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  1. I'm not 100% sure, because I'm not sure where the pic is from, but looking at the pics in the background, it looks like it may be some sort of launch party for Sonja. Those look (to me) like pics of her, with different items she has so I'm guessing it's stuff for her website.
  2. Now that you mention it, I think so. It totally looks like something Juliette would wear.
  3. I think Kortney and Scott both had issues, but for a very long time, Scott was the one who was clearly fucked up in the relationship. He was the one who was out there cheating, punching mirrors, being drunk/high, whatever. So, you had Kortney with issues all along, but, when paired with Scott during his super wild days, of course she looks completely normal and reasonable. Now that Scott is more settled and trying to do the work and be a good parent, Kortney's stuff is more on display and she has to be accountable for her part in the whole dynamic and that doesn't work out so well. Sure, she recognizes she has issues, but, it's been easy and comfortable for everything to be "how do I cope with Scott's drama?" vs "how do I fit into this dynamic?" The whole Jonathan vs MJ thing drug on way too long. There was a super easy solution, as soon as Kris realized her mother was upset, KRIS could have said, no problem, I'll sit it out, let Jonathan and my mother do it. I'll cheer them on!
  4. It looks to me like Sonja has a cheap Halloween wig on. There seems to be a pretty defined line right behind her little bit of bangs, she's just giving me shades of season one Kim Zolciak.
  5. She makes good money, but she spends like crazy. When she and Donn divorced, the settlement details were put online and I was surprised by how little money they had between the two of them, given that he had been an executive for a few companies, she'd been running her insurance company (and trying to grow it bigger and scammier each year). They were both in their 50s, had a house, should have had some decent retirement savings, and with the way she goes on and on about living within her means and savings, I was just surprised by how much she didn't have. Especially since there had been multiple years of bravo money at that point, along with her various products she'd shilled along the way. When she first appeared, she wore nice, but not over the top clothing. She spent a fair amount on hair, nails, etc. But, over the years she's upgraded and you see more and more labels (the shawl she wore over that red dress was LV, she has a few Chanel logo pieces of jewelry). Usually they're logo, and something she can wear over and over, and make sure that everyone sees she is rocking her Chanel! She's redone her house a few times, but if you remember, initially when she and Donn split up, he was still living there, because neither one of them could afford the mortgage on their own.
  6. No, clearly Bethenny made him do it. She made them date, she made him creepy, it's all her. Then she went and and enticed the creeper to work with her. She probably does some sort of voodoo magic to bring on these hurricanes in order to inflict her relief efforts on the public.
  7. Bethenny is making a relative of mine date someone that I really, really dislike. I need Bethenny to break the relationship up soon!
  8. I had a tree up against my home thanks to Matthew (thankfully, it caused no major damage). I can safely say, though, that many, many people who lived around me did not fare as well. Just because something happened there before and people got through it doesn't mean that people don't need help during a future disaster. I can't fathom what it is like to lose your home or even just suffer major damage to it due to a storm like Matthew or Florence, but I do know for damn sure that I'd be grateful for anyone who showed up to lend a helping hand.
  9. I have a friend who volunteers pretty extensively with a food pantry in her area. She is constantly posting about the need for toiletries and socks/underwear for their facility. They obviously need and will take food, but, they seem to get those sorts of donations with much more regularity than toothpaste, deodorant, tampons, toilet paper and socks/underwear. They're usually desperate for those items and they're the things people tend to forget about when they're putting together bags of stuff at the grocery store to donate.
  10. I watched her videos, in one of them, you can see a box that is marked toothpaste, so it's clear she isn't flying in with a plane full of just tampons. I honestly don't get the backlash and criticism of her with the relief work. Where are people flipping out at the pet rescue groups for not bringing toys for kids? Or food for people? They have focused missions and no one seems to mind that. Bethenny is coming in, on a first trip, with cash cards, solar lights, stuff to occupy kids in shelters and some hygiene products. Given her previous efforts, it seems likely she'll be back with more targeted relief, but why get mad at what she has now?
  11. LOL! I'm still Bravo's bitch, but I refuse to watch a single thing with TG on it. I watched every episode of NJ until she went to prison and they didn't pull her from the show. Never again. They have more and more stuff that I'm finding less compelling to watch, but Teresa was the turning point for me.
  12. I'm not a Catherine fan, but, I felt bad for her when no one would stick up for her at the end. Louis DID say he was going to find hookers, so he can fuck right off with the whole "why would you say that to her?" bullshit. Why did YOU say it in the first place? You're the one who said it, so own it, other people letting her know aren't the ones who are doing stuff that could/would hurt her. But, he was relentless about it, and did Hannah step in? Nope. Even though she's in her talking head saying, oh, I can see clearly while this is going on how this won't work, she can't be bothered to say, "You know what Louis, it doesn't matter that she told me. You shouldn't have said it in the first place" Then Lyle, who is supposed to be in love with Catherine can't even muster up a "Dude, don't talk to her like that?" Nah, he's just all "I don't have a dog in this fight" and wanders away to let them fight it out. Meanwhile Daniel is like, "Don't say that, that's not fair" When Catherine tries to defend herself. They all looked like assholes.
  13. Season 6 Discussion

    This. When I was a kid, we did stuff when our mother said to or there was going to be trouble. Not that we were perfect and never screwed around, but stuff got done. If she ever had to resort to calling daddy? Someone was going to die when he got home.
  14. I generally have an age that I "feel" that doesn't correspond to my actual age. When I'm not thinking, if I'm asked my age, I can often spit out the number that gets stuck in my brain. For some reason, 23 was one that seemed right for a while, and I was at a dr's office checking in for something one time, with my husband (sitting out of sight from the receptionist), she asked how old I was, I think I was 27 or 28 at the time, and since I was filling out paperwork at the same time, I just automatically answered with the first thing that popped into my head, which was 23. My husband, all incredulous yells out "No you're NOT! You're 28!" The receptionist couldn't stop giggling for 15 minutes, and they never did believe that I wasn't trying to lie about my age. I'm honestly not, I have no problem telling people how old I actually am, I just can't spit out the number that pops into my brain sometimes. LOL! So, I could see Carol saying something along the lines of feeling 45. I'm currently 41 and my brain is back at 35. It's not that I want to BE in my 30s, because I don't care, it's just that's where I "feel" myself at age wise.
  15. I don't know, I'm not sure I'd completely trash Carole as not being a writer for only having 2 books (look, I really can't count publishing your blogs as a book, I just can't). There are journalists who would definitely qualify as writers, who write articles all the time for publications but yet don't write books. I wouldn't say that they aren't a writer if they are only writing/published in a magazine or a newspaper or even in online content somewhere. Having said that, I do think that Carole's claims of being a writer as a career are a bit skewed. I, personally, would describe her as someone who has written books and occasionally writes an article or column, but, she doesn't strike me as someone who is attempting to try to make writing her main focus. Someone like Dan Rather, who pops up online in his own format, as well as in articles in various publications I see as someone pursuing a writing career at this point. Carole may very well try to go down that road now that she's done with the show, but, up til now, I wouldn't say that it's the path she's taken. And, that's not to take away from what she HAS done, because I really liked WR. I simply think it's kind of like being a teacher, going out on maternity leave and then staying home with your kids. Are you by profession a teacher? Yeah, but, you aren't actively teaching, so it's kind of weird to tell people you ARE a teacher if someone asks you what you do for a living.