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  1. First of all, my parents would never have taken me looking at houses at that age. Second, if I, or any of my siblings acted like that my parents would insist that they hold our hand. We would never have been given the freedom to be in another room without them in that situation, much less on another floor. Third, a stern warning from either of my parents was enough to reel us in. Don't touch meant "don't touch". No matter how cute, discipline has to start early. But I was also raised back in the old days of spanking. I can't say I remember spankings altho I know I got them. After that, at a certain age, a stern look worked. Kids want to know boundaries. They need to know boundaries. "Time out" was decades away. <sigh> I'll leave it to the reader to judge what works. Also, some children respond to different ways of discipline. Parents have to learn that. Most do fairly quickly. Clearly, The Little Couple has not. Note to Bill: You aren't doing your children any favor by laughing at their antics (and in some cases - encouraging them).
  2. S05.E10: Cold War

    Sam doesn't have to spend it all on a house and car. He just needs a down payment for the house. He can invest some. he has some kind of survival training school. He can in vest into his business or if he is working for someone he can start his own. His notoriety with the win is great publicity. Marketed correctly he will be in good financial shape. Sam didn't need to bulk up. He's just a natural doughboy. Did he make sure to chow down on some burgers before he left. Sure. I would too. I would be looking for every advantage. I never discounted his abilities. I've followed him on Twitter for some time now. He has good instincts and great ideas for survival. That said, I liked Britt and would have been happy for a win.
  3. S05.E10: Cold War

    Yay, Sam. Good job. Can't help it. I'm s Sam fan.
  4. S05.E09: Starvation's Shadow

    It's not a case of bulking up. If you followed Sam since the first season you'd see that he is a natural doughboy. Witness he was checking out his double chin in the mirror. He still has it.
  5. S05.E07: Desperate Measures

    I'm not counting Sam out. He came in second in the very first season behind Alan by eating a lot of mice. Producers manipulate what we see. I won't count out anyone who will eat a leech.
  6. Me too. I can't care about her anymore because of that. Liz didn't deserve it. The moment I first saw that bird I knew it was going to be killed.
  7. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    I guess I'm the only one who likes Sam. I won't underestimate him. Also, he posts on Twitter and he defends every contestant that gets criticized.
  8. Goliath: Season 2 All Episodes Talk

    The ending left me angry. Like someone above said, there was no justice. I feel like my time was wasted.
  9. Goliath: Season One All Episodes Talk

  10. Goliath: Season 2 All Episodes Talk

    I've just finished the first episode. I just came here to check for comments from the first episode. I don't want to read any more than that because of spoilers, but was I the only person who felt the heat from the instant chemistry between the mayor candidate and Billy in that first meeting? Whoa! That was some great acting.
  11. The reason they keep harping on Amy's plans is because they want the house. They should just come right out and say it: "Mom, you're in Dad's way. Move!" To which Amy can say, "Matt, build your own damn house."
  12. Sometimes I find even more flavor in re-heating. Auj could have found ways around the "soup drama". She was making a mountain out of a molehill.
  13. Um,,,crockpot,,,microwave. Re-heat.
  14. Back to last week's episode: During the meeting, when Matt interrupted Amy with, "You aren't listening", Amy should have told him, "I'll discuss this when you decide to show me some respect" and just leave. He was dismissive and has no respect for her opinion. Build your own house, Matt, on your own dime. You can have the construction costs later when and if the farm sells. THIS is what you agreed to. Apparently, there is nothing in the agreement that says the business (which Amy would have to sacrifice 50%) owes you a house. No one held a gun to your head to make you sign the divorce agreement. I still say Matt is conniving to get her off the farm and out of the business.
  15. Hey Auj: Go to the grocery store and buy your freakin' soup ingredients. Take them over to your parent's house and cook the darn soup. Take it home. Eat.