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  1. Season 5: All Episodes - Got Nose?

    I used to love Dr 90210, it was quite the trainwreck and Dr Rey, while quite creepy in many ways did seem to have some pretty firm lines on the patients he wouldn't take. I remember an episode where he refused to operate on someone because they were smokers and it could impair their healing, for example. On the one hand, it's kind of good to see how people find themselves in the messes they are in with the extreme procedures that they end up having to fix, I guess, but, at the same time, it gets old seeing them parade yet another person that you know they'll turn down week after week. Sure sometimes a woman with beach balls attached to her chest is having issues and wants them addressed, but, for every time that happens, you get someone who wants them replaced with pouf cushions that you can sit on or someone who won't stop until they look like Elmo because it's their DREEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Interesting. What a weird 80s thing to adopt.
  3. Why is that guy wearing blue guyliner?
  4. Season 5: All Episodes - Got Nose?

    Was I the only person who thought the "extreme tan" woman's face looked weird, too? She seemed to have some stuff going on in her forehead, it almost looked like there were some sort of expanders put under her skin and the shape of her face was changing when they got close to her. At one point, I thought she was starting to look like Worf. The rest of her face looked kind of lumpy at times, as well. Terry getting fillers by an anesthesiologist doesn't freak me out that much. I used to get botox from my neurologist (for migraines, but, I'm not gonna argue with not having wrinkles either). He did make the point that this guy was an expert in doing fillers/botox, and I can see someone having more than one specialty. I wouldn't get botox in my hair salon (mine doesn't offer it, but I know some that do), but an actual medical dr with proper training? Depending on the background and the type of training, even if they weren't a plastic surgeon, I wouldn't let that be a deal breaker, but, it depends on their training and their results, etc. Some people do a few hours at a seminar and are "certified" (not sure on the proper word), and I wouldn't go to someone like that, but, someone with medical knowledge and fairly extensive training in it? Yeah, I'm good with that, even though they aren't a plastic surgeon.
  5. Farrah

    People magazine is saying that Farrah is planning to have the dog stuffed so that she can keep it on a shelf so she and Sophia can always have it with them. I just have no words.
  6. It looks like the 2016 is a typo. Noel would be 30 in 2026, and in the doc it has (sic) after it, so I think someone just accidentally put the wrong year in there.
  7. At a bistro in Paris, our server came over and had obviously heard us speaking english, so brought us english menus. My husband, who literally only knew how to say hello, thank you and good bye, greeted him with a cheerful "Bonjour!" and got a whole string of enthusiastic french in return. The look on his face was hysterical while he was trying to figure out what the server was saying, but, it only took a minute for the server to figure out that we only had very rudimentary french and we were trying to be polite. I've found that saying hello and asking if they speak english (in their language) just opens up way more doors for than walking up to someone and asking them in english. I think it's kind of expected that we'll butcher the language, but if the attempt is made, it's greatly appreciated.
  8. Re-reading the documents, it says that the Count handed over an unmortgaged deed to Luann at the signing of the divorce decree. It further says that Luann was to create the trust when she got the title to the original house. It then said she was to continue to "fund" the trust with any future homes until the end date of the trust. She was allowed to use the proceeds of the first house to fund the second, but was required to keep the trust intact. Paragraph 69 mentions them wanting to block the sale. https://radaronline.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/rhony-luann-de-lesseps-sued-husband-breach-trust-divorce-alexandre-kids-docs-02.pdf
  9. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Or when they were supposed to be at a party and Craig took forever to get ready, so not wanting to be late (as, evidently they often were), Naomie left without him. When Craig got there, he called her a fucking moron and a child and also accused her of trying to drag all of their friends into something, when he was the one who had started the issue.
  10. My experience in France is the same as everyone else's. I broke out my 15+ year old halting high school French and was able to say Hello and ask if they spoke english. With that, they'd smile and switch to english, even if they answered that they only knew a little english. Other people didn't even try to attempt the language and would be ignored. It's not that hard to learn a couple phrases and at least be cordial. I also found, though, that we had to specifically ask for a check at any restaurant we went to.
  11. I agree that they are protecting their interest in their asset. There's nothing that I've read that has said they've had an objection to her relocating, only that they are moving to block the sale of the house because she didn't establish the trust/add them to the deed. Since they legally have an interest in the property that wasn't established, they want to protect that before she sells it out from under them and they lose the opportunity to (for lack of a better phrase) stake their claim. I'd imagine the kids have plenty of contacts who have homes at the beach where they can spend time if they want. It seems like people who have homes in the Hamptons often open them to other people, and they're also at the age to go in for a summer share with friends. I've seen the show Summer House and if that's what they're all like, then I'd kind of rather cut off my own arm, but, at the same time, in my 20s, I'd have much preferred spending my summer downtime with my friends vs my mother. Actually, that's still true and I'm nowhere near my 20s.
  12. The weirdest part of the Victoria post for me is that she's holding her hair up like she has a fan on her and you can see her hand holding it in the mirror.
  13. I think Victoria got the very masculine side of Luann's features without any of the softness that Lu has. Lu can look hard and can read as man-nish sometimes if she isn't careful, but, I think Victoria tends to sit on that side of the spectrum all the time.
  14. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Thomas appears to have swung by the mall and hit Things Remembered for his gift for Ashley. They did such a half ass job decorating the lobby, there were giant holes in the lights on the tree, about 7 ornaments in total,and then they just hung up the plastic potted poinsettias from the grocery store? The whole place had the feel of a piano recital rather than a gala ball.