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  1. I'm binging on Amazon. Just started season 2. Just wow. Quite a soap opera. I'm enjoying it enough to stay with it so far.
  2. Loved the scene with Grandma's "helmet hair". It reminded me of the movie "Steel Magnolias" and Sally Field's "helmet hair". LOL.
  3. Hey. He works hard on that hair. LOL. They've shown his morning routine with his hair. Heaven help the person who touches his hair products. I bet he could get 30 minutes more sleep if he would cut out the primping in the morning.
  4. That's how I was taught to check my grammar. Try saying it by dropping one. You wouldn't say, "Darlene and Brad invited I on their boat," so don't say, "...invited Chris and I on their boat." Even if you reverse it, it works. "Chris and I went on their boat" not "Chris and me went on their boat." You don't say "Me went on their boat." It's "Chris and I went..." After awhile, as a kid learning this way, it just becomes natural. I've been with very well educated people who mix it up. Drives me crazy.
  5. I have "Direct TV Now" through my Amazon Firestick. I saw the complete episode last night but I have no access this morning. This hasn't happened before and I hope the problem doesn't persist. I also thought Brooke walking over to where the wolf had been was stupid. I was so glad that finally a team is together.
  6. Those were ear lobe expanders. They start small and gradually place bigger ones in to expand the hole. To each his own, I guess. My best friend's grandson has them. She has actually told him it disgusts her. He just calls her old-fashioned. I'm not a fan of man-buns, either. Hence the fuddy-duddy issue. When you are experienced enough you have learned how to ditch a dud blind date without so much hard feelings. Jazz is just so young.
  7. As a general rule, I don't like or go to "scary" movies because they just don't scare me. Not only did this series scare me, it made the hair on my neck rise. I cried for and with Jean. It's all beyond imagination. So many people find it hard to believe. I don't. I graduated in 1969. It was a very different time. No one wanted to know about these things. It was all hush-hush and embarrassing. Even normal sex was private and kept under wraps. I would never doubt the girls keeping the secret He had total authority over the entire neighborhood. Today, with TV and PSAs and the net, kids are made aware to tell and many still don't. Imagine the darkness over it back then. Everyone should be made to watch this series.
  8. I'm going to sound like a terrible person but I think Jazz's first impression of Shane was "eww" and that's why things went badly. I think she was turned off from first sight by his appearance. Re-watch the episode and focus in on her reaction to meeting him. Later she couldn't communicate this to her parents because it would expose her own prejudices. There's no denying she did not want to be with him. I don't think it was awkwardness over just the idea of dating. Then again, I could be laying my own prejudices onto Jazz. I'm seriously turned off by those ear lobe expanders and tattoos and any piercings. But I'm an old gramma fuddy-duddy.
  9. I was excited when I saw Einstein advertised. Have no interest in Picasso. I won't be tuned in.
  10. I think he told Megan all that love stuff on their walk when they saw the rainbow. If what we saw was in proper order then the scene in the bedroom was after the walk. I think Megan's overtures in the bedroom freaked Steven out. He was totally out of his depth. Even though Steven is Mosaic DS and therefore more aware, he still has DS and did not know how to fix what he was feeling nor how to communicate it. Let's not forget that right before Steven, Megan was prepared to marry the other boyfriend. She broke up with him for Steven. I hope I'm remembering all this correctly. I'm not trying to absolve or defend anyone - just remembering that these kids don't understand mature relationships at all. They are all learning and their hearts are fragile.
  11. My favorite scene was the transition during the visa interview as Geist came to respect Einstein. I especially loved the scene where they get their visas and the interesting fact that the real Geist saved so many Jews.
  12. Steven reacted to the relationship like most men. Do not be clingy. Megan, in her constant Megan way, came on like gang busters. Steven didn't know what hit him. The one word he used that was so appropriate was "overwhelmed". The sad part was he didn't quite know how to express it to Megan. He did with his dad but he just didn't find the right words with Megan and reduced it to "I want to see other girls".
  13. Just junk. A Patrick Duffy - Dallas- shower all over again. What a waste of time.
  14. Aquirro (whatever the detective supers name is) pulled a Columbo when he popped back into Kevin's hospial room.
  15. It was just too dark to be entertained. I got tired of struggling to figure out what was happening. Has to get better. I don't like working at watching a show.