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  1. I forget exactly what Hunter said, but it was along the lines of TYB having had to fight so long and hard and I remember yelling at the screen to STFU because he'd only shown up like 2 days ago and I've already been watching this show for 2 1/2 years. I love the challenge, but damn, I don't think this one is ever going to end. Also, I can't stand Hunter and his comb over. Why doesn't he just take some of Ashley's raggedy hair and put that on top of his head while she's standing next to him? It would look about as realistic as the bangs he's combing up from the nape of his neck now.
  2. All Episodes Talk

    A few years ago Oprah had done a show where she visited with a family who was Orthodox and explored some of their customs. It was interesting to me, because it's a branch? (not sure if that's quite the right word), that I wasn't familiar with. In that case, the wife kind of stepped forward to greet Oprah and before she could move on to the husband, the wife explained the no touching policy and said she would shake for the husband also. It was just a quick, deft way to handle it, and I was kind of surprised that they didn't do something similar here. When the guys first came in, if you watch, the wife sort of holds her hands back when Thom greets her so he hesitates and then moves on to the husband, Carson hugs her though, and she sort of seemed surprised but went along with it.
  3. I really liked it. I kind of wish they'd addressed the fact that a person is missing from the previous show, because if I remember, Lee and Jennifer always struck me as the super close BFFs and them Pumps rounded out the trio. So, it's kind of odd to now have Pumps and Jennifer doing things and no sign at all of Lee. The situation with the husband is just kind of a strange one to me. I applaud him for choosing his sobriety, but I'm not sure that I would be able to handle being in a relationship with him. He seems like he's kind of just floating around waiting for what he really wants to do to come to him and until it does, he'll dabble in this and that. I could fully get that he wouldn't be able to go back to the type of law he was practicing, that maybe he couldn't go back to practicing law at all, but I don't know, I guess I'd need him to find something. I do like Jennifer's design aesthetic for the most part, I am the person who usually gets told that I need some color and life in my house. I like stuff to be neutral and calm and then I like everything to be a texture you want to touch.
  4. S11.E7 Diamonds Aren't Forever

    I think with Jeff and Julie a big part of the problem is communication and the process. Jeff is used to flipping houses, he's done this a bunch of times and this is the first time Julie has done it. So, if they originally plan to just take a bathroom down to the studs and do x, y and z, but when they get the sheet rock off they find water damage in the walls, he's all "Oh, well, that means it's going to cost an extra $x" Then in his head, he figures out if he can take it from somewhere else or if it just has to increase the budget. Then he goes to Julie and says "Water damage, we need to pay them $6k more" Meanwhile she's all like "Wait, what? What does this mean? What can we do about it?" If he told her, Look, this is what they found, I've seen this on other projects and this is what they have to do, it will likely cost about this much. We can cut this from here, but I think we maybe should just eat the cost because . . . Then I think she'd be fine with the whole situation. She just needs to know WHY she's spending the money, and get a say in the planning. It's not even that I think she'd really argue that much with the plans, but Jeff is used to making unilateral decisions and hasn't figured out that you can't with a partner, unless they're willing to just be a financial one. I think the show is just kind of past it's prime. It's sort of gone in stages, and I think the housewives are like this too, for the most part. At first, it was like OMG! Who is this? Is he crazy? What in the world? How could anyone work for him? And you watched to see what he'd say or do next. Then you saw the guy who cared deeply about his animals and was really flawed, but also hysterical with Chloe. And then he had the big fight with Ryan, so that was a whole thing to keep you drawn in- what would happen next? How would the business change? They'd been friends forever! And next the market crashed, so he struggled with the business. He rebuilt, he came back stronger, he expanded. He developed product. He had struggles with Zoila. Gage popped up. He had a baby. But now, it's kind of like, ok, I'm not sure what story there is for them to tell anymore. We're just watching him be mean. And I think that's why it's over. I can't see a shift they can take with the show that would bring it to a watchable place again. It's just run it's course.
