
  15. Kylie

    My first thought when I heard Stormi Webster was "Stormy Weather.