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  1. I've watched "Mom" from the beginning. I'm always wondering in every scene with Wendy, "these two have got to be related".
  2. I'm binge watching on Acorn in the US. I'm on Season 2 Ep 3. I love this show.
  3. I liked after Elizabeth pretty much told him no, go back to where you came from, they cut to him playing cards...again.
  4. I think they missed the mark in both Kennedys, especially Michael C. Hall. He was terrible. The hairdresser went bananas on Jackie's bouffant. Way exaggerated. Otherwise, this has been an excellent series.
  5. I loved that response. I get chills when I think, "what if there had never been a Wallis Simpson?"
  6. Later she does show Jackie Kennedy a secret passage. What's important in that scene and the scenes following is that she LISTENED. She wanted to do better.
  7. It may have just been a made-up scene as Dickie was featured prominently in this episode with Charles to prepare for what happens to Mountbatten and how it affects Charles.
  8. As of today 11-13-2017 per IMDB: Hidden Figures Opening Weekend: 22.8 m Gross: 169.3 m Rogue One Opening Weekend: 22.6 m Gross: 532.2 m I loved Hidden Figures. Not a fan of military movies but they do make moolah.
  9. Well, the show is called "Mom". Christy's kids are non existent now so that leaves her mom, Allison Jannney, to be the mom in "Mom". Besides, Allison Janney is carrying this show, but I love them all...except Adam.
  10. Just a little reminder here that in the very early seasons, Sue had a big crush on Sean. Every time he came into their house with Axl, Sue gushed. Sean was always oblivious to the attention.
  11. Loved Axl's "knock it off up there" "I know what you're up to" to the kids on the overhead bed.
  12. I think the "pixie" cut is adorable on petite women and children. Not so much on larger.
  13. The number one sh!tty thing that the CO$ does to people who leave, IMO, is to release that terribly personal and private info that you confess under "auditing". She was a mess at 20 and knew it. She gave her baby to the father and stepmother to raise. She goes to Scientology to clean up her life and get her head straight. She decides it's not for her and chooses to leave. Scientology tells the world her most embarrassing secrets which she revealed under "auditing". Secrets that just happen to be why she wound up in the cult in the first place. BRING. THEM. DOWN. LEAH!
  14. The former stripper that Christy was helping was trying to get her child back. Not Christy.
  15. The stripper, Natasha?...Natalie? was the mother of Jill's foster child? Wow! I didn't get that.