  5. I don't think Tre ever had a large forehead. I seem to remember her always having a pretty unfortunate hairline. It generally looked like it was a wig that had shifted Karen Huger style down into her eyebrows and she was just too stupid to realize it.
  6. I was surprised that not only was D'Andra not able to pay the upgrade to first class out of her own personal funds (one of her 5 bank accounts that she wouldn't need to worry about now that she's getting business), as someone who presumably has lived a fairly nice life and travels frequently, wouldn't she also maybe have miles to use? But, even if she DID use the company card, Dee is giving her the company, so it would be her decision to make anyway, not Dee's. Plus, she said earlier that her stepfather had provided for her in a way that gave her more than enough to live on, but not if she had to fund her company separately and start over. Since she's not doing that, she shouldn't have any issues paying for the upgrade to first class.
  7. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    They kind of treat Carly like she's a library book that they lent out. It is a bit weird to figure out what to call Carly. There isn't really a term, I don't think, that sums up the relationship for the child that you placed for adoption. From the child's side, you can call them your birth parents or biological parents vs your adoptive or just parents. But it seems a bit weird for C&T to call Carly their daughter, when she "belongs" to Brandon & Teresa in a day in and day out sense. She is their daughter, but it's a different kind of relationship, and it almost seems like not having something that signifies that helps to keep the lines blurrier for them.
  8. Right, she took it because she had to, but part of the thing with pleading guilty is that you ARE admitting guilt. You're saying, ok, I DID IT. I'm guilty. And you're doing it in exchange for a lesser punishment. So, to turn around and then be like, nope, jk! Not really! It was the lawyer, it was Joe, it's just a thing that happened! The pavement was cracked and I tripped and I have a felony! That's not cool. Plus my bigger issue with it is that you signed documents stating your culpability and then your turn around and sue your lawyer? Because you're not responsible for the thing you just stood in court and said you had absolutely no questions about, that you did do what you said you did?
  9. Below Deck in the Media

    So, Caroline comes off crazy to me during the show, and this certainly doesn't help things. Nothing is ever her fault, ever. Sure, she had an injured foot, but it takes her 30 mins to make 4 drinks and she turns down the help people offer and then whines about how it's too hard to pour shots with a hurty foot! And now, knowing you have an aggressive dog, you let it off leash in an unfenced yard and complain that you got arrested because you skipped court twice after it attacked another dog? Oh, wait, not REALLY attacked, just hugged really hard. https://people.com/pets/below-deck-caroline-bedol-arrest-warrant-dog-attack/
  10. Shannon got pissed and went radio silent, which was rude as Kelly said. All she had to do was reply to ONE text with "I'm fine, need space, will talk later." Done. But, nope, she let them all dangle and effectively, that makes the day about Shannon, just like the previously night had been all about Shannon. This is really the heart of the issue, her drama takes over everything. Then she finally comes back to the group and she tells Gina that it's hard for her to be friends with Gina because it's too hard for Shannon to hear about Gina's divorce? Way to make it about yourself again Shannon. Gina is having the divorce Shannon was supposed to have! Shannon is having a bad divorce! There's too much on Shannon's plate! How could she be expected to make friends?
  11. The other thing with Tre that is aggravating is that she took a damn plea deal. She pled guilty, and she stood in court and agreed that she was guilty. She said she did this, she was taking responsibility, she knowingly did it and she was going to serve the consequences. When she signed the papers, she acknowledged that she was accepting the responsibility for her actions and that SHE DID THIS. And yet as soon as she signed the papers, she ran back outside and has been peddling her "woe is me, this just happened, you miss one little thing and BOOM! it could happen to anyone" bullshit. This wasn't just one oversight, it was massive fraud, on so many levels. The fact that she keeps trying to play it off as "oh, oops, I didn't realize that deduction wasn't ok, but I've paid up now, so it's all good" is just bullshit. It's totally not the same as someone who miscalculated the square footage of their home office by accident on their taxes, or accidentally transposed a number or whatever. And on top of all of that, she's suing her lawyer because why wouldn't it be the lawyers fault? Can't be Tre's. First it's Joe's fault and if that doesn't get you out of trouble, then let's line up the next sucker.
