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  1. I've pretty much had it with the trips. Probably my wishes would seem boring to most. Why not a simple show of an average day. Getting the day started. Fixing breakfast with accompanied I know cute, funny spontaneous things happened in my home growing up. Show Jen arriving home. Bill cooking or getting leftovers out for a spread. Jen and Bill at the table and the kids watching TV. Grocery shopping or a school activity. Just snippets of the day. It also doesn't have to be with the kids. A little of just Jen and Bill watching TV together after the kids bedtime. After all, Jen and Bill carried this show before the kids came along. Yes, they are adorable, but just mix it up a little. I'm sick of family outings. Not just this program but a lot of reality TV over does the trip thing.
  2. I'll always love Haggis for his contribution to "Facts of Life". What a great show. His exposing Scientology is the cherry on top.
  3. Anyone notice that Greta Van Sustren was in the celebrity montage at the end. She and her husband both are CO$.
  4. I took a phone call and missed all but the last few words about MLK. Can someone fill me in on the whole story?
  5. A guy I graduated with fell down 5 carpeted steps and died. His neck was broken. My brother-in- law's mother fell down 8 carpeted steps and died. Granted, she was 70 years old, but, it happens. Another point is how violently Frank pushed her. Most genuine falls (like a slip of a foot) the person falling tries to correct it and saves themselves from violent death. Frank's violent push gave her no recovery time.
  6. You're right. But IT geeks were communicating that way long before texting. It's always been a computer shorthand. Texting has just made it more extreme. I'm not saying this is the answer, just a possibility. I think his mental anguish could have had something to do with it.
  7. I didn't see it as really bad spelling at all. I believe he knew exactly how to spell correctly but as a tech-savvy young person, he was just writing it in the language of young people who live in a texting world. Read their texts. They're full of abbreviations and cutsey spelling. I actually scratch my head at what I'm reading when my niece, who is 20, texts me sometimes. I know she knows the difference.
  8. It may be a way of vetting their stories. Making sure the stories match.
  9. Now that wouldn't have been any fun.
  10. I can't remember who said it but in one discussion it was pointed out that the spoken word and vocabulary and grammar WERE the things that were emphasized and taught well. They were expected to eventually go out and do their adult jobs which is to proselytize for the $hurch. They want their representatives well spoken. One said it is rare to find a CO$ member who was raised in the $hurch who doesn't have a strong vocabulary.
  11. It was notable, I thought, on an episode highlighting the fact that there is no "family unit" in CO$ that Mike mentioned that his children consider him a terrible father. In Mike's words, "because I was." Dang! That guy is carrying a load.
  12. I'm looking forward to the interview with Paul Haggis.
  13. He's looked like Tori from day 1.
  14. Linda had no authority to tell the cop outside the door to take a break. Nor should the cop have left the door. But, of course, it needed to happen to advance the story.