  12. Shannon won't believe she's damaging her liver with alcohol. Dr Moon is busy telling her that she stores her anger in her liver and he helps her "clear it out" So, as long as she goes back to him, there's no worries about alcohol and her liver, it's all good, it's just the anger that David is causing because of the divorce. And Dr Moon will clear it out and Shannon can go out and have nothing but FUN! Wash, rinse, repeat! Somehow, though, half of a peach will get lodged in her colon and it will require an enema 30 mins after she eats it. God help any new man she dates, I hope he's prepared for that spelunking.
  13. Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    The thing that is puzzling to me with Larry and Jen is that they are still prattling on about triggers. I get that Ryan is their son and obviously they want him to get clean and stay clean. That's a no brainer, but they haven't seemed to have bothered to really learn anything about addiction or make sure that Ryan went to a decent rehab the first time. Aside from the whole "he was a superstar so he graduated early!" bullshit, Jen seems to have bought into this whole thing about how Ryan has triggers and she is his biggest trigger. Yeah, I understand the concept of triggers in addiction, but I don't really think you can just make a person your trigger and even if a person WAS your trigger, it's not on the other person to not do anything to cause you to use. It's on your ass to stay clean. But, Jen's busy walking on eggshells trying to make sure that she doesn't do or say anything to mess up Ryan's sobriety because her entire fucking existence apparently triggers the prince. I also find it a little strange that they seem to tiptoe around Ryan as much as they do because it's clear they don't have to worry about access to Bentley. Maci seems to be upfront about being sure that Bentley keeps his relationship with them, regardless of what is going on with Ryan. So, it's not like if they take a stand with Ryan, he can just say, you know what, that's it. No more Bentley time. He's coming to MY house and you won't see him. If anything, it's completely the other way around. So I don't know why they bend over backwards for him at this point, he's 30, and consistently in trouble with the law due to his addiction. I'm guessing that they are all considered contractors, which would mean they have to pay their own taxes out of whatever money MTV pays them. It's not shocking at all that Ryan wouldn't have paid taxes. I don't know if they get a lump sum payment or get paid in installments, but, it would be up to each person to pay everything, and I'm sure Ryan pays no attention to shit like that when he's sober, let alone when he's interested in getting high.
  14. I grew up with the fire whistle going off every night at 7 pm. It was how we knew when to come in from playing outside. I really wonder why this was so short and got dumped all in one week. It was one of the better shows Bravo has had in a long time.
  15. Jeff lives a bit of distance from his grandmother's house, right? It wasn't like it was around the corner? I don't know that it would be safe or reasonable to hire around the clock care for someone who was going to be in a home with no one else living there. You can find all sorts of horror stories of people who have had things stolen or been abused by caregivers who were in their homes. Also you wouldn't really have a way to monitor when people came to work or if they stayed the whole shift. In theory, someone could come at say, 7 am for "shift change" and then leave at 9 am, then come back at 6 pm to be there for the 7 pm shift change (if they did 12 hour shifts). Grandma would be home alone all day and anything could happen in the meantime. I do not live near my parents (we are in different states, hours apart), and they would prefer to remain in their home for the rest of their lives. I've told them that it's fine with me, provided it is safe. If a situation like Jeff's grandmother presented itself, I'd be putting them (one/both), into a facility, as no one could monitor their day to day care. We had a somewhat similar situation with my grandmother who was basically just housebound. The relative who was caring for her was incapacitated for a while and her other kids thought it would be ok for them to remain where they lived (also in different states), because she had a caregiver 5 days a week who would make sure she had groceries, cook, help her shower, and then a cousin would check in during the weekend. That was fine until the caregiver didn't show up all the time. They had always been reliable and then all of a sudden, they were super sporadic when they were needed the most. So, based on that, if it were a serious situation, I'd definitely not rely on other people who had to show up with no "backup" In a facility, there would be people who were aware of what was going on and who had shown up, etc.